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    Saturday, May 24, 2008

    Al-Qaeda safe havens 'troubling'

    World map about terrorist attacks of al-Qaeda.Image via Wikipedia
    Pentagon says growth of Al-Qaeda safe havens 'troubling'

    10 hours ago

    WASHINGTON (AFP) — A Pentagon report has said that the growth of Al-Qaeda safe havens in Pakistan's tribal areas is "troubling" and warned it may take Pakistan several years to turn around the situation.

    The report to Congress by the US Department of Defense said Pakistan increased its troop levels in the border areas by 30,000 last year, and made "significant and costly" efforts to eliminate safe havens.

    "It is troubling that despite these efforts, safe havens in the FATA have grown in recent years," the report said Friday.

    The report made no reference to an apparent change in strategy by the new Pakistani government favoring negotiations with militants in the federally administered tribal areas.

    Under a peace agreement reached this week with pro-Taliban militants in the Swat Valley, the government agreed to gradually pull out its troops in return for a halt in attacks.

    The Pentagon report noted that 700 Pakistanis have been killed in suicide attacks since July 2007.

    It said "Al-Qaeda and other violent extremists continue to hide out in the FATA, where they are able to recruit, train, and target US and western interests, including plots against Europe and the US homeland."

    Madrassas, or Islamic religious schools, "continue to promote jihad and martyrdom, and provide potential operatives for acts of violence in Afghanistan," it said.

    "Despite successful attacks against some terrorist training facilities in the tribal areas, it is believed other camps remain active and safe havens have grown in recent years," it said.

    The report described a six-year US program to help strengthen the Pakistani military and security forces' ability to secure the border with Pakistan, but cautioned that it will take time to implement.

    "It may be several years before Pakistan's comprehensive strategy to render the remote tribal areas permanently inhospitable to terrorists, insurgents and other violent extremists can be measured for success," the report said.

    The United States is helping Pakistan build new training facilities for the Frontier Corps, a poorly equipped tribal force responsible for guarding the border, and is also supporting special forces elements of the Pakistani army, the report said.

    Frontier Corps instructors are supposed to be trained this fiscal year, to be followed next year by the training and equipping of a 700-member "wing" of the border force, according to the report.

    The Pentagon has funded the program with 150 million dollars this year, and is seeking another 200 million dollars for it next year.
    ANYONE OFFERING al Queda a safe haven IS NOT AN ALLY. And should be subject to attack.



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    Mexico as combat zone for tourists:BOCOTT

    Location of Ciudad JuárezImage via Wikipedia

    Boycott mexico

    Mexico as combat area/US State Department

    Four or more Americans Executed in Mexico

    Right Side News - Kennesaw,GA,USA
    ... highest level "travel warning," to forewarn American travelers to Mexico? How many American citizens are going to have to be shot, executed or kidnapped ...

    Gunfire, Kidnappers Await Tourists at Mexico Border
    By Aggie(Aggie)
    H/T: Newsmax "US citizens are urged to be especially alert to safety and security concerns when visiting the border region" The US-Mexican border usually seems to be far, far away from my quiet SE Texas neighborhood. ...
    An Anglican Firearms "Enthusiast" -

    US Warns Tourists of Combat at Mexican Border The State Dept. has ...
    By HeavyHanded(HeavyHanded)
    US Warns Tourists of Combat at Mexican Border The State Dept. has warned travelers that the “equivalent to military small-unit combat” is taking place near the US border in Mexico and that Americans are being kidnapped and murdered there.
    Heavy-Handed Politics -

    Gunfire, Kidnappers Await Tourists at Mexico Border
    By Jimmy Simms(Jimmy Simms)
    have taken place in numerous towns and cities in northern Mexico, including Tijuana in the Mexican state of Baja California, and Chihuahua City and Ciudad Juarez in the state of Chihuahua,' reads the alert. 'The situation in northern ...
    Baja California News -

    US Warns Tourists of 'Small-Unit Combat' at Mexico Border
    By mystery-ak
    ( - The US State Department has issued an alert, warning travelers that the "equivalent to military small-unit combat" is taking place across the southern US border in Mexico and that Americans are being kidnapped and ...
    GOPachy - All Discussions -

    Gunmen kidnap seven tourists in Mexico - Bangkok,Bangkok,Thailand
    Mexico City, May 18 (Xinhua) Seven Mexican tourists have been kidnapped by some gunmen on a highway in southern Mexico, the police have said. ...

