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    Monday, October 06, 2014

    Lone Army Ranger surrounded, in Syria.

    Lone Army Ranger surrounded, in Syria.

    A lone Army Ranger got separated from his unit during a night time ambush.
    He was out of ammo, grenades and spotted by the ISIS.

    His Radio had caught some flack and wasn't working and he was low on water and had a flesh wound.

    The ISIS decided to attack him before search and rescue could be called in.

    The ISIS leader, Al Baghdadi is looking for a hostage to Torture.
    Al Baghdadi responded, "we have been walking on his footsteps, and following his methods. We are still following his strategy and working to finish him off."

    Al Baghdadi decide to flank the Ranger, he sent in a squad of heavily armed Arabs from the East and from the West , while he held the middle ground as the Anvil, surrounding him.

    Most of the fighting was in the back of a small Mountain, in Al Baghdadi holding the front.

    The fighting went on for 3 hours.

    One of Al Baghdadi scouts returned with his field report, he was wounded, a gasping chest wound and had lost a lot of blood, His report was given in ARABIC, it was:... "look out its a trap... the Ranger has a Knife. "


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    Thursday, September 25, 2014

    "Lone Wolves" NEW

    This is a little scary.

    I apologize if this disturbs any family
    members. I may be wrong.
    Family, friends  of beheaded STOP

    I've seem the first two beheading videos,
    many times. And they disturbed me
    for the WRONG reasons.

    The Pearl beheading video I watched
    5 times, and ran numerous analysis on
    it when it was in the news..

    I'm calling the two recent vids "2"
    The Pearl vid I'm calling "1"

    The difference is remarkable.
    My gut feeling is backed by observations.
    and I believe the hypothesis HOLDS together.

    Please view my observations as bricks.
    They are real and exist.
    Wait till you have viewed all the bricks
    before you come to a conclusion.
    Thank you.

    The two "2" had been converted to ISIS's
    version of Islam.
    Both believed they were being "MARTYRED".

    They were not just saying words, they believed 
    what they were saying, their focus was not on 
    saving them, but the bad things they accused USA 
    of doing. 

    As I remember it took several guys to hold "1"
    when they started beheading him.
    A knife was going into his throat,
    his throat was being cut, sawed.

    But "2" both acted like they were taking communion.
    held heads up and didn't struggle.
    Almost like they were willing participants.

    And the video cuts away for the actual beheading.
    Showing the head on top of the body after.
    A head on top of a body is ok to video but
    not the cutting.

    "1" didn't see knife until the last min.
    and struggled like hell.

    The cumlation of these obversations
    leads me to believe something is going on.

    But HOW? WHY?
    It could have started out as a Stockholm
    Identifying with their captor,
    hoping an earnest conversion might keep
    them alive.
    Under threat of death daily it became real.

    Then they start their programing.

    How are they using Islam in their false jihad?

    How Islamo fascists recruit the boy scouts demographic.

    They question your faith, your commitment to Allah?

    Do you want to go to heaven?

    Do you believe the Koran?

    Invite you to a small meeting with a few special people.

    The recruitment never involves actually asking you if you want to be a suicide bomber.

    The question comes in the form of a challenge of your commitment to Allah, to Islam.

    If they believe you are easily influenced, and they can intimidate you, then they will start an "education program" of carefully crafted propaganda. 

    A special spin on Islam, the Koran and world news from a extremist view.

    You are inducted into "the special group". Where they use peer pressure and slowly get you to cut off all connection to your real family. They slowly set up the special group as your "new family". 

    So the new family can influence your thinking. Instead of presenting their political agenda and goals, they form these into the an twisted type of Islamism.

    Their political agenda is presented as Allah's will, his plan.

    Their motivators are 76 virgins, paradise in heaven, fame, and get you to believe you are working for Allah. Not that you are working on building their political and power base.
    The same motivators the boy scouts use, super sized times two.

    Each cell has a dominant key actor to recruit and influence the boys.
    He is well funded, with training manuals easily available on the Internet.
    You are eventually invited to live with this special group as a means of separating you from your real family and creating a new family for you. Living in their environment and the group pressure insures "right thinking" in terms of their propaganda, and twisted belief system.

