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    Saturday, March 01, 2008

    Paki + Afghan = Pakiafghanistan


    The Inevitable Pakistan-Afghan Union by By Abid Ullah Jan

    The Inevitable Pak-Afghan Union

    Thus, the Durand Line boundary remains in effect today as the international boundary between Afghanistan and Pakistan, and is recognized as such by most nations. Despite pervasive internet rumors to the contrary, US Department of State and the British Foreign Commonwealth Office documents and spokespersons have confirmed that the Durand Line, like virtually all international boundaries, has no expiration date, nor is there any mention of such in any Durand Agreement with Mr. Rehman.The Durand Line marks the 1610 mile boundary between Afghanistan and PakistanThe Durand Line

    The Inevitable Pakistan-Afghan Union by By Abid Ullah Jan

    The last “Mayor of Kabul”. Mr. Karzai.“You can call me a US puppet ” Afghan boundry

    THE US and its allies occupy both Afghanistan and Pakistan. The only difference is that the former is under the direct military occupation as a result of full-scale war waged against its former government. Pakistan, on the other hand, suffers from partial occupation. Unlike Hamid Karzai, the US forces have not waged a war to install General Musharraf. Nevertheless, compared to Afghanistan, the US can achieve its objectives more freely and conveniently in Pakistan. Along these full and partial occupations, natural resources, strategic positions, Pakistan’s nuclear capability and various other factors within and outside Pakistan and Afghanistan are pushing these countries are at work to somehow alter their present status.

    Whatever may be the outcome, one can safely say that Pakistan and Afghanistan will not remain as two states on the world map for too long. Almost all the visible forces are engaged in somehow disintegrating these states. The invisible forces, nevertheless, are brining these countries towards an ultimate unification - towards the formation of a greater Afghanistan. A thorough analysis reveals that results of the visible forces, working for disintegrating these states, would also indirectly lead to strengthen position of the forces invisibly leading these states towards unification.




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    Genius readers

    Readers from 261 countrys.

    But no more Air Force readers:



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    Taliban FEELS the Pain

    Talibans BOSS:

    Top commander unveils new Taliban tactics
    By Sayed Salahuddin

    KABUL (Reuters) - A top Taliban commander has said suicide attacks and roadside bombs would spearhead its new strategy against foreign troops, and hinted the movement could work with Afghanistan's government if foreign troops left.

    In an apparent policy shift, Taliban deputy leader Mullah Brother told a militant Website that the Islamic movement could cooperate with the government of President Hamid Karzai, rather than seek its ouster.

    "The matter can not be solved through war...the issue should be settled through understanding and talks," he said.

    In the past, the Taliban has vowed to topple Karzai's government and drive out foreign forces.

    Ousted from power in 2001, the al Qaeda-backed Taliban have made a strong come back since 2006, causing splits among the NATO alliance as some members appear reluctant to send their soldiers to areas where the militants are active.

    In his interview, Mullah Brother refused to spell out all aspects of the Taliban's new military strategy, but said: "Martyrdom attacks and roadside explosions will form major part of the such operations."

    "Through our military commanders, local and central councils we are working on these tactics...which will be implemented across the country in the near future as the new military strategy," the website quoted him as saying.



    O Mullah Brother, Where Art Thou?

    posted at 12:43 pm on August 30, 2007 by Bryan

    He’s dead, that’s where he is.

    A wanted Taliban insurgent leader in Afghanistan, Mullah Brother, was killed on Thursday in a U.S.-led raid in the southern province of Helmand, the Afghan Defence Ministry said, citing ground commanders.

    Brother served as a top military commander for the Taliban government until its removal from power in 2001 and was a member of the movement’s leadership council led by its fugitive leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar.



    Pakistan, Afghanistan and the death of a general
    By Myra MacDonald
    The killing of the Pakistan army’s top medical officer this week was another reminder of the price being paid by the military in the fight against al Qaeda and the Taliban. Lieutenant-General Mushtaq Ahmed Baig was the most senior army ...
    Pakistan: Now or Never? -

    With USA military aid the Afghan Army death toll can be reduced.G


    When the Taliban feel enough pain they WILL come to the table. And give up al Qaeda



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    Civilian Irregular Supporters

    M 3-0 INFORMATION ENGAGEMENT for Civilian Irregular Supporters.

    Somebody who supports the mission has to convey selected information and indicators to American audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of American politicians, organizations, groups, and individuals. Somebody who supports the mission needs to induce or reinforce American attitudes and behavior favorable to mission accomplishment. Plenty of elements who oppose the mission are doing this. Domestic oppositional elements deter the military from doing this for itself. Our defenders serve whatever political masters We The People saddle them with.

    But who is THIS somebody?

    Civilian Irregular Information Defense Group has the answer.




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    HOT TIME in Gaza strip

    Israel aims to stamp out missile attacks by destroying Hamas rule of Gaza

    March 1, 2008, 6:06 PM (GMT+02:00)

    DEBKAfile’s military sources report the Israeli military command is now targeting Hamas rule of the Gaza Strip as ultimately the only effective way of halting the Palestinian missile offensive against civilian locations. It therefore proposes to systematically destroy Hamas institutions one by one until its rule of Gaza caves in.

    If Hamas alternatively decides it can no longer afford the exorbitant price exacted by the Israeli military for sustaining its missile offensive and abandons it, the IDF will halt its military operations. This would lead to an informal truce.

    US warships move into E. Mediterranean for Gaza-Israel-Lebanon escalation

    Israel Kills 36 Palestinians In Gaza Raid

    javno-en Saturday, March 1, 2008 5:14:00 PM CET More about this article...

    Palestinian officials said the one-day death toll in Gaza on Saturday was the highest since 2002....


    Gona get HOT. Condie coming for visit next week.



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    Taliban Pissed

    Taliban Pissed

    Who carried out SWA attack, Taliban ask Islamabad

    * Tribal chief says local elders had been negotiating to keep foreign militants out, but attack had played 'spoiler's role'
    * Warns govt against any more such attacks in Wazir areas

    By Iqbal Khattak

    PESHAWAR: The Taliban leadership in a jirga convened on Friday wanted clarification from Islamabad on who carried out Thursday's attack on a suspected militant hideout in South Waziristan that killed 10 of their men, locals said.

