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    Saturday, January 10, 2009

    World's Largest Hedge Fund a Fraud

    The World's Largest Hedge Fund is a Fraud
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Jan 10 2009

    SEC, Security Exchange Commission under
    heavy congressional investigation.
    November 7, 2005 Submission to the SEC, Harry Markopolous
    warned of the impending doom.
    ...2. Scenario # 2 (Highly likely) Madoff Securities is the world's largest Ponzi Scheme. Inthis case there is no SEC reward payment due the whistle-blower so basically I'm turningthis case in because it's the right thing to do. Far better that the SEC is proactive in shutting down a Ponzi Scheme of this size rather than reactive2. Scenario # 2 (Highly likely) Madoff Securities is the world's largest Ponzi Scheme. In .

    SEC willfully Ignored the report.
    29 red flags sent to SEC and they Ignored them all.
    SEC investagators and admin to be investigated, heads 


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    US Government bot net:

    US Government bot net:
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Dec 10, 2009

    A group of Israeli students and would-be cyberwarriors have developed a program that makes it easy for just about anyone to start pounding on pro-Hamas websites. But using this "Patriot" software, to join in the online fight, means handing over control of your computer to the Israeli hacker group.

    ( The site has been shut down, I'd love to have this capability though, 20 million bots: G )

    "While you're running their program, they can do whatever they want with your computer," Mike La Pilla, manager of malicious code operations at Verisign iDefense, the electronic security firm.

    The online collective "Help Israel Win" formed in late December, as the current conflict in Gaza erupted. "We couldn't join the real combat, so we decided to fight Hamas in the cyber arena," "Liri," one the group's organizers, told Danger Room.

    So they created a simple program, supposedly designed to overload Hamas-friendly sites and In recent years, such online struggles have become key components in the information warfare that accompanies traditional bomb-and-bullets conflicts. Each side tries torecruit more and more people -- and more and more computers -- to help in the network assaults. Help Israel Win says that more than 8,000 people have already downloaded and installed its Patriot software. It's a small part of a larger, increasingly sophisticated propaganda fight between supporters of Israel and Hamas that's being waged over the airwaves and online.



    This is something the Us Government should consider doing, incase of a National Emergency they would then have millions of bots on demand. Those that have signed up and those that would sign up in the case of a National emergency.

    There should be a government site set up for US citizens to 

    join a Government Emergency Bot net, 50 million PC's, at the ready.

    China has already this in operation in place on a smaller scale.


      Tactical Internet Systems analyst


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    Friday, January 09, 2009

    Going for a FORCED RIDE

    Your going for a ride:
    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Jan 9, 2009

    Excerpted from Dancho:

    ......the general public is still not ready to embrace some of the highly disturbing point'n'click identity theft services that have been operating for years. Sadly, some even question the usability and authenticity of these underground services, and therefore a change has to be triggered by starting to publish the cybercriminals' ROI out of using them in the form of the photos of users swimming in cash that they've cashed-out of the stolen credit cards. Disturbing? It's supposed to be, since it will not only prompt public outbreak, but also, have a well proven self-regulation effect on behalf of the service owner's, at least from my personal experience while profiling related services.

    This is perhaps the perfect moment to emphasize on how important threat intell sharing with law enforcement, whether directly based on personal contacts or through one-to-many communication model through private mailing lists, a cyber threats analysts case-building capabilities would not only prove valuable in the long term, but would also make it easier for someone to do their prosecuting job faster. And while important, threat intell sharing with law enforcement is not the panacea of squeezing the cybecrime ecosystem, since cybercrime should not be treated as the systematic abuse of common IT insecurities for fraudulent purposes, instead, it should be treated as a form of economic terrorism. Only then, would cybercrime receive the necessary attention instead of such comments regarding McColo or Atrivo - "Resource-wise, we can't be in the business of prevention. We have to be in the business of prosecution." Exactly. I guess that just like you cannot be a prophet in your own country, you cannot also be a prophet in your own agency, thankfully, the wisdom of the cybercrime fighting crowd is always there to take care and get zero credit at the end of the day.

