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    Tuesday, October 26, 2010

    MicroSoft hijacks PCs

    One of our PC's just installed "Silverlight" while the modem was OFF.
    Yesterday I had uninstalled it,
    the PC ran fine without it.

    The PC was on, but in sleep mode.
    I heard the MS bell indicating a boot.
    And the PC had been rebooted.
    And Silverlight re-installed?

    MicroSofts indexer could not find it. Surprise...
    And its not in Program files where it should be.
    The old file is still there but empty.

    Bill your trespassing, I want your crap off my PC.
    Not only is your OS not secure its criminal.

    Left over registrar sigs.

    Of course if I can't find the file I can't uninstall it.
    Seems MicroSoft doesn't know who owns my PC.

    Isn't this criminal behavior?

    I encourage everyone to uninstall silverlight.

    Its my PC and I don't want damn Silverlight on it I know what it does.
    Bill Gates is forcing Silverlight on its users.
    Didn't they try that with their browsers for a while.

    Federal Trade Commission should look into this.

    FTC doesn't have a twitter account, might have known.

    Internet Anthropologist



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