Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Will #GOP crash World Economy?

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    Wednesday, June 29, 2011

    Will #GOP crash World Economy?

    World economic risks:

    And GOP refuses to repeal $700 Billion tax cut for
    Wall St Banker Billionaires Buddies.

    #1) Greece's economic crash, risks to rest of Europe.

    #2) IMF warns US of debt ‘shock’

    Fund sees threat to financial markets

    The International Monetary Fund has warned of a “severe shock” to global financial markets if the US does not move quickly to increase its borrowing authority, adding pressure on Congress and the White House to clinch a deal on fiscal policy.
    In its annual report on US economic policy, the IMF cited “unfavourable fiscal outcomes” as one of the key dangers to the country’s economic outlook.

    #3) Federal Reserve quits buying US bonds

    The Federal Reserve has announced an end to QE2.
    they are now the worlds biggest holder of US bonds.
    US has been buying its own bonds, with borrowed
    money the Federal Reserve created.

    This has been keeping Interest rates artificially low.
    Interest rates will rise to attract buyers to buy the
    bonds the Federal Reserve was buying.

    #4) Nothing has been done to prevent Banks from doing it again. Sub-Prime fraud
    Total value of derivatives in the world exceeds total global gross domestic product by a factor of 10x: They are doing it Again.

    The Coming CrisisTempleton Asset Management SaysFinancial ...


     risking threat of $100B hit if USA top rating lostOK fortheir Billionaire Bank Buddies,saving GOP $700B tax cut 

    How does  justify Giving Billionaires $700B taxcut and then cutting Mil budget in time of war?
    Risking US troops lives?

    Republicans playing with world's economies to protect
    US Wall St Bank Billionaires tax cut of $700 Billion.

    GOP sob OUT - Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Gerald Center, floor of NYSE



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