    Mexico A Caca Hole
    By Point
    Stay out of Mexico. Organized criminals have adopted terrorism as a tactic to snatch control away from police:. "Police say gunmen kidnapped seven Mexican tourists in a rare attack on a heavily-patrolled, four-lane highway leading into ...

    Mexican ex-congressman slain in Juarez, Mexico with two others in ...
    By Diana Washington Valdez(Diana Washington Valdez)
    Camacho Alcazar and the federal government's consumer protection agency's director in Juarez was kidnapped Friday and found dead the following day, authorities reported. Camacho, who was found inside the trunk of a car, was strangled. ...
    Diana Washington Valdez blog -

    Police chief resigns in Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez amid ...
    International Herald Tribune - France
    On Saturday, the bodies of a federal consumer-protection official and two other men were found in a car just hours after they were kidnapped by armed, ...

    Mexican Drug Cartels Unify to Battle Mexican Army
    Right Side News - Kennesaw,GA,USA
    ... El Paso, Tucson, Phoenix, San Diego and other US border cities and towns. Click or Google: Americans Being Kidnapped, Held and killed in Mexico.

    Mexico the new Lebannon
    By jimmyk
    ( - The US State Department has issued an alert, warning travelers that the "equivalent to military small-unit combat" is taking place across the southern US border in Mexico and that Americans are being kidnapped and ...
    but, that's just my opinion -

    ‘Join Us or Die’ Drug Cartels Threaten Mexican Police - Mexico ...
    By national
    On Saturday, the bodies of a federal consumer-protection official and two other men were found in a car just hours after they were kidnapped by armed, masked men in Ciudad Juarez. The official had been strangled to death; the other two ...

    Homeland Security National Terror... -

    Drug Dealers Execute 34 in Mexico
    Prensa Latina - Havana,Cuba
    Mexico, May 19 (Prensa Latina) The whole Mexican media highlighted on Monday the wave of violence unleashed Sunday in nine states of the country, ...

    See all stories on this topic

    Vacation in Mexico
    By One Vote(One Vote)
    However, foreign visitors and residents, including Americans, have been among the victims of homicides and kidnappings in the border region. In its effort to combat violence, the government of Mexico has deployed military troops in ...
    alien rants -

    SORRY GOOGLE's formating screwed up today.
    I can't format this text to page, from a Gmail.
    and their servers very slow today???

    Also got a note from Google's Youtube, if you can't view
    youtube videos they were blaming Google's accelerator,
    said to disable it. Why can't they just play nice with each other?



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    Letter to Biny


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Thursday, May 22, 2008


    On Al-Jazeera, PFLP-GC Leader Salutes Suicide Bombers, Slams PA Negotiators; States 'Why Shouldn't We Claim that Andalusia is Our Homeland?'

    The following are excerpts from a speech from Damascus, Syria, by Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command Secretary-General Ahmad Jibril, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on May 9, 2008.

    To view this clip on MEMRI TV, visit

    "Arabs And Muslims Lived For 700 Years in Andalusia – Why Shouldn't We Claim [It's] Our Homeland?"

    Ahmad Jibril: "Why did they bring the [Jews] here? Can you believe they talk about historical myths, from 3,000 years ago or more, in which God promised to give Abraham the land from the Nile to the Euphrates? Just imagine, the Master of the Universe, who is absolute justice, brings these people and says to them: 'You own this land and everything on it.' Then they say that in the days of Jacob, they were given Palestine, the Promised Land.


    "One should know, however, that history and archeology have yet to prove that a Jewish state was ever established on the land of Palestine, or that such a state survived and gave rise to civilizations, and so on... It is said that gangs controlled Jerusalem, Hebron, and Nablus, and that later, they were uprooted, just like any other gang. They did not give rise to a civilization. The Arabs and Muslims lived for 700 years in Andalusia. Why shouldn't we claim that Andalusia is our homeland?"[...]

    "This [Palestinian] People, Which Has Made All These Sacrifices... Isn't It A Shame That It Has Such A Leadership?"

    "I ask you: This [Palestinian] people, which has made all these sacrifices... The [Palestinian] mother is unparalleled throughout history. She grabs her son and says to him: Off you go, on a martyrdom operation. When the second son comes, she says: Off you go, too, and then the third son, and the fourth. A [Palestinian] girl, in the prime of life, thinking of getting married, dons an explosive belt and plunges into the Israelis. This people, from the children to the elderly... I ask you, isn't it a shame that it has such a leadership? These people are crooks, robbers, and thieves.




