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    Wednesday, October 27, 2010

    Tabacco Co "fraud smoker wavers"

    I've been meaning to post this for years.

    Many years ago a small "antique roadshow" type
    promotion came my area.

    Tent at the fairgrounds. Widely publicized.
    And they would give you free appraisals.
    Come on down with your antiques.

    But first the Tobacco company made a copy
    of your drivers lise, and had you sign a form
    to get your appraisal, waiving any liability
    for erroneous appraisals.

    In the fine print it also absolved the
    Tobacco company of any damages
    from your smoking.

    If you die from smoking they
    get a 'get out of trouble and law suits'
    FREE card, when you signed the
    Antiques appraisal waiver form.

    Of course they don't tell you
    about the cancer or death waiver.

    And here is the Fraud,
    The appraisers were fake,
    I took a knock off antique
    and a genuine antique.

    They didn't spot the cheap Asian
    antique knock off and did value
    the real antique at even 10% of
    its real value.

    So if your suing a Tobacco Co.
    for the death of a loved one,
    and they come up with a signed
    waiver complete with photo
    copy of their Drivers license,
    its a fraud, no, good or valuable
    service was exchanged for the

    The appraisal was a sham.
    The waiver is a fraud.




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