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    Saturday, October 20, 2007

    LISTEN: Bill Roggio, Waziristan, Pakistan

    Bill Roggio will join John Batchelor on air at on KFI AM 640 Los Angeles on Monday, October 22 at 12:20 AM. Click the Listen Live link to listen online.

    You can listen to Bill's discussion with John Batchelor on Waziristan, Pakistan, which was recorded on October 15.

    Nice summary of Patki conditions.


    The Fall of Northwestern Pakistan: An Online History

    Documenting the Taliban's rise to power in Waziristan and beyond over the course of 2006 and 2007

    Northwestern Pakistan, including the tribal belts. Click to view.

    The fall of North and South Waziristan and the rise of the Islamic Emirate of Waziristan was an event telegraphed by al Qaeda and the Taliban. During the winter of 2006, Osama bin Laden announced his strategy to establish bases and pockets of territory along the Afghan-Pakistani border. The Taliban and al Qaeda (virtually indistinguishable in this region at this point in time) had been fighting a long term insurgency against the Pakistani Army after President Musharraf put troops in the region shortly after 9-11.

    But two developments accelerated al Qaeda's plans to conquer the agencies of North and South Waziristan: the airstrike against Ayman al-Zawahiri in Damadola, and the attack on the Danda Saidgai training camp in North Waziristan. In both instances, al Qaeda's senior leadership was targeted, and in Danda Saidgai, Osama bin Laden and his praetorian 'Black Guard,' or personal bodyguard, were the subject of the attack.

    While bin Laden and Zawahiri escaped, senior commanders such as Abu Khabab al-Masri (WMD chief) and Imam Asad (chief trainer of the Black Guard), among others were killed. Al-Qaeda could no longer countenance a Pakistani presence in the region. The time had come to force the Pakistani Army to withdraw and force the government to accept terms of surrender. Al-Qaeda retaliated for the airstrikes by murdering a U.S. official at the Consulate in Karachi.

    South Waziristan fell some time in the spring of 2006 (I suspect sometime in late March). On March 6, I referred to South Waziristan as 'Talibanistan.' Shariah Law was declared in South Waziristan at this time and the Taliban began to rule openly. A single political party was established in South Waziristan, a party loyal to the Taliban. It is said a secret accord was signed between the Pakistani government and the Taliban around this time. All along the fighting in North Waziristan increased over the course of 2006.

    Pro-Pakistani government tribal leaders and informants were murdered and made an example of. The Pakistani Army paid a devastating price for their operations in Waziristan. The official government reports claim around 200 soldiers killed, however the unofficial numbers put the casualties somewhere around 3,000 killed in combat.

    On June 25, I sounded the alarm that a truce would be in the offing in North Waziristan. The Pakistan Army was taking a pounding, and President Musharraf lacked the will to fight in the region became apparent. All along, Musharraf and the Pakistani elite attempted to draw distinctions between the Taliban and “miscreants” and “foreigners” - which is merely code for al Qaeda. The failure to realize the Taliban and al Qaeda worked towards the same end, and have integrated political and command structures, led the Pakistani government to cut deals with the 'local Taliban' and the eventual establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Waziristan. The Taliban and al Qaeda are by no means finished with their goals of carving out safe havens along the Afghan-Pakistani border. In March of 2007, the Pakitani government signed over the tribal agency of Bajaur to the Taliban.

    The series of posts below document the history of the fall of North and South Waziristan and the rise of the Islamic Emirate of Waziristan, and the rise of Talibanistan in the Northwest Frontier Province from 2006 onward.


    .....G )

    NWFP/FATA map. Red agencies/ districts controlled by the Taliban; yellow under threat. Click map to view

    Backgrounder Patki


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    Suicide bombers WASTE Allah's "GREATEST GIFT"

    al Qaeda suicide bombers waste the "great gift" from Allah, LIFE.

    USA is a lover of this great gift, even when al Qaeda gives them one of the al Qaeda wounded.

    USA will try and save this gift from Allah, Allah wanted him alive for a reason, USA is doing Allah's will not the al Qaeda or Taliban suicide bombers.


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    latest Firefox up date DISASTER...



    It does so much, but poorly, badly programed.

    YOU have to have IE as back up as FF is not dependable, unreliable, continual corruptiuon.

    Poor help files, poor group help, archaic, obtuse instructions.

    half assed efforts.

    Now blogger sites don't fully display and I can't update or write new blogs from FF.

    Tabs freeze, unresponsive.
    Crashes, crashes...

    Google tool bar quit, gone? Don't know what FF did with it or the G notebook,

    many extensions don't work.

    Java doesn't work even though I have enabled it.

    fire fox sucks,

    fire fox sucks,

    fire fox sucks,

    fire fox sucks,

    fire fox sucks,

    They recieve my vote for the worst on going product on the net.

    Don't like IE either, its too damn nosey.

    This so pisses me off,
    When FF is working it drastically improves my output and capabilities, when it isn't working it gets in the way, slows me down and denys me access to important tools....
    Give me an auto un-corrupt tool.
    Check passwords, favs, etc for corruption, save them, save extensions.
    Dump all FF, download it, re-install, Extensions, preferences, passwords, Favs.
    Ready to go again, as I can't see how you can avoid the eventual corrupt problem.
    Just make it easy to fix/rebuild...

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    Bhutto's BOMB paradigm wrong.

    Head of BOMBER

    AP and CNN are currently reporting the death toll from the blast at 136 dead, with nearly 400 wounded.
    The Associated Press initially reported that there was "an initial small explosion was followed by a huge blast just feet from the front of the truck carrying Bhutto"
    ( First reports says 24 lbs or RDX? Which kind, 5 types. )
    Many police cars destroyed, the suicide bomber got thru the outer police ring, and was stopped by the inner ring of security.

    It just doesn't fit, one bomber on foot caring enough explosives to do this much damage?
    He would have to waddle thru the crowds.

    It is much more likely it was a car bomb, with a walk up suicide bomber.

    A high-ranking police official — part of Ms Benazir’s security detail — told Dawn that the bullet-proof vehicle of the PPP leader was stationary when the suicide bomber struck. He said that two security vehicles fitted with jammers moved ahead of and behind Ms Bhutto’s truck, which was flanked by four to five police vans at a time.

