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    Saturday, October 04, 2008

    Muslims not interested in getting involved in terrorism.

    Muslims not interested in getting involved in terrorism.
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Oct 4,08

    We have been running operation " sub rosa" for a few months, we deployed several thousand BSU's to random Muslim indivuals in countrys that had strong al Qaeda support and mostly Sunnis.
    Selection rules out anyone in the ummah without access to the WWW.
    All records except 4 deleted.

    Our Intel Paradigm and metrics indicated the vast majority of Muslims are not interested in supporting terrorism or violence.
    The positive indicators for terrorism Involvement, support of terrorism
    or violence runs at less than 0.012 % ( thats about 1 in a thousand. ) in areas where al Qaeda has realitively strong support.
    The paradigm also indicates Arabic Muslims are also afraid of the
    terrorists, and remain silent out of fear.
    If there were a way for them to fight terrorism in what they feel is
    relative safety they would be interested.

    That would seem to point to a failure of al Qaedas information war.
    Now that I have some metrics my view of the terrorists success in
    the Info war would seem to be in question?
    While its true USA is not winning the Info war it doesn't seem the
    USA is loosing it either. 1 /1,000, 
    I may have underestimated the impact of the civilian effort on the
    Information war. While the governments efforts at the Info war has
    been minimal, al Qaedas efforts have not lead to the level of
    success I had anticipated.
    But there are sucesses and then there are successes.
    Our metrics indicate 99.082 % of Muslims have no interest in terrorism or violence.
    That is a WIN,  of sorts.
    al Qaedas info war seems to have been a failure, a rate of about one out of
    a thousand are willing to support or get invooved in terrorism.
    . A success or failure?
    1,200,000,000 Muslims in the world. 1.2 Billion.
    Thats 1,200,000 Muslims world wide interested in getting involved in or supporting
    terrorism or violence. 1.2 million, thats about 1 per thousand.


    Will  banner type metrics paradigm apply to Info War metrics? Indicators point to YES.
    If we flip the terrorist metrics to our side, which may or may not be a valid hypothesis.

    The Paradigm suggests a possibility of a Info war ( if as effective as the
    terrorist ), could raise an Army of Muslim cyber Warriors from a pool
    of 1,200,000 anti al qaeda Muslims.

    We will be opening a Muslim anti-al Qaeda Company 
    soon. Similar to our
    Check back for details.

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    Putins saber rattling limited.

    Putins saber rattling limited.
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Oct 4,08

    Russia's Putin is doing some saber rattling on a limited basis.
    Old war ships and out dated jet bombers and nukes..

    His criminal cabal feels it was cheated out of some profits.

    Russia is no match for USA's military might.
    But Putin has plenty of monkey wrenches.

    The all of his threats have to do with oil.

    Most of his nuclear Tu-95 Bear bombers and Tu-160 Blackjack strategic bomber will be in a excise close to Alaska firing live cruise missiles Oct 8th. in the North Arctic.

    Russian ships in Syria with nukes, Oct 8th. and on to Venezuela. afterwards.

    Russia is claining 18 % of the Arctic for its oil reserves, and fears US intervention.
    And fears problems with Venezuela and its oil reserves. Same with Syria's oil reserves.

    While USA is involved with the GWOT Russia feels safe to try and expand its power.

    USA's biggest threat against Russia would be against Putin's profits.
    He is subject to punishment by hitting his cartels profits.
    And USA has many doors open to do the deeds.

    Putnin is not above using Russia's military strength to try and protect his personal profits.
    But he is keenly aware of the Risk reward ratios involved.

    And seeks to maximize profits.

    He is trying to strike a balance between building a big military power to extort profits and the expenditures involved which reduce profits.

    The early warning missile shield USA is building in the ME and Europe will kill many of his planned sales of Russian missiles to Syria and her ilk.

    That may have been the cause for the Georgian invasion.

    Russia does not have the Resources to upgrade its weapons systems and is saber rattling with 3rd generation weapons while USA is in the process of fielding 6th generation weapons.

    But a nuke is nuke and Putin can be checked by putting a ding his pocket.

    He will not risk his cartel which is rolling bollions into his pocket.


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    Bad Guys acting out again

    Bad Guys acting out again..

    Gona get spanked...