    They bastardize Islam to their own ends, thru repetition, discussion and modified religious beliefs.

    The individuals are controlled through peer pressure, isolation, prayer, and exercises and physical punishment for rule violations, which can include death if you threaten the security of the group. 

    Moderation is strictly outlawed with severe consequences.

    Counter thoughts to their twisted preaching are controlled with threats of damnation of your soul, family, and threats against your life.

    Eventually the recruits believe the propaganda and twisted form of Islam and come to the conclusion they want to be a suicide bomber. You will believe you come to this conclusion on your own but you have been spoon fed information and carefully lead to a position where you will believe this is your own idea, and the entire group will also "discover" it to is their conclusion also, any doubt will be dealt with very strong peer pressure from your "new family". You will not be allowed to visit your own family, either through peer pressure or training regimen.

    Once the group becomes a unified family, only dependent on each other and committed to each other and following orders blindly then will you start training for your political/suicide mission, which your master/controller/leader will not die in.

    The method of combining religion, propaganda and peer pressure will work even on highly educated westernized recruits given enough time and isolation. They twist your commitment to Allah and Islam into some unholy jihad.

    If they were able to recruit the "2" to martyrdom,
    Then they may be training/programing other Westerners 
    into lone wolfs.

    If the recruits meet their families then this
    may crash the whole program.
    Refusal to be a lone wolf.

    The recruits are used to a dominant key actor,
    steering them, controlling them.
    So they won't come alone and will not visit 
    There may be as many as 5 in a group.

    Which gives USA etal a profile.

    If my hypothesis is correct eventually
    ISIS will release the martyr video for both.

    One of beheading vids

    I would like links to other two videos.


    I am pretty scared to die’: American ISIS hostage writes emotional letter to parents

    Internet Anthropologist
    Ad Magnum


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    Wednesday, September 24, 2014

    Who sabotaged the Kaliphate?

    WOW almost a real Kaliphate.

    Iran providing Iraq Gov w/bombs & bombers,
    killing Sunni's wholesale, backlash to
    Iran's Shia & Iraq Gov Shia & Iran's actions
    Sunni's started a Kaliphate in Northern Iraq
    and extended it into Syria.

    USA not too concerned if Iraq wants to split
    into two. Its Iraq's country can do as they wish.

    Could even be a check against Iran's Shia influence.
    USA would like that.
    And more fighters to take on Assad, this could work
    all the way around, WIN.WIN.

    USA Could even give them arms aid etc.
    Let them beat Assad and take Syria,
    another problem solved. 

    USA could live with that.
    An Islamic State, a Kaliphate.
    No problem.

    Then reports of genocide of people on mountain,
    rapes. crucifixions and beheading two American

    Whoa this isn't gona work, and now making
    threats against America and its people.

    40 countries join USA AGAINST ISIS.
    Rolling Air Strikes for months.

    The level of violence GUARANTEES 
     #ISIS =EPIC FAIL, Who in Daesh leadership 
    wants revolt & failure of Caliphate?

    If ISIS stopped the slaughter,made a deal w/ Iraq & Turkey YOU COULD HAVE 'THE KHALIFA" W/out a WAR

    Who is sabotaging the Kaliphate? 

    Why the slaughter?
    you have appointed Allah your surety. 
    Verily, Allah knows what you do."

    Qur'an 16:91

    خلافة‎ khilāfa,

    Internet Anthropologist

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Thursday, September 18, 2014


    US can hit 20,000 targets in 24 hrs.

    If you join #ISIS or are in ISIS now; bring your "Salat al-Janazah" with YOU, G 

    10 B-2’s x 80 500lbs JDAMs/sortie. 

    Between 50 and 60 B-1’s and BUFF’s x 100 JDAMs/sortie =
    6800 aimpoints/sortie. 

    This does not include F-15E’s
    or any other platform.

    This formation is called Elephant walk.
    Add the rest of the Air Force, and USA can hit 20,000
    targets in 24 hrs, some hardened targets 20 or 30 times.

    Round the clock bombing from DIEGO GARCIA
    switching out the crews.
    “US bombers are ready today to destroy 10,000 targets
    in Iraq and Syria in a few hours" .