    The myth that geolocating their malicious activities would always end up in an Eastern European network where developed law enforcement agencies would have little to no jurisdiction at all, proved to be acommon stereotype given that the well known cybercrime-friendly ISPs that were shut down in 2008 were and have always been U.S based operations. Therefore, the excuse of not being able to take action due to the lack of international law enforcement cooperation isn't appicable in this case.


    Personally, 2009 is going to be the year when personalizing cybercriminals would be taking place on a more regular basis, so stay tuned for an upcoming report summarizing "behind the curtains" cybercrime activities in 2008, underground responses to some of major busts of year including the DarkMarket operation, the fraudulent schemes allowing them to cash-out digital assets into hard cash, the basics of their social networking model, who's who in the hierarchy of a sampled business model of vendors of ATM skimming devices, the post-DarkMarket OPSEC practices introduced in order for cybecrime communities to verify the authenticity of their customers, the process of advertising and operating underground services as well as the communication methods used, in short - all the juicy details, screenshots and photos courtesy of the owners and customers of the services that haven't been communicated to the industry and the world throughout 2008.


    Ok they got your money, its not over, now you get abused by the credit card companies.
    Scammed by Banks and Credit Card cos, also See bloody details, HOW they enable the theft, even make a profit off the theft.  HERE:




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    Thursday, January 08, 2009

    Your blogs are Great

    The individuals we are fighting are animals to put it bluntly. The animosity they show one another over there is unbelieveable. Needless to say I feel the need to tell you that I love what you're doing. In an internet full of sites that detest what we're doing, it's great to see someone who also realizes what a threat these jihadist cowards are to our country's well being. Needless to say I stumpled onto your website on accident, but I'm adding it to my favorites bar once I finish this. Keep up the good work, man. Please continue to show these cowards the truth about their pseudo-peaceful religion. The same goes for Bill, the gentleman you wrote the article around. Let him know I'm proud that some of our countrymen, like yourselves, still have their manhood!
    God Bless you and our Great Nation.

    Thanks Ian;
    We get a lot of email and try to answer them all.
    Just a note to say thanks for ALL your emails




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    Obama getting bad economic advise

    The Government can not pull USA out of a depression.
    Every time the Government has tried to help with a depression
    they have only made it worse.

    Obama's plans are only a bandaid at best.

    The world has a huge mass of bad paper
    that has not been marked to the market.

    And that paper is a ticking time bomb.
    Right now everyone is just trying to
    ignore the 800 Lb Gorrillia in the Kitchen.

    The Banks are not lending, because this
    paper on their books scares them to death.
    They know what they paid for the paper
    But have no idea what it is worth.

    This is the prime/key issue.

    And will have to be addressed.

    And the bad paper the criminal
    Banks and credit card compaines
    still has to come to the front.

    33% to 99% interest rates are
    criminal... for a reason.

    Intrest rates that high cripple the
    economy, and this still has not come home to roost

    Banks and Credit card companies have been running
    a criminal syndicate
    OK'ed by Congressional Whores.
    Designed and built by lobbyests.

    Why isn't Madoff in Jail?
    Symptom of whats wrong with Gov. over sight.
    $50,000,000,000.00 theft.
    No wonder the banks are running wild criminal syndicates.

    There is a reason for the The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933.
    Keep banks out of investments. 
    Sometimes I think the bankers nature precludes them 
    from dealing in investments without reckless speculation
    and criminal activity. Usury, fraudlent sub-prime paper,

    Its time to kick the foxes out of the chicken coop.

    Series 7 & 13



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    Is Hamid Gul a Taliban Executive?

    Former ISI chief Hamid Gul.

    Is Hamid Gul a Taliban Executive?

    Classified, secret intel says yes.
    While we know about the Intel, we
    suspect some of it is unconfirmed.

