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    Saturday, June 23, 2007

    Come in Tehran, WE HAVE A PROBLEM


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    Rusty at mypetjawa does it again

    Rusty at mypetjawa does it again.
    In his war against terrorist sites he
    continues to bring sucessful pressure against the terrorist
    hosting services.

    His most recent involves the

    Seems again he is having some sucess:

    I have nothing to do with the CIPDTF - here we go again…

    As you can read from My Pet Jawa, Howie's Moisture Farm and The Dread Pundit Bluto, some stupid spammer has apparently taken upon himself to promote the increasingly dubious prose of the CIPDTF. As I am providing anonymous hosting services to the CIPDTF, I am as usually taking some heat for anything related to them. So once again I have some explaining to do. The few last times I had to do that chore the controversy involved mostly French speakers so I wrote my CIPDTF disclaimers in my French speaking blog. Now it seems that time has come to make things clear in English too…

    It is really a pity that I have to add another categorical denial to the already thickening pile, but here it is… Once again I want to make clear that I have never participated directly or indirectly in the content of the CIPDTF nor in any action aimed at promoting it by any means, especially the obnoxious and illegal ones.

    In the name of the freedom of speech that was under very strong pressure during the heights of the Ivorian civil war, I am providing free anonymous hosting services to an Ivorian collective. My contact with that collective goes through a person I know under the pseudonym "Jacques Koulibaly". I handle hosting services and that is all - I have nothing whatsoever to do with contents, nor with the actions of the CIPDTF or its sympathisers.

    With the Ivorian crisis settling down, maybe the time for the CIPDTF's radical, provocative and plain bizarre humor has passed. That is my opinion, but that is not my problem. The CIPDTF is becoming ever stranger, I believe that the quality of its publications has sharply declined and my problem is that I wish to make clear that I am not associated with the CIPDTF in any way.

    As you may know I am an extremely patient person and I will remain faithful to my past commitment to provide hosting unless unethical content appears on the site. But I am quite fed up with issuing disclaimers. So as a first step in making the demarcation of responsibilities more clear I have asked the CIPDTF to register their own domain name.

    In fact I asked them long ago, but I did not follow up. Lending a sub-domain to those impecuniary people was supposed to be a temporary measure but I let it go on way past its expiration date. So two weeks ago I gave them a deadline : register your own domain before the 14th July or I shall discontinue hosting your site. The recents events reported by the aforementioned blogs have only confirmed my determination on this matter.

    I hope that my position is now clearer for everyone involved. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask them here so that the debate can enlighten everyone.


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    Woman, Muslim, Politician, Afghan: QUIET

    Woman, Muslim, Politician, Afghan: QUIET

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    Genius, one man "Social Change Engine" M.E.

    How USA sees the ME and what they are trying to do.
    USA errors, future actions.

    Best view of how USA sees world and wants to do.
    Cspan link:

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    Dylan Blowin in the wind

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    Friday, June 22, 2007

    The dance of 7 veils

    The war in the Middle East is easily understood.

    USA needs to separate the terrorist ( Al Qaeda ) from the Arabs.
    USA needs to separate the terrorist ( AQ ) from the Persians.
    To separate the terrorists ( AQ ) from the Sunnis.
    To separate the terrorists ( AQ ) from the Shittes.

    That is the target of USA, al Qaeda, the Arab, Persian, Sunni, Shitte problem is NOT that of USA.

    The problem lies with the Insurgents, Arabs, Sunnis, vs the Persians Shittes and the fight for the control of Iraq.

    Arabs, SA, Jordan, Turkey, Afghan, al Qaeda and the Taliban and all Sunni.
    Persians, Iran, Iraq ( the ruling democracy elected a Shitte Government ) and all Shitte.

    And in the CENTER of all these countries lies IRAQ, look at a map.

    And everyone wants USA to stay.
    The Arabs and Persians want USA to keep a cover on this boiling pot while they develop a support base in Iraq.
    The Sunni want USA to stay to stop the Shitte Government from wiping them out.
    And the Shitte want USA to stay to keep the Arabs out.
    And the Ummah wants USA to stay cause they know when USA leaves it will be open warfare.