    "We have a complaint against [the government of] Pakistan. We have reason to ask who carried out the attack – the United States or Pakistan itself," said Taliban commanders at a jirga of Ahmedzai Wazirs and Taliban militants in Wana's Rustam Bazaar, according to eyewitnesses.

    Military spokesman Major General Athar Abbas said Thursday's casualties resulted from explosive material going off inside the house in Kaloosh village. Some locals, on the other hand, said a US Predator drone had fired missiles, while others said missiles had been fired from across the border.

    Locals also said the dead included Afghans and Punjabis, but security officials indicated that the casualties included Arab militants.

    Spoiler, warning: A tribal chieftain, Abdullah Malikkhel, said the area's elders had been negotiating with Taliban leaders to keep foreigners out, to maintain peace, and "the efforts were due to bear fruit as the Taliban appeared to have been convinced". Thursday's attack had, however, "played a spoiler's role," he said.

    "We warn the government to avoid such attacks in the future to keep order, otherwise, we will not be responsible if the situation in Wazir areas also goes out of control as it has in the Mehsud area," he said at the jirga, according to eyewitnesses.

    The Taliban "look very angry over the attack and if a second such attack takes place in the near future the security situation could deteriorate," the tribal chieftain warned.

    The Taliban appeared enraged over the attack, according to eyewitness accounts. There were also reports that, in retaliation, Taliban militants had attacked a paramilitary force checkpost and kidnapped some soldiers. However, there was no official confirmation that such an incident had occurred.

    Kill some MORE Talibi.

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    Punjab University (PU) Institute of Business Admin.

    PU adeptly named:

    ‘Taliban’ takeover PU IBA Students praise Taliban bravery

    * PU registrar says no one allowed to launch pro-Taliban campaign on campus, stresses students free to choose any name for sports team

    By Adnan Lodhi

    LAHORE: The Punjab University (PU) Institute of Business Administration (IBA) students on Friday showed their inclination towards Taliban and their policies.

    They pitched a camp and named it Taliban on the annual sports day. Their shirts also carried statements in favour of Taliban. They said Taliban were working for a ‘great cause’, but the world had not been able to understand the spirit behind their sacrifices.

    They also arranged an airgun shooting competition for female students. During the shooting competition a student was also injured. Students also decorated their stalls with posters of guns and also kept a fundraising box for Taliban on the stall. A female student said Taliban were fighting for a ‘great cause’. She said it was the need of the hour that students should know problems faced by the Muslim world.

    Rizwan, a student, said, “Taliban are great warriors. We are raising funds for Taliban. Pakistanis think that Taliban are behind suicide bombings, but it is not true.”( Deet ta dee ) Asim, a student, said, “We are not affiliated with any political or religious party, but we praise Taliban for their bravery.” ( Stupidity, ak47 against the USA Military, how 'Deet da dee', do you have to be to bite at the US Army's buzz saw blade? )IBA Director Dr Ehsan Malik said, “I have no qualms if a group of students choose the word Taliban for their team.”

    PU Registrar Dr Naeem said no one was allowed to launch a campaign for Taliban. He said the Taliban camp was merely part of the sports day. ( And in the Talibans future these Taliban students will be suicide bombing the Mosques and funerals, buses. )



    I wonder if they would have this kind of right to FREE speech in Afghan when the Talbi were running things.


    I wish these students a life of living under the Taliban.



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    Friday, February 29, 2008

    Interpol alert on escaped suspect

    Interpol alert on escaped suspect
    Mas Selamat Kastari
    Police, Ghurkas and special forces are said to be hunting Kastari
    A worldwide security alert has been issued two days after a suspected Islamist militant leader escaped from jail in Singapore.

    Global police body Interpol is circulating fingerprints and images of Mas Selamat Kastari to 186 countries.

    He is thought to be a leader of the Jemaah Islamiah militant group.

    Police believe he planned attacks on the US embassy in Singapore and plotted to hijack and crash a plane at the city-state's international airport.

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    Ops and Intel update

    Second day of violence may trigger Israel-Hamas escalation

    The latest in a series of Israeli airstrikes left at least 20 Palestinians dead Thursday, as Israel considers a new invasion of Gaza to confront Hamas.

    Click here to continue reading...


    "The emotions we feel about terrorism sometimes make it hard for the authorities to get a clear message across about the threat.

    "The experiences and diversity of the Bradford community make them an important testing ground for our theories.

    "The experiment is simple. You read a mock threat message on the web and then answer some multiple choice questions."

    The survey, which takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, is the latest part of a long-term investigation, which has already included focus groups with the public and interviews with experts in a range of high-profile roles.

    Everyone who completes the survey can opt to go into a draw with the chance to win one of four £50 Amazon vouchers.

    Anyone interested in taking part in the experiment can do so to:


    20,000 Scholars Declare Terrorism as Un-Islamic

    Yet another proof that the vast majority of mainstream Muslims scholars are not ambivalent about the scourge of terrorism. They also make an important point of disconnecting terrorism from madrassas, because that is an unfair and often unproven stereotype:

    Their Source:


    Al Qaeda seeking stealth recruits

    Thursday, February 28th 2008, 4:00 AM



    RAND's Virtual DDNI R&D Enterprise


    Emerging Threats - Analysis Commentary: ISI's new triumvirate
    United Press International - USA
    The Pakistan army began entering FATA in mid-December 2001

    for the first time since independence with 37000 troops. Assigned to

    blocking positions while US ...
    See all stories on this topic

    Bomber kills Pakistan army's surgeon general
    Newsday - Long Island,NY,USA
    BY LAURA KING.Los Angeles Times February 26, 2008

    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - In separate deadly attacks yesterday,

    a suicide bomber killed the army's surgeon ...
    See all stories on this topic

    Pakistan army occupies Swat Valley
    Kansas City Star - MO,USA
    By MATTHEW PENNINGTON AP Writer Soldiers of Pakistan
    take positions in troubled area of Shangla in northwest
    Pakistan on Monday, Feb. 25, 2008. ...



