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    Monday, May 18, 2015

    What to say to IS on twitter

    More of our INTEL

    We proved concept of winning hearts and minds
    through Twitter, ISIS has demonstrated this
    ability. PROOF; Our turn key
    Social Change Engine operation.


    ISIS recruiting campaign.

    Now we out lined the "How":
    We cover what to Tweet/say.

     The instruction manual.

    If they read your tweet 
    you have gotten into their minds, 
    They heard your words.
    What you do once you are there,
    in their minds, is up to you.

    Old "EST" saying ,
    "If you tell it like it really is,
    eventually your word becomes law
    in the Universe"

    What you tweet depends on the Metric you are targeting.
    What message do you want to send and to whom.

    A text tweet will receive the broadest coverage.
    (22,000 TARGETED ISIS impressions from one tweet.)
    A Photo gets around 5% review.
    And video even less.

    There are many Metrics in the ISIS follower
    ISIS followers consist of;
    (no particular order)

    Me 'Anonymous' group members,
    Islamic governments and Intelligence
    Religious leaders,
    Muslims wanting a Caliphate,
    People with interest in Middle East, 
    Curiosity seekers.
    Fence sitters,
    Wana Bees,
    Hard Core ISIS,
    Americans who want to observe ISIS up close.

    There are different goals for different
     Some tweets may be targeted for a specific
    person or cell.
    Some times a tweet can carry two separate
    messages to two different metrics in the same 
    You may be able to engage several different goals
    and metrics with in one tweet.

    Some of these goals are;
    Morale disruption,
    Encouraging lone wolfs against ISIS,
    Exposing ISIS lies,
    Religious Education,
    Disseminating News ISIS wants kept
    Exposing ISIS failures,

     Every time they tweet 
    is an opportunity to 
    engage the Enemy. 

    Do you go for a holy shot?
    Expose how they bastardize Islam.

    A heart shot reference pain their family, 
    is going through because of them.

    A head shot, expose failures of the
    caliphate, lies etc.

    An ego shot, expose their ignorance
    in public.

    A kill shot, obtain their IP in
    Syria or Iraq and turn data over 
    to Kurds.

     And variations and combinations 
    of goals to target specific metrics
    and goals.

    Here we are confronting ISIS lies.
    Before our tweet 'they' were thinking it was Baghdadi,
    after the tweet 'they' at least entertain the possibility
    it maybe his brother talking, maybe even reserve
    decision until they could listen.

    Here we are encouraging the rift between AQ and ISIS.

    And here.

    These last two tweets plant seeds of doubt
    some will grow some won't. Any wars
    between them works for us.

    Regardless of what they believe about AQ
    beating ISIS, I put that thought in their mind.
    It was considered, evaluated, thought about.
    It was logged into their hard drive, 'memory'.

    They may even deny it 100%,
    but its logged, in their memory.
    100% wrong; next time I tweet them
    about it, it may go to 99% false.
    And I keep chipping away at that 100%
    certainty, TWEETING often.

    Once an item is "logged in" read,
    it also goes to their SUBCONSCIOUS,
    they cannot stop that process.

    Now in the SUBCONSCIOUS I can play
    without their knowledge.

    Film, photos have the ability to manipulate us
    on many different levels, conscious and
    unconscious, even subliminally.

    Semiotics of Visual Representation 
    actually says it all.
    Semiotics is the study of meaning-making, the philosophical theory of signs and symbols. This includes the study of signs and sign processes (semiosis), indication, designation, likeness, analogy, metaphor, symbolism, signification, and communication. Semiotics is closely related to the field of linguistics, which, for its part, studies the structure and meaning of language more specifically. The Semiotic Tradition explores the study of signs and symbols as a significant part of communications. As different from linguistics, however, semiotics also studies non-linguistic sign systems. Semiotics often is divided into three branches:
    Semantics: relation between signs and the things to which they refer; their signified denotata, or meaning
    Syntactics: relations among or between signs in formal structures
    Pragmatics: relation between signs and sign-using agents or interpreters
    Semiotics frequently is seen as having important anthropological dimensions.

    I use Semiotics in the 'magic of the mind logging on'.
    Its almost magic how something read is recorded
    in memory, and when they access memory they
    can't control which memories are pulled up, they
    may think of several images before they pick one.
    When they see an image the mind does a cross
    references meanings of images they
    remember both positive images and negative
    impressions. Here I have room to "PLAY".
    An image can be changed from positive
    to negative by out side influences.