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    Friday, October 03, 2008

    EXCLUSIVE: al Qaeda continues to seek nuclear info

    EXCLUSIVE: al Qaeda continues to seek nuclear info
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Oct 3 08

    al Qaeda continues to seek nuclear info
    Our BSU continue to track al Qaedas effort to recruit and
    or seek nuclear information.
    They seem to be looking for a University connection.

    They have not given up on a nuclear option.

    This is an ongoing search for a nuclear connection , we
    have documented several attempted connections.

    Paradigm Intel indicates a physical visit to a University
    facility.But it seems they didnot get what they wanted and
    continue to search.

    We continue to track. They are using VERY good security
    and we are deploying new methods and developing new
    paradigms for tracking them.



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    Drug lords ARE terrorist

    Great Idea, who thought of that?

      CIA wet ops against drug cartels dealing with Afghan narco terrorist will increase the risk in the risk reward ratio, making buying drugs in South America safer, thereby cutting off the terrorist funding ( Cartels would quit buying drugs in Afghan, it would be safer to buy from S America. ).
      By defining drug cartels dealing with the Taliban as terrorists, we would have legal precedent
      to use military force and WAR "rules of engagement " against those drug cartels.
      ie Kill the drug cartel heads on sight.

      That would rebalance the risk/reward ratio."
        the current drug paradigm works in favor of the drug cartels and terrorists.
      From my post ^.11.08

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    Iranian fools

    Ayatollah Jannati In Iran Friday Sermon: U.S. Economic Woes 'Divine Punishment' – 'The Unhappier They [Americans] Become, The Happier We Get'; 'Americans Should Wait To Be Slapped In The Face By Islam, Muslims, And The Islamic Revolution'

    Iranian economic woes must be "divine punishment" for
    insulting Allah by lying about their intentions about nuclear arms, 25% inflation, gas shortage, huge increase for basic foods.

    The Iranian Military is waiting to be destroyed by a wave of the US Military's hand. For supporting politics in the name of religion. Iranian Military needs to remove some mullahs
    before they start a war with USA.

    Whats it like in Iran?
    In the depression of the 1930's USA had an inflation rate of 25%, just like Iran has now. 
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    Componenets of the asset side of the Federal R...Image via Wikipedia
    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Oct 3 08

    In December of 2007 I posted this.
    And the Fed Reserve didn't know?
    If I didn't they should have.

    Why were money markets were illiquid?
      1) Large country pulling funds.
      2) Sub-prime some how affecting money markets
      3) Derivatives based on Money Market rates: crashing?"
      If I could see it the Feds surly should have note this.
      They had 9 months to do something.
      They knoew the worlds money markets were having problems and THEY knoew the cause,
      Sub-prime investments in money markets and they knew the bad loans were making the money markets il-liquid.
    whores IN CONGRESS.

    SERIES 7 AND 11

    How does the sub-prime problem have an effect on credit avaiability?

    Real Estate loans are bundled together as a security, and sold like bonds.
    The Income from house payments produced the cash flow.
    So these "bonds" backed by real estate provide the interest payments from
    house payments.
    So far so good, nothing wrong with that.
    Unless the loans are junk, as soon as we get massive defaults
    the Interest on the RE bonds stops as home payments stop.
    Now you have a Investment backed by real estate without income.
    And as we all know Real Estate is il-liquid, you can't convert it to cash
    in 15 min, kind of thing.

    Well these Real Estate bonds found their way into Money Markets!
    Now I'm not sure how that works, I expect deritavites.

    But when these RE bonds quit payment and became Il-liquid
    they crippled money markets, probally one of the worlds safest
    and most liquid investments.

    The money used to make loans are stored/ invested in money markets.
    When the money markets coudn't be cashed because the RE bonds quit paying
    interest/home payments, they couldn't be cashed our as they are il-liquid.

    Now this probally would have worked just fine, except for sub-prime
    sleaze, Bankers writing loans they know won't pay off, the barrowers
    default, because the banks know they won't get stuck they sell them
    to Freddie mac or Sallie may.
    AND some other sleaze worked them into money markets. causing the
    credit crunch.

    Seems the SEC didn;t notice the RE bonds in money markets,
    and the Federal Reserve couldn't figure out 7 months ago RE bonds had got into
    money markets, I did why didn't they? Where is Paul Volker when you need him?

    The regulators need to get RE bonds to hell out of money markets.
    I have no attempt to do this, maybe they hope buying up the RE bonds 
    will remove them for money narkets, get th e deritvites out of the money markets.
    Regulators need to be replaced. And the Federa; reserve let this develop into 
    a distaster, and then came up with a poor soultion, and shifted risk on to the taxpaysr.
    Banking lobbyiest did a great job buying the congress men.

