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    Monday, November 01, 2010

    Internet Anthro too Radical

    I recently got a referral from a former client, 
    a new project for a new client,
    they gave me professional glowing reviews.

    The New client saw the "Internet Anthropologist"
    blog and was hesitant, too Radical, to OUT THERE.

    While the blog is very real, it is a persona,
    targeted for a specific demographic.

    It is designed for and focused on that demographic.

    No part of that blog is an accident, or unplanned.

    It follows a design, and intentions.

    It is a projected facet of my personality.

    There is a professional, professorial mind
    behind it.

    Don't be mislead by first impressions.

    This exercise provides a test bed for
    applied Anthropology, CI services and
    capabilities, advertising ( Info WAR ),
    breaking new technologies,
    social change engines and Paradigm
    engineering, on a scale and depth and 
    breadth I never would have dreamed of,

    Internet Anthropologist
    The man behind the curtain.
    Maybe not to out there?
    Worlds top Think Tank  Love this guy.


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