    #ISIS photoshopped mag is no substitute for Mil force, soon you will learn difference, suckered recruits will bare the brunt, G

    Americans in #ISIS to be targeted heavily in "systematic campaign of airstrikes" STEEL RAIN " GOT MY OK, G

    Test #ISIS recruiters, see if they won't tell you ANYTHING to get U to join, they get paid for every recruit they SUCKER, G

    #ISIS HAS NO MUSLIM Scholars, recruiting GULLIBLE & NAIVE, no concept of carnage,annihilation,decimation,apocalypse coming,G


    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: BLESSED BE ISIS SYRIA, IRAQ

    If you are WRONG in suicide bombing ; NO VIRGINS, YES TO HELL, Allah has STANDARDS, G retweet please. #NOvirgins4U

    I welcome sources:secure,encrypted,cloaked communications chan.will be set up for U  #ISIS

    War Anthropologist

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Monday, September 15, 2014

    Defeating the Terrorist Paradigm

    ( PREVIEW, close to done,G )
    We often think of the terrorist as a one
    dimensional being, kill him and his terrorism 
    We view them as extremists, insane blood-lust,
    crazy. stupid barbarians. 
    Almost sub-human, degenerates beyond reasoning.
    That view tends to get in the way when USA tries
    to 'win their hearts and minds'.

    USA culture is tops, the worlds civilians love 
    American culture, movies, music, fashion,
    etc, Coke Cola is usually the lead.

    So what happens between love for American
    culture and "Death to America"?

    America is caught between watching genocide
    and sending in troops.
    Logic dictates one can't just stop genocide
    you have to fix the problem that caused the
    "The civilians need a working government
    and infrastructure to protect them".
    And USA has seen this need and tried 
    it in Afghanistan and Iraq.
    USA gave countries back to the people
    and let them set up a government even
    paid billions to build an infrastructure.
    Both Afghan and Iraq failures.   

    Moslems are unhappy with their lot,
    they tried going back in time to when 
    'things' worked; Taliban back to 1700.
    They tried civil uprisings 'Arab spring'
    in 4 or 5 countries.
    And violence Al Qaesa and ISIS to break
    free and have a better life.
    None of these venues have worked.
    The Monarchies both Sunni and Shia
    face the same problem as China.

    Loss of power and in China's case 
    a move towards democracy but all
    fear a revolution.

    There are two successful models
    for beating an entrenched power.

    Mahatma Ghandi throwing off Englands 
    control in India, and now India has a probe
    on the way to Mars.

    And Martin Luther King getting equal
    rights for blacks, now USA has a black

    In both cases it was done from the inside out
    and from the bottom up.

    England tried to force a government
    on America and we all know how that turned 

    These experiences may indicate a stable Government
    can't be imposed from the outside.

    USA may have been trying to install plumbing
    with hammer and nails, good intentions but
    doomed project.

    But USA has good tools for war.
    And when somebody gets to far out of line 
    can impose a good pounding.
    Stop genocide, mass killings, like USA
    is doing with ISIS. 
    And 50 countries have joined in to
    pound ISIS.

    Anonymous is fond of pointing
    out one can't kill an idea.
    But one can expose a bad idea or lie.
    And it may not be necessary to kill ISIS.

    Follow @GeraldAnthro 
    1,700,000 twitter impressions yr 
    1,157,714 Blog page views=  121,187emails 

    Muslims need a way to make Government
    work for them.
    Need to see a method that will work.
    The Shia Government in Iraq created
    ISIS in the way they treated the Sunni's.

    When it comes to War USA is tops,
    when it comes to building infrastructure USA is
    very good also.
    Winning Hearts and minds USA isn't so good.
    Building infrastructure isn't Winning Hearts and 
    minds and sometimes USA confuses the two.

    The main thing USA is faulted for, "collateral
    damage" is one of the great advances of last century.
    In WWII  "collateral damage" was an objective
    for both axis and the allies.
    There wasn't any concern about 'Winning Hearts and 
    minds' or "collateral damage" civilians were targeted. 
    Bomb the enemy population into submission, but US
    Military has advanced to trying to minimize 
    "collateral damage". 
    No more carpet bombing civilians like in WWII.

