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    Friday, October 29, 2010

    Bombs on 2 airline freighters? Cargo.

    Bombs on 3 airline freighters?

    Paradigm Intel and OSINT suggest
    more explosive ink cartridges out there.

    OSINT indicates physical connection
    to Yemen, but Yemen denys any physical

    This suggests a party with a vector
    to all three air freighters, to introduce
    packages labeled from Yemen.

    As the bombs are disguised 
    printer cartridges they may have
    been intended  to be delay or
    remote denotations or even 
    ignite upon first use in printer.

    All businesses should be warned about
    accepting printer cartridges they did not
    order, high probability more bombs en route.

    SA turned over tracking numbers.
    Bombs contain PTEN, most powerful 
    high explosives known, Fairly stable and will 
    have been mixed with some other explosive. 
    Harder to ignite, the energy needed for a 
    successful direct initiation of PETN by an 
    electric spark ranges between 10-60 mJ. 
    Maybe power from the printer when plugged in?

    Discovery of the packages, addressed to Jewish 
    organizations in Chicago.
    Why Chicago?
    Two places in Chicago,
    other cites also?
    Other Jewish organizations in Chicago?

    More to come.




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