    One can Add this image to linguistics of the tweets with a
    specific goal NOT associated
    with the text of the tweet.
    I sent two messages one
    CONSCIOUS message in the text in the clear.
    And a second SUBCONSCIOUS message in the
    image recieved subrosa.

    One can manipulate CONSCIOUS thought 
    through SUBCONSCIOUS means.

    Fox News does this on a much looser level,
    they front as News Service, while being a
    GOP mouth piece, with excellent ratings.

    On the surface the TEXT "AQ beating ISIS"
    might influence; 
    Hardcore ISIS might fight harder against
    AQ. Vice versa with AQ of course.

    Wana Bees may give extra thought to
    joining ISIS might be fighting AQ also.

    Exposes ISIS failures, harassment,
    maybe some cumulative effect on morale.

    Curiosity seekers spread the word ISIS is
    loosing not only against coalition but against
    AQ also.

    Cumulative targeted ISIS IMPRESSIONS
    for these two tweets exceeds 8,500.
    Almost the current following of ISIS on

    Pounding away at the ISIS foundation
    with these kind of tweets will counter their successful
    ISIS recruiting campaign on Twitter.
    If done in volume and enough months.

    This successful ISIS Social Change Engine
    can be reversed with their own tactics,
    and Semiotics.

    Its possible for one small team to put out
    100,000 tweets a day with the right application
    and enough Anti-ISIS volunteers signing up
    for the App. to tweet in their account.

    More details here;

    The above link outlines a complete turnkey
    operation to reverse ISIS recruiting campaign.

    Of course you being logical, educated well reasoned
    adult, this process would NEVER work on you.

    Your logic is almost infallible,
    and guides you in your decisions.
    Its very hard to fool you.
    You know your values.
    And base your decisions on data,
    information, logic and are immune
    from this 'winning hearts and minds'

    You KNOW value.
    You would never pay $ a dollar
    for a product that is just Water and
    2 cents worth of flavoring.
    Would you?

    And you didn't feel or even notice the process.
    $1 for product that VALUE is 2 cents.

    NOW It only requires the will.

    Terrorism is an "altered state of consciousness"
    In their "Winning Hearts and Minds" they alter
    consciousness TO WHERE;
    Where snuff films of innocents are religiously approved.
    Where suicide bombing a Mosque is OK.
    Where sale of children as sex slaves supports the state.
    The above Social Change Engine has the potential to
    reverse this Terrorism an "altered state of consciousness"

    This is not a New Paradigm.
    The Catholic inquisition, burned women for 300 years.
    Nazi's Holocaust. Killed millions of Jews.
    And ISIS.
    None of these despots seem to have any trouble
    recruiting Sociopaths, for their savagery.

    They all had a common denominator,
    "Social Change Engines".

    Spanish Inquisition had Religion, Priests
    supporting it weekly at Mass and Sermons
    though the Catholic Empire.

    Nazi's had Joseph Goebbel's
    Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda
    A Huge Social Change Engine
    Controlling all Media in Germany though
    out WWII.

    And NOW, ISIS pumping out a possible
    100 million tweets a year.

    This NEW paradigm can counter them
    even reverse the effects of ISIS
    "altered state of consciousness".

    The objective isn't to 'trick' them,
    but expose lies and truth in a way that is
    And reach them ALL.

    Bombing a Mosque isn't going
    to get them into paradise, they
    have bombers convinced it will...


    ISIS is part of an Iraqi civil war,
    Sunnis vs Shia,
    ISIS is Sunni, Iran is Shia,
    USA troops can't fix an Iraqi Civil War,
    NO TO US TROOPS in Iraq, G

    War Anthropologist

    We have been working on our
    Social Change Engine skills since 2001,
    14 years of research.

    From WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13, 2007
    our article on.
    Jahidist start WORLD WIDE media WAR

    More on our work on Social Change Engines.
    Social Change Engine SCE

    #China had invited me to China to lecture on 
    our "Social Change Engines" 2013

    Excellent discussion on  Media, Information & Cyber Warriors.
    Bill is our man.

    This was PART II.