    The damage done is way out of proportion to what a suicide bomber could carry, the street lights turning off, can be tested with an stats formulas, how often were the street light out?

    The police official said one vehicle fitted with the jammer was extensively damaged in the second explosion. He conceded that the two jammers had broken down primarily because charged PPP activists had knocked over their antenna, installed atop the cars in which they were fitted.

    He said the first blast took place on the right side of the truck. He added that the second explosion, which wrought greater devastation, took place on the left side of the truck.

    The other side of this paradigm is an 8 hr drive after dark after many bomb threats?
    al Qaeda fell for it and turned much public opinion against them with this bombing.

    The names of bomber, type of explosive, amount and method of delivery will point the finger in the right direction.

    This maybe the start of an all out fight to try and bring Taliban to the table for talks.
    Look at who was in charge of State security..



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    Friday, October 19, 2007

    Cyberspace Command: USAF

    Tension between war-fighting objectives and intelligence-gathering ones are evident.
    Shaun Waterman
    United Press International
    Oct 17, 2007

    Recent pronouncements by U.S. Air Force officials about their view of cyberspace as a war-fighting domain have attracted little attention. But the questions they raise for U.S. military policy and doctrine are profound.

    “Cyber(space) is important to the nation,” said Gen. Robert Elder, the military officer in charge of the U.S. Air Force’s day-to-day cyberspace operations, acknowledging the dependence of U.S. commerce and banking on the Internet, “But to the Air Force, it’s really important.”

    He told a recent briefing organized by the Air Force Association that cyberspace was vital because it was the key to the U.S. military’s fabled cross-domain dominance.

    We have had situations before where the intersections (with other agencies) ¿¿ have been difficult,” he said. He said there were “shades of gray from law enforcement (to) homeland security, (to) homeland defense to some kind of expeditionary operation (like Iraq).

    “What we’re really trying to do with these partnerships is close the gaps” between military and civilian authorities and agencies. “We need to have clearer interaction with these other agencies,” he said.

    “Legislation, policies and international law are lagging the technology” in the cyber-domain, Lani Kass, a senior adviser to U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Michael Moseley, told another recent conference. “The United States is late to the fight.”

    She said U.S. tactics in cyberspace were constrained by political correctness.

    “Today it is much easier to get permission to kill the enemy, to drop a bomb on a terrorist hideout, than to culturally offend them. In other words, take a beheading video, take it off the net, and substitute — whatever you like: Bay Watch? The technology is there. It’s there in the civilian world. But the policies are such that you can’t do that.” ( THE MILITARY CAN'T DO IT )

    One congressional official told United Press International that caution was appropriate in what he called “virgin territory” from a strategic theory point of view. ( THAT MEANS AFTER USA SUFFERS A SERIOUS ATTACK, THEN USA CAN GO INTO THE VIRGIN TERRITORY )

    “If we drop a bomb on a house, we have a pretty good idea of what the collateral damage will be ¿¿ if we take down a server somewhere, the possible results are a lot less clear.” ( LETS TRY TAKING DOWN A GOOD Statistical SAMPLE AND SEE, START WITH IRAN )

    Elder said from a defensive point of view, the Air Force is interested not just in protecting its own networks, which he called “perimeter security,”


    but also in “getting out beyond the wire” and building “defense in depth” in the cyber-domain.


    On any Air Force base, he said, the ultimate last line of defense is the sidearm that every airman carries. He said a “cyber-sidearm program” would give “every airman the tools, right on their laptop or desktop” to defend the cyber-domain. ( I LIKE THIS, WITH RULES OF ENGAGEMENT..."cyber-sidearms" SOME CIVILIANS HAVE THEM ALREADY FOR SELF DEFENSE )

    She said cyberspace “is a domain that allows you to deliver effects disproportionate to the level of investment,” and that could thus provide U.S. adversaries with asymmetric advantages.

    ( HELLO aQ )

    “To dominate on land, at sea, in the air, and in space, you need to invest a fairly significant amount of capital, training, equipment. ¿¿ In the electromagnetic spectrum of the cyber-domain a very minimal investment allows you to inflict damage totally disproportionate to your level of investment.” Source:

    VETTED: peer reviewed:



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    Who was in charge of Bhutto's Security???

    Bin Laden's former handling officer in charge of Benazir's security ?

    By B. Raman

    According to latest reports, at least one hundred and thirty-two persons---20 of them police officers deputed to protect Benazir Bhutto, former Prime Minister--- were killed in a suspected suicide attack on the convoy by which she was being taken from the Karachi airport to the Mausoleum of Mohammad Ali Jinnah on the night of October 18.The suicide attack or attacks were clearly aimed at killing her on her arrival in Karachi to a triumphant welcome by her supporters, but she managed to escape.

    Reliable sources say one or two suicide bombers were involved. The bullet-proof vehicle by which she was being taken by her supporters was protected by two cordons of security guards. The inner cordon consisted of security guards engaged by her Pakistan People's Party Parliamentarians to protect her. Many of them were former policemen and ex-servicemen enjoying the confidence of her party and her confidence. The outer cordon consisted of police officers of the Sindh Police and plain-clothes security officers of Pakistan's Intelligence Bureau, which is headed by Brig. Ejaz Shah, a former officer of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), who is a close personal friend of Gen. Pervez Musharraf and Gen. (retd). Mohammad Aziz, a Kashmiri officer belonging to the Sudan tribe, who orchestrated the overthrow of Nawaz Sharif from the post of Prime Minister in October, 1999. Shah is also a close personal friend of many Punjabi leaders of the Pakistan Muslim League (Qaide Azam), which is opposed to Benazir's return.

    According to these sources, the suicide bomber or bombers managed to penetrate the security cordon of the Police and IB officers without being frisked, but could not penetrate the inner cordon of security guards of the PPPP. When they stopped them, they blew themselves up a short distance away from her vehicle. At the time of the explosion, she was not standing on top of the vehicle. She had gone inside the vehicle to rest for a while. This seems to have contributed to her miraculous escape. Had she been standing on top she might have been injured, if not killed.

