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    Tuesday, November 09, 2010

    Unknown Missile launch off Calif. Coast

    This needs to be nailed down NOW


    Pentagon has 'no clue' who launched it...

    Mystery missile Test for EMP over US?       

    If its not US its a big problem, Iran?



    Hope this is just a Contrail.
    FAA no authorization for civilian launch

    12 hrs in and no answers yet.

    Is this a gaping hole in Security?
    Why didn't military radar spot it?

    Return for up dates.

    Questionable targeting accuracy.


    Compare : 1960s sub launch:

    Contrail hypothesis may have some merit.
    contrail from the Aerolineas Argentinas flight AR1182

    Calf object:

    Catalina air port near,

    If Norad didn't see anything then it wasn't there, ie was a contrail.

    I want this to be something benign. G

    For contrails to form, the ambient air temperature needs to be lower than a certain temperature. This critical temperature mostly depends on the altitude and the relative humidity. It depends on the jet engine type, and engine efficiency to a lesser degree. Usually contrails dissipate a few plane-lengths behind the aircraft, but if the air is moist enough to be ice-saturated they will remain in the sky and behave like any other cirrus cloud. Persistent contrails eventually dissipate or merge with other cirrus.
    Atmospheric measurements by balloon-borne instruments released from Chatham Islands, Paraparaumu and Whenuapai indicate that conditions at jet cruising altitude were suitable for the formation of contrails. Also, the humidity was high enough that the air there was ice-supersaturated, meaning that contrails would not dissipate as they do in drier conditions.

    Ask a weather man at Catalina air port... G
    The Catalina airport is also used for airfreight from the mainland. Supplies for the island are delivered via Douglas DC-3 aircraft daily. There are no scheduled passenger flights to or from the airport. It is also known as the Airport in the Sky due to the fact it lies near the island's highest point at an elevation of 1,602 ft (488 m) All roads to the airport from the island's population centers climb steeply upward

    Looks like a definitive answer: Contrail:
    More here:

    This contail is not vertical but horzontal, read link above, G

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