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Monday, April 27, 2015

    Police murder response

    Police murder;
    The Police are just humans and as most any group
    there are going to be some crazies.

    Americans understand this and understand the concept
    of Police murdering people is an aberration.

    Recent videos have shown the situation regarding
    blacks is much worse than whites realized, most
    of us had no idea how bad it was for the violation
    of "being black".

    Police have unintentionally aggravated the situation
    in their reaction to suspected 'Police Murders'.

    In New York the powers in charge found the police
    officers who used a choke hold to kill a black suspect
    for selling single cigarettes not guilty.

    The Karma for their abuse of process was the murder
    of two cops setting in their police car.

    I want to be very clear here killing the two policemen
    was wrong and I have no sympathies for the man who
    killed the policemen.

    But I am going to explore the mind set that lead to
    the Police Officers deaths.

    In Fergerson the Police stonewalled the public,
    gave out no information, were not transparent
    and were secretive about their investigation.
    And that Police reaction to the shooting and death
    of the black man lead to the riots in Fergerson.

    The next case I want to look at is the Police Murder
    caught on video tape, shooting the black man in the
    back as he was running away.
    In this case the Police had arrested the Police officer
    with in three days and charged him.
    There were no riots, even though the murder was
    outrageous and egregious.

    If there is a perception of Police cover up it leads
    to riots.
    If there is a general perception of the Police getting away
    with murder cops often get shot, sadly.

    In Baltimore the Police reaction was perceived as
    a cover up, denial. Black man in police custody
    had his spine broke and the focus was "Police
    didn't do it, FOP contributed to this belief by
    by focusing on denial not focusing on finding
    the perp.
    Which lead to riots unlike the Police murder video

    The press has been very unfair to the Police in
    all these situations, faulting Ferguson Police
    response as to Militarized and now complaining
    Baltimore Police as not Militarized enough.
    Allowing looting and arson.

    The Baltimore situation is different, three street
    gangs maybe plotting police assassinations.
    Which would bring in FBI terrorist units
    and their inclusive surveillance bubbles.
    And have made the Baltimore Police very
    cautious, looting situation could be a set up
    for a police ambush.

    The Baltimore Police have shown great restraint.
    Allowing demonstrations and not over reacting.
    Seven Officers have been injured so far.
    And no tasers, or shooting of rioters.
    They are responding with overwhelming police
    presents bring in another 1,000 officers or National
    Guard to quell the riots.

    Giving the Baltimore Police 10 days to give
    a statement is an egregious error, and leads to
    the impression of a cover up, you or I would
    not be given 10 days after a murder to give a
    statement. The Police should not be given special
    treatment and should be held responsible same
    as any civilian.

    Police should be drug tested after any shooting
    as standard operating procedure.

    As we have seen Police response to any Police
    shooting helps determines public response;
    riots or no riots.


    Timothy McVeigh's decision process.


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Tuesday, April 21, 2015

    Iran SitRep

    Iran SitRep;

    #IRAN Caliphate;
    includes 4 Arab countries, capitals.
    Beirut, Lebanon
    Damascus, Syria and
    Baghdad, Iraq and
    Sanaa, Yemen.
    Khamenei has been bragging about
    owning 4 Arab States.

    The new Iran Caliphate in Red;

    Khamenei had Iraq Government in his pocket,
    but a lot of opposition from Sunni.
    Iran now has an Iranian Army in Iraq.

    MOIS kept stirring up an Iraq civil war,
    Shia (Gov) vs Sunni.
    Leading to Gov vs Sunni old Saddam Military (ISIS).
    Which is why some Military Units just gave up
    weapons to ISIS. Sunni Mil units giving up to
    Saddam's old commanders.
    ISIS went Psycho
    And to some extent ISIS aids Iran in their strategic goals.

    And Iran's MOIS, were able to develope a situation
    where USA & Arab world took up arms against
    Iran's enemies the Sunni's area taken over by ISIS.

    Iran has to have sanctions lifted for the cash to
    develop these new Arab Countries they now occupy.

    They will sign Nuke deal they need cash to shore up
    their new Arab conquests.

    And once they take full power they can start nuke
    program in any one of their new colonies, with
    out violating any Nuke deal.

    What are they doing right now?