    The handlers are identified as Zarar, Kafa, Wassi, Jundal, Bururg, and “Major General.”

    A senior US military intelligence official familiar with the dossier said that the "Major General" is indeed Hamid Gul, the retired former chief of the ISI. "It's Gul," the official told The Long War Journal. "This is why the US is trying to get him on the UN list of terrorists." In December 2008 the US attempted to get Hamid Gul and other former military and intelligence officials added to the UN list of designated terrorists but has so far been rebuffed.

    We nave seen NO evidence so far of Hamid Gul involvement.
    It would help their case if evidence was made public.

    Paradigm Intel continues to point
    to Paki ISI involvement in India
    infantry attack.

    The Taliban have been the biggest
    beneficiaries of the attack.

    The attackers sent emails
    from IP

    Handlers remoted viewed the attack
    via Indian TV, and were able to guide
    attackers in real time, even warning
    the terrorist in the Jewish House about
    helicopters the handlers saw on TV
    outside the Jewish House they

    Some instructions were only given
    once the attacks had started.

    The Indian Police responded
    immediately with road blocks
    and diverting police to locations.
    But were ill equipted to take on
    the attackers.

    The most effective security feature
    of the Indian Hotels were the
    doors to the rooms.
    It seems the terrorist felt
    it would take to long to breach
    the doors and relied on just
    knocking on the doors to gain

    Opsec was tight once members
    for the Infantry attack were chosen
    they were not allowed outside contacts.
    Or allowed to meet with anyone.

    We are assuming a certian level of technical
    knowledge at ISI.
    And the ease of tracking huge amount of
    evidence back to Pakistan is a feature
    of the method and puropse of the atack.

    The attack, Paradigm Intel says,
    was designed to take the heat off the
    Taliban and al Qaeda.

    While it doesn't deter forces already in the field
    it did divert Intel services and man power
    away from the Taliban to deal with the attack in India.
    And has pulled Paki forces out of the tribal Taliban areas
    to the border with India.

    Thereby reducing alot of pressure that was on the Taiban.
    This points to a very high source that knew how the Paki
    Government would react, or could influence that reaction.

    Situation still developing.




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    Wednesday, January 07, 2009

    Pakistan gives one PAUSE


    This maybe just a propaganda/gossip
    site posing as a news source.
    Bill Roggio says its a good site...


    Pakistan gives one PAUSE
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.
    Jan 7, 2009

    Paradigm Intel suggest big problems in Pakistan.

    Material sourced from Long War Journal Here.

    #1) TRUE Pakistan's prime minister fired his national security adviser after he disclosed that the lone surviving Mumbai terrorist is a Pakistani citizen.

    #2) TRUE A press release issued by the prime minister’s office described Durrani's behavior as "irresponsible" for failing to take Gilani "and other stakeholders into confidence and lack of coordination on matters of national security, " theAssociated Press of Pakistan reported.

    #3) TRUE   Kasab's family and other Pakistanis from his home town of Fardikot identified him from pictures and said he was recruited by Lashkar-e-Taiba interviewed. His father and neighbors were intervon and news outlets and confirmed he was indeed from Pakistan. His own father identified him and provided a nearly identical account of his son's background as Kasab gave to Indian intelligence. "This is the truth," Kasab's father told a Pakistani news outlet. "I have seen the picture in the newspaper. This is my son Ajmal." 

    #4) unconfirmed,Pakistan's response was to attempt to bury the information. Security forces cordoned the village, removed Kasab's family from their home and moved someone else in, and forced the townspeople to retract their statements.unconfirmed.

    SOURCE Here.

    Therefore the coordination on matters of national security means Gilani and other stakeholders knew about ( unconfirmed )

    the Paki cover up. the important question becomes why was the Paki Government trying to cover it up.not, ( unconfirmed )

    NOT :It opens the door to question Paki integrity and sincerity in the GWOT.NOT

    It suggests the fear ISI is involved. MAYBE NOT.


