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    Thursday, October 28, 2010

    China not a cyber threat.

    Excellent article on cyber war weapons China can 
    never use against USA.

    “Since the late 1990s, China has systematically done all the things a nation would do if it contemplated having an offensive cyber war capability,” Clarke wrote. He forecast a world in which China might unleash havoc:

    Within a quarter of an hour, 157 major metropolitan areas have been thrown into knots by a nationwide power blackout hitting during rush hour. Poison gas clouds are wafting toward Wilmington and Houston. Refineries are burning up oil supplies in several cities. Subways have crashed in New York, Oakland, Washington, and Los Angeles. . . . Aircraft are literally falling out of the sky as a result of midair collisions across the country. . . . Several thousand Americans have already died.

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    Its equivalent to USA planning a nuclear attack on Great Brittan. 
    Just not gona happen.

    If China attacked USA in such a cyber attack and
    took out most of USA's infrastructure, then China
    just shot themselves in the neck.

    With the advent of Globalization and the amount of
    US Bonds China holds, a heavy cyber attack by China
    on USA would bleed them to death.

    One of the huge benefits to Globalization is
    the understanding you don't kill your best

    Nor do you involve yourself in an attack
    that would significantly drop the value of your
    investment portfolio, US bonds.

    So China may have a huge cyber threat/
    weapon but its a big stick they can't use.
    Now espionage is a different animal.
    Its equivalent to listening in on 
    a spouses phone.

    On the other hand its quid pro quo,
    If US launched a crippling cyber attack
    on China it would be killing its biggest
    lender, and would cripple the US economy.

    USA and China are bed fellows,
    very nervous bed fellows, 
    but bed follows never the less.
    Wedded in Economic Globalization.
    Divorce for either resulting in economic

    Although they will fight, they eventually
    have to kiss and make up and protect
    one another.

    China is not a threat to USA.
    Neither is USA a threat to China.

    USA is not going to take out Texas
    or China.

    The equivalent is true for China.

    Globalization married them.
    They are the core,
    Now we need to get the Gap




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