    This is of course over simplified but the general paradigm applies.


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    The Arabs ( & Persians ) have been big part of their own sorry fate

    The Arabs ( and Persians ) have been big part of their own sorry fate
    By The Daily Star

    Saturday, June 23, 2007


    For all the myriad flaws of US and Israeli policy in the Middle East, no one who looks at the region with an unbiased eye can fail to note the Arabs' role in this season of their own discontent. From Algeria, Morocco and Sudan to Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine, government and opposition parties alike are engaged in all manner of underhanded and self-destructive activities. Arab regimes meddle in one another's domestic affairs with abandon and refuse to differentiate between sedition and legitimate dissent, preferring instead to repress both with equal enthusiasm. Many of those who rail against the current Arab condition refuse to offer policy platforms, lending credence to the theory that their only goal is to replace the existing order atop a mountain of authoritarianism and corruption. In essence, all are making war on one another and on their own peoples.

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    4 Bullets in them, still standing..

    60's , 4 bullet holes, one still in him.

    4 Bullets in them, still standing..

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    Thursday, June 21, 2007

    War in ME 99% certain after USA leaves, Persians vs Arabs

    War in ME 99% certain.

    First we have Saudi Arabia to Iraq's South, Sunni,Arab
    To the West is Syria, Sunni/Baathists, Arab.
    To Iraq's north is Turkey, Sunni, but a sectarian Government. Arab.

    Now Al Qaeda is Sunni, Arab
    Afghan is Sunni, Arab
    Taliban is Sunni, Arab.

    The other side is: ( SEE MAP )

    To Iraq's East is
    Iran, Shiite, Persian. and developing Nukes.

    In Iraq's North West are the Kurds, and in Turkey, Syria, and Iran, who all want out of those respective governments into their own New country.

    Iran is made up of Kurds, Sunni and Shiite.

    Iraq is in the dead center, and trying to keep peace.
    Iraq used to be run by Saddam and the Sunni ( Arabs ), a minority.
    The new Democratic Government is Shiite, religiously connected to ( Persians ) Iran !! Remember Iran is sending Iraqi insurgents IEDs to use against USA troops.
    USA is supporting a Government religiously connected to Iran the Persians.
    While al Qaeda has the Sunni Arabs suicide bombers blowing up Shiite Mosques and Shiite market places.
    And al Qaeda recently killed some Sunni leaders as they were not following orders.

    And trying to keep all these Muslims from killing each other are USA troops.

    Question is are the Arabs ( Sunni ) or the Persians ( Shiite ) going to end up with Iraq.
    It is a geopolitical war, hiding behind Islam, both sides calling for Insurgents, to get USA
    out so they can go to war and carve up Iraq.

    And then deal with the Kurds. against both Sunni and Shiite.

    Somebody got a match?

    Now about Lebanon and the Jews.

    Lets review:
    Arabs vs Persians for Iraq.
    Turks vs Arabs and Persians for a New Kurdistan.
    Al Qaeda vs every one.
    USA vs Iran over Nukes.
    Lebanon vs Jews.
    The Civil War in Iraq.

    Interesting point:

    Wahhabism was founded by Mohammed Bin Abdul-Wahhab in 18th Century Arabia as an Islamic reform movement which felt that the local practice of Islam had lost its original purity.

    The movement formed an alliance with the founders of the Saudi dynasty which continues today. A modern militant version of Wahhabism is espoused by Osama Bin Laden's al-Qaeda organisation.

    Followers do not describe themselves as Wahhabis, preferring the term Tawhid to describe their movement. Some view Shia Islam as a heterodox sect.

    Ok thats a sure thing, yes, 99%.

    Also see: Al Qaeda vs Iran


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    Back ground, Inside Intel, ME interactive, powers..

    Excellent, interesting, logical, much clear...


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    Pakistan creates sanctuary for al Qaeda in North

    Worth a second look,
    Ole Binny has bee quiet for over a YEAR...

