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    Sunday, October 31, 2010

    Russian FBS & RBN help on printer bomber

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    1. Federal Security Service (Russia) to get involved in

    2. Printer Bomber.

    3. This Paradigm Intel is predicated on the women 
      mailing the bombs were money mules.
      The RBN Russian Business Net,
      has long and deep tradition of
      internet Crime,
      while they have gone underground,
      it appears there are connections
      to Crime as service, even connections to 
      the Zeus bot net recruiting Money Mules.

      One of the benefits of Cyber 
      crime consolidation and the new 
      business model of  Crime as Service,
      means we know who the major players
      are. There is a high statical probability 
      the RBN has a connection to the
      Yemen women money mules.

      Russian Business Net.

      While it would be foolhardy and
      suicidal for the RBN to knowingly
      provide services to the terrorist,
      it appears the Insurgents have
      worked their way into some
      of their services, either out
      right hire, malware rental or subverting
      on going Money Mule operation.

      The fallout of this will be huge
      cyber operation against them.
      They are already a criminal org.
      Which gives legal permission for
      extreme blow back.
      But the Terrorist connection would
      even suppose possible wet operations.

      As a matter of survival the RBN and
      Zeus etal, have to vet insurgents and
      terrorist out of their services and track
      the current instant case down and give 
      them up. 

      We could see a new payload for Stuxnet
      and launched against RBN etal or even Russia.
      Russia however will be very concerned about
      terrorist connections to RBN, I expect them to
      move to protect the illegal cash flows while
      ending any terrorist connections. Russia
      has terrorist problems of its own, and this
      connection could easily become problematic 
      for THEM.

      Our paradigm indicates the Russian Intelligence
      Services semi-broke up RBN, absorbed some
      of its talent and the remainder is still operating
      cyber crime, trying to stay just under the Russian
      security radar and making payoffs.

      The RBN has had incomes of over $150 million
      a year. Desired in the Russian economy.

      I trying to back track the perps that hired
      these Yemen women there are certain 
      cyber signatures that are RBN claim to fame.
      While not enough evidence to convict,
      they certainly are enough evidence to
      validate a heavy cyber strike against them,
      if they are dealing with terrorists.
      The Ruskies will come up with the info
      on the Printer bombers and a new set of
      rules or NSA will kick their asses RBN around and
      around the world ad infinitum.

      There should be actionable intel with in
      a week on the bomb creators and enabling
      perps, on the working end of the RBN or NSA
      stick isn't a healthy place to be.

      known Russian Business Network (RBN) hosts.
      Updated: 2010-08-11 15:26:56

      We have deployed teams and will deploy as many BSUs
      as needed hunting the "hacker" who hired
      en-snared these women and are using the Mule Services.

      Internet Anthropologist
      Tactical Internet Systems analyst.



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