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    Wednesday, February 27, 2008

    Taliban: male doctors: OUT of women's wards

    Pak Taliban tells male doctors not to enter women's wards

    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Taliban militants have asked male doctors in the Bajaur Agency not to enter female wards in hospitals.

    Addressing a meeting of doctors from all hospitals, Tekrik-e-Taliban Pakistan Vice-Chief Maulana Faqir Mohammed asked doctors not to enter wards which are meant for women, the Daily Times reported on Wednesday.

    He told the doctors to provide free medicines to poor patients and avoid prescribing costly drugs.

    Mohammed also asked the doctors not to recommend unnecessary laboratory tests to patients and keep the charges minimal.

    He told the doctors that no one will be allowed to interfere with their profession, adding that their life and property would be protected.

    But don't see or treat women.
    This is a prime example of the Taliban thinking still mired in 16 century level of intelligence,
    and the poor educational system of some madrases. The level of ignorance is monumental.



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