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    Monday, June 27, 2011

    Lultzsec SNITCH-LOG

    Lultzsec snitch:
    Fascinating: rolls over like a wet dog.
    I don't think this player has ever heard of Opsec.
    If authentic its an excellent insight to
    the integrity and loyalty of Lulzsec members.

    And gives one second thoughts.
    Semantics reads like a Female.
    12 armed FBI agents is a powerful motivator.

    SEE below.


    Laurelai also like's to brag about screwing over her supposed hacker friends in this snitch log:

    19:42 guess who payed me a visit
    19:42 fbi?
    19:43 i dot 'know who
    19:49 well i know it's not your "friend" because that's a phsyical impossibility
    20:23 fbi
    20:23 oh ya?
    20:23 yeah it was deh feds
    20:23 last night?
    20:23 i told them sabu did it all
    20:23 this morning
    20:23 lol
    20:23 oh did they say why
    20:23 and i told them kayla was MI5
    20:23 lol
    20:23 yeah over HBgary
    20:24 told them the long boring history of chanology
    20:24 and how greg housh and topiary ran anonops
    20:24 and harrassed jen
    20:24 so you had a nice chat
    20:24 and how barrett brown was in on it
    20:24 this is a crazy fed visit
    20:24 yes
    20:24 even offered them tea
    20:24 usually they just stick guns to my head
    20:24 they walked up to my door
    20:24 and sais
    20:25 a kinder gentler fed
    20:25 are you laurelai
    20:25 i said yah
    20:25 why
    20:25 and
    20:25 they used my proper pronouns
    20:25 best raid evar
    20:25 *very* respectful
    20:25 want me to be an informant on account im everywhere and iwas in the army
    20:25 well i guess jen gets her retribution finally
    20:25 w00t
    20:26 ie. like before
    20:26 lol
    20:26 so i can feed them w/e i want
    20:26 yes
    20:26 they took my hard drives and my ipad tho
    20:26 everything was wiped
    20:26 and encrypted
    20:26 and wiped
    20:26 repeated
    20:26 and my netbook
    20:27 is fried from it
    20:27 lol
    20:27 so how are we talking now
    20:27 they left my cd's
    20:27 and my blank 2 tb hdd
    20:27 and my hardware
    20:27 i see
    20:27 just took the hdd's
    20:28 do you want to help them?
    20:28 nicest raid ever
    20:28 ya that's pretty reasonable
    20:28 imma help them help me
    20:28 :)
    20:28 saabu did it all
    20:28 cause im sexy
    20:29 you told them about marblecake?
    20:29 yes
    20:32 what did they say
    20:40 also lol @ the most polite raid ever
    20:40 i'm pretty convinced they just take your hardware mostly to inconvenience you
    20:41 i can't imagine they spend too much time cracking your shit 
    20:43 i mean realistically
    20:49 why would they
    20:49 i gave them the truecrypt password
    20:49 no need to crack
    20:50 you gave them a TC passphrase to an empty disk?
    20:50 to a disc with porn and warez
    20:50 and they already told me
    20:50 lol
    20:50 they didnt care about it
    20:50 the porn and warez?
    20:51 nope
    20:51 they told me
    20:51 not illegal to download
    20:51 just to sell it
    20:51 but
    20:51 to please not dl anymore
    20:52 did they at any point serve you a warrant?
    20:56 yes
    20:56 well that IS polite
    20:56 they did that first
    20:56 i never get to SEE the warrant
    20:56 it's usually not signed by a judge
    20:56 they read it to me
    20:56 and i got a copy
    20:57 they were gonna take my hardware but i talked them otu of that
    20:57 they just took the hdd
    20:57 and my ipad
    20:57 :|
    20:57 that sucks
    20:58 fkin jews
    20:58 oh well
    20:58 they are tools
    20:58 and now they are my toosl
    20:59 post a pic of the warrant 
    21:00 lol
    21:00 its silly
    21:00 it covers so much shit
    21:00 we talked for like 5 hours
    21:01 and gave me their card
    21:01 and asked me to let them know the next time kayla tweeted
