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    Friday, November 05, 2010

    Dems; political Info War; MIA

    Obama blames poor communication elections rout 
    BS Dems Info WAR MIA, 
    $700B? Tax cut Billionaires or health care for poor?

    Republicans pushing:
    No min Wage.
    NO unemployment benifits
    No health care for the Poor, let them die.
    Republican Paradigm hamstringing US Economy.
    The Government helped the economy,
    spending the way out of a depression.
    That was the choice, or let the economy Crash.

    Republican Congressmen got on average $2 million 
    From Wall St Banks. What did the Banks get?

    The same banks responsible for:

    Sub-prime debacle.
    Near crash of credit system World Wide.
    Loan Sharking, 30% credit cards, 460% payday loans.
    Flash Crash, dark pools operating without regulation.
    Switching from Investing to Gambling.
    Banks got $700B bail out from Tax payers.
    Banks got $2 trillion from Federal Reserve.
    Banks paid Billions in bonuses.
    And foreclosed on all the tax payers with
    sub-prime mortgages.
    Are allowed two sets of books:
    One public listing sub-prime paper at 100% value,
    Private Books with sub-prime paper at 30% value, true value.

    Republicans were and will be the "NO" party.
    They tried to blocked anything Obama tried to do.

    The Democrats just laid down and let Republicans steam roll them.
    Dems did not have an "Info WAR" ( spin control, fact correction, 
    exposing the Republicans ).

    Jeeze I really try and avoid politics, 
    just wanted to report on the GWOT.
    Hell I was a Bush Republican.

    Bush left and the Republican party reverts
    to schoolyard paradigms.
    Look at the leadership of the Republican
    party. I mean just look at who they are.

    Obama and the Dems have NO chance
    in the next presidential election on this basis.
    Dems got their heads up their collective asses,
    with an unfocused, sporadic effort.
    They got the power and almost ran scared.

    Here comes Palin...
    And the country and Republicans deserve it.

    This election cycle has given the Terrorist hope.

    Internet Anthropologist



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