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    Monday, November 01, 2010

    Voodoo economics

    On the Fed front, fears have spread following a Wall Street Journal report that the U.S. central bank won't be as free-spending in its bond-buying as Wall Street had hoped. If the Fed surprises the worriers with a huge program—say, more than $500 billion—then Wall Street could be cheered. Otherwise, it may not applaud much for what it likes to call QE2, by which it means a second installment of "quantitative easing," or central-bank efforts to pump money into the economy.

    How to explain the problems with that paradigm...
    OK lets have the Federal Reserves Central bank just buy up all
    $12 trillion of USA Debt.
    Debt problem FIXED...

    uMMM NOT you see the problem.

    Voodoo economics

    Smoke and Mirrors.

    Series 7 & 3



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