    Internet Anthropologist

    fROM: IS a questionable source.... They quote "Pakistani news channel Geo TV " as the source, yet they have nothing on THEIR site about it.

    "IBN is reliable. CNN partners with them. Geo doesn't place everything on their website. I am told from reliable sources this is true. BTW, Geo does admit on their website they found Kasab's parents:

    I think there were other reports (an English paper?) on the Pak efforts to squash the Kasab story. I can't find it at the moment. 
    Also, IBN is quoting actual officials, to my knowledge no one has denied these quotes. I read the Pak press in English daily, would have seen that."..Email from Bill Roggio
    Great, this is a great example of 
    how propaganda works, whether
    its true or not.
    If the story about the cover up is
    true then Bill  Roggio is a genius 
    investigative reporter, if it is not 
    true its a genius piece of propaganda.
    Sometimes its hard to tell the difference




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    The Internet screw turns

    The Internet screw turns
    By Gerald : Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Jan 7, 2009

    Two of our recon teams found a new paradigm shift.

    Terrorist sites are being knocked down within days of starting.
    They have resorted to multiple mirrors in order to try and keep them up.

    Big "Z's new vid, actually just a still pic with audio
    indicates a lack of qualified techs.

    He didn't have the capability to video himself.
    Only to make a audio tape.

    WE have been tracking the distribution of his
    on forums and sites.

    The forum owners have been taking down the links
    with in 30 min. because they fear their forum maybe taken down
    for displaying terrorist info.

    Seems the campaign to shut down terrorist sites
    is a victory, with many benefits.

    The Jahiddie forums are now self censoring al Qaeda.

    This is a major paradigm shift.
    They have switched to "secret" sites which
    are semi-public, the secret part is a joke.

    They have been forced to smaller servers,
    with limited band width.

    They are blaming technical malfunction caused
    by Allah.

    May the drones spot their pointed
    little heads.


    Islam is turning against al Qaeda the Muslim killers.


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    Tuesday, January 06, 2009

    Hamas, Gaza children killed.

    Hamas, Gaza children killed.
    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Jan 6, 2009

    Would Hamas put children in harms way
    to pump up support for their war, and hatred against

    Would Hamas allow children to be killed to further
    a political agenda?

    Would Hamas put children in houses, buildings
    they knew Israel would bomb because rockets
    have been fired there, or stored there.

    And then call the news to take photos
    of dead kids, for furtherance of their agenda?

    Would they have children's cartoon TV shows
    Hamas' al Fateh children's website  teaching hatred and suicide,
    showing dead chidren to children?


    Allah will have a special place in hell for them.

    Internet Anthropologist

    ( He just beheaded a man, a human, NOTICE
    THE EYE MAKUP, what
    will the boy become? )

    ( She is in a public parade and scared to death,
    does she know the explosives are fake,
    do you know if they are fake? )


    ( Notice the look on the fathers face. notice the look on the girls face,
    notice the peace sign she is flashing, notice fake? explosives the
    father tied to her. )

    special place in hell for them.
    6000 rockets at Israel then hide behind children.
    Gaza should be bombed to dust......
    Hamas plan to kill children...BACKFIRING


    Labels: ,

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    Hezbollah minding its business

    Hezbollah minding its business
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Jan 6, 2009

    Hezbollah minding its own business literally.

    In the last war in Lebanon there was over 4 billion
    USD damage, if I remember correctly.
    Thousands of Americans,
    and not one US hostage.

    This tells us several things.

    The money men in Lebanon wouldn't allow
    any hostage taking.
    They rebuilt Lebanon.

    They don't want to go thru those
    kind of losses again.

    Hezbollah won't cause overt problems.
    The money men fear billions in retaliation

    This point should not be lost on the JDF
    in Gaza, 4 miles by 20 miles.
    If the damage is high enough this alone
    may put the breaks in rocket attacks.
    Grab them by the purse strings.

