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    Saturday, December 01, 2007

    Possible Future, Paradigm Intel: WWIII

    Possible Future: Paradigm Intel:

    Very difficult year ahead. The final assault on Islamo Nazis.

    As Iraq Military builds USA will draw down troops and send them to Afghan.
    But the Talibans Stealth border, the Durand Line will continue to give the Taliban an advantage.
    Pakti maybe in a make or break stage with the Taliban.
    If Taliban does take Pakti then USA has an open field to attack Talibam in Pakti.

    Al Qaeda gears up for an European offensive, possible dirty bombs.

    And Iran must be attacked before they get Nukes.
    UPDATE: 12.04.07 no attack:
    An all out air strike to reduce Iran's Military to rubble, and kill leaders without taking out the civilian infrastructure
    Qods and IRRG must be hit the hardest, reducing their capabilities.
    Iran will attempt a futile effort to block Hormuz strait.
    If Iran isn't hit hard enough they will attempt suicide dirty bombs, and provied al Qaeda with same.
    EMP available if it turns bad.

    Wild card China dumping Dollar.

    USA Mexico border crisis continues to worsen, some state will call out National Guard.

    Saudi Arabia bringing on world wide recession with high oil prices, tighten your belts its going to be a bumpy ride. ( $200 bbl )

    Scary but not un-manageable.
    USA not quite ready.

    USA's "Info WAR" arm still weak.

    Outside risk, WWW shut down

    Pakti Paranoia:

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    Faraz Anwar, social change

    The Bombs of Dhamma
    By Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

    I have a new article at the Daily Standard, co-written with my colleague Nick Grace, about two musicians who hope to create social change in Pakistan. Singer-songwriter Imran Raza and guitarist Faraz Anwar hope that their music and the tolerant spirituality that undergirds it can provide an alternative to the extremism that has gripped the country -- and they are taking personal risks in advancing this message. An excerpt:


    So where is this song?

    "I believe in enlightened moderation, the beauty of knowing who you are." It calls for "Bombs of purity and bombs of joy / Bombs of peace and bombs of love / Bombs of harmony and bombs of compassion / The bombs of dhamma."

    On reading this, Anwar exclaimed in Urdu, "Finally someone has come my way who is on my level!" The two musicians began recording Raza's songs. The first one they tackled was "Fly with Us," which mixes South Asian flutes and classical Sufi singing with classic rock. Speaking of the need for "a real reformation," the song contrasts religious intolerance with the fresh spirit of classic rock, inviting listeners to spurn extremism and "fly with" Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and the Beatles.


    his web site:


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    Iran turns Navy over to Terrorist Organization

    CNN misses the point..
    Iran has turned its Navy over to an Terrorist Organization the IRRG.

    Who would they turn a Nukes over to?

    What is George waiting for?

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    Taliban in Burkas, and hiding behind Children

    Taliban in Burkas, and hiding behind Children
    ....Taliban are women


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    Forest fires rage again in Lebanon

    Nov 7, 2007

    BEIRUT (AFP) — Fires have destroyed dozens of hectares (acres) of woodlands across Lebanon, just weeks after earlier forest fires devastated mountainous parts of the country, an army spokesman said on Wednesday.

    "A total of 1,542 dunums (154 hectares) were destroyed on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, in addition to the 807 dunums (81 hectares) burnt on Monday," the spokesman who did not wish to be identified told AFP.

    Emergency crews backed by army helicopters struggled to extinguish blazes that were still raging across southern and northern Lebanese mountains, as well as in the Shouf region southeast of Beirut, he said.

    The flames have destroyed forests of pine and oak trees as well as olive groves, valleys and woods, but there were no reports of casualties.

    Similar forest fires raged twice in October, killing one woman, injuring dozens of people and destroying hundreds of hectares of forests and woods across the country.

    Experts have warned that seasonal forest fires in Lebanon are further threatening to destroy the country's natural wealth -- among the richest in the Middle East.

    Zeina Tamim, an agriculture ministry official, told AFP last month that the seasonal forest fires were slowly destroying green zones which account for 23 percent of Lebanon's territory.

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    Friday, November 30, 2007

    Alternate Realities, Pakti

    Alternate Realities:
    If the Taliban were to take Pakti; that would open door to move directly against them in Pakistan.....

    By Anwar Iqbal

    WASHINGTON, Nov 29: US President George W. Bush has said that he will still send American troops into Pakistan if he gets actionable intelligence that Osama bin Laden and other Al Qaeda leaders are hiding somewhere in the country.

    Last year, Mr Bush caused uproar in Pakistan when he declared that he would authorise direct US military action if he had evidence that senior Al Qaeda leaders were hiding somewhere in the country.

    Later, US officials assured Pakistan that while they retained the option to target Al Qaeda leaders anywhere in the world, they would take no action that could destabilise a friendly government.

    In an interview to CNN on Wednesday evening, Mr Bush was reminded of his earlier declaration and asked if this was still his position. "Yes," he said.

    "Has not changed?" the interviewer asked. "No, has not changed," said Mr Bush.

    Mr Bush, however, acknowledged Pakistan as a key ally in the war against terror and praised its cooperation in bringing Al Qaeda leaders to justice.

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    Suicide bomber with bomb bra kills man Nov 28/07 GRAPHIC

    Caution: she blows her self in half.
    Suicide bomber with bomb in bra kills man Nov 28/07 GRAPHIC
    Note how focused she is, she doesn't look around like the other people do, she seems to stand up and reach into her bra with her right hand elbow is at shouder level and reaches into bra for trigger.


    Internet Anthropologist Team, Cyber warrior station.


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    Afghan drug lord or opportunistic Farmer?

    Afghan drug lord or opportunistic Farmer?

    Several errors in video.
    One is Taliban had eradicated opium growing in Afghan and economy was ok.
    Two in Iran they don't just face prison terms but execution.


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    Bin Laden's Motives, Pressures, lies.


    In the beginning of his address, bin Laden criticizes the Europeans for participating in the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan following the 9/11 attacks while knowing that the Afghans and their government had in no way been involved in these attacks. He states: "America was aware of this fact, because they [i.e. the Americans] had captured several Taliban ministers and had interrogated them... That is why the Taliban government requested that the U.S. produce evidence in support of their [accusations] prior to the invasion. But America failed to produce any evidence, and insisted on invading [Afghanistan without evidence] - and Europe followed suit..."

    ( it would seem Biny is trying to shift blame from himself to USA for the attack on the Taliban. Ole Biny lied to the Taliban, he initally told them he had nothing to do with the 911 attack.)

    "In this war, you combined two injustices... [First], you did not possess even one piece of evidence admissible in court... You destroyed Al-Qaeda's camps, killing some of its members and capturing others, most of them from Pakistan. What, then, is Afghanistan's sin that you continue this unjust war against it? [The Afghans'] only sin is being Muslims. This reveals the extent of the Crusaders' malice towards Islam and its followers.

    ( USA had requested the Taliban produce Biny for the 911 attacks and the Taliban sheilded and protected Biny on the basis of Biny's assurances he had nothing to do with 911, and USA mopped the floor with the Taliban looking for Binny. THIS IS BINY ATTEMPT TO SHIFT THE BLAME FOR THE AFGHAN WAR FROM HIMSELF TO USA. It would appear the Taliban maybe pressuring and blaming Biny for this Afghan mess, and rightly so. )

    "Second... you have not observed the ethics and rules of warfare. Most of the intended victims of your attacks are women and children. [Even though] you know that our women do not fight... you kill them, hoping thereby to crush the mujahideen's morale. This will not help you... [because] we are determined... to continue taking our revenge on the unjust and to expel the occupying invaders."