    Algerian Army Surrounds Maghreb Al-Qaeda Chief, Reuters Reports

    Muslim' flap stirs al Qaeda message board

    Harry 'top target for terrorists'

    Taliban Blow Up Afghan Phone Tower

    CBC News: Taliban Tactics


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    Thursday, February 28, 2008

    chat with Bill, trial

    We are introducing a new feature.
    Chat with Bill. See top right column.

    We will see how it goes.



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    missile attack kills 10 Arabs in Pakistan

    Suspected missile attack kills 10 in Pakistan

    Security official says U.S. forces fired at house near Afghan border

    updated 12:10 a.m. ET, Thurs., Feb. 28, 2008

    WANA, Pakistan - A missile struck a house in a Pakistani region known as being a safe haven for al-Qaida early on Thursday, killing 10 suspected militants including foreigners, intelligence officials and residents said.

    The attack took place near Kaloosha village in the South Waziristan tribal region on the Afghan border.
    Story continues below ↓advertisement

    "The blast shook the entire area," said resident Behlool Khan.

    A security official said he believed the missile was fired by U.S. forces who are operating in neighboring Afghanistan, and the house that was hit belonged to a Pashtun tribesman, Sher Mohammad Malikkheil, also known as Sheroo, who was known to have links with militants.

    "Ten people, most of them believed to be of Arab origin, were killed and seven wounded," said an intelligence official, who declined to be identified.


    Arabs killed, in Paki, that has to be good news, hmmm wonder who?



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    Terrorists: Credit Card Fraud… Quiet Epidemic

    Terrorists and Credit Card Fraud…a Quiet Epidemic

    By Dennis Lormel

    A few weeks ago while conducting research for a client; I came across a newspaper article from Toronto that immediately caught my attention. It reported the arrest of four men on charges of debit and credit card fraud for possessing numerous gift cards containing bank account and debit information from individuals in the United Kingdom (U.K.). Further investigation found laptop computers and memory sticks containing bank information for thousands of U.K. bank customers. What resonated was the fact the four subjects were believed to be associated with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) aka, the Tamil Tigers.

    In November, I was in Toronto and met with a credit card fraud expert. I inquired as to whether he observed a nexus between credit card fraud and terrorists. He stated that Canada had a credit card fraud problem involving the Tamil Tigers. I knew there was a concern about the Tamil Tigers in Canada but I hadn’t previously been aware of the apprehensiveness about their involvement in credit card fraud.

    The arrest of the two U.K. subjects above reminded me of the massive credit and debit card fraud case in the U.K. involving up to 200 British petrol (gasoline) stations. The subjects in that case were alleged to be Tamil Tigers. They obtained credit and debit card information at gasoline pumps through the use of skimming machines. The loss was estimated to be as much as $72,000,000.

    Unfortunately, this problem does not receive the attention it deserves. It’s reminiscent to the Nigerian credit card fraud problem in the late 1970s. When I was a young Agent with the FBI, I worked Nigerian frauds. Invariably whenever an arrest was made the Nigerian subject had stacks of fraudulent credit cards in their possession. It was a quite epidemic that was never adequately addressed.

    We should be extremely concerned about the scope of the credit card fraud problem involving terrorists. There is limited or no empirical data to gauge the extent of the problem. However, there are compelling signs that an epidemic permeates. Looking back at three specific cases, we get a snapshot of how serious the problem is.

    1. Ali Al Marri was arrested in Illinois in December 2001 for having lied to FBI Agents about having contact with facilitators of the 9/11 terrorist attack. At the time of arrest, Al Marri had 36 credit card numbers and account information in his possession. A subsequent search of his computer found he had compiled over 1,000 credit card numbers and other identifying information.

    2. Imam Samudra was the mastermind of the Bali bombing. Following his arrest he wrote an autobiography about his jihadist life. He wrote a chapter entitled “Hacking, Why Not.” In it, he urged fellow Muslim radicals to take holy war into cyberspace by attacking U.S. computers. Samudra described America’s computer network as being vulnerable to hacking, credit card fraud and money laundering. The chapter did not focus on specific techniques. It focused on how to find techniques on the internet and how to connect with people in chat rooms to perfect hacking and carding skills. It was a course of study for aspiring hackers and carders. Samudra discussed the process of scanning for websites vulnerable to hacking and then went on to discuss the basics of online credit card fraud and money laundering. One of the concerns posed by Samudra’s book was that it could serve as a roadmap leading terrorists to more accomplished hackers.

    3. In the case of Younes Tsouli, aka Terrorist 007, and his two associates, Waseem Mughal and Tariq al-Daour, investigators in the United States (U.S.) and the U.K. determined the trio used computer viruses and stolen credit card accounts to set up a network of communication forums and web sites that hosted everything from tutorials on computer hacking and bomb making to videos of beheadings and suicide bombing attacks in Iraq. These individuals were not murderous terrorists like Samudra, but were facilitators for individuals who were, making them every bit as despicable. They raised funds through massive credit card information theft and fraud, which were used to support the communications, propaganda and recruitment for terrorists worldwide, as well as to purchase equipment for Jihadists in the field. One expert described their activities as “operating an online dating service for al-Qaeda.” The three men pled guilty to inciting terrorist murder via the internet.

    The above cases are particularly troubling because of the upward trend of terrorists communicating on and using the internet as a learning tool. In both the Samudra and Terrorist 007 cases, they left their successful tradecraft on web pages and in chat rooms for aspiring terrorists to learn and grow from.

    Congress should address this issue. There needs to be a series of hearings to assess the scope of the problem and the potential solutions, including the development of detective and preventive mechanisms such as enhanced credit card information security features. As part of this process, Congress should request the Government Accountability Office to conduct an investigation to determine the level of vulnerability that can be quantified concerning terrorist related credit card fraud and credit information theft.

