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    Tuesday, November 09, 2010

    YOU in the middle of Battle


    Adult language

    use headphones great stereo.

    problem solving during combat 14 min of Gold.

    amo checks, GPS and magnetic azimuths checks

    RPG Spanky rarin to go has to be verbally restrained

    Lots of manvauer grind and pound, anvil hammer

    Sapnky has to be watched for PRG back blast.

    Closing the ring

    Constant situational  awareness of force dispositions.

    Runs out of film/vid? WTF

    US Marines from Echo Company, 2nd Battalion 9th Marines, have been in Marjah since June and are waging and winning a fight that is not unfamiliar to them; a fight the soldiers of 1st Platoon describe as a "good old fashioned turf war". This video clip filmed on the morning of the 28th September 2010 is a real time, multi-camera view of one such fire-fight where elements of 1st Platoon are ambushed by Taliban fighters in the eastern sector of their area of operations.

    Raw footage: 8:43 poundin the bitches
    Use head phones, turn down to 50%

    Defending a base camp
    all day into the night
    How to build a redoubt in the middle
    of  a desert out of sand.
    What to say to attacking force?

    F**K YOU.




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