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    Saturday, November 06, 2010

    EXCLUSIVE Printer Bomber FEDX

    Just in from our Intel Sources:

    From a source inside the Beltway we have found reliable before.G


    It seems that the UPS/FEDEX attack has historical roots and much more sinister tactics than have been disclosed.
    The address names on the UPS and FEDEX package were Pierre l'Ermite and Diego Gelmírez and the street address was that of only one synagogue in Chicago. ( ERROR IT WAS TWO,G ) Whom are they?
    Pierre l'Ermite, is AKA Peter the Hermit, 1050-1115, a French monk. In 1095 he instigated the First Crusade.  With help from the Byzantine emperor Alexius I he and his irregular band took Jerusalem.
    Diego Gelmírez of Santiago de Compostela conceived of a N African invasion route intending to unite the reconquest of Spain (from Muslims) with the Crusades to the Holy Land, forming a single Mediterranean-wide crusading theatre.  He was one of the most famous Spanish monk-warriors leading the expulsion of Muslims from Spain. 
    Why a package on two different carriers?   To increase the chance of success in case one was discovered, and, to double the potential effect of a tactic that would likely be closed off after the attack. 
    There were three layers of detonation. 
    SIM card Nokia phones were programmed to answer a call and detonate.  With both packages sent simultaneously by different carriers, they would arrive in the skies over Chicago on two different planes.  Knowing the packages "tracking number" and with online, easy access to arrival times, it would be easy for a caller to keep calling the detonator phone while the two planes flew into Chicago, hoping to down them over the city, causing great destruction below. 
    They knew approximately when the onboard package-carrying planes would be landing.  By simple calculation, the plotters walked that time backward to the final approach time over Chicago and programmed/wired the phones to detonate using the alarm clock feature. 
    Finally, if both of those methods failed, detonation would occur at the delivery site, a Jewish synagogue, as soon as the printer was plugged in. ( We reported this feature form our Paradign Intel, G )
    No way to stop the attack, no exposure to operatives, no hijackers needed, brilliant and efficient tactics, low cost with massive results.  The attack would be thought of as an accident until the second plane blew up, allowing operatives to escape.
    Obviously we have a highly capable, educated and thinking enemy.  The Jihadists are highly aware of their place in history and seek muslim hero status.  The current media portrayal of inept amateurs, driven by our government sources is, to say the least, highly underspoken.
    We fail to understand the historical context and haven't even developed a data base of historic enemies of Islam that could be cross checked against passenger lists and shippers.  How could we not have an overwatch that sounds alarms when anything is sent from Yemen to any synagogue in the US?
    Clearly the Jihadist are much more nimble and creative than we are.  We continue to be unable to put ourselves into the minds of Jihadists and we remain reactive rather than proactive.  This attack could have worked, attack by proxy.  We can't keep counting on luck or self-serving allies to save us

    ( Our Paradigm on their next Attack ,G )


    - personal clothing, ornaments, compact discs and papers.
    - one HP Laserjet printer containing an improvised explosive device.


    If detected, PETN and all other explosive material should be addressed by Explosive Ordnance Disposal
    (EOD). Pure PETN should be handled in accordance with an official Material Safety Data Sheet or Chemical
    Sampling Information (CSI) for PETN. An example can be found on:

    This threat is new, Using new paradigms,  its multiple phased and in-depth,
    and is backed by redundant systems.

    First Paradigm:
    NO suicide bomber to screw up this time,
    automated with redundant triggers.

    At least two bombs, same target,
    But multiple targets of opportunity,
    Phone call any time or where,
    Timed ignition,
    Plug in at destination, ignition.

    They went to great efforts and
    this is the first attack with this level
    of depth and redundancy.

    They wanted a "good" strike 
    against the US and this plan 
    assured them of success.
    Some place two bombs were
    going to go off, or so they 
    thought. With the expectation of
    a very high probability of success
    the package will be laden with
    finger prints and other forensic

    Somebody is very angry and 
    depressed. And their assurances
    for success are now a major 

    Just another Epic FAIL on a long
    line of attempted attacks.

    Second Paradigm:
    It still looks like they were using
    money mules to ship goods.
    And that maybe their weakness.

    RBN Russian Business Net, and
    the FSB are on them, and they
    don't adhere to the niceties the 
    US forces do.

    The Internet has turned out to be
    al qaedas Achilles heel.

    I still expect the bomber arrest 
    with in weeks.
    This is al Qaedas Stuxnet equivalent.
    The BEST they could do.
    It involved  the best minds
    al qaeda has, in terms of bombing
    technology and Internet savvy.
    Binny was assured of a success.
    And just got burned again.

    Given Bin Ladens personality disorders
    I expect the next attempt to be sooner 
    rather than later, and more straight forward,
    and simple, they are desperate for some 
    success. Binny's little cult has run up a 
    disappointing string of failures. Seems
    they can't do anything right.
    But then they are heavy on psychotics
    on the HR level.

    War Anthropologist.

    New Intel: paradigm and BSU's.
    The Internet Team, speaks english only
    as a second language, no formal training.

    High probability bombs made in Kitchen.
    US now has DNA samples.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    This reminds me a of Daniel Silva's novel, A Death in Vienna, which opens with an explosion in a Jewish office in Vienna that investigates Nazi war crimes. The office is sent a computer that explodes when it is powered on.

    11:05 PM  

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