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    Security Epidemic: SLQ INJECTION

    Security: hyper endemic Epidemic: SLQ INJECTION, RAMPANT ON INTERNET
    The risks and threat have been under played by the media and security vendors.
    SLQ injection is now
    MAC's vulnerable also.

    SECURITY WARNING: epidemic
    Also many Google search results are infected.
    This program tests the links free...

    Surfing security - GetFREEoffers

    This threat is VERY SERIOUS.
    Currently it is profit motivated, but the potential uses for other motivations
    and the lack of prevention and inability of security vendors and Internet hubs to control SLQ
    injection PUTS the entire WWW at risk.
    Data we have collected:
    From Vista OS
    ( it got on to Vista )
    One we have seen tracks the victim to EVERY PAGE THEY VISIT.
    Spies IP: ( MAC )

    Also excessive fan running and stopping, over and over.
    Svchost calls dll's ( from unknown souce ) and attempts to run them.
    Excessive, repetitive spikes in CPU usage as it attempts to run evil dll's.
    Related: ljizv8iy, and possibly FFAlert.dll, neither found with MS search of hard drive.
    In logs someone surfing same pages same times as you.

    NO hidden processes file or folders found by F-secure's Blacklight. ( smells of a rootkit )
    Ad aware, 2007 and 2008 finds nothing.
    Webroot, anti-spy and virus found nothing.
    McAfee Suite found nothing.

    Internet Anthropologist, ad Magnum

    The rough number of SQL injected sites is around 1.5 million pages, in reality the number is much bigger, and there are several ongoing campaigns injecting obfuscated characters making it a bit more time consuming to track down. Who's behind these attacks? Besides the automation courtesy of botnets, the short answer is everyone with a decent SQL injector, and today's SQL injectors have a built-in reconnaissance capabilities, like this one which I assessed in a previous post.

    SOURCE: Dancho Danchev

    This is a threat to the WWW. G

    CYBERWARS's Pearl Harbour

    ( read the whole thing, all the updates. )

    Possible solutions, get control of rundll32.exe, and verify schost.
    Make recommendations in comments please. G

    UPDATE: 3:42 am EST
    The weakest link: NOT A LONG TERM SOLUTION:
    Registry cleaning seems to clear everything up.
    We used Uniblue Reg booster.
    $29.00 search for coupon code, $19.00
    It works, but we have been running Haute Secure.
    The reason this works might be that the Reg, was making connections to hidden files,
    but the reg cleaner could not see them and deletes the reg connections thinking they are not valid, thereby disabling the attempted infection. Will be doing more testing.
    System seems to settles right down, fan quits running and no more cpu spikes continually.
    Spikes seem to be more normal. 8> THEY COME BACK.



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    Major World Paradigm Shift

    Wheat prices:

    Hubbert peak graph showing the world's oil production peak.Image via WikipediaPeak oil and its effects on the shape of USA's future Military forces.

    Peak oil is the point in time when the maximum rate of global petroleum production is reached, after which the rate of production enters its terminal decline. If global consumption is not mitigated before the peak, an energy crisis may develop because the availability of conventional oil will drop and prices will rise, perhaps dramatically. M. King Hubbert first used the theory in 1956 to accurately predict that United States oil production would peak between 1965 and 1970. His logistic model, now called Hubbert peak theory, has since been used to predict the peak petroleum production of many other countries, and has also proved useful in other limited-resource production-domains. According to the Hubbert model, the production rate of a limited resource will follow a roughly symmetrical bell-shaped curve based on the limits of exploitability and market pressures.

    Image:Hubbert peak oil plot.svg

    Something this chart doesn't show is the relationship of Oil Price to increasing demand and decreasing supply.

    The increasing price of oil has a multiple effect on the price of food, in terms of fertilizer, and production costs and delivery costs.

    We have see this already in the price of wheat from $3.75 a bushel to a high of over $12 a bushel.

    There are psyops in play now blaming USA for the price increases in food, and starvation in some countrys.

    USA must mount its own major internet operation explaining the source and cause of these prices increases.

    Or we face a "FOOD" al Qaeda in our future, and a hungry man is much easier to recruit to insurgency.

    The social destabilization caused by the lack of affordable basic life needs, food, shelter ( heating ) and transportation will cause civil wars and the over throw of many third world governments.

    Some will be USA allies which may call the USA to defend these regimes, which portends more of the same warfare as we have in Paki and Iraq.