    There are many elements in Pakistan and in Karachi itself, which are opposed to her and are determined to prevent her return to power. These include the various jihadi terrorist groups, Al Qaeda and its allies, those involved in the kidnapping and murder of Daniel Pearl and the supporters of Dawood Ibrahim, the Indian mafia leader, who has been given shelter in Karachi by the Pakistani intelligence agencies. The anger against her is due to various reasons---- the fact that she is a woman, her close proximity to the US and her open statements supporting the US on various issues. They see her as the US' cat's paw. It is difficult to say at present that might have been responsible for the attack on her.

    Brig. Ejaz Shah has been strongly criticized by Mrs. Benazir and her supporters for the security breach and they have demanded his removal and arrest. When he was in the ISI, he used to be the handling officer of Osama bin Laden and Mulla Omar, the Amir of the Taliban. After Musharraf seized power in October, 1999, he had him posted as the Home Secretary of Punjab. It was to him that Omar Sheikh, who orchestrated the kidnapping and murder of Daniel Pearl, the American journalist, surrendered because Omar Sheikh knew him before and was confident that Ejaz Shah would see that he was not tortured.

    After the murder of Pearl, there were many allegations regarding Shah's role. Musharraf tried to protect him by sending him as the Ambassador to Australia or Indonesia. Both the countries reportedly refused to accept him. Musharraf then made him the DG of the IB. As the DG of the IB, he has seen to it that the death sentence against Omar Sheikh for his role in the Pearl case was not executed. The courts have been repeatedly postponing hearings on the appeal filed by Omar Sheikh against the death sentence. SOURCE:

    We saw that coming, bomb attack.


    Update: a


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    Syria, NUKE or Chemical: + Iranians

    Was Israel behind the July explosion at the Syrian military base outside Aleppo?

    By Olivier Guitta: CounterTerrorism Blog

    The September 6 Israeli attack on what was most likely a Syrian nuclear site, was confirmed yesterday by a top Syrian official. Even though today, Syria is vehemently denying the following account: according to Fox News, “it [Israel] had taken action against nuclear facilities, including the 6 July attack in Syria," Syrian representative Bassam Darwish is quoted in the document as saying.
    Still according to Fox News, diplomats familiar with the document cannot explain why July 6 was invoked, instead of Sept. 6, the date both countries say an incident occurred. A State Department source told Fox News the best explanation is that Darwish misspoke.

    But it might be possible that Darwish mixed the July and September dates because of the explosion that occurred in a Syrian military base outside Aleppo on July 26.
    Jane’s Defense Weekly reported, in its September 26 issue, citing Syrian defense sources, as saying the explosion took place during a test to fit a "Scud C" missile with a mustard-gas warhead. It quoted the sources as saying the explosion occurred when fuel caught fire in the missile production laboratory.
    "The blast dispersed chemical agents (including VX and Sarin nerve agents and mustard blister agent) across the storage facility and outside," the publication quoted the sources as saying. The magazine said that, in addition to the 15 Syrian troops, "dozens" of Iranian weapons engineers were killed.

    But there might be another explanation for this explosion.

    In fact, The Croissant ran a story, from the Kuwaiti Al Seyassah of September 26, 2007, with a cautious disclaimer stating that the following story was to be handled carefully.
    Al Seyassah quoted a Shiite Lebanese ulema [religious cleric] as saying that tens of Iranian experts and engineers died as a result of the July 26 explosion. He said that Iranians were supervising a program of chemical weapons manufacturing. And he added that the Israelis were behind this attack but he did not explain how they succeeded.

    What is sure is that Israel must be very happy that a chemical weapons facility in Syria had been badly damaged…

    Or nuke?

    October 19, 2007 12:20 AM Link

    Excellent Work.

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    Thursday, October 18, 2007

    China's actions should trigger SEC investigation

    Paradigm intel:

    China's actions should trigger SEC investigation, or equivalent.
    Cyberwar: China Declares War On Western Search Sites
    The Gov. of China is blocking traffic to all major search engines
    and redirecting traffic to a NASDAQ LISTED company,

    The NASDAQ listed Baidu dominates mainland search, in a big way due to its thorough indexing of illegal music and video and related search capabilities, a service that Google either refuses to or cant compete with.

    It would seem that it’s not just MP3’s that bring Chinese users to Baidu, it appears that ISP level redirects do as well.

    Further to our earlier story on visitors to Google Blogsearch being redirected to Baidu in China, new reports have surfaced that would indicate that China has unilaterally blocked all three major search engines in China and is redirecting all requests to Baidu.

    Digital Marketing Blog posts that all requests to and sub-sites are being redirected to Baidu. Google Blogscoped forums indicate that is also being re-directed to Baidu, as well as confirming the Yahoo story and our earlier Google post. The re-direct would also appear to apply to

    China may use its firewall as an economic tool as opposed to a censorship tool alone, and although censorship may be partially behind todays blanket ban of US search sites, the redirect to Baidu would indicate an economic motive; if the Chinese Government were serious about censorship alone we would have reports of page not found/ blocked messages, not redirects to Baidu. The Chinese Government is clearly using its censorship regime to the economic benefit of a Chinese owned (but NASDAQ listed) company.

    A new joint copyright alliance that includes CBS Corp., Dailymotion, Microsoft, NBC Universal, News Corp.’s Fox and MySpace units, Viacom Inc. and Walt Disney Co is due to launch Friday, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

    Google is noted as not being a member of the grouping, but in discussions to join.

    The group will address copyright-related issues including video piracy, with a focus on using technology to eliminate copyright-infringing content and blocking any infringing material before it is publicly accessible.




    Baidu Hijacking Google Traffic In China

    Posted: 18 Oct 2007 02:27 AM CDT

    Google has done it hard in China. Confined to acting within both local laws and US copyright laws it has failed to take the lead in a market that will have more broadband users that the United States in the next 12-18 months.

    So we have a Government China redirecting traffic to a chinese listed company listed on NASDAQ.


    In the Board of Directors Conference room ( NYSE ) is a bond framed on the wall, 3 foot by 4 foot of a bond, Chinese bond, from the past. ( as I remember it, to the right of the BAR, got drunk there, GREAT TIME )
    Right after the Chinese Gov floated the $500,000,000 bond they defaulted on it. Screwed bond buyers.

