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    Friday, July 01, 2011

    Contest To Praise Bin Laden, our Entry.

    Contest To Praise Bin Laden

    Blessed be Bin Laden:
    let us count the blessings.

    At the Punjab University there is a contest: 
    To Praise OBL, we want to contribute.
    The contest's organizers have kept their identities hidden.
    They are ashamed. We are not ashamed.
    Islami Jamiat Talaba we think are sponsoring the contest.
    They too are ashamed.

    Here are the glories of al qaeda:
    For the "Sheik Lovers".

    Please twitter me, I want the contest prize.!/Geraldanthro

    Click "read more"

    In Arabic and English:
    تبارك القاعده والمجاهدين العرب

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    US is moving GWOT from DOD to CIA

    Whats Obama doing about Afpak?

     #1) First Petraeus moved from  Commander, International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and Commander, U.S. Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A) to CIA director. Top anti-terrorist General
    to CIA.

    #2) And Leon Panetta, the New Sectary of Defense, Prior to taking office, he served as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. CIA director to Defense Sectary, entire DOD as support for the CIA. Makes sure CIA gets everything it wants, when it wants.

    #3) President Obama’s choice for his next counterterrorism chief is Matthew Olsen, a former prosecutor with extensive experience in intelligence matters. Olsen, 49, currently serves as the  general counsel for the National Security Agency. Makes sure all CIA actions are legal.

    As Afghan and Pakistan wind down, the Gov, reloads CIA with best anti-terrorist Generals and 
    DOD directed by former CIA director.
    solution to  intransigence, and Krazi Karzi, the Mil. Budget cut, and strongest option to protect CONUS, using CIA Drones,JOSOC.

    US playing to its strengths, experience 11 yrs of infiltrating, covert surveillance, spying,
    these sharp skills honed on al qaeda, taliban cadre.

    At some point after the US draw down Pakistan will realize they screwed the strongest
    anti-Terrorist ally they have ever had, the Paki people will suffer and the US will be blamed
    for pulling out and the ensuing violence. But its a bed of their own making. US is there now,
    and Pakistan is driving them out, because of injured egos over the OBL raid.
    Pakistan is driving the Ploughing Horse from the farm for farting, Bad manners.

     Navy is running ISI's media wing. Rear Admiral Adnan is the head, with Commodore Khalid Pervez the deputy. Running a covert hate America Infowar campaign.

    After the Afghan draw down Pakistan will no longer be in a position to blackmail US
    threatening to close supply routes to US troops in Afghan.

    There will be retributions for ISI terrorist support and anti-American actions, very carefully chosen. 
    And the GOP has a long memory and absolutely NO conscience, they are supporting a $700 
    billion $ tax cut for American Billionaires during a recession and trying to kill Social Security, Medicare, unions and social programs for middle class Americans, and cutting the US Military budget in a time of war, what do you think they will do with Pakistan? The GOP are WHORES and in control of the House and Senate.  So far Obama has held the GOP in check, but they got the $700 billion tax cut for Billionaire Wall St Bankers buddies. They will have no compunction about trying to cut the Paki financial aid to ZIP after the treatment of US by the ISI. Pakistan's treatment of US will carry costs.
    Even though Pakistan has a logic for their actions:
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Inside Afpak paradigm
    Pakistan is shooting its self in the foot, 
    hand, leg, arm etc. Unwilling and fearing full commitment to ending 
    terrorism even in Pakistan, Thinking they can use the terrorist for
    "defense in depth". They put their own Nation at risk.

    The US Drone technology needs improvement, targeting, collateral damage, timely reporting, smaller payloads. To continue most successful anti-terrorist strategy going now. And DARPA
    is working on all of these improvements. They are testing a new 15 lb war head.
    And a new sniper Drone.
    The Taliban and al qaeda are terrified of Drones, they loose sleep over them.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Most effective weapon against ...

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Taliban outbreak of mental Illness 

    The pursuit of al qaeda will go on with or without Pakistan.
    It will be of great interest to many, how the Pakistan economy
    works with the US draw down and the GOP on the purse strings,
    fighting Obama.

    I see the light at the end of the tunnel and its a on coming BIG train.

    Good luck Pakistan.

    War Anthropologist

    Pakistan motives towards Afghanstan.
    From WikiStrat Thomas P.M. Barnett 

    Third, geographical considerations come into play in that Afghanistan's continuing instability closes off its options to act as a reliable pipeline from Iran to China. ( Making Pakistan better partner for China, G)
    Yale takes this point even farther in emphasizing how Pakistan must be the global connectivity “answer” before Afghanistan can be stabilized.