    Globalization will also contribute the the decline in living standards in America, and severe stress on the social security systems as basic living costs continue to escalate.

    The Military paradigm for the foreseeable future will be small wars with major threats from non state entities seeking nuclear arms.

    Insurgents with starving families will be a formidable adversary and al Qaeda has established the paradigm for 5GW.

    USA needs to be in the planning stages to handle this new paradigm in the form of cheap food stuffs and Military counter measures.

    We can see it comming, What are we going to do to prepare?

    Winning their hearts and minds is eaiser and cheaper than killing them.

    USA's "hearts and minds" paradigm is in absymial disarray.
    A fundemental basic requirrment is communication, currently the Google translation engine, doesn't cover many of the most critical languages
    needed most right now, Pashton, and Persian.

    USA can't win hearts and minds if they can't talk to them en mass.

    Internet Anthropologist, ad Magnum

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    Wednesday, May 21, 2008

    Pakistan signs peace deal with Taliban militants

    Islamabad on a snowy winter dayImage via WikipediaPakistan signs peace deal with pro-Taliban militants

    4 hours ago

    PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AFP) — Pakistan's new government signed a peace deal with pro-Taliban militants in a northwestern valley Wednesday, despite calls from the United States to clamp down on Islamist rebels.

    The agreement will see the gradual withdrawal of troops from the devastated former tourist region of Swat and the imposition of Islamic Sharia law in line with the rebels' demands, provincial ministers said.

    In return the militants will close training camps, hand over foreign fighters and halt suicide attacks on government installations and security forces under the 15-point pact, they said.

    The United States reacted cautiously to the deal, saying it would monitor whether such attacks stopped.

    "We'll reserve judgement on these things," State Department spokesman Sean McCormack told reporters, adding that fighting militancy required the "right mix" of security, political and economic measures.

    The Pakistan army launched a major offensive in October to clear Swat of militants loyal to Maulana Fazlullah, a radical pro-Taliban cleric who led an uprising to enforce Sharia law in the valley.

    US, NATO and Afghan officials have criticised previous peace deals in Pakistan, saying that they have led to an increase in suicide attacks on international and Afghan forces across the border in Afghanistan.

    "The agreement was signed today between the government committee and representatives of local Taliban. We are very positive that this agreement will end violence and ensure lasting peace in the region," committee member and North West Frontier Province minister Wajid Ali Khan told AFP.

    Dozens of people have been killed in suicide bombings in Swat, which began in July last year after troops raided the hardline Red Mosque in the capital Islamabad, leaving scores dead.

    "We have agreed on a gradual withdrawal of the troops as the situation improves. The Taliban will close down all training centres for suicide bombers and militant activities. They will not attack security forces," Khan said.

    The militants had also agreed not to target girls' schools, music shops and barbers, all targets of the hardline militants who follow an interpretation of Islam echoing the 1996-2001 Taliban regime in Afghanistan, he said.

    "We have agreed to enforce the Sharia laws in the area," Khan added.

    Officials said there was no agreement on the fate of Fazlullah, for whom the militants were demanding a general amnesty. The army has been hunting for him in the region's forests and mountains for months.

    Afghanistan foreign ministry spokesman Sultan Ahmad Baheen criticised the the Swat agreement.

    "We believe any exclusive deal with the Taliban would result in worsening of the situation," Baheen told AFP. "We believe any sort of agreement with the terrorists would harm both countries."

    US Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte urged Pakistan on Tuesday to arrest a leading Taliban commander based in the tribal area of South Waziristan, with whom Islamabad is also negotiating.

    South Waziristan is around 350 kilometres (220 miles) south of Swat.

    The commander, Baitullah Mehsud, has been accused by the CIA and the previous Pakistani government of masterminding the assassination in December of ex-premier Benazir Bhutto.

    The new government, led by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, has pledged to completely overhaul Islamabad's counter-terrorism pursuit after defeating US-backed President Pervez Musharraf's political allies in February elections.

    Negroponte said he would be encouraged to see Pakistan "operating effectively against some of these militant extremists, like for example bringing Baitullah Mehsud... capturing him and bringing him to justice, which is what should happen to him."


    "In return the militants will close training camps, hand over foreign fighters and halt suicide attacks on government installations and security forces under the 15-point pact, they said."

    "Hand over foreign fighters" HOW NAIVE CAN THE PAKI GOV BE?