    Anybody know who the cingressmen are that accepted the banking lobbyist money and how much? HEADS SHOULD ROLL,  AND THE BIGGEST PRISION TERMS IN HISTORY TO MATCH 



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    Ya think?

    Do ya think there might be some Strategic importance to Afghan and Paki
    being on the same page at the same time?
    First its Paki trying to have peace talks with the Taliban,
    now Paki is fighting the Taliban and Afghan is having peace talks with the Taliban.
    It would be a great idea, a force mulitiplier to have Paki and Afghan
    fighting the Taliban at the same time, with 100% intent.


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    Keys for stratcom

    A key:

    Strategic Command, Gen. Kevin Chilton
    a small key: your missing:
    Ability to FAST flux your most important sites, incase "one" is taken down, you could put it right back up, again and again, without "user" even noticing a problem. you could rotate mirrored sites,
    just keep the location of the host secret, rotating IP"s, 
    think how this could mess up a bot attack.


    Managed fast-fluxing is only starting to go mainstream, for instance, in July I found evidence that money mule recruiters were using ASProx's infected hosts as hosting infrastructure, and in November, 2007, an infamous spamming software vendor was also found to have been offering fast-flux services in the past.

    We're slowly entering into a stage where RBN bullet proof hosting franchises are vertically integrating, and due to the requests from their customers are starting to offer that they refer to as "mirrored hosting" which in practice is plain simple fast flux network consisting of RBN-alike purchased netblocks, and naturally, botnet infected hosts.

    Actually, it takes ips around the world and our powerful control panel just rotates the ips every 15 minutes. though all these ips you will see will be fake no one can trace the orignal ip where files are hosted. Sometimes the ip is from China, Korea, USA, UK, Japan, Lithuania etc."

    The concept has always been there for cybercriminals to take advantage of, but once it matures into a managed service it would undoubtedly lower down the entry barriers allowing yesterday's average phishers to take advantage of what only the "pros" were used to.

    Excerpted from a Genius: Danchev

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst



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    Thursday, October 02, 2008

    Irans nukes

    Report: U.S. Said No to Israeli Strike on Iran

    “The British newspaper The Guardian on Thursday quoted European officials as saying that the United States earlier this year refused to agree to an Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities.

    “According to the report, European diplomatic sources said that Israel gave serious thought this spring to launching a military strike on Iran’s nuclear sites but was told by President George W. Bush that he would not support it and did not expect to revise that view for the rest of his presidency.” Read more

    Iran Almost at “Virtual” Nuclear Weapon Status

    “By the time we inaugurate our next president, Iran is likely to achieve virtual nuclear weapon status. This means that it will be able to produce, within a few months of deciding to do so, enough weapon-grade uranium to fuel a bomb.

    “But how is that possible? After all, about the only thing the Bush administration and our European allies seem to agree on regarding Iran is that there is a lot more time for diplomacy and sanctions to work before the ayatollahs can cross the nuclear line. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the situation.” Read more



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    most youth hate Islam

    From our source in the Iranian resiatance. G.

    "There is hardly any religious fundamentalist left these days.
    Only those who benefit directly form it the Mullahs and their relatives or in the Arab world those who are really attached to Hezbollah...

    The fact is that as the Mullahs in Iran have embarked in derailing the real Islamic tolerance and peace promised in its ideology and turned to fundamentalism, people get fed up: like in Iran..most youth hate Islam. They blame everything on Islam and the Arabs.

    It is of course a misunderstanding, a predicament of what Khomienism has done in the whole region. Please do not under estimate Iranian mullahs. Although they are extremely fragile and weak in authority and have to exert extreme suppression to control the situation inside, and have to bribe their way even in the groups affiliated to them, but they are demagogues, mixing religion and polics. Which means you shall never find a specific trend or rhythm or any logical out come of a rhythmic politics. Khomeinism means , using religion to buy your way through with every means. The only language effective to them is FORCE."

    From an Iranian insider.


    Let the Dissidents Challenge the Jihadists

    By Walid Phares

    Counter Jihadists win

    In contrast, findings show that the activities by counter-Jihadist Muslim groups and similar cadres are the leading factors to help resist the advance of radical mobilization. The equations I have tested for over twenty years are verifiable: every time Jihadists and counter-Jihadists engage in a battle of ideas, counter-Jihadists win. Every time Jihadists are alone on the scene, obviously, they win.