    Referenced from:

    Afghans Demonstrate Against Pakistan Missile Border Attacks

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Wednesday, June 29, 2011

    Will #GOP crash World Economy?

    World economic risks:

    And GOP refuses to repeal $700 Billion tax cut for
    Wall St Banker Billionaires Buddies.

    #1) Greece's economic crash, risks to rest of Europe.

    #2) IMF warns US of debt ‘shock’

    Fund sees threat to financial markets

    The International Monetary Fund has warned of a “severe shock” to global financial markets if the US does not move quickly to increase its borrowing authority, adding pressure on Congress and the White House to clinch a deal on fiscal policy.
    In its annual report on US economic policy, the IMF cited “unfavourable fiscal outcomes” as one of the key dangers to the country’s economic outlook.

    #3) Federal Reserve quits buying US bonds

    The Federal Reserve has announced an end to QE2.
    they are now the worlds biggest holder of US bonds.
    US has been buying its own bonds, with borrowed
    money the Federal Reserve created.

    This has been keeping Interest rates artificially low.
    Interest rates will rise to attract buyers to buy the
    bonds the Federal Reserve was buying.

    #4) Nothing has been done to prevent Banks from doing it again. Sub-Prime fraud
    Total value of derivatives in the world exceeds total global gross domestic product by a factor of 10x: They are doing it Again.

    The Coming CrisisTempleton Asset Management SaysFinancial ...


     risking threat of $100B hit if USA top rating lostOK fortheir Billionaire Bank Buddies,saving GOP $700B tax cut 

    How does  justify Giving Billionaires $700B taxcut and then cutting Mil budget in time of war?
    Risking US troops lives?

    Republicans playing with world's economies to protect
    US Wall St Bank Billionaires tax cut of $700 Billion.

    GOP sob OUT - Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Gerald Center, floor of NYSE


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    Bringing a steel pipe to Fishing fight

    While having a pleasant afternoon fishing
    I'm confronted by thugs with steel pipes.

    I found a great place to fish, on a river,
    small side bayou off to the side of the river.

    I was able to cast from the top of a hill down
    into the deep water of the bayou, looked very
    promising, it was a long cast but I'm a very
    good shot.

    And a boater come along 100 yd wide river
    and he is heading for my lure, I yell fishing
    and wave him off, he flips me off, and brings
    his motor boat in a circles my lure, I crank
    hard as he turns to keep line away from
    his propellers.

    I then recast putting my lure on the front deck
    of hood of his boat, he flips me the finger again
    and leaves, about 30 min later he is back
    with buddy, both have steel bars about the size
    of base ball bats.

    He yells at me "lets see you do that again"
    and I reply "OK WHICH ARM".
    Both drop the steel bars and boat away cursing.
    Then I pack up and go home,
    not sure what they might come back

    But don't bring steel pipes to a fishing fight.
    You are always armed, just a matter of knowing
    your arms.



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    Monday, June 27, 2011

    Brief Time out

    Switch to full screen:

    HATCH - Fly Fishing DVD Trailer from Gin Clear Media on Vimeo.

    Welcome summer:
    This is what keeps me sane.


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    Lultzsec SNITCH-LOG

    Lultzsec snitch:
    Fascinating: rolls over like a wet dog.
    I don't think this player has ever heard of Opsec.
    If authentic its an excellent insight to
    the integrity and loyalty of Lulzsec members.

    And gives one second thoughts.
    Semantics reads like a Female.
    12 armed FBI agents is a powerful motivator.

    SEE below.

    Read more »

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    Sunday, June 26, 2011

    Federal Reserve quits buying US bonds

    The Federal Reserve has announced an end to QE2.
    they are now the worlds biggest holder of US bonds.
    US has been buying its own bonds, with borrowed
    money the Federal Reserve created.

    This has been keeping Interest rates artificially low.
    Interest rates will rise to attract buyers to buy the
    bonds the Federal Reserve was buying.


    Add to this the GOP effort to shut down the US economy
    by refusing to raise the debt level ceiling.
    They are refusing to reverse the $700 billion tax cut
    the GOP gave Billionaire bank buddies, they call that
    raising taxes.

    And it a troubling out look for the US economy, interest
    rates and inflation.

    stand by for trouble.

    series 3 and 7

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Is Lulzsec Gone? NO

    The lulzsec phenomena is going to reoccur.