    Taliban plays Paki Gov for SUCKERS.
    I'm waiting to see how much $$$ the Paki gov pays them.
    Paki gov is ignoring its own history with the Taliban,
    Someone said the def of Insanity is doing the same thing over & over
    and expecting a different result.
    The Taliban have NO HONOR, THEY are using kids for suicide bombers.

    In the end this peace agreement will cost many Paki lives.



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    Bin Laden backs America and Israel

    The :en:Via Maris (purple), King's Highway (in red), and other ancient :en:Levantine :en:trade routes, c. :en:1300 BCEImage via WikipediaAnalysis: Osama bin Laden attacks Hizballah’s Nasrallah and Shiite Iran

    May 20, 2008, 11:17 AM (GMT+02:00)

    Examination of the full text of the al Qaeda leader’s second audio-taped message in three days, aired On May 18, shows him exploiting the Palestinian issue to fan the flames of the Sunni-Shiite dispute raging in Iraq and Lebanon - and carry it over to the Gaza Strip.

    His 22-minute diatribe calls Arab leaders “agents of crusaders,” and “wolves,” who have stopped taking instructions from Islam and take them from the United States. The only Arab leader bin Laden singles out by name is Hizballah’s secretary general Hassan Nasrallah.

    He says: He claimed [in starting the 2006 Lebanon War] that he had enough resources, such as money and combatants, to fight Israel. “But the truth is the opposite.” Al Qaeda’s leader asks: “If he were honest and had enough resources, why then did he not support the fight to liberate Palestinian?”

    Bin Laden also attacked Nasrallah for allowing the deployment of UN peacekeepers in South Lebanon “to protect the Jews.”

    The Sunni terrorist chief went on to lambast Shiite Iran for its efforts to dominate the Middle East.

    The message, released to mark Israel’s 60th anniversary, pandered to anger in the Arab world over US president George W. Bush’s fulsome praise of Israel. He called on Muslims to ignore the Islamic prohibition against raising arms against fellow Muslims, pointing to the kings and leaders who “sacrificed Palestine and al Aqsa to keep their crowns.” They have decided that peace with the Zionists is their strategic option, “so damn their decision,” bin Laden said.

    DEBKAfile’s terror experts note that, without saying so, Osama bin Laden has fetched up in for the first time in the same corner as the United States, Israel and Sunni Arab governments in opposing Iran’s attempts to dominate Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.


    oLE binny is impotent in the face of Iran.



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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Tuesday, May 20, 2008

    Report Taliban, using kids

    Taliban scared to death of Informants.

    Report Taliban locations, names, phone numbers actions, future operations, email addys, IP,
    connections here. SEE RIGHT COLUMN TOWARDS BOTTOM.
    Complete secercy and condifential.

    (CBS) This story was written by CBS News producer Farhan Bokhari based in Islamabad, Pakistan, for
    Amid cries of 'Allah o Akbar' (god is great), a young boy, barely 12 years old, lifts his machete and strikes at his victim who is lying on the ground, all tied up for the kill.

    Waving a 'V' for victory sign with his right hand, the boy picks up the severed head and shows it around to the chants of applause from an audience gathered in a remote part of the region straddling the mountainous range which divides Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    The performance in this chilling episode which may simply shock most people around the world, is the case of militant justice meted out to supposed traitors. It involves Al Qaeda and the Taliban slapping exemplary punishment to an individual suspected to be a spy for the government.

    "This (boy) is a killing machine who has been indoctrinated from age nine and prepared for his act by the time he is 12" says a Pakistani intelligence official who showed the video clip to CBS News as just one piece of evidence of Al Qaeda and the Taliban training young boys to become accomplished killers, even before they become teen-agers.

    This video has been captured by Pakistan's military troops during their operations in the country's semi autonomous tribal areas, as they went from village to village, searching for militant sanctuaries.

    In the village of Spinkai-Roghzai where a group of journalists including CBS News were taken by Pakistan's military on Sunday in the Waziristan tribal region, officials showed debris of what is described as a suicide training 'nursery'. Under a pile of bricks lay the remains of an oil extracting factory which was a cover for training young boys to become ideologically charged up.

    "There is no harm in taking 'jehad' (holy war) for the right cause" read the sign board in a training class, documented in yet another Pakistani intelligence video, secretly captured ahead of the operation, through the use of hidden cameras inserted around the front compound of the school. A teacher, who wrapped himself up to his face with a piece of cloth, pointed towards a list of "recommendations for students" while surrounded by teenagers, urging them to embrace virtues such as "accept the way forward through sacrifice" and "accept that laying down your life for the right cause is not a waste".
    , shockwave-flash@!flashvars#link=" href="" id="">

    By Farhan Bokhari



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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Monday, May 19, 2008

    Taliban have NO honor,,,

    Qari Yousuf Ahmadi in the service of Satan
    Report his location.