    It is now imperative that a renewed debate about radicalization in Europe, particularly in light of an EU Czech Presidency for half a year, restructures the engagement process to include the democracy segments within Middle Eastern and Muslim communities on the continent. Czech and central European experience in dissidence-dynamics and counter totalitarian processes is a needed component in the wider European effort to contain the Salafist and Khomeinist ideological expansion.

    Excerpted form Source:Link

    The Counter Jahiddies are the best at the Information war.




    "The Jihadists' Revolt Against Al Qaeda"

    By Andrew Cochran

    On September 23, the Counterterrorism Foundation and New America Foundation held a live panel discussion on Capitol Hill with Peter Bergen, CTB Contributing Experts Evan Kohlmann and Paul Cruickshank, and guest commentator Maajid Nawaz to discuss "The Jihadists' Revolt Against Al Qaeda: Why Some of Al Qaeda’s Old Allies Have Turned Against It." You can view New America's video of that panel, and you can download a transcript, thanks to Assistant Newslink Editor Brett Wallace. Here are excerpts from the panel:

    Peter Bergen: "There are two central fronts in the war on terror, Iraq and the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. What happened with Al Qaeda in Iraq, it was an assisted suicide, we helped their suicide and so did the Sunni awakening. They had five problems. First they have terrible leadership. Al Masri who runs AQI is not Zarqawi, Zawahiri or Osama Bin Laden, he is a bad leader. Second is organization. Third is ideological problems, they can’t make compromises. They also have made a lot of enemies such as the 1920’s Brigade. Many of the recruits that have come to Iraq are gone because they commit suicide. The fact that we have seen female suicide attacks is a sign of weakness, not strength.

    We know what these groups are against but what are they for? There is no al Qaeda minister of employment, Al Qaeda school, or Al Qaeda social welfare organization. There is not a category of government they have said they are not against, Russia, China, the West, Israel, Shiites and so on. Because of this problem they can’t turn themselves into political movements."

    Even Kohlmann: "Arguably over any other issue, the predominant topic of discussion, controversy—and often schism—within the Salafi-Jihadi discourse has revolved around the justifications for deliberately killing other Sunni Muslims, including both innocent civilians and competing mujahideen fighters.

    Nowhere else has that debate become more evident and problematic for Salafi-Jihadi leaders than in Iraq, where the insurgency has recently undergone a series of fundamental shifts. First, a wide array of prominent Sunni insurgent factions—including the Islamic Army in Iraq (IAI), the 1920 Revolution Brigades, Iraqi Hamas, and Asaeb al-Iraq al-Jihadiya (to name just a few)—have become embroiled in bitter public feuds with Al-Qaida’s “Islamic State of Iraq” (ISI) over the latter’s aggressive insistence that all Sunni insurgent groups join together under the banner of the ISI. The combined impact of this has undeniably had a debilitating impact on the long-term political viability of Al-Qaida and the ISI."

    Read More »

    .New anti Taliban wiki for Pakis only:We will train you.


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    Taliban: Baitullah Mehsud alive;

    Taliban: Baitullah Mehsud alive; US strike in North Waziristan

    Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the tribal areas. Map from PBS' Frontline. Click to view.

    The Taliban denied that its commander in Pakistan died of natural causes. Baituallah Mehsud, the leader of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan and warlord in South Waziristan, was reported to have died yesterday of complications related to diabetes.

    The Taliban "media felt annoyed by some media reports about death of Baitullah Mehsud," Geo TV reported. Instead, the news agency said Baitullah "offered Eid prayers in some undisclosed area of Waziristan."

    Sources told The Long War Journal yesterday that the reports were false and designed to spread misinformation. The Taliban spokesman said the reports were false. "Some elements were spreading false news on instructions of agencies," Geo TV paraphased the Taliban spokesman as saying, indicating that Pakistani intelligence was spreading misinformation.

    Baitullah is reported to be ill, however. "He is a diabetic under treatment and he soon will be alright," said Taliban commander Rahim Burki.

    Taliban leaders are rumored to be vying to succeed Baitullah in case he does die. Qari Hussain, a senior lieutenant to Baitullah, is said to be lobbying for the position. Qari ran a suicide camp in Spinkai in South Waziristan, where children were trained to conduct attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Pakistani military destroyed the camp in an operation in January.