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    Tuesday, October 26, 2010

    Google ontologically defining Humanity

    Love hate Google.

    I did a post about the Day Google almost took over the world.
    My relationship with Google is like husband and wife,
    a love/hate relationship.

    Love them when they exceed my expectations, and
    hate them when Google service screws up, Google has
    set high standards and expectations. And it brings strong
    emotions when they fall short in some small way.
    Most of the time I love them.

    And I've been thinking about what it would be like to have
    access to Googles user Data base.

    Just putting the search requests into a matrix, and developing
    a metric and fitting it into a paradigm could change humanity.

    What is a search request? When you pull up google and 
    type in some search terms, what are you doing?

    Looking for information. An article, news story, restaurant,
    a phone number, as an individual it might not mean much.

    But to see that datum for humanity, to see what human kind
    is doing, searching for, has to be a tremendous opportunity.

    "New uses and discoveries for the INTERNET will center on 
    Internet Anthropology in this case as the study and research of 
    the interactive interfacing of human culture with this technology 
    the Internet.

    Developing a metric, whats important and whats not would
    take time, building a matrix also would take some time but
    you need to fit the data into a frame work to understand it,
    Then develop and test hypothesis to build the paradigm,
    What it is your actually looking at, how it works and what
    you create with it. 

    My intuitive feeling portends leaps and jumps for humanity.
    Observation, synthesis and action are the essence of applied 

    Google not only searches but makes the data available..
    They decide what gets into the search engine and what 
    doesn't. And how often results show up in the Google 
    search engine.
    I am confronted daily with that on my blog and
    my examination of our metrics, demographics and target
    As a consumer my observance is towards
    the needs of a consumer.
    Are we getting the right message to the demographic we
    want? How do our metrics stack up?

    What is our demographic looking for, are they reading the
    items we want them to read? What are they looking at? 
    Does what they want match what we want them to read?
    Why or why not.

    That is a partial inquiry of what we research in our metrics daily.

    I'm looking for where our audience is going, what
    they are interested it, what is hot, and try and find
    something important to blog on, some thing we 
    have resources and data on to add the the effort.

    Its hard to in some terms to write a blog every day,
    some days 5 articles, it either flows or blocks.

    Its a strange position, to seek methods to peace
    which involves killing some.

    But to be at the headwaters of the search data 
    would be maybe a seminal observation point.
    Google's needs and uses in providing a service
    are much different than the consumers.
    One consumes and the other provides.
    Different paradigms.
    A seminal opportunity to understand humanity.

    What could be done once its known where
    humans with computers are going?
    What data they are looking for?
    The direction humanity is moving.

    This data, these advantages will drive new uses 
    for Internet technology.

    "New uses and discoveries for the INTERNET will center on
    "PROCESS" & "ORGANIZATION". Context. 

    What new processes and organization could be
    discovered in the Google user context?
    Discovering What humanity is searching for
    in real time. Ontologically mind blowing.

    Internet Anthropologist


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