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    Wednesday, October 01, 2008

    Strategic Command facing new level of WMD.

    Strategic Command facing new level of WMD.
    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist
    Oct 1.08

    The military has a habit of preparing to fight the last war again.
    But the world is facing a new Sixth generation warfare.
    And everyone is looking the wrong way.
    In this new generation of non state sponsored terrorism or even those waiting for the 13th Imam,
    seek or would accept sucidal WMD.

    The tracks of terrorist and Internet criminals have converging paradigms.
    And this is the paradigm of a new WMD that exceeds the Nuclear Threat.
    This capability is here now, it only lacks the motivation.
    And is more accessable than nukes.
    And the worlds Internet defense structure is not ready.


    Gen. Kevin Chilton, Commander, Strategic Command, said the military needs a two-edged cyber capability that can not only defend its .mil and .smil domains from outside attacks but, if necessary, launch cyber attacks against intruders.

    Gen. Kevin Chilton is right on track but off point.

    Air Force Gen. Kevin Chilton, chief the U.S. Strategic Command, said today.

    The military is dependent on its .mil and .smil domains for everything from e-mail exchanges to employment of its nuclear arsenal. StratCom’s vast portfolio includes operating and defending those domains.

    The importance, Chilton said, is self-evident.

    “On your worst day, you want to be able to make sure that the military network still works so that you can effect either the defense of the United States ... or an offensive action, should they be required,”.......

    “The hardest thing we’re going to have to do is to be able to operate this network in time of war — as we will be attacked,” Chilton said. “And there’s no perfect firewall.”

    Each service, and each combatant commander, has to have operational networks, he noted.

    As such, each service needs to provide forces to support that effort. However, they are coming up short.

    “I don’t think our services [have] quite yet come to grips on how best to organize, train and equip forces to support this mission area,” Chilton said. “It’s not because they’re not working the problem hard — they are. It’s just new.”

    He has all the elements of the paradigm but they are mis ordered, and he is missing information.


    With what we have seen happen already the potential and capability is there.

    Subs cutting underwater cables, China has almost a million bots, and Russia I believe controls

    RBN ( The Russian Business Network ) Putin runs a criminal cabal mostly concerned with generating profits, and crossing the RBN with a million bots and a few submarines can bring down the WWW.

    And IF we can bring the WWW back up again, that would also bring the bot attacks back up.

    If non-state terrorist actors or the 13 th Imam belivers ( Iran ) were to get this technology.

    I think they would be motivate to use it, and these paradigms are converging.

    As the creator of the WWW the USA has certain keys to defeat this technology, and bot attacks en mass.

    My Intel reports indicate NO ONE is looking to deploy these keys, or even at their use.

    And this system has to be deployed before the Super WMD attack does shut down the WWW.

    According to a February 2008 report by the Pentagon inspector general on contingency planning for the military’s mission-critical information systems, the military is coming up woefully short in defending its networks.

    “DoD mission-critical systems may not be able to sustain warfighter operations during a disruptive or catastrophic event,” the report concluded.

    StratCom is also responsible for all U.S. strategic deterrence, military operations in space, missile defense, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations.....

    Chilton said StratCom has been asked to plan for how to conduct these “cross-domain” attacks as well as offensive cyber operations. Recommendation for the move was included in this year’s National Military Strategy for Cyberspace Operations.

    Our Intelligence operations indicate StratCom is looking in the wrong direction. and coming up woefully short.

    “You need to be able to operate, defend and attack in the domain, and then cross-domain,” Chilton said. “And I think there are opportunities to do that. So we’ve been given the task to think about those opportunities.” Said Chilton.

    NO you cannot win with that paradigm counter attacks will simply shut down the WWW sooner.

    Chiltion further stated: "The most devastating sort of cyber attack on the U.S. would involve a decidedly kinetic weapon — a nuclear bomb, detonated high over the Earth"

    NO the most devastating sort of cybet attack will be "server not found" on every military terminal as the WWW is shut down, The financial devastation will cause a World wide depression that would make 1930 look like late payment.

    “The difference between 1989 and today vis-à-vis a country like Russia is intent, not in capability,” Chilton said. “So, we have been in the business, and continue to be in the business, of deterring any thought of using that capability. ... That’s baseline going in, no matter how many airplanes they fly, or what they do.”

    You cannot deter non-state actors, amd msybe not 13th Imam types.

    But you can defeat them if keys are deployed in advance.

    You can defeat a world wide bot attack, stop it in its tracks, and keep the WWW up IF



    Tactical Internet Systems analyst

    Internet Anthropologist


    s excerpted form SOURCE:

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    What a class-1 idiot, I know people who work in cyber security, and have done over a decade - and NONE of them would term any form of cyber attack worse than WMD..!

    My city has been hit by terrorist attacks, as have many others - and I'd far prefer even the worst cyber attack (which is typically mitigated against in hours/days) than even a non-WMD terrorist attack - which can take months/years for a city to recover from.
    (and in the case of a true WMD attack, perhaps ever..).

    Someone worried about having their budget cut perhaps..? lol

    5:19 PM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    Read the article.
    Your lack of knowledge it typical.If all the nodes are taken down, with bots, how does one bring up the WWW with out reactivitaitng the bots.

    the WWW could be out weeks or months or longer.

    If the WWW goes so does the banking system, communications etc.

    You are writing about something you admit you have no knowledge of

    Ad in your ignorance calling me an Idiot?


    11:11 PM  

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