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    Monday, November 08, 2010

    But the GOP are not heartless Greedy Senile Old Bastards.

    GOP are not heartless Greedy Senile Old Bastards.

    GOP: There'll Be No Compromise on Tax Cuts

    Eric Cantor, the party's No. 2 leader in the House, takes a hard line on extending the cuts, which are due to expire at the end of the year. ..

    Republicans, meanwhile, have been less accommodating, with some suggesting that they could simply hold off until January, when they will control the House and hold a stronger hand in the Senate. That would set the stage for a more powerful push to permanently extend all the cuts - the preferred GOP alternative.
    "They might blame GOP obstructionism. But, you know, people are going to start missing a lot of money in their weekly paychecks in January. And there's only going to be one person in the White House," said a Republican House aide, speaking on condition of anonymity to describe party thinking.
    Thats $700 Billion dollars more in the deficit.
    The Republicans and Democrats are playing politics
    while the US dollar is at risk.

    Bernanke the first "Econaught"
    Bernanke Defends Bond Purchases.
    Bernanke is going where no Federal Reserve Chairman has ever gone.
    He is printing $600 billion to try and bring the economy back
    in line.
    This has never been done at these levels.

    And the Republicans are fighting for Billionaire Tax breaks
    equal to the amount of the high risk ploy Bernanke  is
    performing, putting the economy and dollar at risk,
    for some God Damn Billionaire Tax breaks.

    And the GOP want to repeal the Health Care for
    the POOR, to keep the Billionaires tax cuts,
    Health care $700 Billion over 10 yrs.
    Tax cut for Billionaires $700 billion.

    Repealing the health care program means some
    poor will DIE.

    But is that so bad?
    The poor don't vote,
    they don't make political contributions.
    I mean what do they contribute?

    If it means the Billionaires get to keep
    the $700 billion.
    And maybe the GOP puts the US dollar at
    risk, so?

    But the GOP are not heartless Greedy Senile Old Bastards. 
    I know I used to be Republican.

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    It never ends:


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