    #Iran building long rang missiles & buying
    #Russian air defense missiles & flotilla under
    way to Yemen Houthis & deal on Nukes

    Iran Fights for Assad Syria, 
    Against ISIS Iraq & 
    for Yemen Houthi rebels, G

     Interesting, Iranian ship convoy moves toward Yemen,
    weapons for Houthi rebels.

    Iran has its hands full of the spoils of war.
    Consolidation process will take years.

    (sorry abt maps, wanted to get this out fast)

    The bright spot in all this is "Equation Group"
    should have near 100% surveillance of all Iran

    A monkey wrench HERE. A monkey wrench THERE.
    I'd like to know what Obama sees?

    War Anthropologist

    New Paradigm to kill ISIS PROPAGANDA

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Monday, March 30, 2015

    ISIS is winning hearts & minds, NOT USA

    More of our INTEL

    PART I;


     If cyber is 5th Generation warfare then
    THIS is 6th Generation warfare, a Social
    Change Engine.

    After 14 years of grueling Gobal War On
    Terrorism, ISIS has spread to 16 countries.
    A savage brutal doctrine is some how
    able to win hearts and minds and attract
    followers from around the world even for
    the ultimate waste suicide bombings.

    Western view;
    "The best counterinsurgency campaigns
    integrate and synchronize political, security,
    economic, and informational components
    that reinforce governmental legitimacy and
     effectiveness while reducing insurgent
    influence over the population."
     (U.S. Government Counterinsurgency Guide, 2009)
    And have been a failure.

    Anybody notice ISIS is
    & on TWITTER.

    ISIS supporter of jihad is Australi Witness says; "This war will be won through the power of social media. We are winning the minds of the young generation." 

    International Center for the Study of Radicalization analysis found that such "disseminators" have been highly influential among foreign fighters going to Syria and Iraq

    Map of where 25,000 foreign fighters/recruits come from.

    ISIS attracts even women and girls to this war torn hell hole.
    The number of foreigners fighting for terrorists worldwide 
    has increased by 71 percent between mid-2014 and 
    March 2015

    More than 25,000 foreign fighters from over 100 nations 
    are estimated to have left their home to join terrorist.

     ISIS is able to target US born Americans in 
    'Hearts & Minds battle'. 
    But No Arabs from USA have been recruited.

    American ARRESTS;
    ISIS targets on twitter: Inside the Minds of Jihadis Born in the USA 

    Video Production values count,
    ISIS is best.
    "High velocity picture and layers
    and layers of sound.
    That's all it takes"

    Peek INSIDE:
        How does ISIS gets recruits?
    Hearts and Minds?
    Imagine a "Star Wars Movie" 

    Now add 72 virgins, G

    The best in depth study of ISIS recruiting; 
    In the inaugural edition or our webcast, tentatively named, 
    The Irari Report, we interviewed Jeff Bardin of 
    Treadstone71, who is one of the world’s top experts 
    in infiltrating extremist online activities. The interview 
    covered a wide variety of details about ISIS online 
    activities, their recruiting strategies. EXCELLENT work.

    How has West done 'Hearts and Minds?'

    The Western paradigm for Winning hearts and minds
    has been an abysmal failure in Iraq and Afghanistan
    and before that Vietnam. 

    If you can win enough hearts and minds terrorism will fall 
    of its own weight.

    Terrorism cannot prosper in a climate without popular support.
    If the people actively oppose terrorism it is very hard
    for them to get a toe hold, and they can not prosper.


    With lies and twisting the Quarn.

    Big lie #1) 
    America is at war with Islam.

    Big lie #2) 
    Quran supports savage brutal inhumane Jahid.

    Big lie #3)
    All death is martyrdom.
    Martyrdom is a WIN.

    Allah does not support;
    Suicide bombings of;
    Women and children
    Market Places

    No matter what Kifers do,
    Islam has Quran they must follow.
    Quran emphasized gravity of universal prohibition
    against murder,when a person takes even one life,
    “it is as if he has killed all mankind.”

    If one can win hearts and minds 
    it limits terrorist recruitment,
    lone wolf attacks in general it
    limits terrorisms options.

    ISIS are not social media wizards,
    they have to put out over 
    100 million tweets. 100,000,000
    And are successful in winning hearts and minds.
    By neutralizing the big 3 lies motivating recruits.