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    Wednesday, June 20, 2007

    "I LOVE YOU"


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    Iraqi Police Commercial

    Iraqi Police Commercial, sub-titled

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    Tuesday, June 19, 2007



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    Saudi Arabia Launches Arabic-english Website To Fight Extremism

    The Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs has announced the upcoming launch of a website aimed at fighting extremism and to reform individuals with extremist views. The website, which will have sections in Arabic and in English, is aimed at Muslim audiences worldwide. It will in_clu_de forums for debating controversial issues like takfir (accusing other Muslims of heresy) and al-walaa wal-baraa. [1]

    The site is to be operated by the Al-Sakinah Campaign, an independent Saudi initiative supported by the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs. The campaign initiates dialogue with extremists on the Internet with the aim of preventing the spread of extremist views. [2]

    In an interview with the Saudi daily Al-Riyadh, the public relations director of the Al-Sakinah Campaign, Khaled Al-Mushawwah, provided details on the planned site.

    The Website Will Contribute to the War on Extremism

    "The [Al-Sakinah] Campaign is about to step up [its activities] with the launching of a very big site that the campaign is currently working on. We have [already] contracted a large firm to construct it in the best possible manner. The primary goal of the site is to display the efforts of the Al-Sakinah Campaign in fighting extremist and deviant ideology, to correct [aberrant] views, and to explain the position of shari'a on questions like terrorist activity and takfir. The site also aims to propagate the correct ideology and to publish materials related to the campaign's activities, e.g. fatwas by senior 'ulama and sheikhs as well as studies on [relevant] issues. The site aims to take part in proper [Islamic] da'wa and to spread the correct views regarding Islam..."

    The Site Will Be In Arabic and English

    "The site will benefit Muslims worldwide. There will be a section in Arabic and a section in English. [The site will serve] preachers and individuals who seek knowledge on the [Islamic] faith, from all over the world. It will in_clu_de advanced forums on various controversial issues like takfir, the presence of infidels in the Arabian Peninsula, [the principle of] al-walaa wal-baraa, and the heated debate surrounding these [issues].

    "The site will have several sections: The first section will introduce the [Al-Sakinah] Campaign. The second will contain an audio-library that the campaign has been compiling for a long time... There will also be a library [of texts], containing over 10,000 pages of books and studies... and a library of video clips featuring interviews with individuals who have renounced [their extremist views], including TV interviews with them and the conversations [that the campaign activists] conducted with them on the Internet.

    "There will also be a media section, containing [media] reports about the campaign and its goals, and [we] will monitor [the media] for articles by columnists and intellectuals about issues of terrorism and extremism... There will be a section for fatwas by 'ulama... and a special section devoted to individuals who have returned to the right path. This section will in_clu_de clips from TV [interviews with] these individuals as well as the dialogues conducted by the campaign [activists] with some of them..."

    We Decided to Set Up the Site in Response to Requests from All Over the World

    Al-Mushawwah said further that "the site, [which] will be very large... will be launched in the upcoming months, and may be completed by the end of the year... Initially," he added "the campaign had no intention of setting up a site. But in light of the many requests we received from inside and outside Saudi Arabia, from some of the Gulf states and from [other] countries around the world, and even from some Islamic centers in Europe, [we] decided that we must share our unique experience by [setting up] a website, so that everyone will be able to benefit from this experience..."

    Religious Leaders, Not the Extremists Themselves, Are the Site's Primary Target Audience.

    ANNOUNCED Oct 12 2006, 07:33 PM


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    group of mujahideen building an explosives device

    Attack on a police truck in Afghanistan
    The video shows a group of mujahideen building an explosives device, planning the attack, carrying out the attack, and then celebrating afterwards.

