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    Sunday, November 07, 2010

    Printer bomb dry run for Dirty bomb?

    Getting ahead of the Terrorist Paradigm.

    Its much easier said than done.
    But let us work up our own Paradigm on them.

    They have had several failures trying to
    strike at US in America.

    The FBI is doing a hell of a job,
    in-conjunction with NSA.

    Americans have lost all privacy in
    the effort.

    Al Qaeda had given up on using 
    human bombers this time with the

    But they have run up against the 
    limits wall.

    They need about 3 snicker candy bars
    size of PETN and that won't fit into a cell
    phone. Even in powered form.

    They need a cell phone or guts of
    one to remote detonate it,  cell phones
    are their method of choice.

    Now I'm going to take this to the
    worst case scenario currently possible.

    PETN sealed in a working PC,
    by working I mean the screen lights
    up when its turned on.

    There is a new technology using 
    a UBS port to plug your cell phone
    into a PC, to make your PC do things by cell
    phone. A signal alarm when Wifi available,
    or ignite something.

    And its just become public today there is:
    Highly enriched uranium that could be used to make a nuclear bomb is on sale on the black market along the fringes of the former Soviet Union, according to evidence emerging from a secret trial in Georgia.

    Click to enlarge

    The uranium sample that Sumbat Tonoyan and Hrant Ohanyan were peddling is thought to have been stolen several years ago. US tests have confirmed it is 89.4% enriched, usable in a nuclear warhead. The Armenians only had 18 grams, but had been told by their supplier in Armenia that much more was available.

    It is the third time in seven years HEU has been intercepted in Georgia. 

    They thought they were selling their 18g sample to a representative of an Islamist group as a precursor to a bigger consignment. But the buyer was an undercover police officer.

    It is surprisingly easy and safe to handle. It is so mildly radioactive that small amounts can be held with bare hands or smuggled in an ordinary bag. A minimal amount of shielding, with lead for example, would stop it triggering a radiation sensor.

    In one case, a Russian naval officer walked through a hole in the fence at a military base, snapped the padlock on a shed, put several kilograms of HEU in his backpack, before walking out unchallenged. A military prosecutor concluded that "potatoes were guarded better".

    An shielded envelope of HEU with the PETN in the sealed PC, connected to a cell phone,
    makes a remotely detonated dirty bomb, some one could just leave it behind, or hide it some
    where on the plane. 
    A brings PC onboard.
    B bring on Cell phone on board
    They covertly connect them and leave behind.

    Which also begs the question was this a dry run for a Dirty bomb?

    But their effort failed with the printer bomb.
    In attempts to kill Americans in Afghan they will just strap on
    a vest and attack, or load a truck and try and smash into an 
    out post, very direct attacks, many out of frustration out of
    failures to strike back at Americans.

    If this type of attack was possible in the West they will try.
    They are evolving into new paradigms.

    And the risk just got bigger.
    I would expect cell phones to be banned on all
    commercial flights as carry on eventually.

    After the Butt bomber I'm just glad we don't
    have to bend over to fly.

    If they can get trained people into the USA,
    that Printer bomb could be mailed from any
    where in Conus, to any where in conus.

    As long as the 3 Credit agencys continue
    to ignore their power to end ID theft, Money
    Mule operations continue to be a major security threat.

    The 3 credit agencys currently charge $10 a month
    for life to notify you about any unusual credit card
    authorizations on your card. 

    If you don't pay to get the info on your own 
    account they just won't tell you. Which allows
    Money Mules and ID theft to thrive.

    The cost to the Credit agencys is an automated
    email to you, almost zero cost.
    But the Credit agencys see the money they
    can make off credit card theft.
    3 family members SS# at $10 a month each, times 3 agencys,
    $90 a month, Equals over $19,000 for 18 yrs. Just to send
    you an email about YOUR records, and unusual CC 
    entries, they make huge profits off ID theft and CC
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Credit Cards threat to ...

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Experian, aids and abets ID ...

    Only now they are endangering all Americans.

    The solutions are there we just have to be
    one step ahead of the Terrorist. Every

    Our BSU's continue to track 3 possible bombing 
    perps, 2 in Egypt and one in US.
    Just not enough definitive evidence yet.

    War Anthropologist



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