    These brutal inhumane savages;
    Executes prisoners
    A group that videos and beheads innocents
    Cages men and videos them burning alive 
    Takes sex slaves.
    The rest of the world is loosing
    the Social Media battle.
    More than 25,000 foreign fighters from over 100 nations 
    are estimated to have left their home to join terrorist.

    Even when all Islam condemns them.
    Saudi cleric Salman al-Odah 
    Grand Sheikh Al-Azhar Ahmed al-Tayib Sheikh 
    Muhammad Ahmad Hussein have all condemned ISIS.

    Shawky Allam is Grand Mufti of Egypt."ISIS terrorists’
    justification is nothing more than a hallucination of 
    sick minds."

    Allah has abandoned #ISIS
    his messenger has condemned them,
    blood of Muhammad, King of Jordan.
    says KILL THEM.

    Western efforts on TWITTER have been underwhelming,
    and almost an after thought, with minimal effort expended.

    14 years of WAR, and terrorism metastasized 
    to 16 countries. We are doing something wrong,
    after 14 years the situation is worse.
    Military Force alone isn't working.
    Afghanistan and Iraq and Pakistan have taught that
    Map of terrorism strikes.
    Great interactive MAP 

    ISIS has given us PROOF OF CONCEPT.
    How long will we let terrorist eat our lunch?
    Western Culture invented Social Media
    and the terrorist are using it against the world
    while we give lip service to our efforts to counter
    their Twitter campaign.
    Deleting all ISIS Twitter accounts has unintended 
    USA stands for free speech.
    Deleting accounts may give the impression
    their tweets were feared because they were true.

    46,000 supporters x lifetime tweets 2,200= 101,200,000 tweets.
    + 100  million tweets.

    With Minimal impact for 100 million tweets.

    The ISIS supporters are 'reachable'.
    They use coded hash tags, to reach members 
    looking to connect with ISIS leadership.

    We have the codes and got over 16,000 impressions using
    the correct password hash tags, on just one tweet.
    Climbed to 22,700

    We have done many as 60,000 targeted 
    ISIS impressions in one day.

    If they read your tweet you have gotten into
    their minds, what you do once you are there
    is up to you. This is what we did.

    ISIS has 46,000 twitter supporters.

    Proof of concept.
    ( Note I have fewer than 2,000 followers )

    Some of our statistics; 1st # is impressions;

    The metrics above are from just my one account with
    less than 2,000 followers.
    My best was 16,000+ impressions from just one
    targeted tweet.

    Now add an Application that allows you to tweet in
    volunteers time lines and you have the potential to
    drown ISIS messages.

    Twitter app w/ 5,000 accts (volunteers)
    doing one Anti-ISIS tweet per hr =
    5,000 x 24=
    120,000 per day,
    only need 24 tweets,1 per hr.
    120,000 x 365=
    Thats 38 million tweets a year.
    Get 15,000 twitter accounts on an
    app that = +100,000,000 tweets a year.
    Equal to ISIS volume of tweets.

    I've got 24 Anti-ISIS tweet to start you out.
    Or get me an app.

    Winning hearts and minds has been demonstrated.
    Proof of concept established by ISIS.
    When will West establish a serious effort
    to actually win hearts and minds?


    Use ISIS strongest weapon against them;
    If this EVIL,savage,brutal Caliphate can do it.
    So too can USA

    WAR weapons have changed.

    USA leads the world at net work penetration Stuxnet
    But USA isn't very good at Social Media War.

    If 1/20 of the Mil Budget were put into
    social media the terrorist propaganda could be easily
    be overwhelmed.
    And reduce recruits, support, financing, DEATHS.
    And reduce need for Military intervention, and even
    stabilize some Nations.
    Most important reduce terrorists.
    By neutralizing the big 3 lies motivating recruits. 

    Stop ISIS Propaganda; EMPLOY ad agencies,
    to overwhelm propaganda,
    @WPP Group @Omnicom Publicis Group
    @DentsuAmerica  #BBDO

    14 years of war, time for Social Media WAR.

    WANTED; Super Uber TWITTER ad agency for
    Life & Death- Hearts & minds battle. apply CIA
    or State Department.

    By neutralizing the big 3 lies motivating recruits.
    More than 25,000 foreign fighters from over 100 nations
    are estimated to have left their home to join terrorist.