    ( Biny knows who kills women, children and bombs Mosques and market places, and it isn't USA. The Taliban maybe blaming Biny for the mess and he is trying to shift blame away himself. Biny himself has established the basis for the Taliban removing him from his protected "GUEST" status. Biny suckered the Taliban into providing his guest status with lies and Black Magic.)


    Biny should be brough to Hajj for his mis-deeds.


    Nuclear materials: al Qaeda


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    Why is George Waiting? For a Nuclear Iran?

    Why is George Waiting?
    Iran's Government has said diplomacy will not work, Iran will not negotiate on their nuclear program. Iran vows never to stop pursuing atomic plans (Reuters) .

    George has to attack Irans nuclear facilities before he leaves office, or risk going down in history as the president that could have stopped Iran's nuclear weapon and didn't.

    Iran's leaders have made negative assurances about Israels existence, and have demonstrated its willingness to attack American forces with Qods forces, subrosa, and by proxy.

    Their leaders have expressed the desire to destroy Israel.
    And they are Sate sponsors of terrorism already and have been so designated by the State department.

    USA should not delay like they did in Korea, till after they demonstrate their use of a Nuclear weapon. USA must strike before Iran gets a nuke.

    Iran has stated they have 7 million suicide bombers, USA must be prepared to kill 7 million suicide bombers if they are sent against USA troops. It is not USA's desire to kill any Iranians, but a desire to stop their stated objectives regarding WMD use.

    If Iran gets Nukes it will be the beginning of a nuclear arms race in the middle East.
    Which will end in millions dead, many Muslims. Look at how many Muslims are killed now by Muslims. They are killing Islamic women and children, bombing Mosques even.
    Action now will prevent a Nuclear war later in the Middle East.
    A strike against Iran's nuclear capabilities and Military will save millions of lives later.
    An electromagnetic bomb will take out most of their capabilities.
    And every tank in Iran should be taken out/destroyed for the IEDs they sent to Iraq and Afghan.

    The only alternate option is untenable, a nuclear armed Iran is inviting a second Holocaust, millions of dead mostly Muslims.

    The Sunni/Shiite blood bath would be without precedent.
    Persians slaughtering Arabs by the Millions, not to mention the Jews.

    Irans wet DREAM.

    enable java to see video
    Is George waiting for this?
    What is he waiting for?

    Or is George's legacy to include this potential, like Clinton and his chances to take out Bin Laden which will forever haunt the Clinton's legacy.

    There are no tenable options.



    December 3, 2007

    Iran's Nuclear Intentions and Capabilities

    By Matthew Levitt

    Today, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) released the unclassified key judgments of a new National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran’s nuclear intentions and capabilities. The new NIE updates the intelligence community’s understanding of Iran’s capabilities since its 2005 assessment on Iran, and begins with the startling judgment that “we judge with high confidence that in fall 2003, Tehran halted its nuclear weapons program.” The NIE acknowledges that Iran has continued to pursue a civilian uranium enrichment program as well as research and development projects with both commercial and conventional military applications. Some of these R&D projects would be of “limited use” for nuclear weapons.

    The NIE is controversial in that it appears to downplay Iran’s nuclear weapons program. It underscores current policy, however, by underlining the utility of targeted financial and political measures to induce Iran to alter its behavior.

    Read More »


    What did the NIE on Iraq's WMD say?

    That Iraq "is reconstituting its nuclear program," "has chemical and biological weapons," and that "all key aspects--R&D [research and development], production, and weaponization--of Iraq's offensive biological weapons program are active and that most elements are larger and more advanced than they were before the Gulf War." It also said that Iraq was developing an unmanned aerial vehicle "probably intended to deliver biological warfare agents." The key judgments section--or executive summary--of the 90-page NIE has been declassified; most of the rest of the report remains classified. An unclassified version--similar to the classified version but lacking many of its caveats and details--was released to the public in October 2002. SOURCE: Council on Foreign Relations


    God I hope they got this RIGHT....




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    Swat militants take to the woods

    Swat militants take to the woods
    Vacate all seized govt buildings; troops enter Alpuri; FM stations shut down; Fazlullah �hurt�

    By Mushtaq Yusufzai

    PESHAWAR/MINGORA: After suffering colossal losses, the militants in restive Swat vacated all the seized police stations and other government buildings on Tuesday and decided to go underground while the government closed down all the FM radio channels in the district, including the one run by Maulana Fazlullah.

    Also, in the adjoining Shangla district, the security forces retook the main town Alpuri from the militants and forced them to retreat to the nearby mountains. Militants led by rebel cleric Maulana Fazlullah, who earlier Tuesday morning were in control of majority of the areas in the valley, disappeared and abandoned their roadside checkpoints.

    Local military officials in Mingora said four militants were killed in clashes with the security force on Tuesday. Maj Amjad Iqbal, an ISPR spokesman in Mingora, told The News that 50 bodies of the militants, killed in fighting so far with the security forces, had been collected from various places. He confirmed the death of senior militant commander, Khan Khitab, near Guli Bagh.

    He, however, said Khitab was killed by local villagers when he and his colleagues tried to escape and hide in a village. There were also reports that another prominent commander of the militants Muslim Khan, who was a close aide of Fazlullah, was killed in fighting with the security forces.

    Officials said another commander from South Waziristan, Arshad Mujahid, was also killed alongside Muslim Khan and their bodies were still lying near Najia Top, an area between Ningwalai and Bandai in Kabal subdivision.

    Some reports suggested that Maulana Fazlullah, who was also on the run with Muslim Khan, was seriously injured in an attack on them by security forces. Maj Amjad Iqbal said he had also received similar reports but could not confirm them.

    Sources told The News that Maulana Fazlullah through his widely-listened FM radio channel directed his armed followers at around 11:45 pm Tuesday night to stop fighting and shift to safer places and wait for his other important message regarding the future line of action.

    After Fazlullah�s message, militants were seen abandoning their roadside check-posts near the Saidu Sharif airport and other areas under their control in Kabal and Matta subdivisions, where the armed militants used to search vehicles.

    Officials in Mingora said the militants had vacated all the major towns, which they used as their strongholds like Mam Dherai, Bara Bandai, Kuza Bandai, Ningwalai, Dherai, Charbagh, Guli Bagh, Matta, Khwazakhela and even Madyan.

    The local residents, however, said the security forces did not enter these areas but no firing had been seen during the daytime. Some reports said the militants were still manning the roadside check-posts and patrolling the streets in the Charbagh subdivision. There were also reports that Fazlullah and his close aides went towards Pewchar area in Matta subdivision.

    Pewchar, it may be recalled, was considered the safest hideout of the militants of banned Jihadi outfits as well as foreign fighters. Local people said the militants could easily cross into the neighbouring Dir district from Pewchar and then to the Bajaur tribal agency if the security forces chased them.

    Before their escape from Matta, the people said the militants set on fire the local police station and an office of DSP and destroyed official record there. Officials said all the FM radio channels, including the controversial one launched by Maulana Fazlullah in Swat, had been closed down.

    As many as 36 FM radio stations were recently operational in Swat of which three were airing music programmes while the majority was used by self-styled clerics for propagating their own versions of Islam.