    Taliban serve Satan

    Soldiers sickened by Taliban tactic of using children as suicide bombers

    8 hours ago

    ARGHANDAB DISTRICT, Afghanistan — Not much comes as a shock to soldiers, but even for men who may have seen it all, the suicide bombing involving a young Afghan boy has taken the already bitter war in this country to a whole new level of savagery.

    It was the utter cruelty of the attack Friday that wounded two Canadians and took life of an Afghan soldier on patrol in Zhari district that has made if even the most weather-beaten, battle-hardended faces blanche.

    Afghan police initially placed his age at between 10 and 12 years, but over the weekend one official in the troubled district said the child may have been 13-years-old.

    What investigators were trying to determine as they sifted through the evidence over the weekend was if the boy's bomb vest was remotely activated by a militant somewhere nearby, timed to go off - or whether the child flipped the switch himself.

    There was speculation that since the child approached the troops with his hands raised, the timing of the attack was not up to him.

    "It's cowardice," snarled Sapper Chris Greenaway, 21, a member of the 1st Combat Engineering Regiment based in Edmonton.
    "To recruit children is pure and utter cowardice."

    There could also be no doubt that the selection of a child as a suicide bomber was a deliberate tactic, just as the Taliban used a man cloaked in a woman's burka to carry out an attack that killed 12 people outside a police station in the remote of province of Farah last week.

    The idea is to make NATO troops uneasy around civilians and perhaps prompt them to fire indiscriminately.

    Canadian troops treated crowds of children who came out to see them over the weekend with a bit more trepidation than before. The soldiers were on foot patrol in this district, a jumble of sun-baked villages and lush orchards carved along a meandering river north of Kandahar.

    In the villages of Mian Juy, there would be knots of children clinging together in shaded doorways or along dusty pathways. The soldiers gave the occasional wave, but kept their distance.

    "A lot us are going to be more cautious when kids are approaching us because now we know they're using kids," said Pte. Steve Sabo, 24, of 7 Platoon, Charlie Company, 2nd Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry.

    A trio of LAV III fighting vehicles stuck in the mud of farm field provided what seemed like endless fascination for a gaggle of youngsters in Morghen on Saturday. After a while one soldier handed out a bag of Canada pens and rubber bouncy balls.

    Sgt. Andrew Mason, a big bear of guy who doesn't hide his delight at seeing little Afghan faces peering at him around mud walled corners, said the attack won't stop them from trying to interact with the children.

    What it will do is force the troops to eyeball the youngsters in the same way they do adults, looking for unusually bulges in the clothing.

    "We'll still talk to the kids, it's just to let them closer, there won't be so many, maybe one or two," said Mason, also of 7 Platoon.

    "It's a shame. The kids are some of the joy the guys get out of doing this and being over here."

    But Mason was adamant the Taliban wouldn't win with tactics like that.

    "What is this doing to them in the eyes of the local population, recruiting their kids to blow them up?" he asked rhetorically.

    Late Monday, the Taliban denied the bomber was a child, claiming the attacker was Abdul Musawir, 22, a resident of Farah province, in the southwest.

    Qari Yousuf Ahmadi, who identified himself as a Taliban spokesperson, said Musawir gave his life willingly, but did not address the claim that the bomb was remotely detonated.

    Almost every soldier has a story about the brown and sometimes green-eyed innocence of many of village children. Their almost biblical existence, in mud homes without electricity, has made them wildly appreciative of even the most ordinary of things.

    "These kids are excited when you tear a couple of pages out your notepad - or if you've got like half a pack of gum they love you for life," said Greenaway.

    He related a story about when he was working on a road construction project and a child approached him, motioning for a pen and paper.

    Making a scribbling movement over the hand is a favourite thing for Afghan children to do whenever they see a NATO soldier - or even the few westerners on the streets here.

    The boyish-looking engineer from Prince George, B.C., gave him a spare pen and a notebook.

    "He takes a couple of steps back and gets this funny look on his face and starts writing stuff down, turns around, rips the page out and he's drawn two stick figures with guns," he said. "So he gave it to us like like a present for giving him a pen and paper."

    Greenaway said he still keeps the picture, much a like a proud parent would pin their child's drawing to the refrigerator.


