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    Friday, November 05, 2010

    Jahddies controlling YouTube?

    There is something very strange going on a You Tube.

    Terrorist vids stay up, even though Obama and MI6
    have asked for them to be removed.

    But Breast Cancer is taken down?

    According to the CDC, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women. LivingFuelTV produces a weekly program revealing the truth about such major health issues. A recent segment, posted to YouTube October 14, was about how breast cancer can be prevented, while the Pink campaign was promoting early screening and treatment. Within hours of posting the show on YouTube, the entire LivingFuelTV health education channel was disabled, with a general message posted stating the company had violated YouTube's "Community Guidelines."[..] ( Dangerous Boobies, G )
    Repeated calls and emails from Living Fuel and its attorneys to YouTube and YouTube parent Google for three weeks have not been returned.

    "I am concerned about who is monitoring and controlling YouTube content... legitimate breast cancer prevention information is taken down and a suspected terrorist can use the site as his personal speaking platform?" explained Craichy. "Something is wrong with this situation and we invite YouTube to correct it for the good of everyone involved."[More..}

    Aptly named JihadTube.
    4,000 videos of al Awlaki up at YouTube. JAWA

    This makes one wonder just who is in control
    at YouTube? Could YouTube have been infiltrated,
    is there a mole high up in YouTube?

    More transparency from Google could be very helpful.
    Just how and who are making these decisions?
    AND WHY?

    Does Youtube have blood on its hands?

    The gifted student jailed for life for trying to assassinate MP Stephen Timms told police she had wanted to die as a martyr after watching more than 100 hours of video sermons from the extremist cleric Anwar al-Awlaki which she had come upon on YouTube.

    I'm sure Google has a very reasonable answer.




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