    Seems Wall Street just doesn't learn.

    China has recent threatened financial suicide also.



    1.What is

    Baidu is the leading Chinese language search engine. Baidu’s mission is to provide the best way for people to find information online, including Chinese language web pages, news, images and multimedia files though links provided on our website. In addition to serving individual Internet search users, we also provide an effective platform for businesses to reach potential customers online. Our online marketing services include auction-based P4P and tailored solutions. We believe we were the first auction-based P4P service provider in China.

    2.What is P4P?

    P4P stands for Pay for Performance. As the name would suggest, P4P customers bid for priority placements of links to their websites among relevant search results.

    3.How and when was Inc. established?

    Baidu was established in Year 2000 by co- founders, Robin Li and Eric Xu. Both of the co-founders are Chinese nationals who have studied and worked overseas before returning to China. Inc. is registered in the Cayman Islands.

    Who were Baidu’s underwriters?
    Goldman Sachs (Asia) L.L.C.
    Credit Suisse First Boston

    Last trade $320.00
    Stock and market info


    China just doesn't get it.

    This should put a BAD crimp in earnings.

    ( bring on the accountants )

    Very strange trading patterns,

    100% price increase last month.

    UP 300% in two months. $100 to $200 to $300.

    Previous 7 months ( start date ) traded $46 to $125 range.


    Graph ( full graph, public to date )

    The price chart could be indicating that the Chinese Government decided around the end of August to switch all traffic from Google, Yahoo, youtube all major search engines to Baidu around TODAY.

    As this insider information was leaked it drove the price of the stock up,

    volume increased from 1.3 million shares a DAY ( stock price $100 ) in August to

    over 5 million shares during September ( $200 a share ),

    to 7.3 million shares a day this month ( $320 today, 10.18.07 ).

    Question is who the Chinese Government let in on this insider info: blocking all the Western search Cos. and sending the hits to Baidu.

    And China wouldn't just give this information away, it was payment: for WHAT?

    And who the insiders are, trading on this info? ( ROUGH TOTAL PROFITS: 5 million shares A DAY, 30 days X $100 px increase is $15 billion A MONTH, X 2 months = $30 billion). This figure doesn't include profits from options, Calls.

    Options maybe exceed profits from straight stock. ( $30 bil + $30 bil = $60 bil max. )

    On top of that next year there will be as many broadband connections in China as in the USA. ( and I've been studying Arabic )

    Google's sales growth has topped 50 percent in all of its 13 quarters FROM the broadband connections in USA, and thats $4.23 Billion this Quarter.

    So China is hijacking Western traffic from China and sending it to a Chinese Company listed on NADSAQ. And maybe profiting from the insider info.

    This just boggles the mind.

    Doesn't China have any Anthropologist?

    They need to study western culture....



    China has recent threatened financial suicide before.


    Series 7 & 13

    ( no connection to this stock, have not, and do not have any interest, long or short, no Options. )

    UPDATE: China is talking about dumping its USD reserves, $1.43 trillion usd on the open market, in a buying spree. Can I write 1.43 trillion?


    So this insider trading might get swept under the rug for awhile.

    China blocked another US ship: Pentagon

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    Bhutto, siucide bombers, WE SAW THAT COMING.

    Scene of bomb blast
    Scene of bomb blast


    At first they thought it was car bombs, now they think it was
    suicide bombers.


    She is safe:

    MSNBC CLAIMs al Qaeda claimed responsibility.


    Christina Lamb, Ms Bhutto's biographer, was on the truck at the time of the explosions...

    "We had been on the bus for about nine hours, there were huge crowds and we were talking about what a great atmosphere there was.

    "Suddenly there was an enormous blast and everybody just screamed. I was covered in blood, but it wasn't mine, it was somebody else's.

    "There were about 20 people on top of the bus, it was pretty exposed."


    Bhutto leaves bus after attack
    photos from Sky News


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    'Portents of A Nuclear Al-Qaeda'

    October 18, 2007

    'Portents of A Nuclear Al-Qaeda'

    Rick Moran
    David Ignatius and I don't see eye to eye on much, although he has written some very good pieces on the Middle East and Lebanon in particular (his column is published in the Daily Star of Lebanon).

    But his column in the Washington Post this morning is a must read for anyone concerned about the ultimate terrorist threat; the detonation of a nuclear weapon on American soil:

    With his shock of white hair and piercing eyes, Mowatt-Larssen looks like a man who has seen a ghost. And when you listen to a version of the briefing he has been giving recently to President Bush and other top officials, you begin to understand why.

    He is convinced that al-Qaeda is trying to acquire a nuclear bomb that will leave the ultimate terrorist signature -- a mushroom cloud....

    But it's worth listening to his warnings -- not because they induce more numbing paralysis but because they might stir sensible people to take actions that could detect and stop an attack. That's why his boss, Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman, is encouraging him to speak out. Mowatt-Larssen doesn't want to anguish later that he didn't sound the alarm in time.

    Mowatt-Larssen has been gathering this evidence since a few weeks after Sept. 11, when then-CIA Director George Tenet asked him to create a new branch on weapons of mass destruction in the agency's counterterrorism center. He helped Tenet prepare the chapter on al-Qaeda's nuclear efforts that appears in Tenet's memoir, " At the Center of the Storm." Now that the uproar over Tenet's mistaken "slam dunk" assessment of the Iraqi threat has died down, it's worth rereading this account. It provides a chilling, public record of al-Qaeda's nuclear ambitions.
    ( without al Qaeda in the mix it might have been closer to a slam dunk: HERE.)
    Al-Qaeda has been interested in acquiring nuclear weapons almost since its inception, dating back to 1993 when Osama offered $1.5 million to buy highly enriched uranium that could be used in a bomb. And three Saudi al-Qaeda operatives were thwarted from buying 3 Russian made nukes in 2003. They have enlisted the help of Pakistani scientists - some of whom worked on the Paikstani bomb program.

    And just as importantly, Mowatt-Larssen has pointed out that al-Qaeda has received the blessing of several Muslim clerics to go ahead and use any nuclear weapon they might acquire.