    Government agencies possessing investigative and intelligence information about terrorist related credit card fraud should go back into their open and closed case files. They should collect, collate and assess all terrorist related credit card information. For example, when terrorists are arrested, how many credit cards or how much credit card account information do they possess? Where and how did they obtain the information? What patterns or trends can be identified?

    Epidemics are not eliminated by inaction or ignorance. The Nigerian credit card fraud problems of the late 1970s and 1980s attests to this. Epidemics can only be treated and eliminated through detective and preventive treatment.

    February 28, 2008 09:39 AM Link


    The paradigm of this article is FALSE:

    Credit Cards threat to GWOT



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    join Taliban to escape poverty

    Afghanistan: Afghan youth join Taliban to escape poverty

    Abdul Malik, aged 17, joined Taliban insurgents in the south after two Taliban supporters gave him a mobile phone. A short while later his dead body was brought to his family.

    "He was killed in a military operation near Musa Qala District [Helmand Province]," Malik's older brother told IRIN in Lashkargah, the provincial capital of Helmand Province.

    "In our district many young guys join Taliban ranks for pocket money, a mobile phone or other financial incentives," said Safiullah, a resident of Sangeen District in Helmand.

    Helmand Province has seen considerable insurgency-related violence - hundreds have died in suicide attacks, roadside explosions and military operations over the past few months.

    High levels of rural poverty or unemployment are probably helping to drive young people like Malik to join the Taliban.

    Due to insecurity in the southern provinces there are no available unemployment figures. However, a report by Afghanistan's Independent Human Rights Commission on the social and economic rights of Afghans estimated that in some parts of the country the unemployment rate was as high as 60 percent.

    Another reason why there are so many rural poor is the fact that agriculture, which employs over 60 percent of the estimated 26.6 population, has received only US$300-400 million of the over US$15 billion of international development aid given to Afghanistan since 2002, Oxfam International reported in January.

    Senlis Council report

    "The government [of Afghanistan] lacks the funds to provide for its citizens and is unable to create sustainable job opportunities for a large proportion of the population. Therefore, the south is a rapidly growing recruitment ground for the Taliban," the Senlis Council, a London-based international policy think tank, said in a report in February 2008.

    "Where the government is failing to provide basic services, often the Taliban are filling the gap with more radical alternatives. This means that sought-after trust from the Afghan people is going to the radical militants rather than the elected government," said the report Afghanistan – Decision Point 2008.

    "Research undertaken by The Senlis Council since 2005 shows conclusively that aid destined for the south is not reaching the people," the report said.



    #1) How do you stabilize a small town, group of farmers
    when there is a heavy weapons squad ( Taliban ) terrorizing the country side, times 500 villiages.

    #2) How do you compete with the Taliban wages in a country
    where the avg wage is $2 a day?



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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Wednesday, February 27, 2008

    Attack ???

    Checking, working on it,
    Starting alternate:
    please send email to

    with name

    We are back up.



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    "AIRFORCE Cyber command" = "Cyber head in the ground"

    Air Force's new cyber command, first order of importance, blinds troops on the Internet .
    Any site with Blog IN url is banned, including blogger.
    Well they only have shot themselves in one foot so far.
    Who is running this circus?


    At least one senior Air Force official calls the squeeze so "utterly stupid, it makes me want to scream."

    The Air Force Network Operations Center, under the service's new "Cyber Command," took over.

    AFNOC has imposed bans on all sites with "blog" in their URLs, thus cutting off any sites hosted by Blogspot. Other blogs, and sites in general, are blocked based on content reviews performed at the base, command and AFNOC level...

    The idea isn't to keep airmen in the dark - they can still access news sources that are "primary, official-use sources," said Maj. Henry Schott, A5 for Air Force Network Operations. "Basically ... if it's a place like The New York Times, an established, reputable media outlet, then it's fairly cut and dry that that's a good source, an authorized source," he said..

    AFNOC blocks sites by using Blue Coat software, which categorizes sites based on their content and allows users to block sub-categories as they choose.

    "Cyber command" isn't, its "Cyber head in the ground"
    This is a huge mistake, they need new leadership, or maybe they
    just stumbled. Lets see what they do next.
    I had such high expectations for them,
    to dominate the
    Internet like they
    do the Air.
    Timidedly we go.




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    Taliban: male doctors: OUT of women's wards

    Pak Taliban tells male doctors not to enter women's wards

    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Taliban militants have asked male doctors in the Bajaur Agency not to enter female wards in hospitals.

    Addressing a meeting of doctors from all hospitals, Tekrik-e-Taliban Pakistan Vice-Chief Maulana Faqir Mohammed asked doctors not to enter wards which are meant for women, the Daily Times reported on Wednesday.

    He told the doctors to provide free medicines to poor patients and avoid prescribing costly drugs.

    Mohammed also asked the doctors not to recommend unnecessary laboratory tests to patients and keep the charges minimal.

    He told the doctors that no one will be allowed to interfere with their profession, adding that their life and property would be protected.

    But don't see or treat women.
    This is a prime example of the Taliban thinking still mired in 16 century level of intelligence,
    and the poor educational system of some madrases. The level of ignorance is monumental.



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    Tuesday, February 26, 2008

    'Osama bin London' guilty of terrorist work

    'Osama bin London' guilty of terrorist work

    By Megan Murphy, Law Courts Correspondent

    Published: February 27 2008 03:36 | Last updated: February 27 2008 03:36

    A senior figure in extremist Islamic networks has been convicted of organising al-Qaeda style training camps across Britain.

    Mohammed Hamid, a Muslim street preacher, was accused of grooming groups of young men – including the five men convicted of carrying out failed suicide bombings in London on July 21 2005 – to wage jihad abroad.

    Mr Hamid was found guilty of three counts of providing terrorism training and three counts of encouraging his followers to commit murder after a four-month trial at Woolwich Crown Court.

    Reporting restrictions on the case were lifted on Tuesday, allowing the convictions to be reported.

    Atilla Ahmet, a close associate of both Mr Hamid and jailed Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri, admitted three counts of soliciting murder at the start of the trial. The two men are due to be sentenced next month.

