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    Saturday, November 13, 2010

    Micro Soft's pompous arrogance

    In the latest batch of updates Micro Soft
    included a malware sweeper.
    The documentation said the sweeper
    would run ONCE.

    And If I wanted the software to use,
    I needed to go to their site and download
    it. If I wanted who run the malware sweeper
    manually when I wanted to then I needed
    to dig it up on their site and download it.

    Its this egotistical, autocratic, attitude
    that is going to cost MicroSoft its
    lead in IT, just like Sears lost to

    I wonder what MS thinks of its 
    I would guess MS thinks of us as doltish,
    inane, puerile, locked in end user.



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    The Death of the PC

    The Death of the PC

    Don Mattrick just killed the PC,
    or least gave it a fatal wound.

    The PC has been moving towards death
    for quite a while, just as Sonys walkman,
    was doomed from the start by technology.

    Some day we will tell our grandchildren 
    about this big box and TV on our desk
    we used as old foggys to do computer work,
    The really old will also tell about dial phones
    and 8 tracks.

    Many of the newest generation have already migrated
    to the cell phone for thier computer needs.

    The rest of us stubbornly cling to our full size
    screens and big keyboards.

    The cloud is already replacing the hard drive
    to some extent, storing date there rather than
    our PC.

    Those with good eyes use the teeny tinny 
    cell phone screen to surf the net, and 
    have gotten used to a keyboard on the
    cell phone designed for tinker bell.

    But we are moving into a new paradigm,
    even I can feel the suck.

    I-Glasses have a monitor build into
    a pair of glasses that gives you a 
    70 inch virtual TV screen. And there
    are two cell phones that have hires
    visual jacks to use the Iglasses.

    And the MicroSoft new gamer control
    or lack of a control, you just use your
    motions to communicate with the PC
    game will kill the keyboard.

    We have a cell phone connected to 
    the WWW, 
    We have hard drives in the clouds,
    and a 70" virtual TV screen in I-glasses.
    And a new controller  that reads our actions,
    next stop a virtual keyboard read by the new
    MS controller.

    The new MS controller has already been 
    hacked new applications on their way.

    This new paradigm gives you your
    virtual PC any where any time with
    a virtual 70" screen and a virtual

    Like I was going to watch a movie
    on that cell phone screen HARUMPH.

    The King is DEAD,
    Long live the King.

    Internet Anthropologist


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    US Cyber forces attaching CIA wet teams.

    US Cyber forces attaching CIA wet teams.

    Paradigm Intel.

    By +JO.

    In 2009 Fox news report David Wright highlighted attacks to the U.S. infrastructure where system integrity was compromised and where “backdoors and remote controlled access” were programmed into the grid’s operating system. Regardless of the perpetrators, the fact remains clear- a business that provides services that are integral to security, defense and quality of life need to provide certain assurances when compromised by an outside Digital force.

    If these fissures in hardware, software, products and services rendered are allowable, then how do we strengthen the infrastructure? Cyber is a geopolitical construct, it is a result of Trend, Policy and Infrastructure, the central theme then becomes how much political liability does a Nation-State deem allowable?

    The Cyber conversation in America has to bi-partisan in nature, there has to be a cohesive Cyber-Surety plan that is adhered to for several decades to come.

    Stuxnet is proof of concept a potential of the construct of a WMD in the Digitas.

    But there is NO Cyber-Surety plan, no possible
    defensive construct, the paradigm doesn't exist.

    Its a false concept like a crime-less country.
    Stuxnet spread even when the equipment was not
    connected to the WWW.

    We can expect in time the proliferation of
    a cyber WMD coupled to the "crime as service"
    paradigm the cyber underground are so successfully

    Currently there are no effective defensive measure
    in the Digitas.
    And US appears to be MIA on the offensive cyber paradigm.

    Since there isn't an effective defense, US Cyber Forces
    will be forced to go on the offensive.
    Question is will they do this before or after a catastrophic 
    digitas attack on US infrastructure?

    A cyber WMD attack on US could make 911 look
    like a traffic accident, in terms of death and damage.

    One vector to secure the WWW from a WMD,
    is intel collection, penetration and a wet team
    deployed to take out any head of a criminal cyber 
    family doing business with a terrorist group.

    Legally I think the paradigm is defensible.
    A pre-emptive strike on a sneak attack with
    a cyber WMD.