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    False Flag ops, Syria Pwnd al Qaeda

    Following the exposure of an affiliation between Fath Al-Islam and Syrian intelligence during the interrogation of Fath Al-Islam members, Syrian and pro-Syrian elements and media have been making efforts to deny this affiliation. Fath Al-Islam leaders with connections to Syria have suddenly disappeared, to be replaced by new leaders, claimed to be connected to Al-Qaeda. In addition, one of the organization's new leaders and a pro-Syrian Lebanese source have stated that Fath Al-Islam is under the command of Al-Qaeda, a claim that was firmly denied by the organization's previous leadership.

    Fath Al-Islam detainees had admitted a connection between their organization and Syrian intelligence. The first report, published June 8, 2007 in the Kuwaiti daily Al-Rai, concerned a detainee named Muhammad Suleiman Mar'i. According to Al-Rai, Mar'i had revealed in his interrogation that his elder brother, Ahmad Mar'i, who is a senior leader in Fath Al-Islam, had close ties with the head of Syrian military intelligence, Assef Shawkat. Muhammad Mar'i explained that his brother had served as the chief liaison between Assef Shawkat and Fath Al-Islam leader Shaker Al-Abs. In this capacity, he would pass instructions from Syria to Al-Absi, and occasionally would also convey Al-Absi's requests to Shawkat. With the help of Shawkat's men, his brother had also managed to smuggle into northern Lebanon an explosives expert from Al-Qaeda known as Abu Ahmad Al-Iraqi, and later to smuggle him back into Syria

    The disappearance of the leaders was confirmed by Islamist preacher Fathi Yakan, known to be close to the Syrian regime, who claims to have mediated the negotiation attempts between Fath Al-Islam and the Lebanese authorities in the past few weeks. On June 8, one day after the publication of Mari's information about the ties between Fath Al-Islam and Syrian intelligence, Yakan stated that the mediation attempts had run into difficulties owing to the sudden disappearance of the Fath Al-Islam leaders. "It seems," he said, "that something has happened in Nahr Al-Bared which has caused some of the Fath Al-Islam leaders to stop appearing [in public] and holding negotiations. Now, our only option is to negotiate with the [organization's] information officer, Shahin Shahin. This has complicated matters, [since] we are [no longer] meeting with the [organization's top] leader or hearing anything from him. In the past, we dealt with the head of the organization, Shaker Al-Absi, but now we are dealing with a different man, and we do not know what his status in the organization is, and to what extent he is authorized [to conduct negotiations]..."

    In her column in Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, Sawsan Al-Abtah wondered about the disappearance of Fath Al-Islam's leaders and about who was really behind the organization:

    "Suddenly, Shaker Al-Abs, the founder of Fath Al-Islam, has disappeared - as has senior military leader Abu Hurairah, who they say directed the battles against the Lebanese army at Nahr Al-Bared. Another leader who disappeared is Abu Salim Taha, known as the organization's spokesman, who maintained almost daily contact with journalists via cellphone...

    Pro-Syrian Sheikh Fathi Yakan: Fath Al-Islam Has Become a Subordinate of Al-Qaeda

    In addition to the disappearance of the Fath Al-Islam leaders connected to Syria, any link between Fath Al-Islam and Syria was denied on the argument that international Al-Qaeda had taken over Fath Al-Islam. This came despite the fact that the previous Fath Al-Islam leaders had repeatedly denied any connection between their organization and Al-Qaeda.

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    Stand by: readying for Iran: READY

    Iran Launch: COUNTER LAUNCH:::

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    Monday, June 18, 2007

    al Qaeda meeting with Iran Qods

    Deputy Governor of Salah Eddin Abdullah Al-Joubory Provice:SAYS SO:

    Al Qaeda admits conection.

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    Brave al Qaeda fired on Troops then ran away and hid.

    They didn't know chopper escort was watching, from so high they couldn't see or hear the chopper.
    Chopper found them, Now we know why its called a chopper.
    US Army Apache engages insurgents in Iraq. 06/15/07

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    Taliban Suicide 'Commencement' Ceremony

    Inside a Taliban 'Commencement' Ceremony
    Large teams of newly trained suicide bombers are being sent to the United States and Europe, according to evidence contained on a new videotape obtained by the Blotter on

    Teams assigned to carry out attacks in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Germany were introduced at an al Qaeda/Taliban training camp graduation ceremony held June 9.