    However, residents said a few radio channels were purely transmitting the translation of the holy Quran. Military officials, on the other hand, said the security forces had entered Alpuri, the district headquarters of Shangla district, following the weeklong heavy clashes with the militants after Maulana Fazlullah�s followers escaped to the nearby mountains.

    Similarly, the authorities announced relaxation in curfew from 8 am till 2 pm for today (Wednesday). The curfew, which was clamped on the main Malakand Road right from Mardan up to Swat, has badly affected the daily life in the entire Malakand region.

    The residents of Dir Upper and Lower, Chitral, Bajaur Agency, Swat district and Malakand Agency were unable to move to downtowns of the Frontier province. Elderly people, women and children were the worst hit. It was hard for the people to shift their patients to Peshawar for treatment due to which numerous people expired. Above all, the intending pilgrims missed their flights due to the prolonged curfew on the long route.

    Sounds like they leave when army is around, then come back when they leave.
    This isn't a solution. Note they don't even cll them terrorist...


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    Internet Status Check, bot attacks

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    al Qaeda: nuclear material.

    Slovak police seize 'enriched uranium' in raid

    Last Updated: 2:29am GMT 30/11/2007

    Police have seized 2.2 lbs of radioactive material and arrested two people in Slovakia and one in Hungary, underlining fears in the West that terrorist groups are seeking to build a nuclear device.

    The Slovak news agency SITA and its counterpart in the Czech Republic, CTK, citing unconfirmed reports, said that the material was enriched uranium, an integral part of a nuclear bomb.

    Martin Korch, a Slovak police spokesman, would not confirm the exact nature of the material but said that it was worth $1 million (£483,000).


    Al-Qaeda woos recruits with nuclear bomb website
    Uzi Mahnaimi and Tom Walker
    AN Al-Qaeda website containing detailed instructions in Arabic on how to make nuclear, "dirty" and biological bombs has attracted more than 57,000 hits and hundreds of readers' inquiries. Terrorism experts are warning that the site could be boosting the organisation's appeal to would-be assassins in Britain and abroad.

    The manual, posted on October 6 on a forum titled Al-Firdaws,( taken down ) or Paradise, contains 80 pages of instructions and pictures of kitchen bomb-making techniques. It is divided into nine lessons under the overall heading The Nuclear Bomb of Jihad and the Way to Enrich Uranium, and is dedicated as a "gift to the commander of the jihad fighters, Sheikh Osama Bin Laden, for the purpose of jihad for the sake of Allah".

    As well as describing how to make a nuclear bomb from enriched uranium — impossible for the layman — the manual explains how to make simple bombs that can blow up anything from electrical generators to petrol stations.

    Biny warns Europe:
    Bin Laden said that Europe should leave Afghanistan and not do the US' bidding
    Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda, has called on Europeans to stop their political leaders helping the US in the Afghan war.
    "It would be better for you if you [restrained] your politicians who flock to the White House and worked actively to end the wrong done to the oppressed," he said in an audio tape aired on Thursday.


    Germany fears al Qaeda sympathy rising among Turks
    Germany believes it has moved up al-Qaeda's target list because of its role in Afghanistan, and is especially worried by signs of radicalization among its 3-million-strong ethnic Turkish community, a senior official has said.

    Deputy Interior Minister and former Spy Chief August Hanning said both trends were highlighted by a failed bomb plot in September that Berlin believes was directed from Pakistan by the Islamic Jihad Union (IJU), an al-Qaeda affiliate. "We have the impression from this case that a decision has been made in Pakistan, at least from the IJU if not at a higher al-Qaeda level, to carry out attacks here in Germany," Hanning told Reuters.

    In September, German police foiled an alleged plot to bomb US-linked targets in Germany and arrested three men -- two German converts to Islam and a Turk living in Germany. Another German citizen of Turkish origin was arrested three weeks ago in Turkey, which Hanning called "an important logistical base" in the plot. Officials have said that fuses intended for use in the alleged bombs were brought in from Syria via Turkey.

    French riots could spill over to Germany: interior minister
    Posted: 2007/11/30
    From: Mathaba

    German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble on Thursday warned that the ongoing riots in France could also spill into his country.

    Talking to the Hanover-based Neuen Presse, the minister said all-out efforts had to be undertaken to prevent a social explosion in Germany which could ultimately lead to violence.

    "We have to take it serious," Schaeuble added.


    And we know about the trouble England has been having with terrorists, and Spain.


    Iran's Secret nuke WAR plans.


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    Thursday, November 29, 2007

    Taliban talks to Afghan??

    Halt US aid, bin Laden urges Europe

    Bin Laden said that Europe should leave Afghanistan and not do the US' bidding
    Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda, has called on Europeans to stop their political leaders helping the US in the Afghan war.
    "It would be better for you if you [restrained] your politicians who flock to the White House and worked actively to end the wrong done to the oppressed," he said in an audio tape aired on Thursday.

    ( Note this was not an order?? )

    "You [Europeans] become followers to America and that is why no US soldier has been put on trial before European courts," he said.

    He continued: "I remind you that the American tide is receding ... and that US troops will go home beyond the Atlantic to leave neighbours to settle their problems.
    "Involved in this war, you did not abide by ethics of war as most of the war victims were women, children and civilians."

    ( Somebody remind Binny about the beheadings, bombing mosques, and market places by al Qaeda. )

    Europe 'follows' US
    "I am responsible" for the attacks on New York and Washington on September 11, 2001," bin Laden continued.
    The US had "insisted on invading" Afghanistan even though it knew Afghanistan was not behind the attacks, and added that "Europe walked behind it," he said.

    ( The Taliban who were running Afghan refused to hand over Binny... They still can and I bet it would speed USA in going home...What about it Taliban Give USA Binny, some guest, lied to Talibn about 911, and cost them a country, 7 yrs now...)

    A Nato force composed of troops from the US and Europe has operated in Afghanistan since a US-led military invasion in 2001.
    Nazanine Moshiri, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Afghanistan, said the country's government rejected bin Laden's statement.
    "The Afghan government's response to this is that Osama bin Laden has no right to tell a sovereign country like Afghanistan what it should do or what its people should do," she said.
    "The national security adviser spokesperson told me that the Afghan people chose to have the international community here.
    "The government says it is al-Qaeda terrorists and the Taliban that are killing civilians and troops... the government's comments will please Nato."
    Nato criticised
    However, Ahmad Shah Ahmadzai, a former Afghan prime minister, told Al Jazeera that he agreed with bin Laden's assertion that Western nations should leave the country.

    ( give usa binny )

    "There is no progress towards the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Afghanistan. Instead [Nato is] killing our civilians and the situation is deteriorating.

    "The presence of the Nato forces is no longer in the interests of the Afghan people."
    Ahmadzai said the Afghan government should enter talks with the Taliban and other opposition groups rather than rely on Nato assistance.

    ( Taliban refuses to talk see article below.)

    "It looks like the opposition is getting stronger and stronger and the government and Nato forces are getting weak," he said. SOURCE:AL jAZEERA

    ( note after the Iraqi defeat of al Qaeda, binny is focusing on Afghan, and he makes no threats )



    Sunday, September 30, 2007
    No Says Taleban To Karzai Talks

    Taleban shun Karzai talks offer

    A spokesman for Taleban militants in Afghanistan has rejected another offer for talks by President Hamid Karzai. Spokesman Qari Yusuf Ahmadi said the Taleban would never negotiate with the Afghan authorities while foreign troops remained in the country.