    I becomes a question of proofs and evidence.

    This criminal WMD paradigm is apparent,
    all the pieces are there, the world awaits
    its assemblage, and US response.

    US Cyber forces attaching CIA wet teams.

    War Anthropologist


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    Thursday, November 11, 2010

    Major Game Plan refocus, defeating the Taliban.

    New Afpak paradigms.

    First a paradigm shift:
    Taliban breaking under drone pressure.
    Current actions point to Taliban desperations.
    Bombing Mosques, Shrines and public.

    The US paradigm is to win the hearts and
    minds. Trying to keep civilian casualties
    to a minimum.

    Taliban know they are running out of time
    and have switched their paradigm.
    No longer trying to win hearts and minds,
    but adopting the Russian model.
    COIN US Vs Russia brand of counterinsurgent
    tactics, matching brutality/ brutality, not to win 
    hearts and minds,more to exhaust the Chechens.
    Minimum civilian casualties no longer a goal
    for the Taliban, its just propaganda.
    Civilian deaths are part of their WAR paradigm.

    Taliban now looking to exhaust Paki 
    and Afgahn people.

    The  punish schoolgirls by throwing acid in their face, poisoning classes, and shooting students & teachersp.

    This is having some success.
    "Last point: every attack this size should buy at least a five week moratorium on the phrase "do more" from the US. I understand that they have serious concerns about a potential terrorist attack emanating from Waziristan, and consequently want Pakistan to take more action against militants. But Pakistan is not dealing with "potential" attacks. It is dealing, every week, with real, live attacks. Taking more action invites more blowback, it's that simple."
    The Afpak Gov Info War should exploit this shift in Taliban paradigm.
    Taliban is waging a limited war on civilians.
    While the Taliban Info War is running a 'hearts and mind' paradigm.
    The Taliban Info War paradigm is at odds with actual operations.
    Long term this shift is self defeating, short term its just desperate.

    Second new paradigm.

    Both the Afgha and Paki governments are at war
    with the Taliban on some levels.

    One of the Taliban's strengths 
    is the use of the Stealth Border
    between Afghan and Pakistan.

    This advantage can be denied the Taliban by a Joint Afghan/ Pakistan 
    cross border task force. With direct connections to both Afghan 
    and Paki Military. And the ability to cross Afpak borders in pursuit 
    of the Taliban.

    This Joint Cross Border Taks Force JCBTF is crucial in denying
    Taliban safe havens in either Afghan or Paki.
    Task Force combined joint unified AfPak Military Troops.
    One Task force with both Afghan and Paki troops,
    in same unit. Bases on both sides of border.
    Authority to cross border at will in pursuit of
    Taliban for this joint Military Unit.
    From Afghan into Paki or
    from Paki into Afghan in hot pursuit
    of Taliban.
    Field Command switches depending 
    on which side of the border they
    are on.

    Major Game Plan refocus, defeating the Taliban.

    War Anthropologist

    I'd give anything to get into the Afpak theater
    to do some direct observation, Talk to
    the people and Taliban prisoners.
    To immerse myself in the environ,
    to get the pulse of the indigenous.

    To Talk, live in Afghan, Anthropologically to suck the brains of Taliban, get  the flavor first hand. Get into their heads, swim in their paradigm.
    Talk to the people and Taliban prisoners. TO DO SOME PARTICIPANT OBSERVATION, get a person to person read, on a professional basis,
    I'd give anything, get to Afpak theater do some direct observation,immerse myself in the environ, get the pulse of the indigenous.ANYTHING.

    Me myself and I


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    Vetrans Day, Air Force Salute

    Special Vetrans day Salute to the US Air Force.

    During WWII the Air Force lost more troops
    than the Marines did, which in no way takes
    anything away from the Marines valiant actions.
    There is no question about Marines commitment
    to any war effort.

    was inaugurated with 7 men and no air planes.
    A year later they engaged the German Luftwaffe.

    They went on to defeat the German Luftwaffe.
    The Air Force had to neutralize the Luftwaffe
    before D-Day. 
    They had over a thousand Aces at one point.

    A vast effort the out come was not certain.
    Short on experienced pilots and tested
    war planes.
    July 1943 they launched the first massive
    bombing attack on Germany, a week long
    effort. They bombed by day.

    Britain bombed by night.