    A Pakistani journalist was invited to attend and take pictures as some 300 recruits, including boys as young as 12, were supposedly sent off on their suicide missions.

    "These Americans, Canadians, British and Germans come here to Afghanistan from faraway places," Dadullah says on the tape. "Why shouldn't we go after them?"

    The leader of the team assigned to attack Great Britain spoke in English.

    "So let me say something about why we are going, along with my team, for a suicide attack in Britain," he said. "Whether my colleagues, companions and Muslim brothers die today or tonight, every drop of our blood will invigorate the Muslim (unintelligible)."

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    China's very effective "Social Change Engine"

    Beijing Offers New Model For Superpower Public Relations

    How is it that China is spared the kind of international criticism that has flayed the Bush administration since the buildup to the Iraq war? The United States, by comparison with any other great power in history, is unusually law-abiding, respectful of the rights of others and open to criticism. And yet it is consistently portrayed as a callous and selfish bully. China, by contrast, seems to get waiver after waiver in the court of world opinion.
    by Martin Walker
    UPI Editor Emeritus
    Washington (UPI) June 11, 2007
    It may simply be that President George W. Bush makes a perfect villain. But the way in which so much of the world's media, so many of its politicians of all nations and so many protesters in so many countries all combine to vilify the American president is truly remarkable, once the alternatives are considered.

    If Bush is the bad boy of global warming, despite his latest rhetorical acceptance of the need for a new international agreement after the Kyoto protocol, what of China, opening two massive coal-fired power stations a week? And how responsible is China when its response to the drying up of its own Yellow River is to divert water from the Mekong, ignoring the desperate complaints of Laos and Cambodia, who depend on its waters for survival?

    If Bush is the bad boy of Western greed and selfishness, then what of his doubling the budget for HIV/AIDS in Africa from $15 billion to $30 billion?

    If Bush is the bad boy of human rights, despite the way his military courts are rejecting cases brought against Guantanamo inmates, then what of China's censorship of the press and Internet, its control of religious freedoms, its colonization of Tibet, its imprisonment of dissidents and its labor camps?

    And what of the gruesome evidence presented last month at the Human Rights and Medicine Forum at the University of Chicago that prisoners in China are being used as living organ donors for wealthy foreigners? One customer, offered a shopping list of available kidney donors until she found one with her perfect tissue type match, said "it was just like picking your lobster in a restaurant."

    How is it that China is spared the kind of international criticism that has flayed the Bush administration since the buildup to the Iraq war? The United States, by comparison with any other great power in history, is unusually law-abiding, respectful of the rights of others and open to criticism. And yet it is consistently portrayed as a callous and selfish bully. China, by contrast, seems to get waiver after waiver in the court of world opinion.

    Joshua Kurlantzick of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace has an intriguing explanation for this in his new book, "Charm Offensive: How China's Soft Power Is Transforming the World," (Yale University Press, $26). He says that China gets away with it because China as a matter of deliberate and consistent state policy works hard at its public diplomacy, at winning friends and buying support and influence.

    "In Australia, traditionally a close U.S. ally suspicious of Beijing, barely half of citizens polled in 2005 had positive feelings about the United States while 70 percent felt positively about China," he notes.

    "A BBC poll of average people in 22 nations found that nearly all believe that China plays a more positive role in the world than the United States. Thailand is formally a U.S. ally, but more than 70 percent of Thais now consider China to be Thailand's closest friend."

    Kurlantzick describes how this deliberate policy of making China into a global Mr. Nice Guy was planned in the 1980s and carefully conducted thereafter.

    It started with the recruitment of a high-quality and multilingual diplomatic service, which is still growing fast. In a 2005 survey fully one-half of China's 4,000 diplomats were under the age of 35.