    Ignatius points out that most analysts doubt that al-Qaeda has a nuclear capability. But Mowatt-Larssen says "We just don't know."

    And the nightmare for policymakers is that we will be unaware of the terrorist's capability to hit us with nukes until a mushroom shaped cloud blooms over an American city.
    The American Thinker.


    USA's Nuke paradigm out of SYNC

    The other nUKE PROBLEM: the NUKE coin.


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    Afghan prison 'hunger strike' in 10th day, lips sewn

    Afghan prison 'hunger strike' in 10th day,

    lips sewn

    Thursday October 18, 2007 (1909 PST)

    KABUL: About 80 inmates in Afghanistan's main jail have forced scores more into pretending to be on a hunger strike

    that Started 10 days ago, even sewing

    closed the lips of 40,

    the prisons chief said.

    The strike at Kabul's Pul-i-Charki prison started three days
    after 15 convicts were executed on October 7 on various
    criminal charges.

    Officials said then that inmates were protesting against a
    flawed judicial process.

    But prison chief Abdul Salam Asmat told French news agency
    the point of the strike was unclear and a commission from the
    government, parliament, United Nations and International
    Committee of the Red Cross had been set up to hear their

    He also cast doubt on whether all the prisoners were refusing
    food, as they claimed, and said most of them were being forced
    into the action in one four-floor block of the jail on the outskirts
    of the capital.

    "In two floors 240 prisoners are apparently on a hunger strike,"
    he told AFP. "The 80 leaders have forced 40 inmates
    to sew
    up lips
    and have forced 140 to join them in their strike,"
    he said.

    "They are not on a total, real hunger strike," he said. "They had
    stored some food stuff before. And also since two floors receive
    food they share and pretend they are on strike."

    Asmat had said earlier most of the striking prisoners were
    linked with the extremist Taliban and Al-Qaeda groups that
    are behind an anti-government insurgency launched six
    years ago.


    Who has photos of this?

    I want photos of al Qaeda sewing their own lips together,

    OR EVEN AFTER, is it just one stich?

    or the whold mouth?



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    Warning letters to thousands of Jewish families in Iran

    DEBKAfile Exclusive: Warning letters delivered to thousands of Jewish families in Iran advise them to leave the country without delay

    October 17, 2007, 11:04 PM (GMT+02:00)

    The letters, according to DEBKAfile’s Iranian sources, have been posted to Jewish families in Tehran (where the community numbers some 13,000), Isfahan (under 2,000) and Shiraz (some 4,000). They are captioned: Danger! Danger! Danger! and tell recipients to try and reach the West with all possible speed. Iranian Jews like the rest of the population face grave danger from impending events, the anonymous writers warn.

    Wednesay, Oct. 17, President George W. Bush spoke of World War Three if Iran which seeks to destroy Israel gains a nuclear bomb. He said those who helped the Islamic Republic would be held responsible, a broad hint at Russia and China.

    The Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert’s sudden trip to Moscow Thursday, Oct. 18, for one day there and back, and the two hours President Vladimir Putin has allotted for their conversation, tie in with these events.

    DEBKAfile’s sources report that the meeting was requested by Olmert after he conferred with US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice on the last day of her Middle East shuttle, and with Washington. The prime minister is seeking Putin’s assurance that Russia will not complete construction of Iran’s nuclear reactor at Bushehr or supply the fuel for its activation.

    Sources in Washington and Jerusalem decided to strike while the iron is hot, namely straight after Putin’s return from Tehran and before his final commitment to Tehran, in the hope of gaining his personal pledge to leave the reactor unfinished. This would be an important obstacle to Iran’s nuclear plans.

    But our sources in Moscow judge these calculations are unrealistic. If Putin did not show his cards to the Iranian leaders in Tehran, they say, there is no chance of him giving Olmert any commitments. The Russian president is playing the world leader to the hilt. He will emphasize to the Israeli prime minister that Moscow has its own interests in the Middle East, just like the US and Israel.

    The letters posted to Iranian Jews, our sources report, are not signed; they were postmarked from different towns in America and Europe and from private addresses so as not to raise the suspicions of Iranian security services.

    All the same, some were discovered and confiscated, prompting Tehran to accuse Israel and world Zionist organizations of a campaign to scare its Jewish citizens.

    In recent months, Iranian officials angrily held up a new Israeli offer of a one-time grant of $10,000 for every Iranian Jew migrating to Israel, over and above the regular grants for other immigrants. Learning of these incentives, the Iranian authorities not long ago ordered the Jewish deputy in the Majlis, Mauris Mo’tamed, to declare that the Jews of Iran cannot be bought for money and would never forsake their country SOURCE:

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    Spot a fanatic

    TROOPS are taught the telltale signs of a potential suicide bomber -

    such as covering their PRIVATES.
    It is often the last thing a fanatic does before detonation.

    ( The down blast, shreds the penis; SORRY guys. )







    ( THE Liberal Democrats should be warned that not every person on fire at the airport is necessarily a terrorist )



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    Wednesday, October 17, 2007

    Next Time...thinking out loud

    After watching this unfold for 6 yrs, How could one do this different next time?

    Maybe do a slow flyover with B52's, show them USA can, and shoot down everything that comes up to fight.
    Kill every tank in the country for the IED's.

    Warn civilians living over secret underground bunkers to leave as USA will be coming thru their house, roof to floor.

    EMP small to take out small part of economy.

    Hit teams for key leader. Arrest him for Narc violations like Norega.

    Take out the heads of Government, by force of arms, force the Armys surrender.
    Take the really heavy duty weapons, let them keep light arms, they continue to run country.
    Keep them in tack, and secure an agreement to serve the new Government the Ummah elects.

    Stop looting, and civil unrest. Use indigenous troops.

    Pull all USA troops to a "Force Protected" areas.

    Let them elect new government.


    USA got suckered by aQ coming into Iraq, killing both Sunni and Shia and blaming Americans for deaths, violence. Civil unrest, and lack of progress.
    And USA is letting them get away with that, STILL..

    Taking aQ out of the Iraq equation would be a MUCH different Iraq experience, more like MacArthur's Japan.


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    Iraq, almost ready......


    Iraq’s previously splintered factions are showing signs of cooperation. Key points of the new multi-faction pact include, “no more sectarianism ; no foreign interference (thus no following of US, Iran, or Saudi agendas); no support for al-Qaeda in the Land of the Two Rivers; and the right to armed resistance against the occupation.” "

    Iraq’s splintered factions are showing signs of cooperation. Key points of multi-faction pact , “no more sectarianism ; no foreign interference (thus no following US, Iran, or Saudi agendas); no support for al-Qaeda in the Land of the Two Rivers; right to armed resistance against the occupation.” "

    Now if they will drive aQ out of Iraq, USA's Army can go home.


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    20,000 policemen to guard Bhutto, KARACHI

    20,000 policemen to guard PPP chief
    Published: Thursday, 18 October, 2007, 02:24 AM Doha Time
    Policemen transport a container to block the roads around the airport in preparation for the arrival of former Benazir Bhutto in Karachi yesterday
    Benazir Bhutto will be guarded by 20,000 police, anti-sniper shields and the sheer number of her own supporters when she returns home today amid warnings of Al Qaeda attacks, officials said.
    Police marksmen will take positions on rooftops and flyovers, while bomb disposal squads are sweeping the former premier’s route on her planned 18-hour procession from Karachi airport to the mausoleum of Pakistan’s founder.
    “The threat of suicide bombing is there. There are two or three groups of suicide bombers operating in Karachi, according to intelligence reports,” Sindh province home secretary Ghulam Mohamed Mohtarram said.
    The groups were linked to Osama bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda network, Afghanistan’s hardline Taliban militia and a Pakistani pro-Taliban militant leader who has reportedly threatened to “welcome” Bhutto with suicide bombers, he said.
    “Whatever we can do we will do for the protection of Benazir Bhutto. The person of Benazir Bhutto will be covered. But it will be very difficult to prevent such bombings if they happen in the mob,” he said.
    Her Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), however, said it expected that Bhutto would in fact be protected by the 1mn supporters it estimates will flood the streets on her homecoming.
    “It’s a mixture of our own diehard supporters who will be surrounding her to keep her safe, and the administration, which has promised foolproof security,” Senator Safdar Abbasi, a PPP central executive committee member, said.
    “Threats do exist,” he added.
    Bhutto will be behind bullet-proof screens as she rides a specially modified 20-foot shipping container attached to the back of a lorry through the teeming city, police and her party said.
    Up to 20,000 police and paramilitary troops will be deployed for her arrival - 8,000 to 10,000 on the route itself and another 10,000 elsewhere in Karachi, a top city police official said.
    Bomb disposal squads and sniffer dogs are already checking for roadside explosive devices, the official added.
    Bhutto herself will be surrounded by three separate security cordons, the official said.
    The outermost will prevent all access to Bhutto’s lorry, a moving platform for journalists and about 10 cars for her senior party workers. In the second, plain-clothed and uniformed officers will ride in and among the party cars.
    And the innermost cordon will be security officials with Bhutto on her truck.
    On arrival at the huge white marble mausoleum for Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the country’s founding father, she will give a speech from behind more bullet-proof screens.
    Bhutto said earlier this week she was more worried that former army officers could try to assassinate her than that Al Qaeda or the Taliban would launch suicide attacks against her.
    She said on Wednesday in Dubai:
    “I don’t believe that a true Muslim will make an attack on me... Islam forbids suicide bombings.”



    "Tomorrow at this time we will be on board the plane for Karachi, which is a day that I and all the people in Pakistan who love democracy and who believe in fundamental human rights have been waiting for," Bhutto said in Dubai.

    Pakistan's biggest city was gearing up for her arrival.

    Billboards bearing iconic images of Bhutto smiling beneath a trademark white scarf loomed over downtown Karachi, while youths on motorcycles zipped through suburbs with pennants of her Pakistan People's Party (PPP) aloft.

    Leaders of the PPP predicted that a million people will turn out to greet her, as supporters carrying red, black and green party banners streamed into Karachi from villages in the flat, arid hinterland of Sindh province.

    Despite being out of power since 1996, the charismatic Bhutto, 54, remains one of the most recognisable women politicians in the world, having been prime minister twice and the first female leader of a Muslim nation.

    The United States is believed to have quietly encouraged an alliance between President Pervez Musharraf and Bhutto to keep nuclear-armed Pakistan's government moderate and pro-Western.

    But, the timing of Bhutto's return is awkward for General Musharraf, who sees her as both a rival and potential ally after a general election due in early January SOURCE:


    Ms Bhutto has claimed that some pro-jihadist retired Pakistani military officers were plotting her assassination, but said that death threats could not deter her.

    Educated at Harvard and Oxford Universities, Ms Bhutto became the first female prime minister of a Muslim country when her Pakistan People's Party (PPP) won elections in 1988. She was ousted from office after only 18 months amid charges of corruption and incompetence.

    New Delhi: Pakistan has turned into a virtual fortress ahead of the return of its exiled former prime minister Benazir Bhutto. A security blanket has been thrown over Karachi, where Benazir will arrive after her flight lands later in the day.

    Pakistani officials in charge of the security are leaving nothing to chance given the death threats from jehadis and have made elaborate arrangements.

    IG Karachi Jehangir Mirza told CNN-IBN the roads leading to the city have sealed. “We have sealed off side roads with shipping containers. Bomb squads have also combed the streets following threats by a Taliban commander Baitullah Masood,” he said.

    More than 3,500 police officers and 5,000 supporters have been deployed to patrol the route, Mirza said, adding schools and colleges will remain shut.

    “This will be 10 miles journey and looking at the crowd, it may take whole day,” Mirza said.

    Benazir’s fleet would include a bullet-proof Mercedez car attached with bulletproof troller and a suicide bomb detector. The troller will be used as high rise public address stage, Pakistan official Wajid Shamsul Hasan said.

    In case of an emergency, there’s also a helicopter on the standby. SOURCE


    By Rahimullah Yusufzai

    PESHAWAR: Did Baitullah Mehsud, the commander of Taliban fighters in South Waziristan, really threaten suicide attacks targeting Benazir Bhutto?

    Members of his group have expressed ignorance about any such threat and the pro-MMA Senator Maulana Saleh Shah, who was reported to have made a statement about Baitullah Mehsud’s plan to ‘welcome’ Benazir Bhutto upon her return to Pakistan with a suicide bombing, has already issued a denial......

    ............Though it is clear that Baitullah Mehsud hasn’t threatened Benazir Bhutto with suicide bombing, one should keep in mind that anyone intending to launch such an attack would not brag about it publicly. Benazir Bhutto has provoked the militants and Jihadis with some of her recent pro-US and anti-al-Qaeda and anti-Taliban statements and one should, therefore, not rule out the possibility of suicide bombings targeting her............



    An interior ministry official, Javed Iqbal Cheema, said pro-Taleban militants had threatened to mount suicide attacks, but he was confident there was adequate security for Ms Bhutto's return.


    Dubai. Former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto set out on Thursday on a journey home to end eight years of self-exile, under threat of assassination from militants linked to al Qaeda once she reaches Karachi. Source:



    Update: assassination:

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    What if America were INVADED

    I think this is a trailer for some Leftist movie.

    I DON'T THINK USA would start a civil war with its self.
    Behead civilian news reporters.
    bomb churches or Mosques,
    bomb market places,
    start killing their OWN people.
    do suicide bombings, destroying Gods
    greatest gift , LIFE.
    wouldn't kill civilians women and children.


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    al Qaeda's immediate future.

    al Qaeda's immediate future. PARADIGM INTEL.

    In Iraq USA will continue with the "awaking" process.
    And help various factions to negotiate disagreements, among themselves.
    And show the sections how to obtain power in the Iraqi Government.

    aQ will continue with assassinations of dissenting tribes.
    aQ cadre will continue to decline in quality and volume.
    aQ will score few big strikes.
    Internet Jahidis continue to be arrested, and websites closed, and aQ internet dissidents will
    become more vocal and proliferate new anti-aQ web sites ( abet Insurgent, anti-American ).

    As USA's war Internet teams come online they will wreak havoc on aQ's Internet and their Black net.

    The break between aQ and dissidents will degrade into assassinations teams being deployed.
    Some groups are already talking about killing "Internet Commanders" in the secret back rooms..
    And "aQ Internet " burned security for some groups and "Obelisk" in general.
    Binny and Zeppo are clueless about these Internet problems.
    aQ will degrade to 'mudboot' thinking regarding the Internet factions that won't buckle under, and attempt murders same as they do for real world groups or death by leaking security Info.

    Can bomb a mosque or market place but not a web site.
    aQ is about to learn they can't enforce "spit" on the Internet.
    But the attempt will further disparage their reputations.

    To continue on aQ's downward spiral USA needs to make sure there are NO big aQ operations.
    No screw ups and facilitate everything.
    aQ is burning itself out, as Islam and the ME sees this they will join in crushing the embers.
    Expect a FIT of violence near the end.


    aQ Internet Risk

    aQ is dying

    aQ faulty Paradigm

    aQ accused of causing in Fighting

    Insurgent groups condem aQ

    Because of 911,
    USA will hunt al Qaeda ,
    like the Jews
    Hunted the Nazi


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    How many tribes in Iraq?

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    Tuesday, October 16, 2007

    suicide bomber kills OWN MOTHER

    File this under: Good help is so hard to find

    Afghan suicide bomber kills his own family. Second bomber chickens out, then kills himself when suicide vest explodes..

    A mother who tried to stop her son from carrying out a suicide bomb attack triggered an explosion in the family's home in southern Afghanistan that killed the would-be bomber, his mother and three siblings, police said Monday.

    The would-be bomber had been studying at a madrassa, or religious school, in Pakistan, and when he returned to his home in Uruzgan province over the weekend announced that he planned to carry out a suicide attack, Interior Ministry spokesman Zemeri Bashary said.

    Surviving family members told police that the suicide vest exploded during a struggle between the mother and her son, said Juma Gul Himat, Uruzgan's police chief. The man's brother and two sisters were also killed.

    Family members said the would-be bomber gave his family $3,600 before telling them he intended to carry out the attack, Himat said.

    Bashary said the explosion happened on Sunday, but Himat said it occurred on Monday morning. It was not clear why the two accounts differed.

    In a second accidental explosion, another would-be bomber killed himself Friday in Paktika province when he tried to take off the bomb vest he was wearing and it exploded, Bashary said. The man told authorities he had been instructed by his handlers in Pakistan to launch a suicide attack, but changed his mind when he saw people praying in a mosque.


    NOW They are rigging the vests to explode if removed.
    50% of suicide bombers kill only themselves.

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    al qaeda's Internet RISKS

    By Douglas Farah:

    Why the sudden surge in communications with the network? That, to me, is the most important question. The content is important and should be analyzed, especially the call to war against Musharraf in Pakistan and the call to retake Spain for Islam. But much of the statements are simply restatements of old positions and rhetoric.

    Or perhaps the productions are largely intended as morale boosters for the cadre in the absence of significant successful attacks in the United States and Europe.

    What does seem clear to me is that this propaganda machine, run at some risk and expense, is vitally important to the leadership. It is also vital for those in a virtual world, looking for some point of connection, to have access to this material, as well as being useful to those seeking to recruit.

    I am not sure what it means, but it is another sign of how much work there is to do in shutting down the message as well as the messenger.



    There is some divergence between al Qaeda proper, in the trenches and the Internet Jihadists.

    The experience level between the wanabee armchair jihadists and cadre at arms in the field
    is causing problems. The armchair jeddies just don't get it, and won't listen to the mud booted troops, even when they talk. Neither truly understand each other and both have very limited command or control of the other.

    The field cadre don't understand the nuances of the Internet and all the Internet wanabees get are demands for more recruits, money and suicide bombers.

    The mud boots don't trust the Internet jahidists, because of all the leaks and computers seized with data on al Qaeda. There is considerable risk in the communication links between the field and the Internet. Which are being fully exploited by the West. As the Internet leads into al Qaeda's operational heart.

    al Qaeda's webmasters are as valuable a target as some lieutenant on the battle field.
    And this is a recent discovery in the war on terror.

    As important as the Internet is to their recruiting and propaganda effort, it is also the highest risk operation al Qaeda runs.
    And al Qaeda runs its Internet operations badly.Witness al Qaeda's media arm security breach involving "Obelisk". and the exposing of al Qaeda's fault.

    The cost of al Qaeda's Internet operations and diminishing returns and high risk to operational security, points to al Qaeda's attempted bulling in Islamic forums, again even on the WWW al Qaeda is impotent.

    With the turning against al Qaeda by Islam we will see how the Rewards are just the extra bonus involved in outing al Qaeda leaders.

    When Islam takes down the al Qaeda leaders the rewards can be claimed here. (anonymous )

    Taking down al Qaeda's top hacker

    Joining al Qaeda, CAN'T.

    al Qaeda's war against the Ummah

    al Qaeda killing volunteers.


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    Blessed be al Qaeda, AGAIN

    Blessed be al Qa'ida

    "There is no God but Allah; Mohamed is the Messenger of Allah" In the name of God, praise be to God, and praise and blessings be upon the Messenger of God, his family, his Companions, and all those who follow him.

    al Qa'ida have brought many blessings to the Islamic Umma.
    My brothers and Allah help me count a NEW blessings.


    By Evan Kohlmann, Counter Terrorism Blog

    Over the past year, prominent Internet chat forums which underpin the terrorist communications network known as "Obelisk" have increasingly become the stage for bitter infighting between Al-Qaida and other competing Islamic extremist groups...

    The back-and-forth bickering has grown so intense that, several months ago, it actually sparked a bizarre split among opposing administrators on the top-ranking Al-Boraq chat forum--most closely associated with the Islamic Army in Iraq (IAI) but nonetheless an integral part of the so-called "Obelisk" network. As a result of that split, there are now two, separate Al-Boraq chat forums--one run by the official media wing of the IAI and the other run by dissident Al-Qaida supporters who were miffed by the IAI's harsh public attacks on Al-Qaida in Iraq....

    Now, several Iraqi insurgent factions have issued statements warning that continued arrogant quarreling provoked by Al-Qaida supporters over Internet chat forums is threatening the integrity of their own communications system.....

    Another communique from Asaeb al-Iraq al-Jihadiya (a.k.a. "the Iraqi Jihad Union") directly called upon the leadership of Al-Qaida's "Islamic State of Iraq" (ISI) "to put a stop to all the gossiping and hypocrisy [ (AND HACKING) on the chat forums]. We ask them to do this not out of our own weakness but rather due to our larger concerns. The ISI should take ongoing events very seriously because much blood has been shed and many innocent lives have been lost... We warn everyone to stop provoking these internal battles."

    source: MORE


    This demonstrates the second level of command and control of al Qaeda.
    #1) The Battlefield and #2) the Internet.
    The real al Qaeda, who are doing the fighting don't know a thing about this problem.
    They are clueless.

    The warning was from "Commander of the MEDIA wing of Hamas in Iraq".
    "Commander of the MEDIA wing"

    Hmmm, not Binny or Zack, but a commander of the media wing.
    Do all the others have commanders?

    The law of unintended consqueses expose its self again.
    al Qadea cannot enforce 'spit' on the Internet.

    al Qaeda's dissidents can set up websites, produce videos, any thing they want.
    And al Qaeda can't do a thing about it.

    The dissidents are al Qaeda's equal on the internet.
    They cannot be silenced, unlike in the streets, where they can just kill the dissidents.

    The dissidents are using al Qaeda's own weapon against them, the INTERNET.

    And al Qeada can write anything they want even if it threatens the other Insurgents
    Internet security, even "Obelisk".

    Those who believe, fight in the Cause of Allâh, and those who disbelieve, fight in the cause of the (false moujadeem), Tâghût (Satan). So fight you against the friends of Shaitân (Satan). Ever feeble indeed is the plot of Shaitân (Satan the false Moujahedeen ). ] al-Nissa:76.

    Allah said : (Allah has promised, to those among you who believe and work righteous deeds, that He will, of a surety, grant them in the land, inheritance (of power), as He granted it to those before them; that He will establish in authority their religion -the one which He has chosen for them; and that He will change (their state), after the fear in which they (lived), to one of security and peace: 'They will worship Me (alone) and not associate aught with Me. 'If any do reject Faith after this, they are rebellious and wicked.) 55,AlNOOR.

    Allah said: "The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter." 33:Al-Maeda .

    Asking the Lord to accept. The overall objective of this bulletin : Brothers and sisters urged to publish this article to relatives and friends, and in the mosques, and every person standing on the Internet Through the printing and distribution of the bulletin, and read on boards and also through sent by e-mail and e-mail Different groups, forums and chat rooms. , and other ideas that have the positive impact
    'If any do reject Faith after this, they are rebellious and wicked.) 55,AlNOOR.


    Review of al Qaeda's Paradigm

    USA's secret war A Quiet Triumph

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Monday, October 15, 2007

    NEFA foundation, almost usefull

    NEFA foundation has been releasing alot of translated terrorist documents in PDF.

    Format, and they have chose to not allow "cut and paste".
    Because it might cut down on hits, they are afraid they might not get credit?

    Researchers can read it but can't use any parts of it, or pass it on for others to read, or to be included in other research.

    Limiting distribution of their translations, well maybe they are Democrats, and are using the same logic on Censuring Turkey.

    NEFA pdf's are almost useful. Its kind of like looking in a candy stores windows and never tasting the candy.

    I could understand it if this was a straight commercial application, unrelated to the war effort, but it isn't.

    And it isn't even their work product, its mostly just translations.

    Why do they even post the pdf's?

    Read the terrorist docs but you can't use them.

    Beyond the pall, inexcusable.

    Shame on NEFA.

    Sometimes I may go to far and copy entire article with links.
    But in this endeavor the INFO and message are all important.
    I don't understand the apparent selfishness in this situation.

    USA is in a media WAR and NEFA ties our hands.
    And others that use protected PDF's

    Did I Mention these guys are Genius? Great stuff...

    NEFA PDA's now editable, cut and paste, 11.12.07
    Did I Mention these guys are Genius?

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