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    Saturday, October 30, 2010

    I call shenanigans!" on the Republicans.

    "Officer Barbrady, I call shenanigans!" 
    on the Republicans.

    TO keep $700 billions tax break for "BILLIONAIRES"

    REPUBLICANS  want to cut $700 billion in Medical care for POOR.


    Who to vote for???

    hmmm WHO TO VOTE FOR?

    Wall St Banks pay $2 to $3 million to EACH Republican
    Banks hit men in congress.

    What do the Banks 
    Get for their money?

    Banks execute Sub-Prime fraud, selling
    C grade paper for AAA rated prices, 
    make Trillions.

    Credit markets crash, in Sub-prime Debacle,
    Almost bring down European and American

    Congress Bails out Wall St Banks,

    Federal Reserve loans banks 3 Trillion

    Federal Reserve lends money
    to banks at Fed Window for less ,
    than 1%.

    Banks charge 30% on Credit Cards.
    and 460% on pay day loans, congress
    approves Banks loan sharking, usury 
    illegal interest rates.

    Congress passes "BANKING REFORM BILL"
    The Bill forbids States from passing
    Usury laws against Banks. 

    And then Dark Pools , FLASH CRASH.
    Banks made billions in 10 min.

    And then Wall St Banks paid 
    themselves Billions in Bonuses.

    Now Banks foreclose on the sub-prime paper,

    How banks handle sub-prime paper, 5 million homes to be foreclosed by end of 2010 
    Banks throw 5 million American families into the street.
    Now Banks throwing out modification mortgage papers rather than help mortgagee, fraud debacle, illegal, criminal . Banks:"Piss on them, they got no rights, default".

    Wall St Banks become casinos, when they loose. US Bails them out, Feds loan Trillions. Work and Investment replaced WITH gambling, speculation, crime at Banks.

    I think the Banks go their moneys worth from
    USA has the BEST Republican congressmen
    money can BUY.

    Bribe tracker, whos paying off congressmen? just click away, state then name of Congressman.

    Banks never KISS ME    I like kissed,when I get screwed

    People to Prison , Banks get Bailouts:

    Wall St Bank Robber Barrons,

    Banks PIMP the taxpayer AGAIN .

    Wall St Bank RAPE of Stock market 


    "Officer Barbrady, I call shenanigans!" 
    on the Republicans.

    Who to vote for?

    Series 7 & 3.

    I call criminal conspiracy's on the Banks.

    Gerald on Floor of NYSE

    Lost your Job, house? Banks not loaning money
    to small businesses, but Tax payer loaned Banks
    billions, Banks refusal to make loans big cause
    for unemployment, layoffs and firings.

    Republicans empower Banks,
    in return for million dollar contributions.
    NO Job, no house, thank you Republicans.



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