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    Sunday, February 24, 2008

    Misinterpretation of Islam — root cause of terrorism'

    Misinterpretation of Islam — root cause of terrorism'

    * Students say terrorism and extremism are being attributed to Pakistan
    * Government urged to improve country's image before the world

    By Hina Farooq and Adnan Lodhi

    LAHORE: Students from various educational institutions have concluded that misinterpretation of Islam is one of the major root causes of terrorism in Pakistan, which, according to them, has become a label for the country.

    Talking to Daily Times, they said terrorism and extremism were being attributed to Pakistan across the world.

    The students said that misinterpretation of Islam, poverty and unemployment had been the causes of terrorism in the country. Moreover, most of the students held external forces responsible for it, adding that violence had been nurtured during the Ziaul Haq regime. They said the madrassas (seminaries) that groomed students in the name of jihad (holy war) and 'promoted' extremism were also responsible for cultivating this scenario.



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