    The jury heard how Mr Hamid, who once dubbed himself "Osama bin London'', set up secret paramilitary training sites in the Lake District and at paintballing centres in south-east England.

    He would also use weekly talks at his Hackney home to radicalise his followers, urging them to take up arms to defend their faith.

    After the July 7 attacks in London, which claimed the lives of 52 people, Mr Hamid boasted that the level of loss was "not even breakfast for me''.

    Muktar Said Ibrahim, the ringleader of the July 21 plot, and four of his co-conspirators were photographed attending one of Mr Hamid's training camps in Cumbria in the spring of 2004.

    Police said that while there was no evidence that Mr Hamid helped to co-ordinate the botched bombings, he was at least partially responsible for the terrorists' extremist motivation.

    An undercover officer infiltrated the group and made secret recordings of Mr Hamid's violent speeches. The preacher and his followers were arrested in a raid on a Chinese restaurant in south-east London in 2006.


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    EXCELLENT READ, Saddam's secret terror

    Both In One Trench: Saddam's Secret Terror Documents

    We are pleased to announce the first release of a remarkable new

    book in which you will discover exclusive new information about

    the Saddam regime.


    In 2003 the United States invaded Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein

    from power. Subsequently, the U.S. government collected

    millions of the Iraqi regimes documents and media items.

    These Arabic documents have been translated and for the first time

    reveal the amazing secret support Saddam provided to Islamic


    Buy it here.

    Transcripts from meetings in Baghdad showed the Taliban asked

    for help and Saddam's regime agreed to assist them even as the

    Taliban provided safe haven and support to Usama bin Laden and

    al Qaeda while it plotted the attacks of September 11th, 2001.

    These documents reveal that the Saddam regime had a long

    history of cooperation with Islamic terrorists and was a

    legitimate target in the Global War on Terror.

    A man who once spied for Saddam Hussein would later sit with

    First Lady Laura Bush at the 2006 State of the Union speech.

    Another man who nearly became the Prime Minister of Pakistan

    ran messages between Mulla Omar, leader of the Taliban and

    Saddam Hussein. In those meetings which included the Defense

    Minister of the Taliban, Saddam's top spy agreed to join with

    the Taliban in secret cooperation even as they protected al

    Qaeda as it prepared the 9/11 attacks. Another man met with

    Saddam's official and told him the Iranians had sent him 2000

    men to train and requested help from Saddam for a "center" in

    Baghdad. He is a notorious terror trainer who would later pledge

    himself to Usama bin Laden. This terrorist was a regular at

    Saddam's door.

    Buy it here.

    A set of secret orders from Saddam instructed his intelligence

    service to work with Islamic fighters against the US forces in

    Somalia in 1993. Documents from al Qaeda would show that just

    two days after the order, Usama bin Laden's number two man

    would summon his terror trainers and order them to Somalia.

    Within months, the Battle of Mogadishu would occur as Americans

    were gunned down by a combination of Islamic militants and a

    warlord's fighters. Other documents show that Palestinians from

    the terror group Hamas were in Baghdad and in contact with the

    regime even as US forces prepared to invade in 2003.

    And perhaps even more ominous is the fact that the day before

    the anthrax attack began in the United States, Saddam ordered

    his officials to be on the lookout for a "poison paper" attack

    from Iranian agents. Was it a coincidence or an attempt to

    deflect blame?

    Even as al Qaeda prepared to attack the US and Christian sites

    in the Middle East, documents show Saddam making attack plans

    of an eerily similar nature to al Qaeda's plans. These secret

    documents contain a ton of reasons to believe that Saddam was

    indeed working with terrorists to attack the United States.

    But you won't hear much about these things in the American media.

    They don't want you to know that Saddam really did work with our

    enemies and against us. They don't want you to know that Saddam

    was working with al Qaeda because it would justify the Iraq war.

    Buy it here.

    Broader Context

    The story revealed in these pages shows that the United States

    was correct in accessing that Saddam Hussein was a threat because

    of his support to terrorism. The United States was right to

    remove Saddam Hussein from power and stay to fight al Qaeda

    in Iraq.

    "Ray Robison...has a greater claim to authority than most"

    - The UK Guardian

    Robison's work has been covered by or carried on

    Fox News, The New York Times, The American Thinker,

    Le Monde, The Jerusalem Post, Pajamas Media, Slate,

    National Review, CBS and U.S. News & World Report..

    Buy it here.

    "We are assured by high-minded folks that we know for a fact that
    Saddam Hussein and his regime had no connection to al Qaeda. But

    we don't know that for a fact. We know as the 9/11 Commission

    reported that we have no direct evidence on ongoing collaboration

    between Saddam's regime and al Qaeda. But we don't know for sure

    that there was none. Robison's post points in the other direction."

    - Michael Barone, U.S. News and World Report

    Now available at

    Interview Archive
    Kirby Wilbur KVI Seattle (MP3 Download) (19.2MB)

    Rush Limbaugh reads Ray's essay (MP3 Download)(6MB)

    Excellent book



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    A message posted January 20, 2008 on the Islamist forum Al-Hesbah (hosted by NOC4Hosts Inc. in Florida, USA), by a member calling himself Al-Jawfi, suggests stirring up racial tension between African-Americans and whites in the U.S. by spreading inflammatory materials on the Internet. In the discussion thread, other members proposed posting racist materials against African-Americans (such as insulting jokes and pictures) on sites frequented by African-Americans, in order to arouse anger and bitterness in their community. Another suggestion was to post, on white supremacist sites, materials that present African-Americans as a threat to American society.

    The following are excerpts from Al-Jawfi's posting and from some of the responses: [1]

    Al-Jawfi wrote: "I suggest that brothers who are fluent in English write messages, phrasing them skillfully in such a way [that they will seem to be] written by a black person slandering [the whites] or by a white person [slandering the blacks]… "

    Forum member "Abu Hamed" wrote in response: "… I'd like to suggest a very simple idea: to quote [inflammatory] stories and sayings from [American] movies in order to spread civil strife among [blacks and whites]. For example, there is a movie called I Am Legend. According to its plot... the only person left in the sane world is black, while all the others have been infected by a virus and have turned into human monsters. We should visit forums of black Americans and present whites as monsters of this kind [that] should be exterminated…"

    A regular forum participant, "'Abd Al-Rahman Al-Faqir," recommended to "collect racist images of blacks, or else materials that incite against whites, and call to take revenge upon them... translating [those materials] that need to be translated - providing that they are translated into colloquial American, preferably using expressions [characteristic of] black or white [English]..."

