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    Friday, November 30, 2007

    al Qaeda: nuclear material.

    Slovak police seize 'enriched uranium' in raid

    Last Updated: 2:29am GMT 30/11/2007

    Police have seized 2.2 lbs of radioactive material and arrested two people in Slovakia and one in Hungary, underlining fears in the West that terrorist groups are seeking to build a nuclear device.

    The Slovak news agency SITA and its counterpart in the Czech Republic, CTK, citing unconfirmed reports, said that the material was enriched uranium, an integral part of a nuclear bomb.

    Martin Korch, a Slovak police spokesman, would not confirm the exact nature of the material but said that it was worth $1 million (£483,000).


    Al-Qaeda woos recruits with nuclear bomb website
    Uzi Mahnaimi and Tom Walker
    AN Al-Qaeda website containing detailed instructions in Arabic on how to make nuclear, "dirty" and biological bombs has attracted more than 57,000 hits and hundreds of readers' inquiries. Terrorism experts are warning that the site could be boosting the organisation's appeal to would-be assassins in Britain and abroad.

    The manual, posted on October 6 on a forum titled Al-Firdaws,( taken down ) or Paradise, contains 80 pages of instructions and pictures of kitchen bomb-making techniques. It is divided into nine lessons under the overall heading The Nuclear Bomb of Jihad and the Way to Enrich Uranium, and is dedicated as a "gift to the commander of the jihad fighters, Sheikh Osama Bin Laden, for the purpose of jihad for the sake of Allah".

    As well as describing how to make a nuclear bomb from enriched uranium — impossible for the layman — the manual explains how to make simple bombs that can blow up anything from electrical generators to petrol stations.

    Biny warns Europe:
    Bin Laden said that Europe should leave Afghanistan and not do the US' bidding
    Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda, has called on Europeans to stop their political leaders helping the US in the Afghan war.
    "It would be better for you if you [restrained] your politicians who flock to the White House and worked actively to end the wrong done to the oppressed," he said in an audio tape aired on Thursday.


    Germany fears al Qaeda sympathy rising among Turks
    Germany believes it has moved up al-Qaeda's target list because of its role in Afghanistan, and is especially worried by signs of radicalization among its 3-million-strong ethnic Turkish community, a senior official has said.

    Deputy Interior Minister and former Spy Chief August Hanning said both trends were highlighted by a failed bomb plot in September that Berlin believes was directed from Pakistan by the Islamic Jihad Union (IJU), an al-Qaeda affiliate. "We have the impression from this case that a decision has been made in Pakistan, at least from the IJU if not at a higher al-Qaeda level, to carry out attacks here in Germany," Hanning told Reuters.

    In September, German police foiled an alleged plot to bomb US-linked targets in Germany and arrested three men -- two German converts to Islam and a Turk living in Germany. Another German citizen of Turkish origin was arrested three weeks ago in Turkey, which Hanning called "an important logistical base" in the plot. Officials have said that fuses intended for use in the alleged bombs were brought in from Syria via Turkey.

    French riots could spill over to Germany: interior minister
    Posted: 2007/11/30
    From: Mathaba

    German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble on Thursday warned that the ongoing riots in France could also spill into his country.

    Talking to the Hanover-based Neuen Presse, the minister said all-out efforts had to be undertaken to prevent a social explosion in Germany which could ultimately lead to violence.

    "We have to take it serious," Schaeuble added.


    And we know about the trouble England has been having with terrorists, and Spain.


    Iran's Secret nuke WAR plans.


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