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    Wednesday, June 29, 2011

    Bringing a steel pipe to Fishing fight

    While having a pleasant afternoon fishing
    I'm confronted by thugs with steel pipes.

    I found a great place to fish, on a river,
    small side bayou off to the side of the river.

    I was able to cast from the top of a hill down
    into the deep water of the bayou, looked very
    promising, it was a long cast but I'm a very
    good shot.

    And a boater come along 100 yd wide river
    and he is heading for my lure, I yell fishing
    and wave him off, he flips me off, and brings
    his motor boat in a circles my lure, I crank
    hard as he turns to keep line away from
    his propellers.

    I then recast putting my lure on the front deck
    of hood of his boat, he flips me the finger again
    and leaves, about 30 min later he is back
    with buddy, both have steel bars about the size
    of base ball bats.

    He yells at me "lets see you do that again"
    and I reply "OK WHICH ARM".
    Both drop the steel bars and boat away cursing.
    Then I pack up and go home,
    not sure what they might come back

    But don't bring steel pipes to a fishing fight.
    You are always armed, just a matter of knowing
    your arms.




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