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    Thursday, January 08, 2009

    Your blogs are Great

    The individuals we are fighting are animals to put it bluntly. The animosity they show one another over there is unbelieveable. Needless to say I feel the need to tell you that I love what you're doing. In an internet full of sites that detest what we're doing, it's great to see someone who also realizes what a threat these jihadist cowards are to our country's well being. Needless to say I stumpled onto your website on accident, but I'm adding it to my favorites bar once I finish this. Keep up the good work, man. Please continue to show these cowards the truth about their pseudo-peaceful religion. The same goes for Bill, the gentleman you wrote the article around. Let him know I'm proud that some of our countrymen, like yourselves, still have their manhood!
    God Bless you and our Great Nation.

    Thanks Ian;
    We get a lot of email and try to answer them all.
    Just a note to say thanks for ALL your emails





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