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    Monday, February 25, 2008

    Newsvine censorship.

    Hello Gerald,

    I removed your article entitled, " Exclusive: Huge Global Campaign:
    assassinate Bush: by Gerald". Please do not post the direct text of any
    material regarding assassinating the president. Also, please refrain from
    displaying violent and/or obscene images of president.

    A side-note: please keep all articles in English.
    ( I've for some posts I've quoted the Arabic, for verification, then the translation. G )

    Thank you,


    MY reply:
    Well Emily you certainly surprised me.
    I reported on death threats against our President and posted the URL's the threats were coming from, and Background a public service, in defense of the country and Bush;
    and YOU deleted it?
    Might I ask what title/position gives you the right to censor legit news story?
    I am very surprised at you amateurish attitude towards the Press.

    I'd like your supervisors name and email addy



    News vine didn't like me reporting about death threats against Bush.
    I posted the graphics and direct text to preserve the evidence, in case
    he deleted it, which he did, after he saw the evidence on my blog, he put it back up.

    I also Tracked him on the Internet; posted his IP, the guy that was making threats against President Bush.
    Webmaster's IP is
    In Kuwait:
    After I had his IP I have hin looking at the post in my logs, twice.

    Gerald - geraldAnthro ( its gone )

    Exclusive: Huge Global Campaign: assassinate Bush:by Gerald. Fri Jan 11, 2008 3:06 PM EST. Global Campaign to assassinate Bush PLEASE Add to ... - 76k - Cached <==== From Newsvine:

    Vinenews supers reply"


    I am Emily's supervisor. A few things:

    - Your article was removed after we received a great many abuse reports from Newsvine users.
    - The image is not suitable for minors, ages 13 and up (the minimum age for registering for Newsvine).
    - Content in foreign languages violate the Newsvine Code of Honor #5.
    - The content you republished is copyrighted and your use of it on Newsvine constitutes infringement.

    Lastly, many instances of content exist on the internet that most would agree is "not good", including calls for assassination, instructions for making weapons, child pornography, etc. We do not welcome the republishing of that material to Newsvine, even if it comes with the message "this is bad, why is it on the internet?".

    Thank you for understanding.

    Calvin Tang
    COO, Newsvine

    For these reasons, we are not going to republish your article.


    The threat to kill Bush was COPYRIGHTED ?

    What do you think ABOUT ALL THIS?


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