    Taliban have NO honor,,,
    Allah said : (Allah has promised, to those among you who believe and work righteous deeds, that He will, of a surety, grant them in the land, inheritance (of power), as He granted it to those before them; that He will establish in authority their religion -the one which He has chosen for them; and that He will change (their state), after the fear in which they (lived), to one of security and peace: 'They will worship Me (alone) and not associate aught with Me. 'If any do reject Faith after this, they are rebellious and wicked.) 55,AlNOOR.

    Qari Yousuf Ahmadi in the service of Satan
    Report his location.


    Still no honor:


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    Biny lying to umma again

    Gold Market, Gaza CityImage via Wikipedia

    Bin Laden Calls on Muslims to Confront Arab Regimes, Wage Jihad to Liberate Palestine

    Arab Leaders Who Collaborate with the West Are "Wolves [Preying on] Sheep"

    Following a general message to all Muslims, bin Laden addresses the Egyptian people, saying: "Our heroic brothers in Egypt must strive to lift the siege [on Gaza], because only they live next to [Gaza's] borders. They [must also] depose this cruel... and arrogant hard-hearted [ruler, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak]... who is like Pharaoh and Haman."

    In the message, bin Laden urges young Muslims "to study the reasons for the [Arab countries'] failure to liberate Palestine until now and to learn their lessons." According to him, this failure is rooted in the treacherous nature of the Arab regimes. "The Ottoman Empire," he says, "protected the umma from the Western Crusader wolf. But Great Britain collaborated with Arab leaders - first and foremost Sharif Hussein and his children, and King 'Abd Al-'Aziz Al-Sa'ud - to fight and destroy the Ottoman Empire.

    "Great Britain then appointed [Arab] agents to carry out its policy and protect its interests at our expense. It is stupidity to think that the agents of the Crusader-Zionist alliance will cease attacking our religion and [plundering] our wealth. They are like wolves which will never stop [preying on] sheep."

    Saladin Battled Those Arab Emirs Who Fought With the Crusaders Against the Muslims

    To highlight what he considers to be the Arab regimes' moral corruption and disloyalty to Islam, bin Laden cites Saladin as an example, saying that unlike Arab leaders, Saladin "understood that the way to stop the damage inflicted by the infidels is to fight [them] for the sake of Allah...

    "Saladin associated with the divinely guided ulema, pursued religious knowledge even in the arenas of jihad... and supported their spurring people to wage jihad against the Crusaders... He battled those [Arab] emirs and their helpers who fought side by side with the Crusaders against Muslims, even if those [emirs] proclaimed [the first shahada:] 'There is no god but Allah...'

    "[Hizbullah Leader] Nasrallah Refused to Accept [Assistance from Sunni] Mujahideen"

    "In Egypt, [in contrast], the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood makes sending 10,000 mujahideen to fight the Jews conditional... upon the consent of the American agent [i.e. Mubarak]..." In Lebanon, "[Hizbullah Secretary-General] Hassan Nasrallah claims that he does not need [more] money [to assist him in fighting Israel]... and that he is not in need of [more] people [i.e. soldiers]... If he does indeed possess what he needs, why does he not persist in the fight to liberate Palestine and rescue our people from the hands of the Jews?

    "On the contrary: He welcomed the Crusader forces which came to protect the Jews. By doing do, he confirmed the claim by Sabih Tufayli, former Hizbullah secretary-general, that Kofi Annan came to Lebanon [to facilitate] an agreement between Hizbullah and the Zionists, and this is why [Nasrallah] refused to accept [the assistance of Sunni] mujahideen."

    "The Only Way to Reach Palestine Is to Fight the [Arab] Regimes and Parties That [Share a] Border with the Jews"

    Bin Laden makes the following prognosis for the current predicament of the Islamic nation: "Today the umma... must do everything in its power to confront the Crusaders' agents [in order] to eliminate the danger they pose. [In fact,] upon realizing that the [Arab] regimes follow America, many righteous sons of the umma... joined Islamic groups that call [to restore] the rule of Islam, to revive the Caliphate, and [to liberate] Palestine...

    "The only way to reach Palestine is by fighting the [Arab] regimes and parties [i.e., Hizbullah and the Muslim Brotherhood in countries] that [share a] border with the Jews and stand between us and them..."