    They are backed up with a network of China-based think tanks dedicated to the in-depth study of different parts of the world and a sophisticated approach to training that goes way beyond simply language skills, sending its students to good overseas graduate schools so they make friends and contacts as well as learn to speak and write like natives. Kurlantzick cites one Mexican university that has 135 Chinese graduate students, all bound for the diplomatic service.

    Then China's Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation selected some 50 companies to take the lead in overseas investment and gave them a package of low-interest loans, diplomatic support, language training and interpreters, insurance guarantees, legal advice and the right to take Chinese engineers and workers abroad on contracts. It was a form of one-stop shopping for companies wanting to develop their foreign trade.

    Then they turned their attention to the media, expanding and upgrading the Xinhua official news agency, publishing overseas editions of the People's Daily newspaper, establishing a modern briefing service with regular news conferences in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a thorough overhaul of the international service of CCTV state television. They hired English and Spanish anchors and Western set designers to make the channel look similar to CNN and the BBC.

    All these new tools had some interesting stories to sell. The first was "heping jueqi," which means "peaceful rise," and seeks to define China's economic growth and growing global profile as a harmless and peace-loving process. The second was that China was becoming an important door to development aid.

    Chinese President Hu Jintao went on a tour of Latin America and announced that China had $100 billion ready to grant and loan and invest in the continent. Last month the African Development Bank was invited to hold its annual board meeting in Shanghai, where China announced a new $10 billion development fund for the continent.

    The overall message was that China was a different kind of economic superpower, seeking to help and work with developing countries rather than to exploit them like the capitalist imperialists.

    This also meant carefully refraining from interfering in their internal affairs by nagging developing countries to observe human rights and hold free elections. And there will be no Western-style arms embargos. If unpleasant countries like Zimbabwe or Sudan want weapons, China will happily sell them.

    As a result, China has been able to promote its "Beijing Model" of state-directed economic growth without political freedoms or a troublesome free press or an independent judiciary. The job has been made easier by the unpopularity of the Bush administration, which has presided over some of the most incompetent public diplomacy that the image of the United States has ever suffered. Indeed, the actions of the Bush administration have been an object lesson for China in what not to do.

    China's soft power: Charm Offensive, works in the short term, the question lies in the long term.
    In becoming a world capitalistic power, the key is in the Paradigm.
    Capitalism wants no Poor, they can't pay taxes or be good consumers.
    Capitalism doesn't kill its customers.
    Capitalism wants a world of wealthy workers, buying, selling spending, paying taxes.
    Capitalism is a co-dependent relationship with the worlds workers.

    China is falling into the same trap USA has, its current actions ( nuke sales, arms sales, etc )
    will come back to bite them in the future. USA also helped the despots and are paying the price now.
    The co-dependency between China and its workers hasn't been recognized in yet, there in lies a revolution.


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    Intel and Ops update, OTHER States:

    Truce holds in Yemen
    A ceasefire was holding in Yemen on Sunday after Shiite rebels agreed to lay down their arms, ending months of fierce fighting that has killed and wounded thousands.


    Iran's Supreme Leader says US presence leads to Iraq insecurity
    Iran's Supreme Leader Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei in a meeting with Head of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) Abdul Aziz al-Hakim on Monday said that Iran-Iraq ties are solid.

    Egypt election: Muslim Brotherhood candidates fail to win seats
    Initial results indicated Egypt's ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) has won a landslide victory in the first round of the Shura Council mid-term elections, the Egyptian Gazette newspaper reported


    Iraq: Scores killed in clashes, blasts

    Posted: 18-06-2007 , 08:57 GMT

    british forces in iraqIraqi and British forces fought a fierce battle with Shiite gunmen while conducting house-to-house searches early Monday south of Baghdad, and Iraqi police and hospital officials said 36 people died in the violence. More than 100 people were hurt in the fighting in Amarah, the officials said. At least three of those killed were Iraqi policemen, they said, according to the AP.


    Lebanon army loses three troops as Fatah Islam men cornered

    Posted: 18-06-2007 , 13:31 GMT

    lebanon nahr albaredFierce fighting erupted Monday at a besieged Palestinian refugee camp as Lebanese forces resumed bombardment of al-Qaeda-inspired militants barricaded inside. Three Lebanese troops died, a senior military official said, according to the AP.