    President Karzai repeated on Saturday that he would be willing to offer the Taleban positions in government if it would bring peace.

    "Taliban are not interested in government posts - ministries or anything. We want the withdrawal of foreign forces and we stand by our position," Qari Yusuf Ahmadi told news agencies.

    "As long as they have not withdrawn, we'll never talk with the Kabul administration."

    President Karzai said on Saturday he wished he could contact Taleban leader Mullah Omar and warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar to ask why they were trying to destroy Afghanistan. He said he would meet both men personally, and even offer them cabinet posts, if it would help to bring about peace. But he reiterated he would not agree to any troop


    It seems the Taliban hasn't felt enough PAIN to enter talks yet.
    Binny it seems continues to look for a way out, surrender?


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    inshallahshaheed GONE GONE....

    Guys over at Jawa report do it again.
    Howie, Allahakchew, Black Flag and especially Darth Nudista.



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    NATO's 100,000 viewers videoos

    By Paula Newton
    Hat tip Rusty:

    KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (CNN) -- NATO is acknowledging YouTube as its new battleground in the six-year war on Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, as the military alliance posts formerly secret surveillance and attack video.

    Newly declassified video shows NATO forces destroying a truck in Afghanistan.

    The strategy aims to counter years of propaganda video posted on the Internet showing Taliban attacks on NATO forces which fighters use to claim that NATO's position in the Afghan war is deteriorating.

    "The Taliban, who are literally cave-dwellers, are doing better than we are on a key battleground -- and that's video," said NATO spokesman James Appathurai. "They deploy with videographers. We don't. They have DVDs out in an hour, we don't."

    Wielding video cameras like weapons, fighters quickly upload images of their attacks and create a valuable morale booster for their supporters.

    Now, after much internal debate, NATO has begun declassifying and posting top secret combat video on YouTube and other Web platforms to try and beat the Taliban at its own game.

    100,000 VIEWS for your videos, how:?

    link up their video of aqn attack with NATO's video of same attack, see attack from both sides.
    They claim all killed, NATO shows everyone alive, wounded or the "after attack" on taliban, for their attack, WOULD BE MUST SEE VIDEOS....

    Confront the lies and propaganda DIRECTLY, IN VIDEOS.
    Put their insurgent videos in same vid with NATO's vid, show both sides....expose them...


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    Terrorist codes, also used on Forums

    UPDATE: for the Civilian counter-terrorism forces.
    Code words:

    The document also describes in some detail the codes used to communicate among
    jihadist networks, and several failed efforts to get into Iraq, as well as the successful ones
    mentioned above. For example, Garzon found that “the Spanish network at the service of Ansar
    al Islam (Al Qaeda) is also linked to the Moroccan Islamic Combat Group,” as shown by the
    numerous telephone and e-mail contacts among different members.12 Likewise, the document
    describes how, on January 22, 2005, one of the families in Spain received a telephone call to
    confirm that one of their relatives had “just gotten married,” meaning he had successfully carried out a suicide attack in Iraq. The document notes that the news of the “wedding” was received with great happiness by the family.13 Other code words frequently used, according the
    document, are “sick person” for someone who has been arrested; “hospital” for prison; “honey” for a bomb or money; and “clothes” for money, weapons or explosives.14
    The codeword for explosives was 'dough.' He added that a 'taxi driver' meant a suicide bomber




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    Taliban using heroin

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Africas natural protection from al Qaeda?

    Does Africa have a natural protection from al Qaeda?

    From a paper I wrote in Thursday, November 12, 1998.


    Autobiographical note of an explorer

    In 1991 I took a sabbatical, 6 weeks in the jungles of Belize in Central America. My Local County health services advised me what vaccinations I would need. My "International Certificates of Vaccination" form is approved by the 'World Health Organization' and provided by the 'US Department of Health and Human services', and is written in English and French (a tribute to French colonialism) I received vaccinations for Typhoid and Cholera and Tetanus. Also a vial of pills, anti-malaria medication (2x a / day, 2 weeks before and after exposure). As a former US military person I followed a strict regime of water safety and purification and sanitary procedures. Even with all my sanitary precautions I contracted dysentery. I was carrying the proper antibiotics, and other medications and personal powdered yogurt supply. My illness was short-lived but very disagreeable. I know I was exposed to cholera and typhoid and possibly malaria. I received insect bites on my right hand so sever that with the swelling you could not see my knuckles. I spent 6 weeks exploring the central interior of Belize (I believe these bites gave me some immunity from my states mosquitoes, as they do not itch or swell up any more). With out my precautions and vaccinations and medications it could have been a very dangerous trip. The explorers of the 1500's, 1600's, 1700,s and 1800's did not take the sanitary and water precautions I did and were at extreme risk. And increased their risks with out vaccinations.

    I was able to readily see the risk associated with past explorations on a personal level. The mortality rate from invisible sicknesses was very high and made exploration of Africa up until the mid-1800's extremely dangerous.



    Why has Africa been called "Deepest or and Darkest", I do not believe that phrase refers to the color of the natives, but to the 'darkest and deepest' secrets of the African interior. These secrets have been referred to as 'darkest' because of the mortality rates related to the attempted explorations of Africa's interior.

    In my study of North American and African geography, I discovered a mystery. Why did Europeans take slaves all the way to American to establish plantations and colonies, when they could have built colonies and plantations in Africa? The climate, soils and rainfall are very similar to that in Central and South America where the Europeans did colonize in the Americas.

    Why did colonization of America begin around 1400’s but did not start in Africa until the 1800's? Even the Romans and Greeks colonized most of the known world but only North Africa? Why wasn't the interior of Africa explored around the same time they explored America 1500's, why did they wait until the 1800's to explore Africa? Why was the coastline of Africa explored by the Greeks, Romans and Phoenicians but never colonized the interior?

    Was there a force protecting Africa? What could keep the world's foremost explorers and conquers out of the interior of Africa?

    Africa's climate and agricultural potential around West Africa and the Gold Coast was similar to the area where America's southern plantations developed .

    Many of the African states not only traded slaves but utilized them for their own use as well, so run-aways don't seem to be a problem. Many of the slaving ships would become raiders themselves along the coasts, so it doesn't seem that military force was lacking to subdue the natives.


    What could be the force that prevented the colonization of most of the interior of Africa for over a thousand years?

    I will start my investigation with the Romans, Greeks and Phoenicians.

    I analyzed 441 original works by ancient authors, written in Greek, Latin, Chinese, and Persian.

    I searched these works for the key words, 'Africa and Disease'. The dates of these works ran from 700 BCE (Hesiod) to 1141 ACE (Omar Khayyam) .A1

    My examination of these works (441 works) showed 26 included remarks about disease

    and Africa, both. Specifically Aristophanes 1, Julius Caesar 1, Pultarch a priest of the

    Pythian Apollo at Chaeronia, Boeotia, (Greek) 17 in letters (46-119 ACE) to; Paulus, Agesilaus, Alexander, Anthony, Caesar, Marius, Cicero, Crassus, Dion, Fabius, Flamininus, Lycurgus, Brutus, Nicias, Otho, Pompey, Pyrrhus, also Tacitus (Latin) in 6 of his history books (56-129 ACE), and Sa'di (Persian) (1213-1291 ACE).