    First it was the American in Iraq, then Afghan, then Paki, now Palestine.
    As he sends Muslms to satan by suckering them to do suicide bombings
    for his News sound bytes.
    see video


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Iran aiding terrorists in Iraq

    General: Iran aiding terrorists in Iraq
    by Gerry Gilmore
    American Forces Press Service

    BAGHDAD (May 15, 2008) — So-called "special groups" terrorists operating in Iraq apparently are receiving training, arms and funding from Iranian sources, a senior military spokesman said May 14.

    "Over the course of the last several months, we have publicly discussed numerous times, and shown numerous times, the evidence on four separate occasions on what we have found and continue to find: Iranian-made weapons in the hands of criminals in Iraq," Army Maj. Gen. Kevin Bergner told reporters during a Baghdad news conference.

    U.S. officials previously have discussed evidence that indicates some Iraqi militants "are being trained in Iran and receiving funding from Iranian Quds forces to conduct violent attacks in Iraq," Bergner said. The Quds Force is a branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard widely believed to be responsible for operations, including terrorist operations, outside Iran's borders.Such Iranian meddling in Iraqi affairs violates Iraq's sovereignty, Bergner pointed out.

    "With this evidence, the government of Iraq has recently engaged its neighbor and again sought fulfillment of Iranian commitments previously made to stop the flow of weapons, training and funding" to insurgent groups in Iraq, Bergner said.Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has established a committee to collect and analyze the reports of Iranian activity and to develop a unified approach to address the issue, Bergner said.

    "We will continue to provide information and evidence we have collected to the government of Iraq, to be considered along with their own evidence from the Iraqi security forces," Bergner said. "As coalition forces, we will continue to fulfill our commitment under the United Nations mandate, together with our Iraqi partners, to support the government of Iraq's efforts to improve security and stability."

    U.S. and Iraqi forces are targeting Iranian-supplied insurgents in Iraq, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said during a question-and-answer session with members of the Heritage Foundation in Colorado Springs, Colo., yesterday. However, he said that such initiatives are internal to Iraq, and that diplomatic discussions between the Iraqi and Iranian governments are continuing."I think we have a number of activities under way to try to deal with particularly what the Iranians are doing in support of the special groups and others in Iraq, in terms of going after them," Gates said.

    Gates applauded Maliki's recent decision to dispatch Iraqi troops into Basra to take on Iranian-backed extremists.

    The Iraqi forces "have found substantial caches of Iranian-supplied weapons" in Basra, Gates said. This development, he said, has opened the eyes of the Iraqi government regarding the apparent Iranian complicity in supplying arms and other materials to some insurgent groups in Iraq.

    "I think it has awakened them to the reality of the magnitude of Iranian meddling in Iraq," Gates said. "And, so, we are being very aggressive in going after the networks in Iraq and the individuals who are interfering and are supplying weapons from Iran.

    "The apparent Iranian supply links to some insurgent groups in Iraq is being taken seriously by U.S. and Iraqi officials, Gates noted.

    "We have a number of other activities under way" within Iraq designed to undercut Iranian efforts to supply insurgents, the secretary said.

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    Chinese Hackers to steal Red Cross, earthquake $

    Bank of China branch in Dalian, ChinaImage via Wikipedia

    Chinese Red Cross Website Hacked to Steal Earthquake Relief Donations

    Published by Heike at 10:09 am under Hacking for money

    Hacker illegally invades section of the official Red Cross website and tampers with solicited donation accounts

    Verified by the Ministry of Public Security, a section of the official Red Cross website has been illegally hacked. According to the report, criminal elements gained access to the section of the website that held the special accounts for earthquake disaster relief donations.

    An individual named Li Bujiu, had opened four fraudulent bank accounts to steal the funding.

    The Ningbo Bank released a statement warning all citizens to be verify account numbers when making donations. The bank suggested using CCTV, TV, and newspapers as references to verify the accounts.

    The falsified accounts were listed as follows:

    Opened by Li Yaqiong at the Henan, bank: Agriculture Bank of China, ACCT #: 6228482080560018616;

    Opened by Li Bujiu at the Commerce bank, ACCT #: 6222002201101753792;

    Opened by Li Bujiu at the Agricultural bank, ACCT #: 6228480150082864813;

    Opened by Li Bujiu at the Construction bank, ACCT #: 6227003526450024660;

    Opened by Li Bujiu at the Postal Savings Bank, ACCT #: 6221886400011381263;

    Opened by Lin Yumin at the Agricultural bank, ACCT#: 9559980150169780312

    I think it was Eddie Murphy who once said, “The only reason you would want to do something like this is if you wanted to go to straight to hell and not wait in line!”


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