    Troops, backed by heavy artillery and tank fire, blasted suspected hideouts of the Fatah Islam inside the Nahr el-Bared camp on the outskirts of the northern port city of Tripoli, as the battle against the militants entered its fifth week, witnesses said. The senior military official said an undetermined number of soldiers were wounded.

    Fatah al-Islam men are reported now cornered in what is known as the "old camp," a small segment at the southern tip of Nahr al-Bared. The Lebanese army said it has advanced further into Nahr al-Bared since Friday and driven the militants into the "old camp."

    On Monday, an army officer confirmed the army had blown up two major militant positions inside the camp the day before. Fatah al-Islam had used the buildings as firing points to target Lebanese troops besieging Nahr al-Bared since fighting erupted there on May 20. Lebanese flags flew over the two buildings on Monday.

    In all, the fighting has claimed more than 150 lives - 72 soldiers, at least 60 Fatah Islam militants and more than 20 civilians - since its outbreak on May 20.


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    We are in top 10

    We are in top 10.
    "most visited blogs, war intel" We show up as number 3.
    Thanks to all our visitors, who want to keep on the latest and best war intel.

    Thank you.


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    Sunday, June 17, 2007

    Intel and Ops update

    Israel stops sale of fuel to Strip
    06.17.07, 09:37 /Dor-Alon Energy Company has discontinued sale of fuel to Gaza following Hamas' takeover of the Strip. The end of sale was done in coordination with the IDF and security forces.
    Nonetheless, the company plans to continue supplying fuel to the power company in the Strip in coordination with the IDF. (Tani Goldstein)


    IDF armored vehicles enter Gaza
    06.17.07, 14:39 /
    Several IDF armored vehicles have entered northern Gaza Strip for defensive actions. This is a routine operation aimed at thwarting terrorist activities.
    IDF has reduced activities in the Gaza Strip since the Hamas took over; however, defensive measures are maintained to prevent terrorist attacks on Israel. (Hanan Greenberg)


    GAZA CITY [MENL] -- Hamas has captured the intelligence files of the Palestinian Authority, which include evidence of significant cooperation with Israel, the United States and Arab countries.
    Palestinian sources said Hamas has hauled away the files from the two leading security agencies under the control of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. The sources cited the Preventive Security Apparatus and General Intelligence, both of which engaged in extensive liasion with Arab and Western countries.
    "If these files are thorough, then Hamas will know just about every secret," a Palestinian security source said. "That means, the requests of foreign nations, funding, meetings, joint operations, you name it."
    The sources said Egypt, Israel and the United States were regarded as the major liasions with PSA, founded by Mohammed Dahlan. They said all three countries were said to have significantly aided the agency as part of intelligence and security cooperation.


    WASHINGTON - The Bush administration is poised to lift its economic and diplomatic embargo against the Palestinian government in the West Bank now that a U.S.-backed moderate has evicted Islamic radicals from governance.
    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is expected to announce the new U.S. stance early this week, a senior U.S. official said Sunday.
    The White House declined to comment Sunday, but Jacob Walles, the U.S. consul-general in Jerusalem, said Saturday that the international aid embargo imposed after Hamas won parliamentary elections last year will no longer apply to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' government. He said he expected it to be lifted this week.
    The U.S. move essentially would reset U.S. policy to the days before the Islamic militant group Hamas swept legislative elections in early 2006 and upended U.S. and international peacemaking. The United States, Israel and the European Union regard Hamas as a terrorist


    Veteran aircraft is new ‘secret weapon’ in Iraq
    IAN BRUCE, Defence Correspondent
    June 18 2007

