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    Saturday, February 23, 2008

    Perspective and Context, Beheading

    Perspective and Context, Beheading vs Water boarding.

    The total time spent water boarding all perps is less than 5 min.

    The terrorist have a blade in the victims neck/throat longer than 5 min. in a beheading.

    To take a blade and saw through a humans neck, muscles, sinew and bone, cartilage while alive takes more than 5 min.

    And the Justice Dept is investigating water up someones nose, for on average 30 seconds.

    The terrorist who would use WMD if they had them. Who beheae civilians, use women, children and horses for suicide bombings.

    The CIA has my blessing to water board, even my encouragement, the justice dept. needs some perspective and to look at the context.

    While I recognize lawyers in General lack common sense, where is their sense of patriotism?

    Paki might have had the right Idea, I saw a vid of cops beating lawyers, Police beating Lawyers. Still smells like poetic justice.



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