    If Hezbollah does attack it will be a major operation.
    And could indicate major financial guarantees
    from Iran. And indicate Iran is going to join the war.

    Our paradigm Intel says Hezbollah will mind its own biz.

    Entry into the war by Hezbollah indicates a major paradigm shift
    and huge increase in the ante for the GWOT.
    And Iran's progress with thier nukes.

    Internet Anthropologist

    Old Hizbollah web sites:
    Most are down.

    Here's a list of the URLs mentioned :

    And the IPs for your network reconnaissance pleasure :




    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Monday, January 05, 2009

    IDF phone call

    Ring Ring, ( music )


    hello, is your father home?



    he doesn't know me but I have an important message for him.



    nothing, nothing I have a very important message for your father.
    its about your safety.

    SIGH... HOLD ON.




    please don't hang up this is very important let me talk
    to your father, if you want to live get your father on the phone.



    oh no sir, well not really.

    do you live at xxxx xxxxx street?


    yes sir, maybe I've called at a bad time were your at meal?


    sorry to bother you sir, I could call back later if this time is


    well sir this is the IDF, Israeli Defense Forces.
    and your are MR. xxxxxxx
    and you seem to have some rockets in the
    south back bedroom under the bed.
    is that correct sir?


    sorry sir, this is a courtesy call.
    please remove your family form the house.
    we are going to blow it up in 15 min.


    ohh no sir;
    our munitions are very accurate
    it will only destroy your whole house
    and maybe some of the neighbors
    windows, but the blast shouldn't
    blow down any of your neighbors

    please make sure there is no one in your yard either.


    oh no sir you now have 14 min. left


    OK WE HAVE 14 ERR 13 MIN

    only if you don't move the rockets.
    if we see you moving them we hit
    right away.

    sir its ok if you don't believe me
    but my job requires me to issue
    you this warning.

    The IDF thank you for your time
    and have a good day


    The IDF is calling some homes before they blow them up
    and warning the civilians, this is how we imagine the calls go.

    Hamas fires over 6,000 rockets into Israel.
    and then accuse Israel of over reacting.
    And blame Israel for the attack.

    Geographically its like Oregon firing 6,000
    rockets into Calfornia.
    And Oregon complaining about Calf.
    over reaction.

    Firing 6,000 rockets isn't
    the way to settle problems.
    What did Hamas expect
    Israel to do?

    Hamas is NUTZ.




    Terrorist Names SEARCH:


    Ashura is on Wednesday, January 7th. It is the most sacred Shi’ite day of mourning the anniversary of the death of Husayn bin Ali (the Shia patriarch), the grandson of Muhammad.

    Historically, this is the day Sunnis attack Shias as apostates (Karbala 2004, Bridge of the Imams 2005). Ashura marchers bloody and beat themselves to show piety.

    We infidels have been pretty safe on that day so far.

    Wednesday is also the Coptic and Orthodox Christian Christmas.

    There will be a Shia march on Park Avenue or Madison Avenue like last year.

    Lots of NYPD security, though. NYPD has received lots of intel about a possible attack.

    This would be an ideal opportunity for AQ to hit both the Shias and America with suicide/car bombers.

    Good idea to warn readers tonight to avoid NYC Wednesday.

    Religious march hit by suicide bomber
    Dispatch Online, South Africa - 20 hours ago
    Yesterday’s attack came as pilgrims, many of them Iranians, took part in the procession related to the Muharram ceremonies that climax on Ashura, ...

    We have NO indication of any actions.

    Noise and chatter bots up.




    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    You maybe wanted by the FBI

    Attention job seekers: the FBI is looking for a few good men and women to fill a variety of mission-critical roles within our organization.

    Well actually, we’re looking for a few thousand—just over 2,100 professional staff employees and 850 special agents, to be precise—in one of the largest hiring blitzes in our 100-year history.

