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    Saturday, November 06, 2010

    Run through the Jungle (Cyber )

    Run through the Cyber Jungle.

    Play this while reading:

    Our paradigm Intel for using cyber
    forces during an all out war.

    In some of the up coming war games
    the US will be involving a cyber component.

    The US plans for all contingency's, 
    One of the most interesting exercises
    is the Uran action, Uran being a mythical ME

    And the game goes something like this.
    A small nuclear devise has been smuggled
    into the USA and detonated on the Southern
    sea board.

    Small yield but very dirty, And the US is able
    to finger print the bombs production back
    to Uran.

    The Pentagon get the order from Obama
    to terminate the leadership of Uran as fast
    as possible and with extreme prejudice.

    NSA is first to strike, with cyber arms,
    shutting down the entire country,
    knocking Uran off the WWW, disabling
    phones, radios and TV and cable.
    Urans command and control is now limited
    to hand carried notes.

    NSA and satellites are tracking Uran's leaders.

    In the hour after the Uran nuke goes off in the
    US the US Navy launched submarine cruise 
    missiles at major cities, all with EMP warheads.
    No one killed from the EMPs.
    The following denotations brings all trucks cars,
    planes to a stop and burns out 90% of the computers
    and anything with PC chips in it.

    NSA re targets Urans weapons thru a cyber virus,
    hitting their own defense forces.

    Urans Military are grounded, blind, deaf and leaderless.
    The US Air force launches air strikes in the following days
    destroying all tanks and Armour in the country.
    Because Uran has been supplying IEDs to terrorists.

    A week after the attack USA has CIA delta force teams
    ranging through the country backed by A1 M1s, and Black hawks
    killing Urans leaders on site and collecting DNA .

    20,000 targets in 24 hrs
    This time there is to be no nation building, they have taken out
    90% of the leadership and just pull out, using drones to hunt 
    the remaining 10%.

    There have been very few civilian deaths from the war,
    but many die from lack of services.

    A few of the autos from the 1950's still work , and the country
    has been removed back to the 1950's technology.
    And the banking system has been wiped out, all PC's
    toasted, and only a few land lines without chips working.
    US Forces estimate Uran will be functioning on a subsistence
    level for 5 years, and will take 10 to 15 years to build the country
    back to the 2010 levels.
    Total Cost about same as one month of Afghan ops.

    All nuclear buildings have been destroyed. Above and

    And once Uran is down US turns to healing its wounds.
    Drones continue to fly over Uran hunting for leaders for
    the next 5 years.

    Thats how cyber forces integrate with conventional forces
    during war time.

    War Anthropologist


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