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    Sunday, November 07, 2010

    GOP are not heartless Greedy Old Bastards.

    I really don't like doing political commenting.
    But some of this is like someone shoving a stick
    in your eye, its really hard to ignore and it hurts.

    G.O.P. Plans to Use 

    Purse Strings to Fight 

    Health Law

    WASHINGTON — As they seek to make good on their campaign promise to roll back President Obama’s health care overhaul, the incoming Republican leaders in the House say they intend to use their new muscle to cut off money for the law, setting up a series of partisan clashes and testing Democratic commitment to the legislation.

    The House Republican whip, Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia, described the strategy this way: “If all of Obamacare cannot be immediately repealed, then it is my intention to begin repealing it piece by piece, blocking funding for its implementation and blocking the issuance of the regulations necessary to implement it.”
    “In short,” Mr. Cantor said, “it is my intention to use every tool at our disposal to achieve full repeal of Obamacare.”
    The Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, said he, too, wanted to shut off money for the new law.
    House Republicans could easily pass similar provisos stating that no federal money could be used to carry out specific sections of the new health care law.
    And that is where House Republicans see an opportunity to assert their influence, with a real possibility of a stalemate.
    The House Republicans’ campaign manifesto proposed “strict budget caps” that would cut spending for most domestic programs subject to annual appropriations.
    ( Killing the Health Care program will save $700 Billion over the next 10 yrs.
    Saving $700 billion is good. Isn't it? G )
    It seems the Republicans are determined to cut the deficit .
    The Government is spending entirely too much money.
    Fed.Reserve Central Bank buying $600 B t Bills. WTF?

    And the Republicans are determined to save the country.
    Or at least part of it.

    My paranoia is in full alert. Some how I question
    the Republican motives, I know I used to be Republican,

    If they truly want to cut the budget.
    If they want to cut $700 Billion from the Budget,
    why don't they repeal the Tax breaks for the Billionaires.
    That will save $700 Billion this year.

    And repealing the TAX break for Billionaires means
    NO Americans have to die. You know the Millionaires
    still get to keep their tax breaks.
    Just the $1,000,000,000.00s
    would loose tax breaks.

    Repealing the health care program means some
    poor will DIE.

    But is that so bad?
    The poor don't vote,
    they don't make political contributions.
    I mean what do they contribute?

    If it means the Billionaires get to keep
    the $700 billion, then that must be a good
    trade off, few thousand dead poor.
    I mean the Republicans are't
    heartless greedy Old Bastards, 
    they are the "Grand Old Party".
    And they need the money to keep
    the PARTY GOING.

    Trust in Government has evaporated,
    Washington has lost its bearings.

    The Republicans are making their

    Note I have't mentioned the Republicans sleeping with the Wall ST Bankers.
    And that doesn't mean the Republicans are whores, either, of course it doesn't
    mean they aren't, depends on what their doin, doesn't it.

    GOP is against:
    Min Wage,
    blocked unemployment payments
    And supports Wall St Bankers.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: 
    Wall St Bank Robber Barrons


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