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    Monday, November 01, 2010

    Lansing MI host, history of hosting Terrorist

    Liquid Web Inc in MI has a history of hosting Terrorist web sites.

    From Jawa:

    Here is Ansar al-Sunnah's website. The group has close ties to al Qaeda and is best known for murdering dozens and dozens of civilian hostages, manyof them beheaded. The group is the military wing of Ansar al-Islam, a listed terrorist organization.

    They are currently hosted and provided DNS service at by Liquid Web in Lansing, Michigan. This is illegal.

    More SOURCE: Jawa

    From our Blog 12.04.07 official website of the Iraqi terror organization Saraya Sa'd Ibn Abi Waqas ISP: Liquid Web Inc.; MI, USA (Data verified 12/04/07) Al-Faluja forum-Islamist forum supporting Jihad in Iraq. ISP: Liquid Web Inc.; MI, USA (Data verified 12/04/07)
    Al-Tamkeen - Islamist forum supporting Jihad ISP: Liquid Web Inc.; MI, USA (Data verified 04/01/08)


    When we saw Liquid Web on our site,
    we thought we would contact them 
    while they were still surfing our site.
    They stayed on our site 31 min 
    After we terminated chat.
    I contacted them thru Chat:

    Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    You are now chatting with 'Paul'
    Gerald anthro: hi
    Paul: Greetings, my name is Paul.  Welcome to Liquid Web Sales!  How may I assist you?
    Gerald anthro: I just saw your corp on my blog
    Gerald anthro: I posted about your history of hosting
    Gerald anthro: terrorist sites
    Gerald anthro:
    Gerald anthro: Do you have comment?
    Paul: Yes, we have taken action against this end user
    Gerald anthro: $( 4 ) terrorist sites since 2007
    Gerald anthro: They are gone?
    Paul: I am not at liberty to discuss details
    Gerald anthro: have you been contacted by the FBI?
    Paul: I am not at liberty to discuss details
    Gerald anthro: you will be saving all related info till contacted?
    Gerald anthro: Do you have an official comment for my blog?
    Paul: Not at this time, do you have any interest in our services?  
    This channel is for pre sales only
    Gerald anthro: ok I'll be posting this conversation
    Gerald anthro: you have my email
    Gerald anthro: if you want to post your side, contact me.
    Gerald anthro: ok

    Paul left me hanging never came back, waited 4 min.




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