    Which would seem to indicate disease was associated with Africa as early as 46-129 ACE. See A4 for review Pultarch's relevant passages.

    I have reviewed "Pliny the Elder" (23-79 AD) works of 'Natural History' book V, The Continent of Africa.

    Africa, to him seemed to consist of Libya; I read "Africa and the two Mauretanias", "Mount Atlas","The Exploration of Africa" and "The Interior of Africa". While he makes no mention of diseases he does write about the 'Blemmyee people', with out heads and mouth and eyes attached to their chests and the Goat-Pans and Satyrs, so his lack of mention of diseases may not be significant in view of his other observations.

    Herodotus (4.42) reported Pharaoh Necho II (c. 615-595 BC) ordered Phoenicians to sail around Africa.The task took three years, and they reported they had the sun on the right, possible proof they may have rowed and sailed around Africa.

    This would seem to indicate some agent at work in preventing colonization.

    During my investigation I have come across some interesting information regarding the how the exploration of Africa lead to the discovery of America. This data involves the trade winds, currents and the inability of sailing ships to sail against the wind on the return trip exploring the Western coast of Africa. Any sailor who sailed down the West Coast of Africa had problems, the wind and currents on the way down are favorable (fair) but on the way back both would be against them (foul). Even the ships with teams of rowers had problems, rowing for days in extreme heat, pulling against the winds and the currents. Could explorers have gotten back by making two long TACKS? From the Canaries to the Azores and then from the Azores home?

    The Portuguese shipwrights came up with the answer, a new ship and sails. Up to this time the standard sail was the square sail. It was good in fair winds but worked very poorly in foul winds. Square sails simply waited for fair winds to move. This new triangular sail was called the 'lateen'. And worked well tacking in foul winds. This new ship and sail were called the 'caravel', Columbus used these ships in his exploration of America as they were sure they would return them home. Using caravels the sailors were able to sail with the wind down the West Coast of Africa and against the wind going home.

    Columbus used the new ,’triangular' sails that allowed tacking almost against the wind. Which were used to explore and circumnavigate Africa .


    Would an examination of colonization dates reveal a pattern of possible 'protection', or reluctance to colonize Africa?

    Did the disease problems the Romans, Greeks and Phoenicians experienced prevent them from colonizing Africa? Was disease Africa's invisible protector from colonization?


    (see end notes A2)

    African Diseases

    There are many accounts of African hot river deltas teeming with mosquitoes as the explorers moved up the rivers. The explorers did not know that the mosquitoes teemed with malaria and yellow fever. Dysentery and hyper endemic fevers waited for them. Wounds caused by small scratches or thorns became infected in the tropical heat, and damp bacteria infested dirt caused festering, did not heal and could lead to death.

    The Portuguese founded stations on the coasts of Africa explored parts of the Zambezi River in the 1500's. In 1569 a group on horseback set out in search of gold, all the horses died and all the men died of diseases and from hostile tribes.

    In 1805 Mungo Park a Scottish medical surgeon set out to discover the source of the Niger River with 38 soldiers, 4 carpenters, and 2 seamen, 44 Europeans total. Only 4 survived this exploration that covered 500 miles of the interior. Park himself had sever dysentery.

    In 1816 Captain James Tuckey, a RN, tried to explore the Congo River. In all 37% of his party died, The expedition was attacked by a sever intermittent fever and black vomit.

    In 1832 Major A. M'gregor investigated the delta of the Niger River with two ships the "Quorra and the Albrukah' in one month all the men were down with fever except one man. Only 5 of the of the 29 men on the 'Quorra' survived. On the 'Albrukah' 15 out of 19 died.

    In 1841 Captain H.D.Trotter explored the Niger for only 100 miles up river in 3 iron steamboats, 'Albert, Wilberforce and London'. They took 145 white Europeans 25 colored from Britain and 133 Africans from Sierra Leon. Two boats had to turn back with the sick, but after 9 weeks 130 of the original 145 white Europeans were sick and 50 died, 11 of the 25 colored from Britain were sick with fever but none of the 133 Africans from Sierra Leon were sick.

    The rate of sickness between white Europeans and natives from Africa remained a medical mystery. This gave rise to many theories and a scientific or at least medical basis for racism.


    We will be investigating 3 of the main African diseases, malaria, sleeping sickness and yellow fever.


    Tertian argue was the most common and dangerous of most African diseases, now known as malaria. Some forms of malaria (P.falciparum) can kill more quickly, and if the patient does not die the chronic infection causes the patient to be more

    susceptible to other diseases and lowers resistance. Malaria causes chronic anemia from the destruction of the patient's haemoglobin. In many cases of malaria, the spleen enlarges and

    ruptures or spontaneous hemorrhages causing the blood to clot and become infected which will cause death from toxemia. Some types of malaria were associated with the lethal blackwater fever found in West Africa. The bacterium causes a break down of hemoglobin and passes in the urine causing very dark urine.

    Purging, starvation and bleeding were the main methods of treating all fevers during some of the 1700's and 1800's, speeding up the deaths of the already anemic malaria victims.

    In 1820 two French chemists extracted the active alkaloid, quinine from cinchona bark. Quinine worked to cure malaria, but the cause and the reason at the time were unknown and quinine had some bad side effects, vomiting, headaches, rashes, vision and hearing problems. Quinine users often suffered from 'tinnitus' a ringing in the ears and were often deaf.

    Malaria is the major cause of infant and juvenile deaths in Africa today. These endemic epidemics of both chronic and acute natures may be some of the reasons Africa's colonization came so late in history's time line.

    Yellow Fever

    For many years malaria was confused with yellow fever, both have the mosquito as their vector. Yellow fever is much more acute than malaria, symptoms; high fever, jaundice, vomiting, diarrhea, inability to urinate and exhaustion.

    One attack provides immunity for life, while endemic, there develops mass immunity and therefore is less sever among native populations than in individuals that have never been exposed to it. Ships were extremely fearful of yellow jack as just one case could kill most of the crew.

    Sleeping sickness

    Trypanosoma is carried by a fly belonging to the species Glossinia, commonly known as the tsetse fly. This disease occurs wildly between latitudes 12 degrees N and 25 degrees south, roughly between the Gambia River and the Limpopo River.

    There are two kinds of sleeping sickness the Gambiense of the humid forest regions and the Rhodesiense of the dry Savannah' s. So all of Equatorial Africa and the Great Central Plateau sleeping sickness is endemic.

    Gambiense is the more chronic, while Rhodesiense is more acute. David Livingstone first described the tsetse fly in 1057 and that horses and cattle died from it's bite. He treated infected animals with arsenic with some success. In 1894 Sir David Bruce and discovered the parasite Trypanosoma brucei in the blood of all the infected horses, confirming Livingstons observations.

    Medical treatments up until the 1920's consisted of atoxyl or tartar emetic, both virtually useless. Travelers were advised to wear veils and protective clothing. In 1922 the German firm Bayer introduced an arsenic compound, tryparamide, which proved effective.

    For other modern day diseases see: (see End Notes A3)

    While we are sure some of these diseases did not originate in Africa some of them could be indigenous. Yellow fever for many years was confused with malaria. When a ship was quarantined in port because of an outbreak of yellow fever they would run up a yellow flag, Even today a ship flying a yellow flag is recognized internationally as under quarantine.

    Just a few of these diseases could wipe out a colony though hyper endemic epidemics or even hypo endemic epidemics would sap colonies strength.

