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    Monday, November 08, 2010

    OPS and Intel update 11.08.10

    Congressional wire tap:
    Congressman: Your opinion matters very little to me. As a high-level elected representative, I need to take in $5,000 a day, every day, until the next election day. I need it for my campaign chest, or else I am likely to be outspent by my next opponent. Therefore, any one or any group that does not have a substantial contribution to give is unlikely to have much access to me, or if they do manage to get me to listen to their complaints, to move me to help them. I'll continue to work hard for my large donors and to ignore the rest of you who voted for me.

    On Sunday, Roger Thompson, chief research officer of AVG Technologies, said that an exploit for the newest IE flaw had been added to the Eleonore attack kit, one of several readily-available toolkits that criminals plant on hacked Web sites to hijack visiting machines, often using browser-based attacks.
    "This raises the stakes considerably, as it means that anyone can buy the kit for a few hundred bucks, and they have a working zero-day," said Thompson in on his company's blog.

    Bot masters take over a PC, thousands.
    Sec Vendor puts out a huny pot to catch bot.
    To back track Bot masters C2 observe and
    build defenses.

    Bot master puts out C2 huny pot to catch
    Sec Vendor and observe, build defenses.
    Ok let me see next step is for Sec Vendor
    to send in fake probe to bots huny pot?
    Did I get that right, did I?? g


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