    The reason behind our mega hiring initiative? According to Assistant Director John Raucci of our Human Resources Division, it’s to bring more people on board with skills in critical areas, especially language fluency and computer science. “But,” explains Raucci, “we’re also looking for professionals in a wide variety of fields who have a deep desire to help protect our nation from terrorists, spies, and others who wish us harm.”

    All 2,100-plus jobs are now posted on our redesigned FBI Jobs website. The positions are located throughout the nation—in virtually every FBI field office and at our Headquarters in Washington, D.C. You must be a U.S. citizen to apply.

    Who we are looking for. According to Raucci, besides those skilled in computers and foreign languages we also need experts in:



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Sunday, January 04, 2009

    Web Skeleton Key

    Researchers Use PlayStation Cluster to Forge a Web Skeleton Key

    thanks to a sophisticated attack on the ailing MD5 hash algorithm, a slip-up by Verisign, and about 200 PlayStation 3s.

    "We can impersonate and you won't notice," says David Molnar, a computer science PhD candidate at UC Berkeley. "The padlock will be there and everything will look like it's a perfectly ordinary certificate."

    The security researchers from the U.S., Switzerland and the Netherlands planned to detail their technique Tuesday, at the 25th Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin. ...

    Click title above.




    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Defense Contractors See $$$ in Cyber Security

    Defense Contractors See $$$ in Cyber Security

    By By Kim Zetter At Threat Level.

    Lockheed Martin and Boeing have decided the next cash cow is cyber defense.

    According to Bloomberg, both companies, "eager to capture a share of a market that may reach $11 billion in 2013," have formed new business units to attract money that the U.S. government will be spending to secure U.S. government computers and, no doubt, to break the security of enemy computer systems.

    The companies awoke to the money-making opportunity after President Bush signed a National Security Directive in January, which is commonly known as the Comprehensive National Cyber Security Initiative and is estimated will cost $30 billion or more to implement.

    The initiative, which includes the creation of a National Cyber Security Center to be run by the Department of Homeland Security, has been criticized for its secrecy and the role that intelligence agencies may play in the plan. Critics fear the plan is a cover to give U.S. intelligence agencies the unfettered ability to monitor all traffic that passes through the internet.

    Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) also got in the game, as has Raytheon -- though a Raytheon spokesman wanted Bloomberg to understand that it had been thinking about cashing in on cyber security longer than Boeing and Lockheed Martin were thinking about it. The company acquired its computer security expertise the old-fashioned way -- by buying it. Raytheon purchased three computer network security firms (Oakley Networks, SI Government Solutions and Telemus Solutions Inc) in the last 18 months and says it plans to add 300 more security engineers to its stable in 2009.

    Lockheed hasn't always been so focused on cyber security or had much of a track record in keeping its own systems secure.

    Readers may recall that the defense contractor was the victim of a major cyber intrusion in 2003 dubbed Titan Rain. Both Lockheed and the Sandia National Laboratory that Lockheed managed were hit in the attack, resulting in thieves making off with Lockheed schematics and other proprietary and sensitive documents.



    This ties in with a conversation I had with a Government Anthropologist recently.
    Back to that in a min.

    The skills that are needed in the Cyber Theater of War
    are not more engineers, or PC security experts.

    The "abilities" need to be developed.

    A kind of cross between a case/core officer and an hacker.
    While current investigations rely mostly on 20th century methods,
    planting bugs in buildings, physical surveillance, and teams of agents
    workig a case, has no doubt proved very successful, they are limiting.

    Internet Surveillance can be a tremendous force multiplier.
    The ability to a dozen cases with the same number of personal.

    To be clear some times there is nothing better than eyeballs on
    physical surveillance, and tailing some one on foot.

    However tailing some one on the Internet is a huge force

    The ability to track where someone goes on the Internet
    whom they talk to, what they are looking at allows one
    agent to track maybe 20 people at a time.