    21:01 what do they want with `k
    21:01 speaking of i got to call them
    21:01 what do you think
    21:01 about?
    21:01 they were hot after kayla
    21:02 what do i think about what
    21:02 they want kayla
    21:02 asking over and over
    21:02 i see
    21:02 give them kayla?
    21:02 kayla kayl kayla
    21:02 sure what i know
    21:02 what's the obsession with xyrix
    21:02 i mean kayla
    21:02 totally kayla
    21:02 i told them my theory
    21:02 that kayla was MI5
    21:03 why would you even have a theory like that
    21:03 oh we talked about HBGary
    21:03 because its one of my pet conspiracy theories i throw around for lulz
    21:03 i also told them
    21:03 that kayla hated greg hoglund
    21:04 with a passion
    21:04 and that he knew her irl but didnt relize he knew her
    21:04 hope he enjoys the talk with the feds
    21:04 lol
    21:05 i said im an innocent reporter ill cooperate sir
    21:05 you and BB!
    21:05 innocent as the day is long ;D
    21:05 so you have to call agen so and so
    21:06 to discuss the contents of your hdd
    21:06 what contents?
    21:06 its all junk and warez
    21:06 i wiped remember
    21:07 even wiped all my irc logs from oneechan
    21:07 good job
    21:07 they were looking for logs
    21:07 i told them i didnt log except HQ
    21:07 and that was already public
    21:08 told them about fake gregg
    21:08 and how i thought he was an informat
    21:08 see iw as trying to go forward to LE
    21:09 :D
    21:09 i socialed the fuck out of them
    21:09 what did they say about that
    21:09 hard
    21:09 so hard
    21:09 oh
    21:09 they wanted his twitter account info
    21:10 they never heard of FGH before now
    21:10 i bet they want to talk to him about pretending to work with the gov
    21:10 i hope he enjoys his convo
    21:10 heh
    21:11 vigilantism
    21:11 basically now im their go to girl for anything anon related
    21:12 good news
    21:12 yup
    21:13 falls right into the plan
    21:17 you go to work?
    21:19 im at work now
    21:19 they were nice enough to finish before i had to get ready
    21:23 a kinder gentler fbi
    03:37 intimidated
    03:39 yeah
    03:39 he was shaking when he talked to me
    03:39 used um alot
    03:39 i spoke confidently
    03:39 acted like i was queen of my castle
    03:44 why would he be afraid of me
    03:48 no idea
    03:52 i mean i can tell when im intimidating someone
    03:53 he was intimidated
    03:53 how many feds?
    04:05 like 12
    04:05 nobody pulled a gun and nobody was a dick
    04:05 everyone was real polite
    04:05 i like polite
    04:06 they even bought me a coke
    04:06 like
    04:06 sent one of their dudes out to go get it for me
    04:06 are you high or something?
    04:07 no
    04:07 adrenalin
    04:07 ok just makin sure
    04:07 you weren't seein invisible v&'s
    04:07 i thought they had come to arrest me
    04:07 but no
    04:07 they asked for my help
    04:07 politely
    04:07 i mean the idea that an arresting officer went out to get you a fucking coke is a bit absurd to be blunt
    04:07 i mean don't you think?
    04:08 i was never under arrest
    04:08 they were there
    04:08 yes you were
    04:08 if they were there you were under arrest
    04:08 no
    04:08 they said
    04:08 you are not under arrest
    04:08 you dont have to talk to us
    04:08 if you want to stop
    04:08 at any time you can
    04:08 and we will go
    04:09 they had a document to that effect too
    04:11 im not even fucking joking
    04:15 they want topiary too
    04:15 and sabu
    04:15 wanted them already
    04:15 but you know
    04:15 sabu did it all

    Update: Denial:

     Laurelai Bailey 

    The arrest warrant will be forth coming, or not?
    If interview was real arrest will follow.

    Is Lulzsec gone? NO

    Lulzsec paradigm, game plan.


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