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    Friday, July 01, 2011

    US is moving GWOT from DOD to CIA

    Whats Obama doing about Afpak?

     #1) First Petraeus moved from  Commander, International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and Commander, U.S. Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A) to CIA director. Top anti-terrorist General
    to CIA.

    #2) And Leon Panetta, the New Sectary of Defense, Prior to taking office, he served as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. CIA director to Defense Sectary, entire DOD as support for the CIA. Makes sure CIA gets everything it wants, when it wants.

    #3) President Obama’s choice for his next counterterrorism chief is Matthew Olsen, a former prosecutor with extensive experience in intelligence matters. Olsen, 49, currently serves as the  general counsel for the National Security Agency. Makes sure all CIA actions are legal.

    As Afghan and Pakistan wind down, the Gov, reloads CIA with best anti-terrorist Generals and 
    DOD directed by former CIA director.
    solution to  intransigence, and Krazi Karzi, the Mil. Budget cut, and strongest option to protect CONUS, using CIA Drones,JOSOC.

    US playing to its strengths, experience 11 yrs of infiltrating, covert surveillance, spying,
    these sharp skills honed on al qaeda, taliban cadre.

    At some point after the US draw down Pakistan will realize they screwed the strongest
    anti-Terrorist ally they have ever had, the Paki people will suffer and the US will be blamed
    for pulling out and the ensuing violence. But its a bed of their own making. US is there now,
    and Pakistan is driving them out, because of injured egos over the OBL raid.
    Pakistan is driving the Ploughing Horse from the farm for farting, Bad manners.

     Navy is running ISI's media wing. Rear Admiral Adnan is the head, with Commodore Khalid Pervez the deputy. Running a covert hate America Infowar campaign.

    After the Afghan draw down Pakistan will no longer be in a position to blackmail US
    threatening to close supply routes to US troops in Afghan.

    There will be retributions for ISI terrorist support and anti-American actions, very carefully chosen. 
    And the GOP has a long memory and absolutely NO conscience, they are supporting a $700 
    billion $ tax cut for American Billionaires during a recession and trying to kill Social Security, Medicare, unions and social programs for middle class Americans, and cutting the US Military budget in a time of war, what do you think they will do with Pakistan? The GOP are WHORES and in control of the House and Senate.  So far Obama has held the GOP in check, but they got the $700 billion tax cut for Billionaire Wall St Bankers buddies. They will have no compunction about trying to cut the Paki financial aid to ZIP after the treatment of US by the ISI. Pakistan's treatment of US will carry costs.
    Even though Pakistan has a logic for their actions:
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Inside Afpak paradigm
    Pakistan is shooting its self in the foot, 
    hand, leg, arm etc. Unwilling and fearing full commitment to ending 
    terrorism even in Pakistan, Thinking they can use the terrorist for
    "defense in depth". They put their own Nation at risk.

    The US Drone technology needs improvement, targeting, collateral damage, timely reporting, smaller payloads. To continue most successful anti-terrorist strategy going now. And DARPA
    is working on all of these improvements. They are testing a new 15 lb war head.
    And a new sniper Drone.
    The Taliban and al qaeda are terrified of Drones, they loose sleep over them.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Most effective weapon against ...

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Taliban outbreak of mental Illness 

    The pursuit of al qaeda will go on with or without Pakistan.
    It will be of great interest to many, how the Pakistan economy
    works with the US draw down and the GOP on the purse strings,
    fighting Obama.

    I see the light at the end of the tunnel and its a on coming BIG train.

    Good luck Pakistan.

    War Anthropologist

    Pakistan motives towards Afghanstan.
    From WikiStrat Thomas P.M. Barnett 

    Third, geographical considerations come into play in that Afghanistan's continuing instability closes off its options to act as a reliable pipeline from Iran to China. ( Making Pakistan better partner for China, G)
    Yale takes this point even farther in emphasizing how Pakistan must be the global connectivity “answer” before Afghanistan can be stabilized.

    Referenced from:

    Afghans Demonstrate Against Pakistan Missile Border Attacks


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Good post right up to the part about domestic politics.

    "and cutting the US Military budget in a time of war"

    The Democrats are advocating cuts to the military. They are also pushing for scrapping all aide to Pakistan and pulling out of Afghanistan.

    "The GOP are WHORES and in control of the House and Senate."

    Actually the GOP only controls the house and they have only controlled that for a short time. The Democrats controlled both houses for four years (2006-2010) and didn't punish Wall Street when they had the chance and blocked all attempts to regulate the lending industry. Why?

    Because Wall Street overwhelmingly supports the Democrats with their $$$, not the GOP.

    And once again, even if you roll back the tax cuts it would be less than $100b a year which would still leave us with a deficit over $1t. Our debt problem can't be solved solely with tax increases.

    11:02 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    ROFLMAO. The GOP wants to eliminate Social Security and Medicare? You must be slipping when you're pulling stuff out of your ass as you left out they want to kick puppies, starve children and bring back slavery.

    11:53 PM  

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