    Genetically some of the native Africans would have some resistance to these diseases, from generational exposure, malaria for example.

    Sickle-cell anemia was discovered in 1904 by Dr. James Herrick of Chicago. He did not think his discovery important and did not even mention it in his 1949 autobiography. This disease for centuries had been and still is the most important genetic killer of blacks in Africa. That same year 1949 Linus Pauling termed the disease 'a molecular disease',

    Some patients' exhibit' sever pain in the back and limbs or abdomen. Joints swell and it damages the heart, bones, lungs, kidney and spleen. Resistance to other diseases and infections is lowered and many die young. Tribes in Africa have known of this for centuries and knew it ran in families. Each tribe or band had their own name for this disease.

    Normally this disease would disappear over the millennia because of the mortality. However it has persisted because it has it's advantages. Malaria and sickle cell anemia are genetic sisters, and co-exist in the same areas where malaria has been chronic. The sickle-cell ontology kills the malaria parasites. Over time a balance is effected between those killed by sickle cell and those saved from malaria.


    A national geographic history perspective may tend to move us away from wholeness, while a world geographic historic view connects us, may move us towards our sameness.

    I found my self studying the dates of colonization for both contents and I discovered approximate a 400 year gap between the start of colonization of America and Africa. This raised many questions in my imagination. Why sail 50,000 kilometers to America when West Africa was only half that distance, with the same climate, rainfall and soil. No need to transport slaves, they were already in West Africa.

    A full understanding of the demographics, economics, and social systems forces behind the slave plantations, is still lacking. Why create plantations several thousand miles away from your source of slave labor?

    Even today there is a high risk of disease contact for anyone visiting Africa. And is the probable cause 'diseases' for Europeans reluctance to colonize Africa earlier. High mortality rates would certainly dissuade colonizers.

    Could disease have prevented Africa from becoming a world power like the USA? Is disease still holding Africa’s economic development back, even today?


    1 "The Mariners' Museum" web sight http://www

    2 "Pliney the Elder" .html

    3 "Negro World" .htm

    4 "Hot Wired"

    5 "History & Geography" html

    6 "Classics:

    7 "Regional Geography of the United States and

    Canada" T. McKnight, 1992, Prentice Hall, NJ

    8 "Africa South of the Sahara" R. Stock, 1995, Guilford Press, NY and London

    9 Course notes, Geography 338 MSU (summer 1998) Instructor; Mr. Gichana Ganyarn

    10 "Cabo Verde" o.html

    11 "Explorers Time Line" /blackford.html

    End notes


    The authors include; Aeschines, Aeschylus, Aesop, Andocides, Antiphon, Apollodorus, Apollonius, Apuleius, Aristophanes, Aristotle, Marcus Aurelius, Augustus, Bacchylides, Julius Caesar, Cicero, Demades, Demosthenes, Dinarchus, Diodorus,Epictetus, Epicurus, Euclid, Euripides, Galen, Herodotus, Hesiod, Hippocrates, Hirtius, Homer, Horace, Hyperides, Iseeus, Isocrates, Josephus, Livy, Lucan, Lucretius, Lycurgus, Lysias, Ovid, Pausanias, Pindar, Plato,

    Plotinus, Plutarch, Porphyry, Quintus, Sophocles, Strabo,Tacitus, Thucydides, Virgil, Xenophon, Confucius, Lao - tzu, Sun Tzu, Ferdowsi, Omar Khayyam, and Sa'di.


    7TH CENTURY Phoenician's explore Africa's coastline.

    500 Hanno explores NW coast of Africa.

    860 Iceland discovered.

    982 Greenland discovered.

    1002 Leif Ericsson discovers America.

    1271 Marco Polo overland to China

    1300's Ibn Buttuta, travels over Africa.

    1432 Portuguese discover America.

    1441 Portuguese cruise West Africa, slave trade.

    1444 Tristae explores mouth of Gambia River.

    1470 Portuguese discover Africa's Gold coast and Congo.

    1482 Diego Cao begins exploration of S. African coast

    1487 Bartholomou Dias discovers Cape of Good Hope.

    1492 Columbus sails, finds America.

    1497 Vasco da Gama rounds Cape of God Hope and reaches India. Explores E. coast of Africa.

    * 1497 John Cabot finds "new found land", secures part of America for England.

    1541 Hernando de Soto reached Mississippi River.

    * 1543 Jacques Cartier enters St. Lawrence River and claims Great Lakes for France.

    * 1598 Spain starts colonization of SW America.

    * 1600's Sieur de La Salle discovered mouth of Mississippi River, Claimed Louisiana for King Louis XIV, French.

    * 1608 Samuel de Champlain explored New England area. And French found colony at Quebec.

    * 1609 Henery Hudson explores New York, and Hudson River and claims them for the Dutch.

    * 1615 Dutch start settlement on Manhattan Island.

    * 1619 The first African slaves in English Jamestown.

    * 1620 English Pilgrims settle at Plymouth.

    1678 Robert Cavelier de la Salle explores the Great

    * 1682 La Salle claims the Mississippi River and lands for France and establishes Fort St. Louis..

    * 1700's (mid) there were 500,000 slaves in America.

    1776 James Cook charted coast of N. America, Oregon and North to the straights.

    * 1790 American cities with pop. over 10,000, Baltimore, Boston, Charleston, New York, Philadelphia, and Montreal. I could find no record of any colonized city near 10,000 in Africa during this time.

    1795 Mungo Park explored Africa, party decimated by disease, and discovers Niger River.

    1853 Heinrich Barth explored Niger River and Timbuktu and published detailed maps of Africa, showing navigable rivers for transportation and commerce.

    1856 Dr. Livingston is the first known European to cross Africa, he marks the beginning of the influx of explorers into Africa's interior.

    1857 Dr. Livingstone theory of sleeping sickness, trypanosomiasis, and tsetse fly bite connection discovered.

    1858 Sir Richard Burton and John Speke explored Somaliland and discovered Lake Victoria, indicating the desirability of Africa for economic reasons.

    A 1879 King Leopold of Belgium annexed 'The Congo Free State.

    A And the Germans claimed Togo, Cameroon, Tanganyika, and South West Africa (Namibia as protectorates).

    1880 90% of Africa was still ruled by Africans.

    A 1880 De Brazza made treaties with African chiefs leading to the protectorate of the French Congo.

    1880's Malaria, elephantiasis, yellow fever, all discovered to be spread by mosquitoes.

    A 1897 only uncolonized states in Africa were Ethiopia and Liberia.

    * = American colonization


    A = African colonization


    A3 Malaria


    Yellow fever



    Guinea Worm






    Ebola Virus





    Letters; I located the following passages;

    Caesar, "in Africa, Scipio having taken a Caesar's...he struggled with his diseases..." "Spain and all Africa, which he governed was said that an infectious occasioned...they shook off the disease, and..."

    Crassus, "together some ships, he passed into Africa, and joined with Metelius Pius...into a disease which turned into a dropsy, had aconite given to him...the poison working only upon the disease"

    Flamininus, "Hannibal in Africa...the first stage of the disease...and that he should be buried in Carthage"

    Lycurgus, his voyages into Africa...complication of diseases...infirm, or diseased; as if were not apparent that the children of a bad..."

    Marcus Brutus, about his expedition into Africa against...Africa to Cassius...distemper called bulimia. This disease that seizes both men and...her disease."