    A member calling himself Al-Andalusi wrote: "I am currently living in the West… I'll write racist expressions on fences in order to generate antagonism between [blacks and whites], especially with the elections coming up. I speak fluent English…"

    Forum member "Abu Suleiman Al-Sa'di" added: "One way to spread hatred is [to post] racist jokes. Here are some [examples], collected by one of the brothers. All of them are against blacks, but the brother has promised to collect some jokes against whites [as well]…"

    Another forum member provided the following list of websites as targets for posting racist materials:





    I don't think this is gona work.

    The head set is interesting like they will hate all blacks or whites,
    not just the person posting.



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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    NO comment:

    NO comment:

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Wheat Breaches $12 for First Time

    Feb. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Chicago wheat prices rose the most in more than five years, breaching $12 a bushel for the first time as investors poured money into agricultural commodities on signs that global crop production isn't keeping pace with demand.

    Global wheat stockpiles will probably fall to a 30-year low this year, while corn inventories are headed for the lowest since 1984, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said Feb. 8. Almost $1.5 billion flowed into farm commodities in the week to Feb. 19, investment bank UBS AG said in an e-mailed report yesterday. The UBS Bloomberg Constant Maturity Commodity Index of 26 raw materials has jumped 15 percent this year.

    Wheat, soybeans, corn and palm oil are among commodities that have touched records this month, stoking prices of bread, pasta and noodles worldwide. The gains have driven up costs for food companies from Kellogg Co. to Premier Foods Plc and complicated efforts to curb prices in China, India and Malaysia.

    ``Agricultural commodities such as wheat are the place to be right now,'' Eugen Weinberg, a commodities analyst at Commerzbank AG in Frankfurt, said in an interview today. ``Production may be rising, but not at the pace necessary to keep up with increased demand.''

    Wheat for May delivery rose by the daily limit of 90 cents, or 8 percent, to $12.145 a bushel in after-hours trading on the Chicago Board of Trade, the biggest one-day percentage gain since October 2002. It was at $11.615 as of 10:20 a.m. in London.

    The exchange expanded its daily limit after the contract surged by the previous 60-cent limit yesterday.


    TOP OF THE AGENDA: Wheat Prices Soar

    Wheat prices climbed to historic highs, recording their largest one-day price rise in more than five years. The price rose 8 percent (Bloomberg) on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange before reaching a limit for one-day gains. The increase followed news reports that Kazakhstan, one of the world’s largest grain exporters, will impose export tariffs (FT) to curb sales amid a global rush for basic foodstuffs. The move follows similar tariff hikes in Russia and Argentina and comes amid one of the biggest run-ups in global food prices in recent memory. Wheat prices, the Guardian reports, have risen more than 25 percent since the beginning of January.

    Experts say the rapid recent rise in global food prices has numerous effects. The Wall Street Journal reports that food prices, combined with the rising price of oil, have been a major factor contributing to inflationary pressures globally. The Financial Times reported yesterday that soaring prices may also compel the United Nations to cut food aid to developing countries. A new Daily Analysis notes a silver lining, however: rising food prices may also open a window for renewed global trade talks, long thought stalled, if major agricultural exporters reduce their own import tariffs to keep grocery stores stocked.


    This inflationary surge will effect the poorest countrys the most and set them up for civil unrest,
    a breeding grounds for Terrorists.
    Stock up on your Wheat products NOW,
    prices will double or triple, cereal, pasta, flour.



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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Monday, February 25, 2008

    YOUtube down 2 hrs, Paki did it.

    YouTube Suffers Downtime, Pakistan Telecom To Blame?

    Posted: 24 Feb 2008 05:35 PM CST

    YouTube disappeared from the internet for between 1-2 hours today, according to reader reports and others.

    YouTube went down around 11:30am PST and came back some time later.

    The interesting side of the outage is an allegation from OpenDNS that Pakistan Telecom hijacked YouTube’s IP address space resulting in a worldwide outage. They note that the issue was subsequently rectified by PCCW, but it raises the question: is it really that easy to take one of the largest destinations online down?

    There is no official word from YouTube as yet on the cause of the downtime.

    (thanks to Mauricio Idarraga for the tip)

    From Tech crunch email.


    Paki orders ISP's to block youtube, connection? Blasphemous content

    CYBERWARS's Pearl Harbour


    Roughly 3 to 5 million of Pakistan's 165 million people have Internet access, the Internet Service Providers Association of Pakistan says.

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    dumb and dumber

    Taliban Threatens Attacks on Mobile Phone Companies - Voice of America

    This is great, let them take out the connectgions to family and tribe.
    This would hasten the end of the Taliban, and turn the people against them.




    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    al Qaeda's Blue Print

    SANAA: Foreigners wander freely among the handsome stone and baked-brick houses of Sanaa's Old City, but elsewhere in Yemen al Qaeda attacks have damaged a fledgling tourism industry already hurt by tribal kidnappings.

    The government, which hopes tourism earnings can help offset flagging oil revenues, is struggling to shore up security by providing armed police escorts for travel to certain areas. It even plans a satellite system to track tourist vehicles.

    Tourism Minister Nabil Hasan al-Faqih said the system should be working within two months. "This will help the tourism police and (local) governors," he told Reuters in an interview.

    Yemen can ill afford any more shocks like last month's killing of two Belgian tourists and two Yemenis by gunmen in Hadramout, a southern province previously thought safe.

    That shooting occurred only six months after a suicide car bomb killed eight Spanish tourists and two Yemenis in the troubled Marib region, 100 km (60 miles) east of Sanaa.