    The Flying Fortress B-17 was the backbone
    of the war effort.

    Maximum Speed at 25,000 ft: 287 mph
    Temp -50 degrees ( bare skin freezes to metal )

    Cruising Speed: 182 mph
    Ceiling: 35,800 ft.
    Range: 2,000 miles with 6,000 lb. bomb load
    13 12.7-mm (0.5-inch) machine guns
    Up to 17,600 pounds of bombs

    Number Built: 12, 800+

    Number Still Airworthy: 13

    At times they were running 40% casualties.
    75% of the crews failed to complete 25 missions.

    No air wing ever turned back or refused a Mission.

    Quite a record. Salute.


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    Wednesday, November 10, 2010


    Obama sells out, going along with Billionaires tax break.

    President Obama ready to deal on Bush tax cuts for the wealthy
    Panel Chairmen Recommend Cutting Federal Spending by $200 Billion

    The co-chairmen of a deficit commission established by the White House would seek to limit federal spending:

    NO on health care,

    NO on unemployment benefits.

    gradually raise the retirement age to 68

    Includes cutting defense spending.

    It would place limits on tax breaks for homeowners.

    The federal gasoline-tax rate would start to rise .$ .15 a gallon.

    Federal subsidies to farms would begin to be slashed by $3 billion a year.

    The co-chairs—Erskine Bowles. Dem.

    Republican Sen. Alan Simpson of Wyoming.

    "This is really a starting point, and it's an honest starting point," Sen. Richard Durbin (D., Ill.)

    "We have harpooned every whale in the ocean, and some of the minnows," said Mr. Simpson.






    A** H***S.


    IS THERE NO END TO THEIR parsimonious avarice,

    NO LIMIT TO THEIR extortionate mercenary rapacious larceny.

    You sanctimonious hypocritical, unctuous homo triumliterarums.( not a sexual slur, look it up, G)




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    MI5 is not the TV show


    Virtual tour:

    MI5 TV spook show frightens off female recruits.

    Our experience with MI5 and MI6 has certainly been
    spooky, on the web and in Belize.

    Their cyber forces have been growing in leaps and bounds.
    but highly regarded with in Intelligence community.

    Their technology not quite state of the art, but working
    very hard to get there.

    Women make good analysis.
    ( so very sorry, I hate my spell checker,G ),
     logic, Mothers intuition,
    stand them well in the fight against terrorist.

    Check out MI5

    Its not the TV show.



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    Tuesday, November 09, 2010

    Wall St Banks hold economy hostage.

    Whats wrong with the Economy?

    Ford and the Automotive section are doing well.

    But Jobs and Housing are not so good.

    Wall St Banks are making record profits.
    Credit Cards 30%, pay day loans 460%,
    Bank loan sharking bringing in huge
    Flash crash and programed trading
    and speed trading plus the Dark 
    pools also are yielding huge profits.

    Why the Wall St Banks are doing so
    well they paid out Billions on bonuses.
    ( even while accepting bailouts from
    the Tax payers. )

    And now the Banks are in for another
    wind fall collecting, er Foreclosing
    on millions of American homes
    after defrauding them with sub-prime
    loans they knew they couldn't repay.
    Even those that could repay they scammed
    offering lower payment trials, then demanding
    huge balloons after the fact.

    But the snag in the economy seems to
    be the BANKS are not lending.

    The Wall St Banks continue their strangle
    hold on the American Economy.
    They almost brought down the World
    Banking system with the Credit 
    subprime debacle.

    And the Treasury thru the Federal Reserve
    bailed them out twice.
    The first loan was $2 trillion dollars.
    The second bail out was secret,
    your home town banks got Millions,
    very quietly, to the Tune of the amount
    of subprime paper they were holding.

    Hoping that the banks would feel
    secure enough with a reimbursement 
    of the subprime paper value to
    start making loans.

    But it didn't happen.
    The Banks are allowed to 
    defraud the public by listing
    the subprime paper at 100%

    And this is in part the problem.
    Banks don't trust each other.
    All the banks have fake, falsified
    balance sheets, and they all know

    They are all afraid the other is 
    going to crash and bring them down.

    So no one is making loans.
    Secondly and even more insidious
    is as long as the Banks are not making
    loans they have the upper hand.