    Russia is running Social media War.
    Mostly against Russians for internal support for
    Ukraine War.
    They took over TV and news outlets then
    set up;
     (Official Kremlin news ( Kremlin Official line)
    And Putin's popularity in Russia
    is very high now even as their economy crashes.
    As too is the support for UKRAINE INVASION.

    Is Putin outsmarting America?
    Is ISIS outsmarting America?
    It would seem so.

    14 years of war, FAIL,
    NOW is the time for Social Media WAR
    by Professional experienced experts.

    First step could be to match the volume

     If cyber is 5th Generation warfare then
    THIS is 6th Generation warfare .


    Post Afghan;
    What the world is doing against terrorism
    isn't working,
    time to try something else.
    This has proof of concept.
    And is a "TURN KEY " Paradigm.

    PART II;

    War Anthropologist

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Monday, March 23, 2015

    ISIS isn't the problem,they are the symptom

    More of our INTEL

    ISIS is a recurring paradigm.
    Al Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS.

    14 YRS of war and terrorism is spreading.

    At the end of WWII war ended, at that time carpet bombing
    of civilian populations was SOP, for both sides.
    The intent behind bombing civilian populations
    was to get the people to withdraw popular support for
    Governments and end the war.
    It worked the populations were so sick of war and death
    there were no Nazi resistance groups.

    In an effort to be more humane war has for the most part
    abandoned carpet bombing of civilian populations in
    favor of limiting collateral deaths.

    Unfortunately this more humane approach may be fueling
    terrorism, people become revenge terrorist.

    Arab spring was a valiant effort to try something else as
    terrorism wasn't effective method of change.

    But it was squandered, didn't realize the support it needed
    to become effective.

    If there would have been 3 or 4 successful Arab springs
    effective in making changes there would be no ISIS.

    The world does not understand the terrorist paradigm.
    They are so angry fathers will strap on a suicide bomb
    and blow themselves up.

    We are missing the point.
    Killing terrorist is a stop gap measure.
    It doesn't stop terrorism.

    Islam is codependent partner.
    The Islamic concept of Martyrs is faulty, Islam does not condone
    suicide bombing of Mosques, innocents, market places or
    Yet terrorist convince members to carry out these un-Islamic acts.
    I suspect this is because Madrasas don't teach meaning of Quran
    but teach memorization of Quran.

    The continual complaint of terrorist for 14 years has been that
    USA is at war with Islam.
    I know better and discounted that complaint as its not true.
    But truth is not the issue, "The impression, the concept is
    the issue."
    True or not isn't the issue, terrorist believe USA is at war
    with Islam. And terrorist SELL IT.

    They sell it on Twitter, a world wide person to person
    communications system.

    Shutting down Twitter ISIS accounts is a stop gap
    action also,
    as Anonymous is so fond of saying
    "You can't kill an Idea."
    But one can counter lies, expose propaganda,
    explain and prove 'truths'.
    Expose the message for what it is;
    USA at War with Islam; A LIE.

    They are not GOOD at it, and are amateurs.
    Based on the number of supporters and average number
    of life time of tweets, they post at least a Million tweets
    before they get one lone wolf.

    ISIS SUPPORTERS HAVE PUT OUT + 100  million tweets
    46,000 supporters x lifetime tweets 2,200= 101,200,000 tweets.

    Minimal impact for 100 million tweets.

    Ask any advertizing person thats amateurish.
    They throw massive number of tweets and hope some of
    the BS sticks to the wall.

    Social Media is a Western invention, and the terrorist are
    using it against us.
    And able to convince enough Muslims that USA is at war
    against Islam to draw enough recruits to sustain themselves.

    ISIS realized Twitter is where the hearts and minds are won.
    They are using Twitter in ways most users are not aware of.

    They use coded hash tags, to reach members looking to
    connect with ISIS leadership.

    We have the codes and got over 16,000 impressions using
    the correct password hash tags, on just one tweet.

    We have done many as 60,000 targeted ISIS impressions in a day.

    ISIS is using other applications that use a tweet as a trigger for other
    applications to spread ideology.

    Americas response has been diminutive, or left to civilian operators.

    The expertise is out there and operating successfully and
    not employed.
    Response to the terrorist on twitter has been amateurish.
    We can easily over power jahidies rhetoric.
    Reverse the concept that America is at war with Islam.