    Nicias, Carthaginians, and possess themselves of Africa,...when his disease was the sharpest upon him...of the command, because of his disease...diseases and ill diet, being allowed only one pint of barley every..."

    Otho, "incurable diseases also;...were lost in Africa..."

    In Tacitus's history books, book II he states "beyond Africa...were worn out with disease, or who shrank from the unhealthiness of the..."

    And in Book V, "settled on the nearest coast of Africa about the time when Saturn was...agree in stating that once a disease, which..."

    Julius Caesar wrote,"an army in Africa, and the surrender of his soldiers in Coreyra...up against the violence of the disease..."

    These excerpts seem to offer more insight into the problems involved in colonizing Africa.

    Arabs sent into central Africa by al Qaeda may have some problems also. It is unknown if al Qaeda's benefits packages include vaccination's.



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    Wednesday, November 28, 2007

    al Qaeda media KILLED

    bye bye
    Multinational Forces Iraq began to heavily target al Qaeda's media apparatus over the summer of 2007. The capture of Khalid Abdul Fatah Da'ud Mahmud al Mashadani, a senior al Qaeda in Iraq and Islamic State of Iraq leader and close associate of al Qaeda commander Abu Ayyub al Masri, was the first major blow against al Qaeda's media network. Mashadani, also known as Abu Shahed, was al Qaeda's media emir. He confirmed that Abu Omar al Baghdadi, the purported leader of the Islamic State of Iraq, is an imaginary figure created by himself and al Masri.

    After Mashadani's capture, the Coalition began rolling up numerous al Qaeda media cells and operatives of al Furqan. "Since the surge began, we've uncovered eight separate al Qaeda media offices and cells, have captured or killed 24 al Qaeda propaganda cell members....

    Since that briefing, several more cells have been dismantled and scores of al Qaeda media operatives have been killed or captured. During the month of November, Special Forces teams killed two media operatives and captured 44 suspected associates of the cells.

    On November 12, Coalition Special Forces hunter-killer teams captured the media emir of Diyala province. In a separate operation in Samarra, the Special Forces teams "targeted an al-Qaeda media headquarters and safe house, also believed to be used by foreign terrorists." One terrorist was killed after reaching for a suicide vest, while another seven were captured. Six days later, Special Forces "captured one wanted individual and detained 10 other suspects while targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq's media network" in Baghdad and Samarra.


    All from peroid Aug. thru Nov. 2007

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    Tuesday, November 27, 2007

    Jahid sites

    Jahid sites, according to Insurgent forum:


    Domain of Islam


    From : (french)

    [Question] Jihad et gain financier! [Question] Jihad and financial gain!

    Depuis quelque jours les freres sont engages dans un debat a propos l'offre de 100 a 150 milles dollars a qui tuerait le suedois Lars Vilks pour son attaque contre le Prophete Muhammad For some days the brothers are engaged in a debate about the supply of 100 to 150 thousand dollars was who killed the Swedish Lars Vilks for his attack on Muhammad Prophete .
    Le debat est autour plusieurs questions, mais surtout a propos l'attente d'un gain financier lorsque quelqu'un fait une action dans le sentier d'Allah The debate is around several issues, but mainly about waiting for a financial gain when someone makes an action in the way of Allah . Est ce que quelque chose comme ca ne nuirait pas au concept de Jihad en Islam? Is what something like that would not damage the concept of Jihad in Islam? Depuis quand les Musulmans veridiques entreprennent-ils des actions de 'aqida pour etre payes? Since when Muslims true entreprennent-ils actions' aqida to be paid?
    Allah dit: " Allah détermine la nuit et le jour. Il sait que vous ne saurez jamais passer toute la nuit en prière. Il a usé envers vous avec indulgence. Récitez donc ce qui (vous) est possible du Coran. Il sait qu'il y aura parmi vous des malades, et d'autres qui voyageront sur la terre, en quête de la grâce d'Allah, et d'autres encore qui combattront dans le chemin d'Allah. Récite-en donc ce qui (vous) sera possible. Accomplissez la Salâ, acquittez la Zakâ, et faites à Allah un prêt sincère. Tout bien que vous vous préparez, vous le retrouverez auprès d'Allah, meilleur et plus grand en fait de récompense. Et implorez le pardon d'Allah. Car Allah est Pardonneur et Très Miséricordieux." Said: "Allah determines night and day. He knows that you will not ever go all night in prayer. He used to you with leniency. Récitez So what (you) can the Koran. He knows he there will be among you sick, and others who travel on land, seeking Allah, and others who fight in the way of Allah. Récite-en So what (you) will be possible. Complete Salâ, pay the Zakâ, and made a loan to Allah sincerely. Everything that you prepare, you end up with Allah, better and bigger in terms of reward. And implorez forgiveness from Allah. Allah is Forgiving, Most Merciful. " [Al-Mouzammil 20] [Al-Mouzammil 20]

    Nous avons discute ce sujet avec notre Sheikh qui dit que la Shari'a est completement contre payer n'importe qui pour une action qui doit etre faite dans le sentir d'Allah et pour Allah We have discussed this issue with our Sheikh saying that the Shari'a is completely against anyone pay for an action which must be made in the way of Allah and for the sake of Allah . .
    En plus, le Sheikh nous rappele que le Messager d'Allah Muhammad In addition, Sheikh reminded us that the Messenger of Allah Muhammad a ete insulte et attaque physiquement et moralement par les kouffars mais il n'a jamais donne l'ordre de tuer n'importe qui a cause de cela???? Was insult and attack physically and morally by kouffars but he never gave the order to kill anyone who because of this??


    Avatar Abu_Nizal
    Abu_Nizal Abu_Nizal Abu_Nizal is disconnected
    Modérateur Moderator

    Date d'inscription: octobre 2005 Date: October 2005
    Localisation: .... Location: ....
    Messages: 3 490 Messages: 3 490
    Abu_Nizal a brillantissime futureAbu_Nizal a brillantissime futureAbu_Nizal a brillantissime futureAbu_Nizal a brillantissime futureAbu_Nizal a brillantissime futureAbu_Nizal a brillantissime futureAbu_Nizal a brillantissime futureAbu_Nizal a brillantissime futureAbu_Nizal a brillantissime futureAbu_Nizal a brillantissime futureAbu_Nizal a brillantissime future

    Qui est votre Sheikh? Who is your Sheikh?

    Ensuite c'est pas la première fois que vous nagez dans le sens inverse du courant général avec vos doutes sur les Moujahidines et leur Jihad, tournant ça en questions innocentes et naives. Then it is not the first time that you are swimming in the direction opposite the mainstream with your doubts on Moujahidines and Jihad, turning it into issues innocent and naive. Ne jouez pas dans ce terrain glissant, je vous préviens : Do not play in this slippery ground, I warn you:


    "Is Islam that we should or we can encourage someone to take action for the 'aqida by offering financial gain?"

