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    Monday, February 25, 2008

    Participant Observation

    NO tourism with Terrorism.

    The only way out for Afghan and Paki wealthy/business is to turn in Biny and Zee,
    REWARD: report terrorist in Secret
    Then Convert or take out the Taliban.

    And USA will go home, and everything will move to a "Policing Paradigm"
    and off the "War paradigm". You can have tourism in a low grade policing action.

    They have to take out al Qaeda's backbone and gut them.
    USA will not settle for less.
    Then USA can come home. ( well 90% of it )



    History tends to bottom line everything, WWII allies won, axis loss.

    George Bush will be viewed as a big success, No terrorist attacks during his presidency.

    The only way George will be viewed as a failure is if Iran gets nukes on George's WATCH.
    Iran got nukes during his presidency. Bottom lines.


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