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    Saturday, March 01, 2008

    Punjab University (PU) Institute of Business Admin.

    PU adeptly named:

    ‘Taliban’ takeover PU IBA Students praise Taliban bravery

    * PU registrar says no one allowed to launch pro-Taliban campaign on campus, stresses students free to choose any name for sports team

    By Adnan Lodhi

    LAHORE: The Punjab University (PU) Institute of Business Administration (IBA) students on Friday showed their inclination towards Taliban and their policies.

    They pitched a camp and named it Taliban on the annual sports day. Their shirts also carried statements in favour of Taliban. They said Taliban were working for a ‘great cause’, but the world had not been able to understand the spirit behind their sacrifices.

    They also arranged an airgun shooting competition for female students. During the shooting competition a student was also injured. Students also decorated their stalls with posters of guns and also kept a fundraising box for Taliban on the stall. A female student said Taliban were fighting for a ‘great cause’. She said it was the need of the hour that students should know problems faced by the Muslim world.

    Rizwan, a student, said, “Taliban are great warriors. We are raising funds for Taliban. Pakistanis think that Taliban are behind suicide bombings, but it is not true.”( Deet ta dee ) Asim, a student, said, “We are not affiliated with any political or religious party, but we praise Taliban for their bravery.” ( Stupidity, ak47 against the USA Military, how 'Deet da dee', do you have to be to bite at the US Army's buzz saw blade? )IBA Director Dr Ehsan Malik said, “I have no qualms if a group of students choose the word Taliban for their team.”

    PU Registrar Dr Naeem said no one was allowed to launch a campaign for Taliban. He said the Taliban camp was merely part of the sports day. ( And in the Talibans future these Taliban students will be suicide bombing the Mosques and funerals, buses. )



    I wonder if they would have this kind of right to FREE speech in Afghan when the Talbi were running things.


    I wish these students a life of living under the Taliban.



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