    "Among the beneficiary of the Zakât there are those whose hearts are a win to Islam. Donc pour attirer les gens vers l'Islam ont peut leur proposer des biens. So to attract people to Islam may have to offer property. Et surtout ceux qui sont faible et hésitant dans le fort, si l'argent peut les aider à consolider leur foi, cette Zakât leur est destiné. And especially those who are weak and hesitant in the fort, if the money can help them consolidate their faith, this Zakât their use. "

    Abi Zakaryya Al Dimashqi Al Dumyati "Ibn-Nuhaas" dit dans Livre du Djihâd dit qu'il y a 8 catégories de gens qui font le Djihâd: Abi Zakaryya Al-Dimashqi Al Dumyati "Ibn-Nuhaas" said Book of Jihad said there were 8 categories of people who Jihad:

    1. Pour plaire à Allah To please Allah
    2. Par amour pour l'Islam For the love of Islam
    3. Pour la recherche du Paradis For research Paradise
    4. Pour se défendre To defend itself
    5. Pour le Djihad et le butin To Jihad and the booty
    6. Pour le butin seul For only the spoils
    7. La reconnaissance (auprès des autres) The recognition (among others)
    8. Par désespoir In desperation

    Ce qui nous intéresse ici c'est le point 5 il dit What is of interest here is the point 5 he said :

    Il y a certains qui sortent uniquement avec l'intention de combattre pour plaire à Allah, mais ont aussi l'intention de gagner les butins. There are some emerging only with the intention of fighting to please Allah, but also intend to win the booty."

    They also discuss how it is ok to MURDER POWs.
    The French allow this Islamofacsist forum to go on, no wonder they riot in the streets.
    I would have thought the FRENCH would have shut them down...


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    Taliban winning the hearts and minds?

    A bystander offers a rose to the Taleban.
    Taleban troops parade through Musa Qala.
    Armed to the teeth.

    Winning Hearts and Minds

    The Taleban have avoided the worst excesses of the past in a bid to win popular support.

    By Aziz Ahmad Tassal in Musa Qala (ARR No. 275, 27-Nov-07)
    "We don't want foreigners here! We do not want kafir [unbelievers]. Do you hear me?"

    I was not trying to interview this man, whose name was Abdul Raziq - he simply forced himself in front of the microphone.

    "All Muslims reject the current government!" he shouted. "But we watch the Taleban closely, too. If they do anything we don't like, we will stand up to them."

    Musa Qala has been a world apart ever since the Taleban took control of it in February. The government does not venture in, while the British troops deployed in Helmand province restrict themselves to air strikes on the perimeter of the district.

    The area was the scene of intense fighting between NATO's International Security Assistance Force and the Taleban through the late summer and early autumn of 2006. In October that year, the British-led forces withdrew from the district after reaching an agreement with tribal elders designed to keep the Taleban out of the district centre.

    But that agreement broke down in early February 2007, after an ISAF air strike killed the brother of a powerful commander. The Taleban swept in and established their own regime, complete with district governor, police chief and Sharia courts.

    Reporters have stayed clear of the area since then. The Taleban's attitude towards journalists whose reporting they dislike is too familiar for comfort.

    But when a group of us received an invitation from the Taleban to see Musa Qala, it was too tempting to resist. For the first time, I could speak to these people directly; try to find out what they were thinking and feeling.

    The local Taleban administrators told us that everybody supports them and that they face little or no resistance.

    "We are winning people's hearts and minds day by day," said the Taleban district governor, who is called Haqani.. "That is why people cooperate with the Taleban. We are fighting not only in Helmand, but all over Afghanistan."

    The Taleban took over Musa Qala without a struggle, and many reports in the past nine months have indicated that residents are happier under the fundamentalist regime than before, when the area was a battle zone, their homes were under constant threat of aerial bombardment, and they were ruled by a weak and often corrupt local government.

    "When the Taleban came, they brought security," said Amruddin Kaka, an elderly resident of Musa Qala. "When the Afghan government was here, they did not care about anyone. They did not respect people's property. But the Taleban help people solve their problems."

    The problems are numerous. The Afghan government contributes nothing to Musa Qala, said Amruddin.

    "We have no water, no hospitals, no schools," the old man grumbled. "One litre of fuel costs 40 afghani [80 cents]. People out in the rural areas water their farmlands using wells. If the government wanted to help, why didn't they do anything before the Taleban came? God will help us. We don't care about anyone else."

    When the Taleban hoisted their flag over the district centre in February, the population braced for the worst.

    Most recalled the years when the Taleban were in power in Afghanistan with fear and a certain amount of distaste - men beaten for having beards too short or hair too long, women restricted to the home, and music, photography, even kite-flying banned.

    But this time, the Taleban have not imposed such a strict regime on the population. The main reason for this apparent forbearance was that they saw no need to use harsh measures when most of the population fell right into line without a struggle.

    "All of the residents in this district are Taleban," said one Taleban official, who did not want to be named. "They do not need any reforms. Everybody here wants the Taleban law to be implemented."

    "We are not as strict as we were during the first Taleban regime," added Abdul Rahman, who leads a group of 50 fighters. "When we came into the district nine months ago, we gave the residents two months to change their lives, grow their beards and cut their hair. We told them they should stop listening to music. All of the residents agreed without our having to force them. Now there are no music parties or other illegal events. People do not play music during their wedding parties. If they do, they may be punished."

    One reason that residents have accepted the restrictions may be that they are still angry and bruised after a series of bombings left large parts of Musa Qala in ruins.

    Standing on a pile of rubble that used to be the local mosque, I met a man named Qari Abdul Halim, who seemed very angry.

    "We do not want anyone to come in here to do 'reconstruction'," he spat. "Look at this mosque. We now have to pray on bare ground, with no shelter. Is this reconstruction, that they should destroy the house of God? We don't want that kind of reconstruction. It is just another form of war."

    There is a lot of money in Musa Qala now, generated by drugs. The district has an open bazaar where opium is bought and sold. The bitter smell can be sensed from far away.

    I saw two men in the middle of the bazaar who were loading their Land Cruiser with four-kilogram bags of opium.

    "What can the people of Musa Qala do other than deal in opium?" said one of them, who did not want to be named. "There is nothing else here. The opium trade is the only economic activity that has improved people's lives a little bit. People are very poor now, but they will become rich after a few years in this business."

    The money being made has attracted merchants eager to sell their wares to the new narco-elite.

    One resident of Greshk district, who did not want to be named, said he had shifted his mobile phone business to Musa Qala because he could make a lot more money.

    "I make twice as much here," he said. "In Greshk, I never sold expensive phones that cost more than 5,000 afghani [100 US dollars]. But here in Musa Qala, I can sell phones every day that cost as much as 10,000 afghani."

    It was difficult to interview people in Musa Qala amid the noise of motorcycles and the bustle of the market. I had a hard time asking people about their problems. Everyone was staring at me.

    But one man, named Sarfaraz, agreed to be interviewed.

    "We've received no assistance from the foreigners other than bombs," he said. "I had a shop worth more than three million Pakistani rupees [50,000 dollars], but it was destroyed in the bombing. Many of my neighbours also had shops worth 1.5 to 2 million rupees. But it has all gone."

    Governor Haqani agreed.

    "The local residents are happy with the current Taleban because they have been oppressed by the foreigners and the Afghan government," he said. "One of the reasons behind our success is that ordinary people started supporting us. We have not received any foreign assistance."

    Haqani told me that the situation in Musa Qala had stabilised, and that security was good.

    "We have an active court, and a judge," he said. "We punish those who commit crimes. If someone steals, his hand is cut off. Murderers are subject to 'qisas" [where a victim's relatives can forgive the criminal or take revenge]. So far we have not had one case of theft. If we do, the thief will be punished accordingly."

    Aziz Ahmad Tassal is an IWPR reporter in Helmand.


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