    The Wall St banks have some how 
    convinced the Government the banks
    can't afford to make loans.
    Even with the biggest profits in history.

    The Wall St Banks just spent $251 million
    lobbying congress, the automotive industry
    spent $5 million, who are they buying?

    They even have the Republicans backing
    the Bank Billionaires tax breaks for $700 billion
    dollars, while trying to defeat health care for
    all Americans, coincidentally $700 billion

    The Wall St bankers are willing to let
    a few thousand poor die for a $700 billion
    tax break for them selves.

    The problem with the Economy are
    the Wall St Banks.

    Force the banks back to Banking,
    and with that as their only source
    of income they WILL make loans
    the Grease for the American Economy.

    8% or 12% banking loans are just
    a waste of banking man power
    when  they can make 30% on credit
    cards and 460% on pay day loans
    and billions on speed trading and
    flash crashes, and Trillions
    on sub-prime fraud.
    And no one goes to prison for
    Loan Sharking, congress just approves it.
    Made loan sharking legal for Wall St 

    The regulators are NOT governing the 
    Wall St Banks, the Wall St Banks are 
    holding the American Economy

    And DHS or the FBI can't do a damn

    Series 7 & 3

    .Gerald NYSE trading Floor,

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    YOU in the middle of Battle


    Adult language

    use headphones great stereo.

    problem solving during combat 14 min of Gold.

    amo checks, GPS and magnetic azimuths checks

    RPG Spanky rarin to go has to be verbally restrained

    Lots of manvauer grind and pound, anvil hammer

    Sapnky has to be watched for PRG back blast.

    Closing the ring

    Constant situational  awareness of force dispositions.

    Runs out of film/vid? WTF

    US Marines from Echo Company, 2nd Battalion 9th Marines, have been in Marjah since June and are waging and winning a fight that is not unfamiliar to them; a fight the soldiers of 1st Platoon describe as a "good old fashioned turf war". This video clip filmed on the morning of the 28th September 2010 is a real time, multi-camera view of one such fire-fight where elements of 1st Platoon are ambushed by Taliban fighters in the eastern sector of their area of operations.

    Raw footage: 8:43 poundin the bitches
    Use head phones, turn down to 50%

    Defending a base camp
    all day into the night
    How to build a redoubt in the middle
    of  a desert out of sand.
    What to say to attacking force?

    F**K YOU.



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    Google Support ERROR REPORT II

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Unknown Missile launch off Calif. Coast

    This needs to be nailed down NOW


    Pentagon has 'no clue' who launched it...

    Mystery missile Test for EMP over US?       

    If its not US its a big problem, Iran?



    Hope this is just a Contrail.
    FAA no authorization for civilian launch

    12 hrs in and no answers yet.

    Is this a gaping hole in Security?
    Why didn't military radar spot it?

    Return for up dates.

    Questionable targeting accuracy.


    Compare : 1960s sub launch:

    Contrail hypothesis may have some merit.
    contrail from the Aerolineas Argentinas flight AR1182

    Calf object:

    Catalina air port near,

    If Norad didn't see anything then it wasn't there, ie was a contrail.

    I want this to be something benign. G

    For contrails to form, the ambient air temperature needs to be lower than a certain temperature. This critical temperature mostly depends on the altitude and the relative humidity. It depends on the jet engine type, and engine efficiency to a lesser degree. Usually contrails dissipate a few plane-lengths behind the aircraft, but if the air is moist enough to be ice-saturated they will remain in the sky and behave like any other cirrus cloud. Persistent contrails eventually dissipate or merge with other cirrus.
    Atmospheric measurements by balloon-borne instruments released from Chatham Islands, Paraparaumu and Whenuapai indicate that conditions at jet cruising altitude were suitable for the formation of contrails. Also, the humidity was high enough that the air there was ice-supersaturated, meaning that contrails would not dissipate as they do in drier conditions.

    Ask a weather man at Catalina air port... G
    The Catalina airport is also used for airfreight from the mainland. Supplies for the island are delivered via Douglas DC-3 aircraft daily. There are no scheduled passenger flights to or from the airport. It is also known as the Airport in the Sky due to the fact it lies near the island's highest point at an elevation of 1,602 ft (488 m) All roads to the airport from the island's population centers climb steeply upward

    Looks like a definitive answer: Contrail:
    More here:

    This contail is not vertical but horzontal, read link above, G

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