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    Monday, December 03, 2007

    Why is George Waiting? For a Nuclear Iran? Bumped

    Why is George Waiting? For a Nuclear Iran? Bumped

    We see a very high risk short term, ( 12 months ) but we don't have a NIE.
    George does, says Iran quit trying for an Nuke in fall of 2003.

    Iran gave up its wet dream in 2003.

    And then I looked at the NIE, National Intelligence Estimate ) for Iraq's Nuke in Oct. 2002.

    God I hope they got this right, they seemed to have Missed On N. Korea too.

    Backgrounder here.

    Our Paradigm Intel says the NIE is wrong. (12 Months )
    What do we know, certainly not as much as the NIE ???
    What does Israel think, going to do?

    Read the nine-page National Intelligence Estimate on Iran’s nuclear intentions and capabilities, it’s here analysis starts on page 6.

    • What explains the timing of the release of the report?
    • On what basis the report is so confident that "Iranian military entities were working under government direction to develop nuclear weapons"?
    • On what basis the report judges that Iran does not currently have a nuclear weapons program?
    • Given the report's position that the halting of Iran's nuclear weapons program came in 2003 as a result of international pressure, but also under a reformist government, what explains the continued confidence in the halting of the program in 2007 under a government controlled by hardliners?
    • Considering that the report's focus is on the asserted impact of pressure on Iran in halting Iran's weapons program, how does this relate to the issue at hand which is the use of pressure to halt Iran's declared non-weapons program; a program that Iran, under reformist and hard-line governments, has refused to abandon despite extensive international pressure?
    A prominent Iran specialist is suggesting on a private email list that very likely, it is explained by one name: Ali Reza Asghari.



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