    The terrorist are trying to Bomb the enemy population into submission.
    The new tactic is to try and 'behead' the enemy population into submission. 
    An attempt to violate cross culture civility to the extreme,
    beheading civilians, terrorism carried to the extreme.
    Attempt to TERRORIZE the World.

    Muslims make up about 1.6 billion people on earth.
    If 1% are psychotic that would equal 1.6 million Muslims. 
    And there are no where near 1.6 million terrorists.

    That points to Muslims as 'GOOD PEOPLE'. How is one converted into a terrorist?
    The terrorists are sending a loud message thats
    hard to ignore, beheadings, suicide bombers etc.
    The message is loud but unclear.
    The world hears them but uncertain what they want. 
    It would seem the terrorist are unhappy with ALL 
    MidEast Muslim countries.
    If there was a "terrorist Caliphate" Taliban (NW) or 
    ISIS (Iraq), then there would be a STATE to 
    counter-attack, which would give the world
    some leverage in confronting ISIS or Taliban.

    Imagine being so angry you strap a bomb to
    yourself and blow yourself and everyone around you
    to HELL.

    How do you get into a head set where suicide sounds
    like a good idea? Those are the hearts and minds the 
    world needs to win.

    How are the terrorist winning these hearts and minds
    but the USA fails? Even when American culture is liked?

    Every post on twitter or in forum or in social media
    is an advertisement.
    The more secret they become the more they limit recruiting,
    Forcing them into a few big groups/sites makes it easier to track.

    Not dissimilar to Coke or Pepsi advertising.
    Of course you or I are much to smart to fall for 
    advertizing, so how could it influence people to
    become terrorists?  

    Advertizing has influenced sane logical educated
    people to pay $1 for a bottle of water that has less than
    2 cents of water in it?
    It cost the bottlers about 2 cents for the water in the
    bottle, and you and I both geniuses pay $1 for
    2 cents worth of water.

    Advertising works. 

    Part of the problem is the way Muslims teach
    religion, wrote memory, they memorize the Koran
    piece meal, they don't teach what the scriptures mean.
    So Holy men can move the umahs mind around like 
    a heard of cows.
    The "Holy men" decide when jihad means internal
    struggle and when jihad means strap on a bomb.

    Another trap terrorist use to force compliance
    is all a Martyrs sins are forgiven, so they are
    seduced by 76 virgins and all the FREE sinning
    you can do before you become a martyr.
    And the terrorist have private orgies, drugs,etc lined up.
    For FREE sinning. 
    But if you don't follow through, don't become
    a martyr then NO virgins and the sins you did
    are no longer FREE, you will answer to Allah
    for all the FREE SINS.
    Talk about peer pressure.

    The lone wolves operate under a different paradigm.
    Many are lacking critical thought. and no concept 
    of checking sources. 
    They hear/read it and believe it, "well if its in the news paper
    it must be true or they would get sued" that morphs
    into "its on the internet it must be true".

    In school we are conditioned to believe what we read
    in text books, that may carry over to reading in general
    to some extent.
    If what we read makes SOME sense on some level,
    we are predisposed to believe it. Even if the logic is based
    on false 'FACTS' and no basis of reality.

    Back when US was invading Iraq, I was almost recruited.
    Not to the terrorist cause but the first steps to some

    I distinctly remember the two or three days of confusion.
    I had been surfing the Terrorist sites. 
    One of my favorite sites for war info and observing the
    Other was "Infovlad Forum".

    There were a lot of bad guys on there and they were
    approachable, one could talk to them.

    My second visit there I read a post about the English
    SAS, and how they had been found in possession 
    of IED's, and dressed like Iraqis. It had a link
    and story to a news site, which I read several times.
    I was very surprised and confused. SAS planting

    My recruitment: to the Dark side.

    This is where terrorist get into their heads, 'win their 
    hearts and minds'.
    Enough advertizing and we are paying $1 for 2 
    cents of water, or on our way to becoming terrorist.
    Now one needs to be predisposed toward terrorist 
    action,any one of these; 
    anger, religious zealot, revenge, young 
    inexperienced, mentally slow, etc.
    Or develop those feelings from "advertizing".

    Infovlad's Clearinghouse , Wana be Jahiddie hang out.
    Bill, an associate spent many great hours testing out 
    anthropological hypothesis there.

