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    Friday, November 05, 2010

    Live Fire cyber Shield, "HOT"

    DEFCON 18: Live Fire Exercise: Baltic Cyber Shield 

    Genius stuff. Very Impressive.

    "Hot Award" for Internet Power. G

    Well thought out, comprehensive, representative structure.
    Amazing results, concise lessons learned, there are white
    hats and WHITE HATS.

    A lot to chew on well worth the watch.

    Raised my morale significantly.
    Nude sessions would take some getting used to.

    Sandia has a forest of super PC's 
    HINT hint, infrastructure, almost unlimited.

    Two paradigm concerns.

    "Rampant destruction" should be kept in the Game.
    The White team represents the Gov. trying to
    track just whats going on, and gives them
    practice in functioning and managing in a
    reality situation.

    Second is the ability for the BT to
    counter attack, Jeeze this should be
    encouraged. As a policing action on real time
    attacks.Just sitting there and taking it,
    I hope isn't realistic.

    I was in awe these guys, the Blue Teams
    were dropped into an insecure environment,
    unknown to them, without complete documentation,
    And one team managed to lock it up WORKING PART
    TIME on the exercise.
    God Damn IMPRESSIVE.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

    Hat tip: Cyber Arms
    My comments there are from viewing only the first of these three sections.



    Anonymous D. Dieterle said...

    Thanks for the mention bro, appreciate it!


    9:44 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    found out this blog until now. but thanks, the game was interesting and guess red team did not expect us getting inside their decision cycles.

    7:37 AM  

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