    Yemen earned $424 million (216 million pounds) from 379,000 visitors last year, but Faqih said a 15 percent growth target set for 2008 would have to be lowered after the Hadramout killings.

    Insecurity is bad news for the tourism sector and chances of foreign investment in the Middle East's poorest country, where infrastructure is ramshackle and quality hotels are few....

    President Ali Abdullah Saleh joined Washington's "war on terrorism" after the September 11 attacks on U.S. cities, but his government has steered an ambivalent course since Yemeni mujahideen began returning from Afghanistan in the 1990s.

    Many were recruited into the army and a Yemeni analyst, who asked not to be named, said they had yet to be purged. The authorities had effectively offered to tolerate the militants as long as they caused no trouble in Yemen, he added.

    The government has also used Muslim scholars to "re-educate" militants, but some of those freed after renouncing violence then went to Iraq or renewed their activities in Yemen.


    "Now there is a third al Qaeda generation with no links to Afghanistan," said a European diplomat. "These youngsters lack respect for the ("Afghan") mujahideen because of the deals they did with the government -- and they oppose the West."

    Apart from striking at tourists, Al Qaeda has targeted oil installations that produce about 300,000 barrels per day, two thirds of which is exported, generating most of Yemen's revenue.

    Oil Minister Khaled Mahfoudh Bahah said such "external" attacks were a greater threat than that posed by tribesmen who sometimes kidnap tourists or expatriates to press for better schools, roads and services or for the release of prisoners.

    "When it comes to the tribal people looking for water or schools, it doesn't disturb me. I know their demands and I can deal with them," he told Reuters.

    "But when it comes to external factors, that really worries us. It is not only for Yemen, it has become a phenomenon worldwide, which is terrorism in general," he added....

    "We have the culture, the heritage, the environment and the people to become one of the most important destinations," he said. "The weak point is the mentality of the people....

    "Once the people touch the benefits of tourism, they will work together with us against any terrorist attack," Faqih said.

    (Editing by Samia Nakhoul)



    About the Madrases poor educational system.

    $15 million Dollar Hotel bad news for the Taliban.

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Newsvine censorship.

    Hello Gerald,

    I removed your article entitled, " Exclusive: Huge Global Campaign:
    assassinate Bush: by Gerald". Please do not post the direct text of any
    material regarding assassinating the president. Also, please refrain from
    displaying violent and/or obscene images of president.

    A side-note: please keep all articles in English.
    ( I've for some posts I've quoted the Arabic, for verification, then the translation. G )

    Thank you,


    MY reply:
    Well Emily you certainly surprised me.
    I reported on death threats against our President and posted the URL's the threats were coming from, and Background a public service, in defense of the country and Bush;
    and YOU deleted it?
    Might I ask what title/position gives you the right to censor legit news story?
    I am very surprised at you amateurish attitude towards the Press.

    I'd like your supervisors name and email addy



    News vine didn't like me reporting about death threats against Bush.
    I posted the graphics and direct text to preserve the evidence, in case
    he deleted it, which he did, after he saw the evidence on my blog, he put it back up.

    I also Tracked him on the Internet; posted his IP, the guy that was making threats against President Bush.
    Webmaster's IP is
    In Kuwait:
    After I had his IP I have hin looking at the post in my logs, twice.

    Gerald - geraldAnthro ( its gone )

    Exclusive: Huge Global Campaign: assassinate Bush:by Gerald. Fri Jan 11, 2008 3:06 PM EST. Global Campaign to assassinate Bush PLEASE Add to ... - 76k - Cached <==== From Newsvine:

    Vinenews supers reply"


    I am Emily's supervisor. A few things:

    - Your article was removed after we received a great many abuse reports from Newsvine users.
    - The image is not suitable for minors, ages 13 and up (the minimum age for registering for Newsvine).
    - Content in foreign languages violate the Newsvine Code of Honor #5.
    - The content you republished is copyrighted and your use of it on Newsvine constitutes infringement.

    Lastly, many instances of content exist on the internet that most would agree is "not good", including calls for assassination, instructions for making weapons, child pornography, etc. We do not welcome the republishing of that material to Newsvine, even if it comes with the message "this is bad, why is it on the internet?".

    Thank you for understanding.

    Calvin Tang
    COO, Newsvine

    For these reasons, we are not going to republish your article.


    The threat to kill Bush was COPYRIGHTED ?

    What do you think ABOUT ALL THIS?


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Where in the World is Osama Biny

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Participant Observation

    NO tourism with Terrorism.

    The only way out for Afghan and Paki wealthy/business is to turn in Biny and Zee,
    REWARD: report terrorist in Secret
    Then Convert or take out the Taliban.

    And USA will go home, and everything will move to a "Policing Paradigm"
    and off the "War paradigm". You can have tourism in a low grade policing action.

    They have to take out al Qaeda's backbone and gut them.
    USA will not settle for less.
    Then USA can come home. ( well 90% of it )



    History tends to bottom line everything, WWII allies won, axis loss.

    George Bush will be viewed as a big success, No terrorist attacks during his presidency.

    The only way George will be viewed as a failure is if Iran gets nukes on George's WATCH.
    Iran got nukes during his presidency. Bottom lines.


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Evidence: Taliban on the way OUT.

    $15M high-end hotel being built in Kandahar

    It's in southern Afghanistan. A war zone.

    "If an IED [improvised explosive device] was to go off on the road, our Hotel guests would be disturbed. So we had to change that," explains Mr. Abid.

    This brought an additional benefit; sunbathers will be able to lounge poolside in typical Western attire. Women won't have to cover up, says Mr. Abid. Bikinis will be welcome.

    "There will be no Afghans there. No Afghans will be allowed to swim."


    ( No Afghans allowed in the pool, hmmm there is more to this than meets the eye. Didn't the Marx Bros do a scene about 'no Agfhans' allowed it the pool? )





    NO tourism with terrorism.
    NO money/profit in Terrorism, for civilians.
    More money without Taliban
    Business men will be a strong influence.
    It seems the investors are a secret.
    Sources point to Afghani Investors.