    From the very basic, how much "flame" does it take to drive
    member off forum, to can one person effect jahiddie morale.

    The answer is yes, they HATED Bill, he had his own
     "I hate Bill" section.

    I've written AI artificial intelligence programs that will
    work in responding to jihadis, would pass a 15 min Turing test
    wrote it back in 1990's.

    So the jihadi advertizing can be countered,
    with AI programs.

    The jihadi recruiting propaganda are actual lies
    and conspiracies and mis-interpreting the Quran 
    and vulnerable to the truth as offense. Fact and
    Source checking.

    2 cents worth of water for $1 dollar.

    Coke Cola made $30 BILLION DOLLARS
    last yr.

    targeting key countries. Suni's, poor Muslims would cut 
    recruitment way down. Focused on Quran,logic, etc. 

    Add the WAR, infrastructure, culture to this
    and you have a much broader paradigm.
    Many more options.

    In general that is some of the ways they terrorists

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: BLESSED BE ISIS

    Can use Quran against them.

    If you are WRONG in suicide bombing ; NO VIRGINS, YES TO HELL, Allah has STANDARDS, G retweet please.#NOvirgins4u

    If you join or are in ISIS now; bring your "Salat al-Janazah" with YOU, G

    ISIS FEAR ALLAH, And fear Fitnah which affects those of you who do wrong,know that Allah is severe in punishment." Qur'an 8:24-25

    They are enemies,so beware of them.May Allaah curse them! How are ISIS denying (or deviating from) Right Path." (al-Munaafiqoon, verse 4)

    Yea Allah, we seek Your help against them.ISIS We seek Your protection against their evil, guide them towards what is Haq.

    indeed you have appointed Allah your surety. Verily, Allah knows what you do."
    (The Noble Qur'an 16:91)


    terrorism has become a business,with a turnover of billions of dollars. Criminals began to make money on terrorism.

    I welcome sources:secure,encrypted,cloaked communications chan.will be set up for U  #ISIS #ISI

    Forming Islamic Caliphates - ISIS & Boko Haram, G


    ISIS selling cheap oil to its enemies …Al Baghdadi, PSYCHOTIC ,SOCIOPATH SERIAL KILLER, JUST CRIMINAL NOT MUSLIM, G

    photoshopped mag is no substitute for Mil force, soon you will learn difference, suckered recruits will bare the brunt, G

    " deriding employment and wages as “modern day slavery."you can steal, rob, black mail, extort, take hostages, sell drugs, for income"

    Grand Mufti head of the Council of Senior Religious Scholars, Sheik Abdul-Aziz Al-Sheik "terrorist groups were Islam’s number one enemy"

    #ISIS deserve punishment according to Islamic law.Grand Mufti head of Council of Religious Scholars, Sheik Abdul-Aziz Al-Sheik

    #ISIS HAS NO MUSLIM Scholars, recruiting GULLIBLE & NAIVE, no concept of carnage,annihilation,decimation,apocalypse coming,G

    #ISIS " deriding employment and wages as “modern day slavery."you can steal, rob, black mail, extort, take hostages, sell drugs, for income"

    #ISIS members deserting like rats from sinking ship, US AIR FORCE coming, G 

    Get popcorn out, when it starts gona be lots of wana be #ISIS martyrs,"systematic campaign of airstrikes" STEEL RAIN " is what its called, G

    The level of violence GUARANTEES in #ISIS =EPIC FAIL, Who in leadership wants revolt & failure of Caliphate? @BarackObama very reluctant, G

    If you are WRONG in suicide bombing ; NO VIRGINS, YES TO HELL, Allah has STANDARDS, G retweet please.#NOvirgins4U

    USA has to rework it's terrorist paradigm.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Ad Magnum


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Tuesday, September 09, 2014


    The ISIS enigma.

    They blindsided NSA,CIA.USA Intelligence community.
    As we saw Obama had no idea, US INTEL failed him.

    Ahmad Abousamra may be providing ISIS with
    NSA level encryption, another NSA leak?