    The ability to develop and test hypothesis, to gather
    paradigm Intel, and evidence requires abilities that are in short

    OSINT and Gray Intel are not something engineers
    can do. Not even hackers can do it well, they can add some depth
    and stronger flavors, but it is a completely NEW skill set.
    Paradigm Intel can see into a completely closed cell.

    Back to the discussion with other anthropologists;
    I have gotten great feed back from about the Intel
    on our site but they have been unable to see how
    our work is anthropology.

    Because of OPSEC I can not talk plainly here.
    But if I was studying a group in Africa
    I would be writing about their culture
    and how they see the world and relate to it
    maybe about the tools they use and how they use them.

    For 7 years I studied the culture of the Internet
    That includes the people that use it and the Internet culture
    and the hardware.

    The study of how humans interface with the WWW.
    After 911, my research took on a special focus.

    Security Anthropology, After reading about
    the Jahiddie wanta be Younis Tsouli,
    aka Irhaby007, I realized we were in a position to surveil these
    people and had a special knowledge about
    their WWW cultures and how they interact
    with the hardware.

    An in depth knowledge about what security
    myths they believe, that could be take advantage of
    in a cyber war footing.

    While most of our research isn't on display,
    the results of applied Anthropology using
    the data is evident.

    Since then we have developed the skills
    for www surveillance, tracking and tracing
    world wide.

    Expanded our ability's to peer into closed cells.
    Developed automated individually baited traps,
    And methods for testing for a terrorist disposition.

    Our Bot Surveillance Units provide a rich
    flood of raw Intel for our G2 section.
    And basis for testing Paradigm Intel.

    Our research is providing a path for
    5 th generation warfare on the WWW.

    The future will provide a seamless
    interface for pumping out actionable
    Intel out to Military forces in the field
    in real time and Investigative Intel to
    Intelligence agencys for covert operations.

    The ability to dominate Cyber space on
    demand, just like the Air Force dominates
    air space on demand is the Goal.

    Air cover provides overwatch for our Troops.
    Cyber cover can povide overwatch for our
    Troops in the same way, just a different

    Currently Cyber operations are in its
    infancy, and there is a huge influx
    of funds for its development.

    The big money is going to those
    that can provide the abilities for
    cyber domination on demand,
    produce actionable intel and
    Investigative Intel, evidence and peer
    into closed cells and
    bring blunt force trauma
    to the enemy on the WWW
    via the Military.

    We have displayed many of
    these abilities in public
    and many more in private.

    The Internet needs to be understood
    as a powerful venue to attack the enemy's
    soft under belly,
    not as something to be feared.

    The new underlying paradigm
    is "Info War".

    USA Military and Government have been behind
    the curve in Info Warfare curve.

    The Civilian sector has been leading the way.

    Israel has started one of the best ops we have seen
    in the current bid to stop Hamas missiles.

    In the Lebanon war Israel did billions of dollars
    of damages, and had few fatalities.
    But were viewed as the losers.

    The Internet paradigm allows for one
    to win the physical war and be viewed
    as the looser through an effective Info WAR.
    There by encouraging the Enemy.

    The Government is throwing money at the
    problem but so far not in the right direction.

    Engineers are needed but won't provide
    the solutions or victories.

    Anthropologist might.


    Some of my favorite Posts, which were your favs.

    Taliban webmaster, IPs ...15

    German Taliban Cell Burned: 6

    Exclusive:Al Qaeda knew, 341 lbs Nuke...

    High Risk, Emp attack, UPDATE:

    Cyber Side arms.

    Africas natural protection.

    Terrorist finance Cell in USA

    Terrorist cell active in USA

    Cyber Apocalypse pending

    Corporate Protection

    Inside view of IATT

    Bot surveillance Units

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: NEW: 24000 TERRORIST NAMES ...

    Our cyber Battalion.

    More hot posts

    Suggested Paradigms and
    Needed Cyber initiatives.
    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist