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    Monday, October 15, 2007

    NEFA foundation, almost usefull

    NEFA foundation has been releasing alot of translated terrorist documents in PDF.

    Format, and they have chose to not allow "cut and paste".
    Because it might cut down on hits, they are afraid they might not get credit?

    Researchers can read it but can't use any parts of it, or pass it on for others to read, or to be included in other research.

    Limiting distribution of their translations, well maybe they are Democrats, and are using the same logic on Censuring Turkey.

    NEFA pdf's are almost useful. Its kind of like looking in a candy stores windows and never tasting the candy.

    I could understand it if this was a straight commercial application, unrelated to the war effort, but it isn't.

    And it isn't even their work product, its mostly just translations.

    Why do they even post the pdf's?

    Read the terrorist docs but you can't use them.

    Beyond the pall, inexcusable.

    Shame on NEFA.

    Sometimes I may go to far and copy entire article with links.
    But in this endeavor the INFO and message are all important.
    I don't understand the apparent selfishness in this situation.

    USA is in a media WAR and NEFA ties our hands.
    And others that use protected PDF's

    Did I Mention these guys are Genius? Great stuff...

    NEFA PDA's now editable, cut and paste, 11.12.07
    Did I Mention these guys are Genius?

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Try an open-source pdf viewer. They usually have a checkbox for "Obey DRM limitations."

    I leave it unchecked.

    3:06 PM  

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