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    Tuesday, February 26, 2008

    EXCELLENT READ, Saddam's secret terror

    Both In One Trench: Saddam's Secret Terror Documents

    We are pleased to announce the first release of a remarkable new

    book in which you will discover exclusive new information about

    the Saddam regime.


    In 2003 the United States invaded Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein

    from power. Subsequently, the U.S. government collected

    millions of the Iraqi regimes documents and media items.

    These Arabic documents have been translated and for the first time

    reveal the amazing secret support Saddam provided to Islamic


    Buy it here.

    Transcripts from meetings in Baghdad showed the Taliban asked

    for help and Saddam's regime agreed to assist them even as the

    Taliban provided safe haven and support to Usama bin Laden and

    al Qaeda while it plotted the attacks of September 11th, 2001.

    These documents reveal that the Saddam regime had a long

    history of cooperation with Islamic terrorists and was a

    legitimate target in the Global War on Terror.

    A man who once spied for Saddam Hussein would later sit with

    First Lady Laura Bush at the 2006 State of the Union speech.

    Another man who nearly became the Prime Minister of Pakistan

    ran messages between Mulla Omar, leader of the Taliban and

    Saddam Hussein. In those meetings which included the Defense

    Minister of the Taliban, Saddam's top spy agreed to join with

    the Taliban in secret cooperation even as they protected al

    Qaeda as it prepared the 9/11 attacks. Another man met with

    Saddam's official and told him the Iranians had sent him 2000

    men to train and requested help from Saddam for a "center" in

    Baghdad. He is a notorious terror trainer who would later pledge

    himself to Usama bin Laden. This terrorist was a regular at

    Saddam's door.

    Buy it here.

    A set of secret orders from Saddam instructed his intelligence

    service to work with Islamic fighters against the US forces in

    Somalia in 1993. Documents from al Qaeda would show that just

    two days after the order, Usama bin Laden's number two man

    would summon his terror trainers and order them to Somalia.

    Within months, the Battle of Mogadishu would occur as Americans

    were gunned down by a combination of Islamic militants and a

    warlord's fighters. Other documents show that Palestinians from

    the terror group Hamas were in Baghdad and in contact with the

    regime even as US forces prepared to invade in 2003.

    And perhaps even more ominous is the fact that the day before

    the anthrax attack began in the United States, Saddam ordered

    his officials to be on the lookout for a "poison paper" attack

    from Iranian agents. Was it a coincidence or an attempt to

    deflect blame?

    Even as al Qaeda prepared to attack the US and Christian sites

    in the Middle East, documents show Saddam making attack plans

    of an eerily similar nature to al Qaeda's plans. These secret

    documents contain a ton of reasons to believe that Saddam was

    indeed working with terrorists to attack the United States.

    But you won't hear much about these things in the American media.

    They don't want you to know that Saddam really did work with our

    enemies and against us. They don't want you to know that Saddam

    was working with al Qaeda because it would justify the Iraq war.

    Buy it here.

    Broader Context

    The story revealed in these pages shows that the United States

    was correct in accessing that Saddam Hussein was a threat because

    of his support to terrorism. The United States was right to

    remove Saddam Hussein from power and stay to fight al Qaeda

    in Iraq.

    "Ray Robison...has a greater claim to authority than most"

    - The UK Guardian

    Robison's work has been covered by or carried on

    Fox News, The New York Times, The American Thinker,

    Le Monde, The Jerusalem Post, Pajamas Media, Slate,

    National Review, CBS and U.S. News & World Report..

    Buy it here.

    "We are assured by high-minded folks that we know for a fact that
    Saddam Hussein and his regime had no connection to al Qaeda. But

    we don't know that for a fact. We know as the 9/11 Commission

    reported that we have no direct evidence on ongoing collaboration

    between Saddam's regime and al Qaeda. But we don't know for sure

    that there was none. Robison's post points in the other direction."

    - Michael Barone, U.S. News and World Report

    Now available at

    Interview Archive
    Kirby Wilbur KVI Seattle (MP3 Download) (19.2MB)

    Rush Limbaugh reads Ray's essay (MP3 Download)(6MB)

    Excellent book



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