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    Thursday, November 29, 2007

    Terrorist codes, also used on Forums

    UPDATE: for the Civilian counter-terrorism forces.
    Code words:

    The document also describes in some detail the codes used to communicate among
    jihadist networks, and several failed efforts to get into Iraq, as well as the successful ones
    mentioned above. For example, Garzon found that “the Spanish network at the service of Ansar
    al Islam (Al Qaeda) is also linked to the Moroccan Islamic Combat Group,” as shown by the
    numerous telephone and e-mail contacts among different members.12 Likewise, the document
    describes how, on January 22, 2005, one of the families in Spain received a telephone call to
    confirm that one of their relatives had “just gotten married,” meaning he had successfully carried out a suicide attack in Iraq. The document notes that the news of the “wedding” was received with great happiness by the family.13 Other code words frequently used, according the
    document, are “sick person” for someone who has been arrested; “hospital” for prison; “honey” for a bomb or money; and “clothes” for money, weapons or explosives.14
    The codeword for explosives was 'dough.' He added that a 'taxi driver' meant a suicide bomber




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