    Sources: ISIS poster boy Boston-trained techie

    USA screwed up the balance of power when
    they took out Iraq, whom kept Iran in check.
    If Iran started nuke bomb project so would Saddam.
    So Iran didn't start a nuke project till USA took
    out Iraq.

    Iran's intel was better than USA on Iraq's nuke 
    bomb project there wasn't one or Iran would have 
    had nuke bomb project also to counter threaten Saddams.

    USA disbanded Iraq's Military, mixed Iraq's 
    Army in among the civilians, without jobs
    to take care of their families.
    Idle out of work soldiers, Militia anyone?

    These Iraq Generals watched US tank companies
    wade through their tank divisions at will
    with NO losses.

    Iran's Shia became the new ruling Force in
    Iraq, Sunni and Shia were trading suicide bombs  
    on each others civilian populations like baseball
    trading cards.

    And the Iraq generals and few of the Sunni population
    plus Al Qadea in Iraq invented ISIS.

    There was Iraqi Army collusion quitting, turning over  
    weapons and bases.

    And this ragtag group of generals and psychotic
    terrorists ran there little army from Sunni city to 
    city leaving behind small cadre to over see city 
    and droves of dead for PR, insures fear and compliance.

    They are running 4 battle fronts at a time, kudos
    to Iraq Generals skills and in two countries.

    They learned well from the Taliban, using two countries, 
    Pakistan and Afghanistan: Iraq and Syria.
    One country gets to hot and they go over the border 
    for rest and recovery.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Taliban can't be defeated

    Pakistan and Afghanistan are to dumb to put together
    a joint force to pursue taliban across borders.

    And ISIS loot huge bank, and each city still governs its self
    but now with new ISIS war tax. And recruiting in each city.

    But the enigma... They behead, and slaughter way beyond
    whats needed to scare local populations, and act to piss 
    Arab League chief says confront IS includes Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates

    And Iran, Iraq, Syria, and USA plus EUROPE.
    United against #ISIS in #Iraq—Kurds, Shiites, Sunnis, Christians & others.

    And this is where ISIS has an advantage.
    They know the world is going to gang up
    and attack them, they the Iraq Generals already
    experienced US forces mopping the floor with
    Iraqs Army, they know what is going to happen

    Their plan up to this point has been GENIUS.
    Why is ISIS bringing the worlds Armies to
    Mesopotamia, land of two rivers? Where they
    know they will suffer defeat?

    Just doesn't make sense.
    An enigma.....


    Something is up feels bigger than 911.
    Smells like a trap.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: BLESSED BE ISIS SYRIA, IRAQ

    ISIS VOLUNTEERED its forces for Air Strikes by killing Americans, US spent $7 TRILLION to nail AQ for 911, HOW STUPID IS ISIS?

    ISIS sissys only kill bound prisoners, NO GUTS FOR BATTLE, BALL-LESS cowards, please RT to SISSYS, G

    Muslims must police these ISIS hypocrites, they are whorshiping a false Allah. Return to the true, life loving Allah, reclaim your religion,

    indeed you have appointed Allah your surety. Verily, Allah knows what you do." (The Noble Qur'an 16:91)

    terrorism has become a business,with a turnover of billions of dollars. People began to make money on terrorism.

    Islamic State Now Resembles the Taliban With Oil Fields via

    I welcome sources:secure,encrypted,cloaked communications chan.will be set up for U


    WANTED INFO ON ISIS Al Baghdadi,Zawahiri,Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary,Abu Bakr Shekau INTERNETANTHROPOLOGISTTT@GMAIL.COM or REWARD,G

    Internet Anthropologist

    If you are WRONG in suicide bombing ; NO VIRGINS, YES TO HELL, Allah has STANDARDS, G retweet please.

    ISIS strategy,bomb ISIS in Syria drive them back to Iraq,close Syria border w/ C130's,NATO coalition boots on ground, USA Close Air support

    IS A CRIMINAL GANG stealing $$$ using a religious front, who is on the Executive Board = real brain power, G

    is a religious Front for CRIMINALS.Islamic State abducts women & children, and tortures, rapes, enslaves and kills people"NOT MUSLIMS"

    jOIN #ISIS,war against Allah and die a false Moujahedeen; friend of Shaitân, Middle East Coalition is coming,Allah knows what you do,G