    Who would build a $15 million dollar hotel
    in a war zone?

    If they have $15 million then they are connected.
    $15 million in and of its self indicates some SMARTS.
    Paradigm plays out that it is safe, and will be a big HIT.

    That terrorism is about to subside.

    Very interesting hypothesis.
    Lets see if these investors know what they are doing.
    Feels like real inside information or an Idiot with a big inheritance.

    News reports will indicate witch.




    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    North Waziristan: Reports

    Security agencies arrest Mullah Obaidullah again
    Daily Times - Lahore,Pakistan
    By Shahnawaz Khan LAHORE: Intelligence agencies have
    once again arrested the Taliban Majlis-e-Shura’s former
    Defence minister Mullah Obaidullah Akhund along ...

    See all stories on this topic

    Tribe given 48 hours to recover missing envoy
    Daily Times - Lahore,Pakistan
    Local Taliban had earlier claimed responsibility for
    Azizuddin’s abduction saying, they would release him
    in return for Taliban commander Mullah Mansoor ...

    Pakistan after Bhutto - UK
    CIA intelligence reported that the Taliban and Al Qaeda
    had regrouped in North Waziristan, a remote tribal area on
    the Afghan border. ...

    See all stories on this topic

    A list of Post-911 failed assasination attempts by the US military

    South Waziristan, Pakistan. Predator, according to local
    witnesses. Nek Muhammad, former Taliban commander.
    Killed Muhammad and 4 other men eating dinner together.
    April 2003. Basra, Iraq. Predator. Ali Hassan al-Majid, aka
    Chemical Ali ...
    CRIMES AND CORRUPTION OF THE... - http://mparent

    Taliban To New Pakistan Govt:
    Let’s Be BFF’s And Dump Musharraf

    By Pat Dollard
    American officials say a 10-month cease-fire in North
    Waziristan that collapsed last year enabled al-Qaida and
    Afghan Taliban fighters to regroup in the rugged mountain
    area after US-led forces had driven them from Afghanistan. ...
    Pat Dollard | Young Americans -

    Taliban Facilitated Elections in Waziristan!
    By Umer Gilani(The Neem Revolution)
    Almost a day earlier, in the militants-dominated North
    Waziristan Agency, the government had struck another
    peace deal with militants with the hope of restoring peace
    to the militancy-stricken tribal region. ...

    Pukhtunkhwa Rises
    By Hassan Abbas(Hassan Abbas)
    Bushra Gohar, ANP’s CEC member and the firebrand NA
    candidate from Swabi claimed, “The peaceful elections in

    Swat and the overwhelming verdict against extremist
    forces all over – including Waziristan – sends a
    resounding message to all ...
    WATANDOST: Inside News About... - http://watandost.

    ( Googles formating in Blogger is having problems, sorry G )

    WASHINGTON - US officials are quietly planning to expand their presence in and around the lawless tribal areas of Pakistan by creating special coordination centers on the Afghan side of the border where US, Afghan, and Pakistani officials can share intelligence about Al Qaeda and Taliban militants, according to State Department and Pentagon officials.

    The Bush administration is also seeking to expand its influence in the tribal areas through a new economic support initiative that would initially focus on school and road construction projects. Officials recently asked Congress for $453 million to launch the effort - a higher request for economic support funds than for any country except Afghanistan.

    The expansion of US efforts in the tribal areas - made possible, in part, by rising Pakistani anger at a string of suicide attacks by militants from the region - also includes the deployment of about 30 US counterinsurgency trainers to teach an elite Pakistani force to fight Al Qaeda and indigenous extremists.

    President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan has long refused to allow US soldiers to operate openly in the semiautonomous tribal areas where Osama bin Laden is believed to be hiding. But in recent months, as unrest in Pakistan grew and he became increasingly unpopular, Musharraf began quietly allowing more American "eyes and ears" into the region, Pakistani officials said in interviews.

    US officials say they hope Musharraf's concessions will evolve into a greater role for US forces in the region over time.

    "In order to get a window on what's happening on the ground, US forces need to be more present, whether they are physically there, or virtually there, monitoring," said Daniel Markey, a Pakistan specialist on the State Department's policy planning staff from 2003 until his retirement last year.

    To get a better picture of the complex insurgency that has grown in the tribal areas over the past five years, US officials are constructing two new coordination centers on the Afghan side of a border at Torkham, near the Khyber Pass, and at a second position north of Torkham. Four more posts are under consideration, according to a senior Defense Department official who is not authorized to be quoted in the press.

    According to the plans, the official said, about 15 Afghan, Pakistani, and American officials will meet daily at each center to share intelligence about militant activities on both sides of the porous, mountainous border, which extends about 1,560 miles between Afghanistan and Pakistan's tribal areas.

    "The purpose of the centers is to share intelligence, ensure that all [parties] have a common operational picture of the area, coordinate operations that might be occurring on both sides of the border at the same time, and [settle conflicts] when necessary," said the Defense Department official.

    He said there is no intention at this time to use the centers to conduct joint operations in the tribal areas.

    But a State Department official who has been briefed on the plans said the United States hopes the initiatives will spread to dozens of border posts and eventually evolve into a form of military cooperation.

    "We'll start with intelligence sharing," said the State Department official, who asked not to be identified because he was not authorized to discuss the matter with the press. "If we could turn that into joint operations, all the better, but we have to walk before we can fly."

    The idea for the centers grew out of a commission made up of intelligence and military officers from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the United States who have held periodic meetings since 2003 in various locations in the three countries to discuss security and terrorism



    ( Googles formating in Blogger is having problems, sorry G )
    Paradigm Intel:
    The New government will want to negotiate with the Taliban, and develop new treatys
    including payments. The Taliban will break the treatys, after they have built up their strength,
    and make excuses, and negotiate some more buying time.

    The new Governemnt will finally get tired of the broken treatys and go to war with the Taliban.
    Wasted time 4 months to a year. And they will hold USA at bay till they try it their way.
    Anything USA can do to speed the discovery process for the Paki gov. about Talibans real intentions/motives will hasen the War.



    GOOGLE !