    Ian Bruce Defence Correspondent US forces in Iraq are using an aircraft older than most of the pilots flying it as the latest "secret weapon" against lethal roadside booby-traps.
    Four squadrons of EA-6B Prowler electronic jamming jets - which first saw action over Vietnam in the 1970s - have been deployed to counter the remote-controlled bombs which inflict 80% of fatal casualties on patrolling American troops.
    The Prowlers are unarmed, but carry an array of countermeasures which can block the triggering signals used by insurgents to detonate improvised explosive devices(IEDs).
    Their electronic pods are fitted with jammers which can blot out everything from military radar to mobile phones and the garage-door openers favoured by Iraqi guerrilla fighters to set off bombs from a safe distance.
    Captain David Woods, one of the US Navy's most experienced Prowler pilots, said: "There's no way we can ever know how many explosions we prevent, but I assure you it's effective on the remotely-triggered devices."


    Israel on full alert
    Military and Security 6/17/2007 11:20:00 AM

    GAZA, June 17 (KUNA) -- The Israeli army announced a state of full alert on Sunday due to the recent security developments in Palestinian territories.Israeli radio reported that the state of alert covers all security bodies after the developments in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.The radio also quoted security sources saying "Israel should exert all all effort to prevent the smuggling of weapons into Gaza Strip." "Dialogue with Hamas is not possible at the moment as it controls Gaza Strip," the source added.Israel had announced several days ago shut down of all land borders linking Gaza Strip with the outside world, stating that it will continue to do so until Hamas and Fatah stop their battles.(end) zt.asa KUNA 171120 Jun 07NNNN

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    New flood of terrorism videos and images coming

    Iraq is set to start up new cell phone multi-media cell phone service.

    This will allow terrorist to send live vid, pics of torture and extort money in live real time.

    And also even allow live video of on going attacks to insurgent web sites.

    The realities and barbarianism of the Iraq civil war will be broad cast like never before.


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    Policing the undergoverned spaces, Sahara and beyond.

    Policing the undergoverned spaces

    The Americans are intensifying their hunt for al-Qaeda in the Sahara and beyond

    samedi 16 juin 2007, par temoust

    FAR from the killing fields of Iraq or Afghanistan, Alher Ag Metky, an indigo-robed Tuareg commander in Timbuktu, is meant to be fighting on another front in America's war on terror. His American-trained men set off from the legendary town on the southern fringe of the Sahara desert to patrol hundreds of kilometres of Mali's share of the empty vastness, trying to show that they, and not the terrorists, armed bandits and other assorted ne'er-do-wells control the sands.

    Mr Ag Metky's mission is a tiny part of what the Americans call the Trans-Sahara Counter-Terrorism Partnership. Under this initiative small teams of American special forces train the local soldiers of Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Niger, and work with the armies of Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal and Tunisia, to control what they call the "undergoverned" spaces of the Sahara : vast swathes of desert where people have been in various states of rebellion for years and which more recently have been visited by radical Islamist clerics and new terrorist groups.

    The Americans particularly fear that if terrorists manage to consolidate bases in the Sahel, the southern fringe of the Sahara desert that extends from Mauritania in the west to Sudan in the east, they may be able to penetrate into the soft underbelly of Europe via Morocco and Algeria. That was the route taken in 2004 by the perpetrators of the train-bombings in Madrid, most of them Moroccan, when nearly 200 people were killed.

    The Horn is getting sharper In east Africa, the United States is already intimately involved in a full-blown offensive against al-Qaeda in Somalia. America helped Ethiopia invade Somalia at the end of last year to topple the terrorists' supposed protectors, the Union of Islamic Courts. The Americans have been battling al-Qaeda in the region ever since it blew up the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, killing at least 225 people. Now their armed forces are becoming a lot more involved in the rest of Africa. A new American command for Africa, known as AFRICOM, will for the first time co-ordinate all the superpower's various military deployments on the continent under a unified command.

    This, says General William Ward, one of the men in charge of setting up the new command, AFRICOM, is "a recognition of the increasing and growing importance of Africa"—mainly due to terrorists and oil. The aim, he says, is to bring stability to the poor, fragile Muslim countries along the Saharan belt that might otherwise collapse and create havens for terrorists of the sort Afghanistan became under the Taliban.


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