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    Tuesday, November 02, 2010

    Al Qaeda cells security structure:

    Al Qaeda security structure:
    Paradigm Intel and our BSU's accumulated
    this data.

    Our Hypothesis:

    The printer bomber operation,
    involves 3 cells.

    The C2 cell made this call without
    notifying  al Quada central. They
    are under a standing order to
    bomb the West.
    They have reverted to "Russian Rules". 
    Hard copy only and hand delivery.

    Bomb Cell:
    In setting up the operation they
    made bomb requests from their
    armourer. Size, and explosive 
    capability, fuse types and back
    ups. Dogs can't smell PETN,
    its stable, and safe to transport.

    Delivery Cell:
    This cell is internet savvy,
    they handled the interjection
    of the bombs into a Money 
    Mule operation. So the bombs
    can only be traced back to
    While it would be foolhardy and
    suicidal for the RBN to knowingly
    provide services to the terrorist,
    it appears the Insurgents have
    worked their way into some
    of their services, either out
    right hire, malware rental or subverting
    on going Money Mule operation.
    We have 3 individuals under surveillance,
    we think are in this cell,
    but no definitive proof yet, just a strong
    suspicion. One has athletes foot, bad.
    Two in Egypt one in USA. All speak 
    Arabic. They change phones often.
    BSU's tracking.

    Transportation cell:
    They picked up the Bombs
    from a neutral location
    And sent them on to the
    Money Mules. They may not
    have even known they were

    Under this SecOps any
    cell that is penetrated can't
    lead authorities to the other cells.

    More as security allows.

    Internet Anthropologist



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