    Stop ISIS Propaganda;
    EMPLOY ad agencies, 
    to overwhelm propaganda, 
     @WPP Group @Omnicom Publicis Group 
    @DentsuAmerica  #BBDO

    Political Ad Agencies would be especially adept at
    winning hearts and minds, 'getting votes'.
    Convincing Muslims that America is not at war with them.

    Ad Agencies convince people to buy a concept or
    item 24/7.
    World pays $1+ for a 2 cent bottle of flavored colored water,

    Production cost 2 cents

    We have proof of concept, elections and Coke.

    We don't have to convince terrorist we are their friends,
    just that USA is not at war with them.

    If we can do that to some measure, that alone will cut
    the legs out from under Terrorism's recruits.
    For all terrorist groups.

    Ends much of the motivation for terrorism.
    And Twitters appeal is world wide,
    Terrorist in most all countries read twitter.

    ISIS uses twitter not very effectively,
    but USA has the Big Guns to be effective.
    And finally actually reach some hearts
    and minds.

    War Anthropologist

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Thursday, February 26, 2015

    Future of ISIS

    More of our INTEL

    ISIS PARADIGM is obvious its based on 1700's
    model of Islam but they pick and choose
    the parts of Allah's messenger Muhammad
    they want to follow, same with Quran.

    We can expect a bloodbath of innocents,
    caused by their frustration over how
    the Twelvers paradigm isn't working out.

    The need 80 countries to attack them to
    fulfill the coming of End times.
    And they need to do battle in a specific
    area of the Middle East.

    And they believe Allah will defeat their
    enemies and they will install their
    Caliphate forever.

    ISIS is working diligently killing innocents
    Beheading, cut throats bleeding into Mediterranean,
    even burning people alive, their desire is to
    piss off enough Countries to get the coalition
    up to 80 countries.

    And slaughter enough innocents to get the
    coalition to attack.

    They believe all other Muslims are wrong in
    their worship, and not true Muslims
    allowing ISIS slaughter of their own.

    Their paradigm error is seminal and systemic,
    "Allah will save them."
    They admit the lives of their fighters are cheap,
    ignore defeats, losses and tell the false Mujahedeen
    that dying is winning, martyrdom.
    Ever feeble indeed is the plot of Shaitân
    (Satan the false Moujahedeen ). ] al-Nissa:76.

    They have no consideration for their fighters,
    PTSD VICTIMS are sent to Suicide school.

    Their focus is entirely on starting this
    'End of Times' WAR.

    But their War Paradigm is also faulty.
    ISIS has no air force, no air cover.

    The only battle they have had is Kobane,
    Kurds, Farmers & citizens, Against untrained
    volunteers crushed ISIS FORCES with
    coalition air cover.

    There is the basis for their defeat, cut off
    a town, send in boots with heavy Air Cover
    and repeat Kobane 200 times.

    ISIS  31,500 loyal fighters according to the CIA
    USA 1,400,000
    Syria 178,000

    #Kobane shows ISIS cant stand against ground troops
    & Air cover, proof of concept,

    ISIS defeat inevitable.

    On the basis of their own religious Paradigm
    they have sown the seeds of their own destruction.

    al-Baghdadi has ordered muslims killed even if
    they announced Shahadateen and this rule is
    agreed upon by all Muslims.

    Allah has forsaken #ISIS
    Allah's messenger has condemned them,
    blood of Muhammad, King of Jordan.
    says KILL THEM.

    Grand Sheikh Al-Azhar Ahmed al-Tayib
    Saudi cleric Salman al-Odah
    Blood of Muhammad, King Of Jordan,
    have all condemned ISIS.

    Al Baghdadi IS NOT Quraysh,
    CANNOT be Caliph, not from tribe of Prophet,
     ISIS is FALSE Caliph.

    Al Baghdadi NOT Quraysh, impostor,
    Muhammad there will only be twelve caliphs,
    all of them from the Quraysh tribe, G

    Hadith of the Twelve Successors= caliph must be
    Quraysh, ISIS false Caliphate.
    Hadith of Twelve Successors;referenced in both
    Sunni and Shiah sources from 37 chains of
    narrators in over 100 hadiths.

    ISIS NOT A NATION, "studiousness"??
    IGNORANT of Islam, الأحمق . sāb ul-nabi,
      المفسد في الأرض, khawarij, Shaitan (شيطان) G

    Saudi cleric Salman al-Odah, “Burning is
    abominable crime rejected by Islamic law ”
    ISIS BURNS 45 Anbar

    Grand Sheikh Al-Azhar Ahmed al-Tayib;
    "Islamic State as a “satanic, terrorist”

    Baghdadi NOT Quraysh, impostor,
    Muhammad's Blood=King of Jordan says;
    KILL him.

    Retreating in 138 towns,
    Income -35%,
    round clock bombing

    IS ignores Quranic verses, requiring mercy,
    preservation of life, protection innocents,
    rules of war, binding in Shariah law,G #الدولة_الإسلامية

    ISIS defeat inevitable.

    ISIS EVIL is not new,
    its happened before.

    The Inquisition Catholic Church
    burned women as witches for 300 yrs.

    The Nazi's killed 6 million.
    Now ISIS.

     What is wrong with Human race?
    Why are there always enough Sociopaths for Dictators?
     Inquisition,Nazi's , #ISIS

    Internet Anthropologist


    ISIS has 6 mos to exist after Arab Army comes after them,
    local resistance will speed process, Ummah HATES
    Al Baghdadi.

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Tuesday, February 17, 2015

    Equation Group Potential

    More of our INTEL

    Equation Group is significant because this omnipotent cyber espionage entity managed to stay under the radar for almost 15 yrs.

    They walk through all security programs, multitude of methods
    to get on PC, “Equation Group”, apparently part of the NSA, which it said was able to embed spyware in computers that gives it total control over them, even after the hard disk has been erased and the operating system reinstalled.

    Re-flash hard drive’s firmware, thats what the OS
    interfaces with at level of metal.Sophisticated bootkit,  hijacks the OS loading mechanisms,
    implements its own encrypted Virtual File System (VFS) inside the Windows registry.
    There are no malicious executable modules at all on the filesystem of an infected system and mapping of air-gapped networks.

    At the level of firmware its invisible, out of reach of any Security
    products and OWNs that PC.

    NSA's Equation Group repackaged #Stuxnet in New Cyber Missile,
    re-flashes Stuxnet payload into "FIRMWARE" invisible,unreachable,w/ User admin privileges.
    Old Stuxnet 3.0 most powerful weapon EVER.

    This is a game changer,
    and the biggest news in the history of cyber security.

    Equation Group almost superhuman technical feats illustrate Equation Group's extraordinary skill, painstaking work, and unlimited resources.

    Russian Kaspersky researchers to conclude that Equation Group is probably the most sophisticated computer attack group in the world.

    "It seems to me Equation Group are the ones with the coolest toys," Costin Raiu, director of Kaspersky Lab's global research and analysis team.

    Good explanation here; with TECH details.


    What does it mean?
    World leaders & Military naked,
    Cyber WnD (Weapon of nation Destruction)

    You can't see it,
    You can't delete it,
    You can't defeat it.

    It turns the PC into a Slave.
    Equation Group's '“GrayFish”, re-flashs the hard drive’s firmware,
    RE FORMATTING has no effect,
    it remains a slave PC.

    It can do any thing the user can do.
    What does that mean if its Putins PC?
    Or Defence ministers PC?
    Or a Generals PC?
    Or the Central Banks PC?
    Or FSB head Alexander Bortnikov PC?
    Now think in terms of networks and clouds.

    Or controlling Russian nuke launch computers,
    re-target from USA to Russian facilities,
    Russia would have not a clue till launched.

    Imagine a war with the opponent controlling
    your networks.
    Not gona be much of a war.

    It knows your plans, strategies, funding, CHAIN of command.
    It can turn your PC into a paper weight, DEAD and ERASED.

    A Equation Group strike could leave the Enemy
    with literally nothing left for a counter strike.


    NSA, never say anything.

    Equivalent era?
    When US was only one with A Bomb.

    "Computer Security" is an Oxymoron.

    What does this mean for the future of Internet?

    There is a Sheriff on the WWW, now
    but what will he do?

    You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube.
    If NSA doesn't have it, somebody else will eventually.

    Its here we have to learn how to deal with it.

    Internet Anthropologist