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    Monday, December 03, 2007

    English-Language terrorist Forums, Blogs

    Jihadists Broaden Reach by Launching English-Language Forums, Blogs

    As part of their efforts to reach and influence non-Arabic-speaking audiences, Islamists have set up English-language pages on existing Arabic-language forums, and have also launched jihadist blogs in English. [1] An examination of the content of these forum pages and blogs suggests that they are aimed at various audiences in the West, inter alia to influence Western public opinion on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, to enlist support for jihad among Muslims living in the West, and even to encourage these Muslims to carry out martyrdom operations.

    This report presents details on these websites and some examples of their content.

    Some Examples of Forums and Blogs

    The following are some prominent Islamist forums and blogs in English, along with their URLs and ISPs:

    The Al-Hesbah forum
    ISP: NOC4Hosts Inc.; Tampa, FL, USA (Data verified 11/20/07)

    The Shumoukh Al-Islam forum
    ISP: TELEKOM MALAYSIA BERHAD; Malaysia (Data verified 11/20/07)

    The Al-Ekhlaas forum
    ISP: NOC4Hosts Inc.; Tampa, FL, USA (Data verified 11/20/07)

    The Jund Al-Rahman forum
    ISP: Layered Technologies, Inc.; Plano, TX, USA (Data verified 11/20/07)

    The Shabkat Al-Akhbar forum
    ISP: TIMETELEKOM; Malaysia (Data verified 11/20/07)

    At-Tibyan Publications website [2]
    ISP: Layered Technologies, Inc., Plano, TX, USA (Data verified 11/29/07)

    The Sawt Al-Jihad blog
    ISP: New Dream Network LLC; Brea, CA, USA (Data verified 11/20/07)

    The Ignored Puzzle Pieces of Knowledge blog, IT IS GONE
    ISP: Internet Services, Inc, Dallas, TX, USA (Data verified 11/29/07)

    The Crusader Watcher blog
    ISP: Google Inc.; Mountain View, CA, USA (Data verified 11/20/07)

    The Press Release blog
    ISP: Google Inc.; Mountain View, CA, USA (Data verified 11/21/07)

    The Goals of the English-Language Forums and Blogs

    Eroding Western Support for the War on Terror

    One of the apparent goals of the Islamist forums and blogs in English is to erode support among the Western public for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is done primarily by posting full translations of official communiqués by Afghani and Iraqi terrorist organizations - especially communiqués boasting of successful terrorist attacks, in which the numbers of Coalition casualties are often inflated. [3] Two examples of this are a September 2007 communiqué by the Al-Qaeda-founded Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), which claimed that 20 U.S. soldiers had been killed in a suicide attack in Diyala, [4] and a October 2007 message in which the ISI claimed to have killed 57 U.S. soldiers in another Diyala attack. [5] Such messages, which are very common on the English-language forums and blogs, are presumably meant to plant doubt in minds of Western citizens about the West's ability to win the war on terror.

    And much more here:

    Arabic terror sites:

    Most popular Jihadist forums:


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    Anonymous allahakchew said...

    Samir Khan begged muslim pad and promised to be good...ya can you close a site and then allow the same person to reopen? I saw his site yesterday..

    On a lighter note, Rusty have a nice new youtube vid.."Happy Chanukah from the AlQaeda Dancers!

    4:36 PM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    I just checked:

    Is still down.

    5:26 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Dead Link

    Dead sites
    **Moved to
    **Howie got it shut down this month. See Jawa Report.

    Alive sites
    **Posts Are Current
    **Last Post Feb. 9th 2008 **Last Post Feb. 13th 2007
    **Last post Sept. 8th 2007
    **Last Post April 27th 2007

    11:38 AM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    excellent up date.

    11:41 AM  

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