    They have declared their mission is over at an arbitrary 50 days.
    Our paradigm intel indicates the 50 day limit is due to the HEAT.
    ( Many of the helper players are going to get burned, poor Opsec.
    Lulzsec quit to try and protect these guys, the leader is untouchable. He
    has started a legal fund. )
    Not from the Feds, Scotland Yard or CIA or FBI, but from
    Anonymous burned 19-year-old Ryan Cleary.
    Exposing his real identity.

    Lulzsec grew from the loins of Anonymous, a splinter group.
    They are the maturing of kiddies of 4chan, who did not mature
    as adults, and are in the hacking for the Lulz, or so they want
    us to believe. In time we will know if there was a secret mission
    behind Lulzsec.
    Lulzsec will dissolve back into Anonymous. We now have
    proof of concept, and are awaiting a Uber hacker to do some 
    real destruction.

    The Image they project is that of Uber hackers, but it is a false
    image, they took relatively low level hacking methods and turned
    parts of the Internet upside down.
    They caused $20 billion loss in stock price for Sony,
    $36 a share down to $26 a share for a billion shares.
    Sony brought this on for trying to maintain ownership of
    a product after they sold the product.
    A hacker changed his Sony game station to be more playable
    and fun, and Sony went after him, and Lulzsec went after Sony
    using a simple hack and released player and Intellectual propriety,
    on what seemed like a dozen Sony servers around the world.

    Lulzsec has taken bottom tier, one step above kiddy scripters
    hacking and taken this relatively low level using standard tools,
     to the ultimate level or distruption.
    While their exploits/adventures are remarkable it is less a
    story of their hacking skills and more a story of the abysmal
    lack or real security and security standards on the WWW.

    And a demonstration of hacktivism, and the descent and abuse
    of the User community. A manifestation of the change in
    the consumer paradigm, a shift from the "buyer is always right"
    to "how far can we legally cheat the customer".
    A fundamental example of this customer paradigm shift
    is the Comptroller of the Currency legalizing usury,
    without any electorate vote by passing Congress and the
    public, legalizing 640% loans, an act for which the FBI used to
    put the Mafia in prison.
    Another example is Million dollar fines for Internet shoplifting
    a few MP3 songs.
    They complain of the control of large corporations over
    Congress and the Whoring by congressmen giving Billionaire
    Wall St Bankers $700 billion tax cuts even while they brought
    down the world wide banking system with their sub-prime
    scam and a $2,7 Trillion dollar bailout and lack of prosecution 
    for their criminal actions.

    The system is begging for more Lulzsec paradigms,
    this is in the spirit of the Egyptian demonstrations
    which brought down a Government and in response
    to the corruption in US Congress.

    Liberty loves Justice

    Lulzsec is in part blowback from a public that feels powerless 
    and abused. Their 250,000 followers gave them the fuel and
    man power to take down the CIA site as a display of power.
    and a new weapon Telephone DDos against the FBI office
    in Detroit.

    This also displays the Feds inability to DOX to burn or
    out someones real Identity, this requires a special skill set
    related to social media. For truly the WWW remembers 
    everything. And trails are every where.
    Once LE found a chip in Luzsec armor they quickly
    exploited that to turn the secret network on its self,
    and Lulzsec quickly disengaged, announcing an end
    of their activities.

    The main members of LulzSec, adds Rachwald, include:
    Sabu – the HBgary hacker and who seems to be the leader
    Nakomis – a coder, rumored to be one of PHPBB coders.
    Topiary – finance, handles donations and payment for services such as botnets
    Tflow – hacker (rumored)
    Kayla – hacker who owns a big botnet
    Joepie91 – website admin

    What does the future hold?

    Current operation Opeser:

    Then next Lulzsec paradigm player?
    The Lulzsec paradigm in full.

    Much of this hackivism attacks are related to the passive
    nature of cyber security. THERE IS NO DETERRENT.
    Load your hunny pot with Ebola

    The answer to these attacks is two fold:
    Bring Corporate control of Congress to an end,
    And move to an offensive paradigm against hackers.

    But the US paradigm points to continued inaction
    until there is massive destruction

    Cyber Attacks catastrophe pending

    We see the problem, we see potential solutions and continued

    War Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

    Our Paradigm Intel says:
    ( We have run NO operations against Lulzsec, only paradigm Intel. )
    The secret head of Lulzsec isn't a 19yr old, but 50+and Gov trained and rogue He will remain anonymous,even members do not know his ID. We think his objective was to expose just how
    bad security is on the WWW. But he is herding cats, Punks, and the Lulz was a form of control. G

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